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Brotherly Love

| Filed under: American Idol


Love can move mountains!

According to TV's Extra, David Cook's ailing brother will be in the audience to watch his brother compete in the final American Idol two shows of the season, tonight and Wednesday.

Adam Cook, who is fighting brain cancer, reportedly flew in to LA Monday morning accompanied by a medic nurse.

Due to Adam's battle with cancer, it was unexpected and unlikely that he would be attending the American Idol finale shows.

Simon Cowell picked Cook to win Idol this season.

Do U agree????

[Image by Rachel Worth via WENN.]

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234 comments to “Brotherly Love”

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  1. please says – reply to this


    #174…do you even have a brain in your head?

  2. luke says – reply to this


    yes, he should win, he is incredible and amazing to watch perform, an amazing voice and an amazing person.

  3. lisa says – reply to this


    it is STILL a business matter after all

    playing with people's emotional issues even makes higher ratings

  4. brynne says – reply to this


    I'm from Blue Springs as well so I gotta support the local guy! He is an amazing singer and is MUCH better than archuleta. Go DC!!!

  5. DavidCOOK-ED says – reply to this



  6. David Cook's GF says – reply to this


    Even if David doesn't win the honor of being an "Idol Puppet" he is going to be the biggest success of the season. He's going to make great albums, become a VH1 staple and follow in the footsteps of idol successes like Chris Daughtrey and Jennifer Hudson. But I still hope he kicks that little lip licker's a*s!!!!

  7. Dez says – reply to this


    Cook is great but Archulett will win. I don't rember Simon saying he'd win

  8. avril says – reply to this


    no i want David Archuleta to WIN!!!!!!!!!! AND DAVD COOK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hollie says – reply to this


    Based soley on their final night of performing..David A. should take it all. But I think that David Cook will win. For some reason, America seems to hate the decent, sweet, young boy from Utah..or wherever he's from. He's exudes class for being such a young boy. Think about what most teenage boys are like right now…and then look at David A. You can't even compare the 2. He's a great kid with an AMAZING talent and for some reason America wants to throw him to the way side, call him AWFUL names and beat him into the ground. What does that say about our country? wow! It's like what is right is wrong and what's wrong is right..if you're decent, you're no one! That's bull! If you think Cook is a better singer/performer..that's fine..it's your opinion. But is it REALLY necessary to belittle David A. for being a decent person? Come on people!! What does that say about you and your morals. State who you like..but leave the child bashing alone. He's a KID for crying out loud! And a sweet one at that!

  10. melodee says – reply to this


    David Archuleta has a beautiful voice; brought it on the show tonight; and DESERVES TO WIN!!!! David Cook has a so so voice.

  11. TARLZ says – reply to this


    yeahh mann.
    nest american idollll.


  12. Julia says – reply to this


    America for god's sake show some class and vote for David Cook!

  13. kgkmom says – reply to this


    Here's my go at it…I think Archuleta will win b/c he is by far a better singer…However, I'm not sure that he'll ever make it big…Cook is a better performer and even when he doesn't win, he'll still be bigger than Archuleta in the "real" music industry…

  14. PSUJMS says – reply to this


    He so needs to win, really, who is going to buy a CD of Archelletta? David Cook is genuine.

  15. mandi says – reply to this


    if he loses to david a. i will never watch idol again…
    i love david cook!!!

  16. DEANNA says – reply to this


    YES!!!! He didnt rock out the finale as hard as I would have liked BUT he kicked ass all season long & will sell WAY more albums then that Archie kid

  17. lori lala says – reply to this


    YES DAVID COOK should WIN!!! He's awesome I love his voice and he's just so much more marketable. Archie is sooo fing annoying!! I was gonna rip my ears out everytime he came on with that awww shucks attitude! It makes me sick!! GO AWAY ARCHIE! Bring on DAVID COOK… I'm soo nervous I really hope Cook wins… I've always liked the rockers.. and they come soo close but I think this is his year!

  18. eyes says – reply to this


    yess.. i agree with Simon.. (but this is only on of the first times.. lol)
    i love you!

  19. lollerzz says – reply to this


    YUM YUM!!!!

  20. M says – reply to this


    David Archuleta looks like a pedophile in the making. He's boring as shit! He's creepy to look at, I don't want Cook to win because he'd be way better off NOT doing Idol shit but FUCK ARCHULETA! If I see him lick his nasty fucking lips one more time… I'm going to confession because he makes me feel like I did something really wrong… please get him off tv and completely out of sight!

  21. WHAT??? says – reply to this


    Re: M
    Okay..that's just all kinds of messed up. You think you did something wrong when you look at him? Maybe you are having unpure thoughts about the child and are having a hard time dealing with them. But nothing that David Archuletta has done makes him look like a pedophile. That's the craziest thing I've heard said about him. People are jealous of him. He's cute, sweet and a great talent. Get over the weird stuff!

  22. Rachie pooh says – reply to this


    My fingers hurt from voting for David Cook

  23. Nick M. says – reply to this


    David Cook is too cocky! Great singer, but not IDOL material.

  24. momo says – reply to this



  25. kbhg says – reply to this



  26. B says – reply to this


    no he didn't!!!???

    he picked Archuletta!!!

  27. elena says – reply to this


    yesssssssss he is the bessst! archuleta signs great, but it doesn´t have personality at all! please everybody, vote vote vote!!!!

  28. carola says – reply to this


    yesssssssss!!!!! He deserves to win, his the best contestant of all, plus thar archie is just boring as hell!!!!!

  29. cait says – reply to this


    hell yeah!
    Cook needs to win, archuleta kind of is boring, and predictable, cook is amazing

  30. CARLY! says – reply to this



  31. ilovedavidcook says – reply to this


    This is about talent. Yes, David A. was great but when they interview him after he sings he doesn't know how to handle it. He is to young. He would be good touring with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. David Cook didn't have a great night but he had a great season. He knows how to handle himself and can do ballots and rock songs where David A can only do ballots. He looked so uncomfortable doing that chris Brown song singing about his Boo like Randy said. GO DAVID COOK!!!!!!!

  32. Emily says – reply to this



  33. Mary B says – reply to this



  34. Andrea says – reply to this


    No, for once simon was wrong. David A deserves to win

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