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Oprah in Trouble!

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Have we finally grown tired of Oprah Winfrey????

The answer (sadly) seems to be a resounding "Yes!"

The New York Times just wrote this article about the tarnishing of the O brand and they point out some startling facts.

- The average audience for The Oprah Winfrey Show has fallen nearly 7 percent this year, according to Nielsen Media Research — its third straight year of decline.

- The circulation of O, The Oprah Magazine, has fallen by more than 10 percent in the last three years, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, and the magazine is now seeking a new editor in chief after the announced retirement of its longtime steward, Amy Gross.

- Oprah’s Big Give, an ABC philanthropic reality show, beat every program on television except American Idol in its premiere week this winter, but steadily lost nearly one-third of its audience during the rest of its eight-week run, according to Nielsen.

- Her endorsement of the presidential bid of Senator Barack Obama appears to have alienated some of the middle-aged white women who make up the bulk of her television audience, many of whom support Senator Hillary Clinton.

- Ms. Winfrey has lost viewers in some markets while The Ellen DeGeneres Show has gained.

- Ms. Winfrey is also continuing to develop new programs. A spinoff talk show featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz is planned for 2009, and earlier this year she signed a development deal for television projects featuring Kirstie Alley. A syndicated talk/cooking show featuring Rachael Ray has been less successful and has recently fallen out of Nielsen’s list of the top 25 syndicated programs.

- If Ms. Winfrey has cut back any part of her schedule, it has been in appearances in support of Mr. Obama. Following high-profile rallies just prior to the Iowa caucuses in December and leading up to Super Tuesday in February, Ms. Winfrey all but disappeared from the campaign trail, leading some pundits to wonder whether she had gauged a negative effect on her business.

- A Gallup poll conducted in October, shortly after Ms. Winfrey announced her support of Mr. Obama, found that her “favorable” rating fell by 8 percentage points, to 66 percent, from 74 percent in January 2007; her “unfavorable” mark jumped by more than half, to 26 percent from 17 percent.


Tough times for Winfrey!!!

What can Oprah do to turn things around?????

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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384 comments to “Oprah in Trouble!”

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  1. daisy says – reply to this


    come out as a lezbot with gayle

  2. cayla says – reply to this



  3. lexi says – reply to this



  4. Sr. Bernie says – reply to this


    She should just marry Gayle, Get the fuck off our TV's, and live happily ever after in Lezzie Bliss.

  5. Talulazoeapple says – reply to this


    They just had to throw Barack in there. Haters!!!


  6. Jessi says – reply to this


    It's Ovah for Big O!

  7. She chose Obama says – reply to this


    That's what you get for supporting an idiot just because he is black.
    That's what you get for forgeting that you are a woman and need to help women.

  8. Over Exposure says – reply to this


    It's called over exposure. People see her everywhere and hear her everywhere. I think it's probably just getting to people and they are probably getting tired of hearing her preach to them. Some of her shows are good and others it's like.. "who cares". I've never bought or read the magazine as it's expensive and seeing her on the cover every month is also another turn-off. She should have occasionally used some regular women or other people on the cover. Do I really need to shell out what like $4 for some stupid magazine with her on the cover. I'm sure deep down inside people think about the gazillions of dollars she earns every year and find that nauseating in these hard economic times.

  9. Craig says – reply to this


    Perez, if you are going to start posting article summaries, at least show both sides. That article had someone respond (convincingly) to all of the statements you have pulled without context from the main article.

  10. h says – reply to this



  11. chantelle says – reply to this



  12. Autumn Kelly says – reply to this


    More people are tuning into Ellen. Not just GLBT. It has a lot of mainstream viewers too.

  13. John says – reply to this


    Not too worried about Oprah.
    She'll be fine.

  14. michi says – reply to this


    you know, I read the same article earlier and came to a very different conclusion - that people watching ALL tv shows is down and that nobody is worried about Oprah's popularity, except for fundies who can't believe she likes the New Age stuff. but, who cares about them?

  15. Melanie Cavalli says – reply to this


    Its just a matter of time..
    But Oprah is nice though with a big heart, but at this time ppl want to see more of the sterotypes and all that crap :)

    My mom is a white upper middle-class woman who votes for Clinton, but when Oprah comes on.. She's like clued to the TV!

  16. mumu says – reply to this


    Oprah doesn't have to do anything. She's rich enough.It may be time to retire for her.

  17. chris says – reply to this


    oprah needs to have more fun on her show.

  18. madonnamike says – reply to this


    You can't kill evil like Oprah…. it's just a slump. She'll be around forever.

  19. Perspective says – reply to this


    We should all have such 'tough times.' Her financial empire is like some countries annual budget. Somehow I think Oprah will be fine.

  20. FUCK OFF says – reply to this




  21. Robin says – reply to this



  22. goozy420 says – reply to this


    to bad the nielsen system is out-dated and does not represent any kind of real rating, why don't you write about that………former nielsen family member……….probably only 1/3, if not less of the country is still hooked up to that.

  23. Victoriana says – reply to this


    Nothing lasts forever. Oprah has had a good run and made lots of money for her retirement years. She will do just fine. Will miss her on t.v. though.

  24. pinks says – reply to this


    Well its quite obvious that the decline started after she started becoming more and more vocal about her support of Obama. Many women feel the race has brought ugly sexist sentiment directed at Hillary, much of it from the often patronising Obama camp, and people resent her support of his campaign- especially women, who happen to be her entire viewership. She never saw fit to support a candidate till now, and people resent the fact that it may be due to her close relationship to the Obamas and her own personal aims to have a "friend" in the White House. Leaders and "influential people" need to realise that in a democracy, the public always has the last word. I guess Oprah just heard it.

  25. this to reply says – reply to this


    Vice President Oprah Winfrey.

  26. specialK says – reply to this


    O needs to once and for all come out as Gayle's big lesbian lovah and book a double wedding with Ellen and Portia. That will raise O's stock!

  27. LAS says – reply to this


    First, Oprah's show has become an hour of preaching about New Age garbage like The Secret, and Eckhart Tolle. Second, she's completely lost touch with normal people and makes no apology for it. Obscene wealth seems to do that to people.

  28. Nielsen says – reply to this


    Oprah can come out of the closet and marry Gale. This would place her in the same sphere as Ellen and garnish some of her viewers.

  29. JON says – reply to this


    The Oprah show isn't what it used to be.. I'll watch it if Julia Roberts is on or some other big celebrity, but lately its been alot of Dr.Oz and he is totally creepy… Oprah needs better topics for her show or no one is going to watch it anymore, I don't want to get political but her backing Obama was a mistake as well because most of her demographic is white women who will probably vote for Hilary..Still love O when are her and Gail getting married?

  30. Sandi says – reply to this


    I DVR her show out of habit, and I don't watch 99% of them. She needs to go back to what people want to see. Good stories, intriguing stories, and the people behind them. I get so SICK of her parading her celebrity friends on like some type of weird collection. I do not want to waste an hour of my precious time hearing about what Will Smith eats for breakfast, and the kind of soap he used when he visited Oprah at her house.

  31. Chuck says – reply to this


    Get these Two Ni@@ers off this site…I hate them
    Rich and Black…….

  32. GO HILLARY! says – reply to this


    It was her choice to choose her race over her gender. She is now paying for her choice.
    Go Hillary!

  33. Julia says – reply to this


    As if you could ever dream of having a problem like Oprah's. There may a decline in viewers just like every other program this season.

    Oprah is fine and will continue to be fine.
    Your girl Hillary now that is another issue!

  34. jess says – reply to this


    Americans need to grow up and realise the grass IS NOT greener on the other side. Oprah is the best. She will help anyone of them to seek justice and this is how they pay her back.. with a RACE card.

    Oprah is the best.

  35. HeroinHam says – reply to this


    Aww poor Oprah♥, but I'm sure she'll bounce back from this, she's amazing. We should all try 2 be az careing az Oprah♥ iz. I'd so eat her snatch 4 real to.

  36. OPRAH FAN ??? says – reply to this



  37. Alice says – reply to this


    Oprah has been around for almost 25 years. Off course her popularity is going down but she still has nothing to worry about. Getting a spot on her show still sells everything.

  38. Surrounded by Fools says – reply to this


    Re: She chose Obama – Moron. She shouldn't choose a black because she's black, but it's okay to choose a woman because she's a woman. Go back to reading Cosmo and drinking Mimosas.

  39. Donna says – reply to this


    Oprah is an over-indulgent idiot! She is completely out of touch with the American middle class and has no idea whatsoever what real people want or need.

    It is also worth noting that in her recent tv series. Big Give, she did NOT contribute 1 dime but rather relied on the network and her pals to donate money. She is really a cheap bitch.

  40. Anita says – reply to this


    I have been so over Ophra forever, she is so full of herself I can't stand to even hear her voice let alone watch her show.

  41. UKer says – reply to this


    good fucking riddance.
    she needs to stop telling people what top do with their lives and worry about her own cottage cheese ass.

  42. Love / Hate Oprah says – reply to this


    FIRST OF ALL - let's not forget how much this woman has done for the world. SHE GIVES BACK A LOT.

    SECOND OF ALL - Are we really that ignorant of a nation to believe that it hurt her to show her support of Obama? Hello Morons out there - HE IS GOING TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

    THIRD - All you naysayers of her work out there - you are probably jealous and racist. She is a strong, intelligent, creative woman WITH DRIVE, something a lot of women in this country are in dire need of.

    HOWEVER - having said all this, I admire Oprah, but I have to agree on one thing - it seems in recent years she has taken on a bit of a "i'm better than anyone else" attitude and THAT might be her downfall. I miss the old Oprah, the one who didn't interrupt her guests, the one who doesn't give snotty looks to her over anxious audience. Come back down to earth Oprah - we're all here waiting for you.

  43. andy says – reply to this


    She needs to stop the NEW AGE philosophy she's pushing. Many christian women have stopped watching her because of it. I really don't think her declining ratings are because of Mr. Obama.

  44. SAY WHAT says – reply to this



  45. Anita says – reply to this


    I have been so over Oprah forever, she is so full of herself I can't stand to even hear her voice let alone watch her show.

  46. Fuck you Uker says – reply to this


    WoW! Aren't you so funny Uker - "cottage cheese ass" - oh my god, that is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

    Oh wait, that's right! That's the lamest - oldest joke on the planet.

    Get a life asshole, and while you're at it - you might want to take a look at your own smelly ass, I'm sure it's not attractive.

  47. piazzasbuttplug says – reply to this


    She can turn Gail around a give her asshole a good licking!

  48. Shelby says – reply to this


    Shave her head! Just kidding, Oprah will never go out off style.

  49. jz says – reply to this


    So THAT'S why she's becoming an upscale Jerry Springer…gotta boost those ratings with stuff like the pregant man!…pretty soon we'll be seeing brawls…maybe a real-life celebrity death match!…starring Perez!…

  50. Rosie says – reply to this


    White people have finally figured out that Oprah is a racist who puts her blackness ahead of all else. After all those years of white women supporting her she threw them under the bus for Barack Obama who likes to insult women by calling them "sweetie". How can anyone support her when she supports a racist, misogynistic pig?

  51. Shakes says – reply to this


    She has how many billions? I wouldnt worry about Ms. Oprah

  52. B TEEZY says – reply to this


    When she first started backing Obama I was a little on edge. But then she started hocking that shitty book, A New Earth, and hyping her online class for Eckart Tolly and that shit is WIERD!!! She is convincing people how great this book is and it is SOOO wrong, She has lost my respect for forcing this garbage down peoples throat. And…. Dr Oz was cool at first… but enough.. Its not that interesting anymore!

  53. Dems have no common sense says – reply to this


    Obama is NOT going to be president. He is inexperienced, untrustworthy, racist and a misogynist. If the dems don't pick Hillary they are TOAST and we'll have riots in the street when McCain wins.

  54. lauriihta says – reply to this


    yeah!! i

  55. #33 CHUCK says – reply to this



  56. Obama is a NI993R!!!! says – reply to this


    Oprah can crawl straight up Obama's asshole! and so can all the kool aid kumbuya drinkers that follow that empty suited monkey! KISS MY WHITE ASS!

  57. RJII says – reply to this


    Oprah's smart and stupid rich, she knew some people would be upset with her endorsement of Obama. But glad she chose th stand up for something instead of money and TV ratings.

    she should be commended.

  58. Sinclaire says – reply to this


    The Church of Oprah is sinking!! She got WAYYYY too weird for me over the past years and was becoming cult like.

    I haven't supported anything of hers for years now!

  59. patty cake says – reply to this


    I think it has more to do with her support of SCIENTOLOGY

  60. Oprah is fake says – reply to this


    Oprah had an agenda and it is not good.

  61. It's Obvious says – reply to this


    2 reasons for her decline:

    1. Supporting Obama just because he is BLACK, while it is clear that any white person with such weak credential and questionable choices (his church…) would not even run.
    2. Giving money to schools in the richest country in Africa, instead of giving back to the country that made her successful and famous- America.

  62. bct says – reply to this


    I think it has less to do with her endorsement of Obama and more to do with her being full of herself. I'm a middle aged white woman and I don't care who she endorses. Her show has gotten stale, and she doesn't seem to want to change it up. She knows it all and doesn't need to change. It bugs me that it is assumed I will be swayed by her endorsement of any candidate. What influence should a celebrity have?. Do we care that Perez is a Hillary supporter? I am a registered democrat, haven't missed an election in almost 30 years, and don't like either candidate all that much. Their platforms aren't all that different. Clinton comes off as stubborn and arrogant, while Obama seems to be just coasting through unaware of his negatives. It underestimates my intellegence to assume that I'd vote for her because she is a white woman or him because he is black.

  63. Sam says – reply to this


    She made a huge mistake by supporting Obama! Hahah

  64. lauriihta says – reply to this



    i love

  65. how long says – reply to this


    How much longer does she want to keep her fat ass on TV. I'm sick of her. I NEVER watch her. Here's a tip. Don't have Tom Cruise on anymore.

  66. Melissa says – reply to this


    I find the fact that Oprah supported Senator Obama as a reason for her decline absolutely ridiculous! Lots of celebrities come out and endorse a candidate and look who is on top! Senator Obama! And, he has achieved that through running an honest and credible campaign. I am a caucasion woman who initially supported Hillary but now find that she is pathetic. Not only for lying to the American public but for trying to make her own set of rules and for thinking she was entitled to win the primary. Even if you are Oprah your ratings aren't always and forever going to remain on top. I have worked for top publishing firms and magazine sales are tough and competitive and this economy isn't helping.

  67. MEOW MIX says – reply to this


    #58 it's not nice to talk about your relatives like that

  68. She chose Obama says – reply to this


    The stronger candidate was Hillary, but Oprah is so blind by race, that she supported Obama and not the better PERSON for the job, who happened to be a woman.
    She has lost all credibility after that, and forgeting to donate money to an American school, also made it clear she sees her home in AFRICA.
    If that's how she feels (that Africa is her home) she should go there, and have a career there.
    Don't take American dollars and forget all about the poor people of America.

  69. Fo Realz says – reply to this


    If Oprah does a show with Kirstie Alley she is going to regret it! It's going to be just like what happened to Barbara Walters with Rosie O'Donnell….except that Rosie wasn't in a cult that was trying desperately to convert Barbara!! Oh, and the big give show SUCKED. I wanted to punch every one of those assholes they had on there as contestants.

  70. lauriihta says – reply to this


    bOo!! i hate hellen she's sOo fake !!!

    i lOve Oprah!

  71. Chacha says – reply to this


    She needs to shut her gaping pie-hole the fuck up!
    Oprah SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. lauriihta says – reply to this



  73. nalley says – reply to this


    I used to watch Oprah all the time but have not watched her as much since she seemed to side with Jennifer Aniston after her divorce to Brad Pitt. I find it interesting that Oprah who has never been married can give advice on marriage. I think she was pandering to the ill-informed viewers who failed to see that JA was not willing to have children for her hubby who was getting older by the minute and didn't want to wait years and continue to listen to lies about waiting another year , an excuse she repeated every year. I know a lot of people were dissapointed with the fact that Oprah was siding a liar like her. JA even claimed on Oprah that she will soon have children but it's been 3 years and she hasn't. Everyone and their mother is getting knocked up in hollywood. Maybe she can take this opportunity. Hey she's with John Mayer, maybe this is the opportunity.

  74. Mimi says – reply to this


    She should start giving some of her money away! I'd atch her show if she gave me some money! :-)

  75. Judy says – reply to this


    FINALLY, over exposure. I used to really like oprah but she is everywhere and frankly, I am tired of her. The show is this side of Jerry Springer many times and she is just too into herself and it shows now. SHe has her hands into everything, TV, magazines, show endorsements,etc. Go away into the night and leave Ellen DeGeneres to entertain people.

  76. JulieA says – reply to this


    I still repsect Oprah but after her treatment of James Frey, the drug addict who, SURPRISE, lied in his drug memoir, and her cross country trip with her pal Gayle, (D_I_V_A didn't want the radio on and made fun of many hotel owners on her sojourn), she was suddenly very unlike me or my friends. I loved James Frey's book and was not surprised to find he embellished and stretch the truth about his drug expolits. Having him on her show to humiliate him was over the top and she came off very badly; scolding empress. Her pal Gayle was so likeable on the cross country trip I wondered why she would be friends with someone as boring as Oprah! She does great work and has paved the way for millions, just not as appealing to me as she once was…

  77. Jenna Mitchell says – reply to this


    Yeahhhh. All her quasi-spiritual, Ekhart Tolle-bullshit, Obama supporting, self-promoting demagoguery has really worn thin. The older she gets, the weirder she gets. Her own hubris will be the demise of her popularity, as it already seems to be.

  78. Lisa Erickson says – reply to this


    I dropped everything Oprah after she endorsed
    That man has little to no experience..
    our country is in the worst shape it has been in almost a century
    and she wants to turn it over
    to someone so green and idealistic and untested
    she shall go down with a sinking ship

  79. I agree says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Oh yes she did!!!!

  80. Opera says – reply to this


    I hate you Perez, stop posting bad things about celebrities. Am going to talk to Obama about this. When he becomes President…he is going to shut you down!

  81. carmel says – reply to this


    I used to be a HUGE oprah fan but I don't watch her show anymore because she has SOLD OUT. Years ago she said she wanted to be different than other talk shows but lately its all about ratings not substance. Her show OPRAH"S Big Give should have been called OPRAH"S Big Yawnfest….she ruined it by the "surprise million dollars for the winner". Couldn't she have just done a show about people helping people without the money reward? Plus, all season while she self promotes her other ventures she's been conducting classes for A New Earth….obviously it's not helping her that much because she is overweight again. So, now she is going vegan for 21 days….guess what….don't care. And should I mention the travesty that is Dr. Phil? Oprah owns that show and it is HORRIBLE. OPRAH HAS SOLD OUT…guess she wants more money, power or something to fill the void.

  82. economy says – reply to this


    its the economy stupid. all top shows are losing ratings. people are getting sad and working harder and longer. $4 coffee, $5 mags, cable, etc. aren't as important.

  83. Shelly says – reply to this


    Re: Rosie – I agree, Rosie. I've always known she was a racist turd.

  84. kellybean says – reply to this


    You people shoild see the shit you are writing….. It is disgusting and far from clever. You guys sound like a bunch of homophobic, sexist racisits. I thought the US was a free country she can back who ever she wants ….. as long as it isn't a republican of course………….really people get some brain cells

  85. Wozzz says – reply to this


    Go Ellen!

  86. Jess says – reply to this


    Oprah is just another self-indulgent celebutard to use perez's term. I live in Chicago, where she supposedely lives. Yet, she is never ever seen in public. She stays in her bazillion dollar Water Tower Place condo. I used to work at a high end dept store, and her personal shopper would always come and shop for her. BTW, she's a size XL in Juicy Couture.haha And that was supposedely in her skinny days.

  87. redrory says – reply to this


    Chill the fuck out with her self righteous, rude, know it all ass.

  88. Obama, Tom, and Pigdonna ruined her ass says – reply to this


    First of all, nobody wants to hear a talk show hostess pimp politics. Second, the only reason she accepts white girl, Madonna, is cuz she fucked Rodman, third, stop pimping Scientology.

  89. Holly says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – ROFLMAO!

  90. dallas says – reply to this


    Anytime a celeb sticks their neck out for a politician it is career suicide. Oprah always apeared to be non biased when it came to color. She jumped on the Obama bandwagon because he was black -this disenchanted a lot of people. A lot of people don't trust Obama due to his affiliation with the racist pastor. Nor should she have been supporting Hillary because she was a female. Oprah seems to have gone off the deep end lately with her out there views on everything. She seems to have gotten a little full of herself.

  91. Alli says – reply to this


    I think Oprah Sucks! I am so sick her and can't believe she has been around as long as she has! Maybe those middle aged white women will wake up and realize that Oprah's not God!! See Ya O!

  92. vocecita says – reply to this


    what can she do??? hmmm… maybe tell everybody that she's gay!!!

  93. La Bella says – reply to this


    I'm sitting behind them in the green dress. Not even kidding. This was from the 2005 NAACP Image Awards.

  94. Hillary hater says – reply to this


    Re: kellybean – NO! Wait a minute! I wouldn't want her pimping Hill-Billy in my face, and I'm a white woman. I think she's just a fuck up.

  95. wow says – reply to this


    Re: Obama is a NI993R!!!! – WOW! Let me guess, you are highly educated.

  96. former oprah fan says – reply to this


    Oprah doesn't give two shits about what anyone thinks.
    She lost me and a lot of others with her her pathetic Tom Cruise career rescue shows.
    TWO FUCKING SHOWS on that stupid delusional $cientolocrazy fanatic.
    No hard questions were asked.
    The whole interview as her leading him through pre approved questions
    FAKE from start to finish and talking about cupcakes.
    But on shows where she interviews 'nobody's' she drags them over hot coals.
    Then when people went to the oprah message boards, all the even semi negative posts were being deleted on mass. PATHETIC .
    Meanwhile, on other threads, feverish arguing was going on over how to interpret Tolle's latest new age double meaning malarkey.
    SORRY FOLKS BUT THAT SHIT IS TOO CLOSE TO $CIENTOLOGY for it to be taken seriously. Oprah needs to pull her head out of arse and stop interviewing celebrities on their current useless movie and start focusing on REAL ISSUES or she should just retire and STFU

  97. Devore says – reply to this


    " If Ms. Winfrey has cut back any part of her schedule, it has been in appearances in support of Mr. Obama. Following high-profile rallies just prior to the Iowa caucuses in December and leading up to Super Tuesday in February, Ms. Winfrey all but disappeared from the campaign trail, leading some pundits to wonder whether she had gauged a negative effect on her business."

    Uh… perez?

    It's over for Hillary Clinton.


    Clinton will NOT be out next president.

    Get over it.

    Trust me, Clinton would have gladly accepted Oprah Winfrey's support, lagging viewership and all!

  98. Texas says – reply to this


    Re: dallas – How true. Just like a few of the tards pimp abortion rights. I will not watch them any longer. Whoopi turned my stomah too.

  99. jaqui chan says – reply to this


    Re: She chose Obama – you must be very ignorant for actually believing that her endorsement of obama is the only reason for her decline. hell im black and ive been tired of her ass. so i guess all of the white, famous people that support him should lose fan base too huh? hell, if she would have supported hillary her money woulda been wasted!! i want to belive that oprah endorsed the person whom she felt was more capable of actually getting the US where it needs to be. and if she decided to endorse him because he is black then good. my people need to support the ones of us who are trying to do the right thing. so why is hillary losing?

  100. Alexandria says – reply to this


    Oprah is the American dream! From rags to riches and she has earned the right to support Obama and to spend her money where ever she likes. This is not about Black or White it is about History and no one whants the low fake morales of the Clintons in the white house. Tell Bill to get a hotel for his Blow jobs!

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