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Thery're gonna have to work harder next season!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the home of Gossip Girl, the CW network is tanking.

The CBS/Time Warner co-venture lost 28% of its target audience of 18 to 34 year olds so far this season.

And, its ratings during this month's "sweeps" period — the all-important measure upon which future advertising rates are set — are down about 22%.

According to an insider, if things don't turn around dramatically one of the big partners is going to walk away.

The WSJ also points out that part of CW's problem is that the demo its targeting spends a lot of its leisure time on the internet. Good for us!

And, the Writer's Strike probably hastened the departure of the demo from traditional TV to the net.

Any of you youngins have advice for the suits?

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812 comments to “Failing!”

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  1. yride says – reply to this


    uhh for one make sure you use your spell check..sigh..second is that with all the striking nonsense..keeping people without TV for mths on end and then you come back with fluff…out of desperation?….like what was last nights show about..that was a season finale??..

    thats why more people watch shows like Big Love, Californication, and In Treatment…they are commercial free and well written…

    and for the moron 54 or something who said that CW is ghetto..although misspelled FYI..I think CW takes chances where the other networks dont..so redefine your ideas…

  2. LP says – reply to this


    They most definitely have to allow viewers in Canada to watch the show on the CW web site

  3. millzy GILL says – reply to this


    but, everybody love it. it is the best show every! how can the ratings be down???!!!! :(

  4. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Adding Moonlight to the schedule would solve everything!

  5. Freshie says – reply to this


    Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.Moonlight.8 MILLION!!!!!!!!

  6. duhhh says – reply to this


    they should put it on the web again
    so many people watched it online before they took it off
    sucks for them

  7. Lauren says – reply to this


    It is on WAY too early. Push it up 2 hours. also, bring back related.

  8. Moonlightforever says – reply to this


    never even WATCHED gossip girls or whatever before. if the CW and CBS want to bring their ratings up they should bring Moonlight back…I'm 20 and would never watch ANOTHER SILLY GIRL SHOW!!! I want to see something different…with and awesome actor that's not bad looking either. they want to bring in the younger ladies, forget the fluff and give us something we can…bite into!

  9. aim says – reply to this


    OKAY Gossip Girl is amazinnnnngggg and we all love it here in Canada: PROBLEM: they took it off of CTV here… and now it's only available on the CW… which not many people get here… so we have to download it… GOSSIP girl is better than ever and needs to stya on the air!!! Perhaps a new day???

  10. Mary says – reply to this


    Yeah… I have advice!!! Replace Gossip Girl with Moonlight!!! Since CBS is stupid enough to drop it, despite the high ratings, someone should be smart enough to air it.

    Besides, I don't know about you — bit I'd rather watch a show with sexy vampires, and possible other mythological creatures than a bunch of spoiled brats. That is where CW went wrong. Gossip Girl is something my daughter would watch. Not me!!! And I'm 32.

  11. moonlight fan 1 says – reply to this


    The CW should pick up Moonlight i know for a fact it would be the best show they have as far as the all precious ratings are concerned.Pleas CW make the wise business descion and pick up Moonlight,if the show is to expensive maybe they should consider shooting in Wilmington NC (one tree hill) or vancouver (smallville).

  12. Talulazoeapple says – reply to this


    I never got the show anyway.


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