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Tour de Lance

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Love on the road!

Spotted: Kate Hudson and new boyfriend, Lance Armstrong, making out at the D&G party in Cannes on Friday night.

[Kate image via Pacific Coast News Online. Lance image via WENN.]

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139 comments to “Tour de Lance”

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  1. Shaun says – reply to this



  2. hshfshs says – reply to this



  3. moe says – reply to this



  4. robertj says – reply to this


    Oh please…Kate will fuck anything and so will Lance. Kate fucks drug addicts and Lance is just trying to prove his one nut still works. Both of them are attention seeking whores.

  5. dood says – reply to this


    how cute^^

  6. 2nd says – reply to this



  7. hillarysucks says – reply to this


    Ah ha Perez…

  8. BeBe says – reply to this


    She's a filthy skank and he's a slimy sex fiend. Attention seeking whores!

    Kate - do your panties ever dry out between boyfriends?

  9. rico says – reply to this


    What do they see in Lance, hes such a jerk….

  10. Candy says – reply to this


    WHAT A HO BAG!!!!! Weren't him and owen wilson friends??

  11. lef says – reply to this


    DId I miss something???? I thought she was with the guy from starsky and hutch!

  12. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    She's really gotten huge.
    Wonder whos baby she's having.

  13. dizzy says – reply to this


    she's nothing but a high class whore…she holds herself out as a good mother…wait until that kids old enough to know how many "boyfriends" she had…and lance left Sheryl Crow when she had breast cancer and then took up with the Olsen twin..prepubesent little twit

  14. mark says – reply to this


    Doesn't she have a kid. So much time for boyfriends. She's just skanky. And he is just as skanky. Perfect match.

  15. dublchuk says – reply to this


    Isn't that Kate MOSS??

  16. Kate Hugson says – reply to this


    So many men, so little time.

  17. smartone says – reply to this


    he has kids too Mario — FOUR KIDS to Kate's one.

  18. matt says – reply to this


    This chick reminds me of a rooster, "anycockledo."

    Bitch, shut your legs for 5 minutes and have a beer. Reflect.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she is in the Bahamas with Jared Leto by June.

    Her twat must look like half of a double meat Jerry's deli corned beef.

  19. haha says – reply to this


    she has an average face..nothing special

  20. hehe says – reply to this


    she's average..nothing special about her face

  21. I'm gonna PUKE! says – reply to this


    Is she ever with her kids or just fucking all the time?

  22. THAT'S A GOOD ONE! says – reply to this


    Re: robertj


  23. Eliza says – reply to this


    More like Tour De Hollywood!!

  24. Eliza says – reply to this


    ….more like Tour De Hollywood I'd say!

  25. Olives says – reply to this


    Kate has seen more ass than the toilet seats at Fenway Park!

  26. Cara says – reply to this


    Wow, he is some kind of an attention whore…..I mean riding a bicycle to only dating Hollywood…no wonder he and his ex-wife divorced. He's a Hollywood poser wannabe.

  27. LACE says – reply to this


    kate looks a little pudgy. Like preggo pudgy. What do you think?

  28. V says – reply to this


    Not very smart - that Kate!!! Armstrong is a TOTAL PLAYER!!!!

  29. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW says – reply to this


    eeeewwww. gross. they look like twins and wouldn't be surprised if both are on STD medication.

  30. YOU NAILED IT says – reply to this



  31. NOthing without EPO says – reply to this


    Take away the PED's and this guy would be greasing chains in a bike shop somewhere.

  32. Old Photo of Kate, btw... says – reply to this


    Why is she rarely seen w/ her little boy, Rider? I feel sorry for him. No wonder his hair is so long - his mum's too busy SCREWing around to get his hair trimmed. What the hell?! I can't keep track of the men she's with.

  33. Live Strong is a Goober - Wasn't he w/ Ashley Olsen? says – reply to this


    Re: NOthing without EPO – LOL! ;) Wasn't he w/ Ashley Olsen not too long ago?

  34. andrea says – reply to this


    How sad. They were both once shining examples of stregnth and character, (him) and talent and beauty (her-even with famous parents-she did act well and is cute) and now they're both just acting like horny old sluts. I find them both rather discusting. Their poor kids. They probably get extremely sloppy seconds in the way of attention. I'll be right there, Ryder , honey, Mommy just has to finish her uh,…ohh, ohh.. Mmmmmm…Ahhh, oooo yeah, I'm COMIN' BABYYYY!!!"

  35. Micka says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Lance, he is so full of himself and ugly too!!
    I wish them both find the right partner, but I just don't believe this one will last. How many man goes Kate through in a year anyway…??

  36. oscar says – reply to this


    I've lost respect for both of them. He is a douche that will and looks to date anyone famous in hollywood and she sure gets around fast. Lance's ex-wife is extremely gorgeous and outdoes anyone of these hollywood types he tries to date. And does he ever spend time with his kids anymore. Good thing Sheryl crow got away from him, what a douche he turned out to be!!!!!!!!!

  37. Deewillikers says – reply to this


    Lance looks like he has stanky breath. Look at those lips, gross.

  38. KAr says – reply to this


    Good for her and him. two of the most laid back and non controversial people out there.

  39. Monica Blowinsky says – reply to this


    I thought he was gay with Mathew McConeahy! What's all this bullshit dating? A cover?

  40. kent1470 says – reply to this


    Do you think Lance has a huge cock. He can bed any starlet he wants - he must be huge. Does anyone know for sure???? Got proof

  41. jr says – reply to this


    she must be SO desperate. he's a totally disgusting human being, just looking for young hot chicks to boost his, obviously, failing ego. he's missing all the attention he once got. i thought better of her.

  42. Die Fag! says – reply to this


    Re: kent1470 – Die Fag!

  43. loo says – reply to this


    she is a fuckin little slut how many introductiond does her brat need " hey baby this is ur new daddy!!!!"

  44. KMM says – reply to this


    I find this really sad. She obviously feels incomplete without a man in her life.

    Until she learns to be happy on her own - without a man in her life - she'll never be happy. It doesn't matter how many guys she screws - she just won't be happy.

  45. clar says – reply to this


    jew slut!!!!!

  46. He's not a man, he's just a male says – reply to this


    Why would ANY woman, even a moron with a double digit IQ like Kate Hudson, want to have ANYTHING to do with a male who abandoned his own young children for the sake of new poontang?

  47. Leah says – reply to this


    Perfect match. Both are high on the visibility and low on the IQ and morals. Both cheat on their spouses and leave them for greener pasture after having children. Class acts both of them.

  48. jennifer says – reply to this


    reality check please! Don't these two have children? I love these Hollywood people - no morals and no family values! This is exactly what's wrong with society and kids look up to these assholes! If you have children you should probably be with them. Not jet-setting across the world each week and always dating someone new! These people have children and treat them worse than I treat my dog!!!

  49. joy? more like bullshit. says – reply to this


    remember when kate's mother, goldie hawn, wrote that book called joy? goldie seemed to think she was qualified to tell others how to be happy. soon after kate dumped her husband for the vanilla stallion, owen wilson. some morals moldie passed along to her narcissitic bitch of a daughter.

    remember when goldie said that being famous is much more difficult than being nonfamous? goldie was upset because the paparazzi harassed her and her damn family on their vacation in ASSpen at their freakin' winter ranch. fuckin' goldie sounds like that bitch hulk hogan - me! me! me! no one else is important to these dumbfucks but themselves.

  50. Goldie Must Be SOOO Proud says – reply to this


    So Lance Armstrong is her new fuck of the month; or maybe I should say, so Kate Hudson is his new fuck of the month. Who cares? She looks like a hag, has virtually no acting talent and her kid badly needs that first haircut. He is a serial cheater, has only one testicle and is an avowed atheist. At least if they're together, no one else gets hurt. Two dumb-asses!

  51. Cindy says – reply to this


    Lance has an ego the size of Texas. I feel sorry for his kids.

  52. You know the truth, they are says – reply to this


    Whore and cheater. Whore and cheater. Whore and cheater.

  53. dead sea troll says – reply to this


    whats up with the yellow plastic livestrong cock ring

  54. Teh Snork says – reply to this


    She's not pregnant, she's just so full a sperm that's she makes sloshing sounds walking down the street. And that Lance sure gets around for a one-balled man.

  55. Jen says – reply to this



  56. me says – reply to this


    I'm wondering where her son is as she jet sets all around the world with Owen, Lance, etc.????

  57. lg says – reply to this


    He creeps me out!

  58. Rachel says – reply to this


    Lance is a joke. I read all his books and every page was Kiki this and Kiki that…how great my wife is. Then a few months later he is divorcing her. Stop taking steroids and your balls won't fall off. And Kate all I can say is look at her hag mother.

  59. sheryl crow says – reply to this


    lance = doping doping doping doping doping!!!!!!

  60. saggy vag w/saggy one ball says – reply to this



  61. retired says – reply to this


    She sure hops from one bed to the next one awfully fast! I find her reported life style to be disgusting.

  62. sick says – reply to this



  63. kate says – reply to this


    she loves lance because he dosen,t make her feel nuts

  64. they have says – reply to this


    a ball togeather

  65. he,s a one ball man says – reply to this


    here comes johnny with his pecker in his hand;;; you know the rest

  66. AK says – reply to this


    Uhhhhh, am I crazy or does it look like baby-bumps-ville?

  67. Owen's Mother says – reply to this


    Dear Kate,

    Please stop trying to kill my middle son.

    Thanks so much!

  68. nicole says – reply to this


    i luv kate hudson, i think shes adorable BUT i do feel bad for her son. i know his father has to take care of him too, but it seems like she goes places every other day following her new guy. and i thought she was w/ owen like the last week in april??? not wasting any time!

  69. We Niss says – reply to this



  70. CJ says – reply to this



    I thought that you said Lance Armstrong's new girlfriend was Jake Gyllenhaal! What happened? Did he turn straight again?

  71. Queen of the Spammed says – reply to this


    She's a cunt. Always had that cunt/douche bag look on her face. Wasn't she fuckin/married to that loser from a washed up band that sucked anyway. What was she? 13 and he 30. Please…I guess she figured anybody is a step up.

    Sperm bucket!

  72. lance says – reply to this


    kate has the nicest chin i,ve ever laid ball on

  73. Lance Armstrong is a Manslut says – reply to this


    What a whore! How many different girlfriends (and maybe even boyfriends) has he had now?!?!

  74. santiago says – reply to this


    that "tour de lance" thing is soooo used, morons

  75. Mookie says – reply to this


    If he's not careful he's going to wear out his ball.

  76. Let Kate Date! says – reply to this


    Kate is a divorced woman and you see plenty of pictures of her being loving and attentive to her son. Her son might be with his father, or his grandparents or with his longtime nanny. If I had her money and looks and child-care resources, I'd be in Cannes too living it up with a new sweetie. Why not? Don't be jealous. BTW - Lance is ALSO a parent, isn't he?

  77. He's earned it says – reply to this


    I'm going to come to Lance's defense here, even though I'm willing to bet he'd be a dick to me if I ever met him in person. First off, the guy went through a living hell very few can even imagine in his battle against cancer, which very nearly killed him. He then worked so hard and meticulously to get back to the top of racing and win those seven tours. The average person would have quit Lance's regimen in ten minutes - he stuck with it for eight grueling years. In addition, he's raising four children that mean the world to him and he's very conscientious about bringing them up right. So if he wants to have a little fun and date famous girls, why would anyone criticize that given what he's been through and achieved? Eventually he'll marry and you won't hear much from him anymore but, in the meantime, let the poor guy enjoy himself a little for God's sake.

  78. OMG, THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! says – reply to this


    These two make the most DARLING LOOKING couple!! I hope they get married have a family together. They both have great smiles, blond hair & blue eyes. They would have great looking kids! I don't think they have dated alot of people in Hollywood. She has been with a few men, and he has been with a few people too. How many of you guys have had less? I mean come on! Of course they will date a few people, they are both great looking people inside & out! And just because they gp put on dates, does not mean they have sex. You people are just GROSS!

  79. jojogirl says – reply to this


    Maybe I think Kate is a ho..never thought that before until now…..Hmmm maybe she should concentrate on her kid not who to get with next. so sad

  80. Go Fast Turn Left Don't Crash says – reply to this


    Re: He's Earned It
    I wont dispute anything you say about the hell of living through cancer or his efforts to get back to the top of the racing world. I wholeheartedly applaud the man for his efforts to making cancer of thing of the past.
    What I will dispute is your claim that he's raising his kids. HE doesn't appear to be raising them…he's jetsetting all over the place with one starlet after another. He is not raising the kids. He may be financially supporting them, but he's not raising them. He visits them. Kristin is raising the kids.

  81. k says – reply to this


    she looks preggers

  82. Cece says – reply to this


    Matthew Mcconagay must be so jealous.

  83. larissa says – reply to this


    is this guy supposed to be hot? i don't get it.

  84. Goldie says – reply to this


    ok. HIS 15 minutes of fame are FUCKING UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! and KATE!?!?!?! if you read this at all would you please STOP SELLING YOURSELF SHORT!??!?!?!?!??! at LEAST find someone HOT!?!?!

  85. mpauls says – reply to this


    Isn't he a little too old to be MAKING OUT?

  86. FUCK HIM ! says – reply to this



  87. dutchie says – reply to this


    I don't believe it till I've got prove…so let the pics come!
    Still hoping for kate and owen, best couple ever

  88. dana says – reply to this


    Perez has shown us her flabby body? with no shape whatsoever! What is Lance thinking? She is no one if not for her mother! Who by the way was no one herself! I give this about 90 days max.

  89. lalakitty2ccc says – reply to this


    Ok well um I think she's pretty sometimes but lance "tour de france" armstrong…..yucky!!! She looks like she's knocked up in this pic hopefully lance(even though i don't think he's attractive at all) didn't get this chick pregers. Dude wtf does he see in her….especially um owen. I can understand men want to get laid but their are prettier chicks in hollywood plus ones that haven't been around the block a million times. I saw another pic of her in (god i can't remember the mag) but my boyfriend and i agree she has a cute ass. UGH this couple and couple mayorstin sicken me to no end!!!! MUCH LOVE Perez……OXOXO LaLaKitty

  90. kyswq says – reply to this


    She is so gorgeous. But I am very cucious. Why did she post her profile on a celebrities and wealthy website named
    **LovingRich.com** .. What is she looking for there?

  91. So what Cancer says – reply to this


    Many people survive cancer.

    Lance is a PED user! Big deal that he won a race!

  92. caroaber says – reply to this


    The one-testicled wonder breaks up with the loving wife who sired his three children and carries on a torrid affair with singer Cheryl Crow. When she develops cancer the two are already at the end of their relationship, but to save face, Lance writes a book with his own mother and goes on the talk show circuit to hawk his story, which conveniently makes little mention of the loving wife. Oprah has him on her show, and the ex-wife is relegated to the shadows. This relentless media whore with his stupid yellow Live Strong rubber bands continues to seek attention and pursue high profile romances.

    Kate Hudson, a "star" by way of Hollywood nepotism, has yet to deliver on the promise of her talents, but seems to be a serial dater. Too bad she chose to marry a drug abuser and have his kid.

    I don't give this relationship too much chance. They both just want attention, and neither one deserves any.

  93. smells rotten says – reply to this


    Sheryl Crow dated Owen Wilson years ago and then hooked up with Lance just after the break up with Owen. Kate dated Owen and then hooked up with lance just after the breakup.

    Sounds like Lance has a thing for Owen's ex-girlfriends - must be Texas sized competition.

  94. Magali says – reply to this


    She looks like Cokate !!!!!! The same one : The same bitch as well !! She should stop sleeping with all those lads….

  95. desert kitty says – reply to this


    Re: clar – fuck you asshole bigot!

  96. deedee says – reply to this


    Re: dizzy – I read an interview that Vanity Fair did with Cheryle Crowe and he offered to go back with her when he found out she had the Cancer diagnosis.

    For what that is worth. She declined.

  97. deedee says – reply to this


    Re: caroaber – Well said. You should be a journalist. No kidding aside.

    Very good synopsis. Vanity Fair probably would have taken six issues to spit out what you said in one paragraph.

  98. deedee says – reply to this


    Re: smells rotten – Yuk…..slopping seconds or what. Can't imagine the giant bacterial petrie dish a single swab would produce on that bunch.

  99. Josie says – reply to this


    Can't quite decide who's the biggest whore here.
    He so needs his Hollywood boost …

  100. Laila says – reply to this



    That should've gone for both sluts. I am sooo happy for Cherry Crow. She can do so much better than this. She gave him status. Now this two are like the birds that flock together

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