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Quote of the Day

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"Look, it's terrible, I know, but weakness really, really bugs me, to the point that if there is a wounded bird on the sidewalk, I look at it and I go: I think I'll just kick it."

- Jodie Foster tells Britain's Daily Mail

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341 comments to “Quote of the Day”

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  1. Paige says – reply to this


    Thats the one comment in the whole article that stood out to me. I hope one day she is the weak one, vulnerable, and someone says "Lets go kick her. Shes weak".

  2. N says – reply to this


    Oh God — she's a psycho. That is sadistic as all hell, it just turns my stomach to know this. I KNEW there was something about her I didn't like.

  3. Carra says – reply to this


    What a bitch!!

  4. Victoria says – reply to this


    What a bitch, I hate her now!

  5. Victoria says – reply to this


    I saw my dad take a wounded bird that was in his back yard to an animal preserve that helped it heal it's sprained wing. Just yesterday there was a bird in the middle of the road while I was driving that tried to jump up and up to fly away to avoid my car except couldn't and I was so sad for that poor baby. Now this bitch said this, I hate her!

  6. Katy Ash--ook says – reply to this


    She is a fucking BA! I would do the same thing! Dude I'm going to be on house arrest soon and I'm only 14.

  7. fjffj says – reply to this


    what a bitch

  8. Victoria says – reply to this


    I saw my dad pick up and take a wounded bird to the animal preserve so they could help it and fix it's sprained wing. Just yesterday I was driving down the road and saw a bird in the middle of the street trying to jump up and up to fly away to avoid my car except it couldn't fly away. And now this. I hate her now, this is the most disqusting thing for a human being to be saying. She's just fucked herself!

  9. Tiffany says – reply to this


    What??? That is horrible!!!

  10. Samson says – reply to this


    Jodie is a tough girl. She supported her family from the age of THREE. OF COURSE she is tough. She has had to be very driven and hard to survive. She probably can't stand weak people because even at THREE she didn't give in to weak crap, but she stood up and DID what had to be done. In our current society, we seem to praise and nuture weakness- we educate down to the dumbest and act like we are bad because we defend ourselves. She has a right to be honest about not having a lot of sympathy for weakness. She is a survivor and doesn't have to sing kumbayah with a bunch of people if she doesn't want to.

  11. Erin says – reply to this


    Fuck you! I'll never watch any of your movies again! I hope your new girlfriend cheats on you and then you go home and cry like a little bitch! YOU'RE weak, not a wounded bird!

  12. You Too says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny G – Why, that sounds kind of sicko and mean to me. Kick her nasty ass? Why what a loving and kind remark- you don't see how YOU sound worse than she does? Guess it takes one to know one.

  13. jimmyjazz says – reply to this



    I'M BEGGING FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Victoria says – reply to this


    Check this people. This is the first time the blogging public has been almost in 100% agreement on anything. This is truly one of the most horrible statements any celebrity has ever been caught saying, and we all agree!

  15. 215

    thats fuckin rude… how bout somebody gives her a kick ???? stupid lez

  16. News Junkie says – reply to this


    Someone with an attitude like that would help throw their fellow countrymen into the ovens at Auschwitz to save their own skins. Yikes. What an ugly thing to say. It reflects a cold, sadistic heart. No wonder she's a cheater.

  17. Nazis says – reply to this


    Re: Samson

    Dear Samson, what you are describing is a sociopathic personality. One who does not possess compassion or empathy is abnormal and it's disgusting that you don't see the wrongness in thinking like that. You can be a strong person but still have compassion for those who aren't. I guess we should just put anyone who isn't perfect and uber successful in the concentration camp huh?

  18. SAI ANGEL says – reply to this


    what an idiotic thing to say

  19. Victoria says – reply to this


    To someone who is e-mail savvy, Contact her and PETA.

  20. Patrice says – reply to this


    What the fuck is WRONG with this person? She would hurt an innocent animal because of her own fucked up agenda!!??? Someone shoulsd lock her away; what is she teaching her children?

  21. t says – reply to this


    wow. I didn't know she was a psychopath. I'll be avoiding anything with her in it from now on. That's sick.

  22. Teal says – reply to this


    Re: cat – You may not agree with her, but she is NOT an idiot. She is very smart and very well educated. She is at least honest. Wouldn't it be nice if Tom Cruise just SAID he thinks he is an alien, or Travolta just SAID he loves to wear high heels when he flies his 5 planes, or Striesand just SAID she is confused by smart people, or if Gwyneth just SAID she knew she was dumb, well, that would put a lot of gossip columnists out of business.

  23. Jodie is evil says – reply to this


    Re: Victoria

    Email PETA is right. And take her kids away too. She's an evil person who will damage her kids more than Britney Spears.

  24. pookie says – reply to this


    Re: Samson
    and i have many WONDERFUL friends who are AMAZINGLY successful, and support their families, and who do NOT demonstrate such hating behavior. there are many others out there, they may not be 'famous' so maybe not important to you. she's dark, and you sound like somewhat of a delusional fan. samson, are you JH? i think she should live with her girlfriend with a horsie head, right next to tom cruise.

  25. eff her says – reply to this


    Re: Teal

    Ted Bundy was smart too, it didn't make him a good person now did it? She is a sociopath.

  26. Jaye says – reply to this


    A wounded bird is NOT a weakness; is she freaking that stupid. Does this mean i can kick her sorry ass for cheating on her partner? Hey, JODI, that's a weakness you know. The dumb ass!

  27. K says – reply to this


    Nasty fucking bitch. If i see her on a sidewalk, I'll kick her into oncoming traffic. Kicking a wounded bird… fuckin douchebag bitch! GO TO HELL FOSTER! YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT!

  28. Pietro says – reply to this


    Please tell me she did not say that. Jodie, Yale educated and all, you're a loser. Go drive a truck and get the eff outta my sight. PETA, meet your new target!!! Maybe it's all those terrible gun toting movies. Maybe menopause. WTF???

  29. Jodie Lechter says – reply to this


    Re: pookie

    I agree, I know many successful people who are kindhearted. Look at Brad Pitt and Angelina, they care about "weak" people. This isn't about her being successful, it's about her being a NAZI. The Nazis hated weakness too and thought anyone who didn't measure up to their standard should be done away with.

  30. Jodie Foster says – reply to this


    Hi, my name is Jodie Foster and I am a Nazi. I think the mentally ill, retarded people, sick, poor and old should be put in a concentration camp and be done away with so I don't have to deal with their weakness. I only care about myself. My partner of 15 years sacrificed her own success to take care of me and my kids but I had to dump her because only a weak stupid person would care about someone else that much. My fans can go to hell too, you're all a bunch of weak, stupid losers.

    H.R.H. Jodie

  31. Ken in LA says – reply to this


    Not a fan anymore, bitch!

  32. dingus says – reply to this


    I'm not sure if this is taken WAY out of context or if it's even true, but if it is Ms. Foster shows a startling lack of empathy. It's actually really disturbing that she could equate suffering with weakness and strength with cruelty. Not smart….

  33. grady says – reply to this


    what a fucking bitch! I hope someone hits you in the face so that someone else can walk up and start kicking the shit out of you. fucking asshole. I hope the bird kicks the fucking shit out of your ass. that is so wrong.

  34. Tonya says – reply to this


    Utterly disgusting, surely she must realize that she needs help - her poor poor children - abusive!!

  35. Georgia says – reply to this


    I have lost all my respect for this woman. Anybody who cannot show compassion, especially to defenseless animals, should be treated the same way. Stupid beatch.

  36. Ni says – reply to this


    This bitch is crazy!! So she obviously thinks the same about "weaker" people since "weakness" in general bugs her. Hope that statement doesn't bite her in the ass in the future.

  37. Marcy says – reply to this


    hmmm…kick a helpless bird?

    ***********************TIME TO PUT JODI FOSTER TO SLEEP***********

  38. m says – reply to this


    wow, what an ass! i never imagined she was like that.

  39. CroatianBeauty says – reply to this


    Heartless, horrible bitch.

  40. kaity says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – couldn't have said it better myself. Who even thinks that? heartless

  41. STAYOUTTABUTTS says – reply to this


    Those with deep-seated homosexual tendencies are usually unwilling to examine the emotional conflicts that "caused" this tendency. Most of these men had painful adolescent experiences of significant loneliness and sadness, felt insecure in their masculinity, and had a poor body image. There is a much higher prevalence of psychiatric illness in those who identify themselves as homosexuals. Unfortunately, their denial, defensiveness and anger block their openness to seek help with their emotional and behavioral weaknesses. Male effeminacy is a clear sign of serious affective immaturity, usually where they failed in their childhood to identify sufficiently with their fathers and other male peers. Sickness!!!!!

  42. cass says – reply to this


    what a…BITCH!

  43. k..... says – reply to this



    oh please get a life with your psychobabble.. sheesh….

    as for the quote…. wasn't that released awhile ago when she was talking about how she was raised???? i can't stand snipits..being manipulated….

  44. begie says – reply to this


    I no longer respect you Jodie Foster. Nor will I ever see any of your work again.

  45. STAYOUTTABUTTS says – reply to this


    Those with deep-seated lesbian tendencies are usually unwilling to examine the emotional conflicts that "caused" this tendency. Most of these women had painful adolescent experiences of significant loneliness and sadness, felt insecure in their femininity, and had a poor body image. There is a much higher prevalence of psychiatric illness in those who identify themselves as homosexuals. Unfortunately, their denial, defensiveness and anger block their openness to seek help with their emotional and behavioral weaknesses. Female masculinity is a clear sign of serious affective immaturity, usually where they failed in their childhood to identify sufficiently with their mothers and other female peers. Sickness!!!!!

  46. Jeena says – reply to this


    somebody should kick that ugly fart face rug muncher when she's down eating puss.

  47. Minnie says – reply to this


    Somebody should kick you for being an immoral pile of shit you ugly ole gay hag.

  48. Willa says – reply to this


    Wow, now that is one cold heartless dyke, I wonder if she kicks her kids if they are down??

  49. LisaJo says – reply to this


    somebody should kick you for being a fu(king gay a*ss lesbian weirdo. And for not fitting in and being moral.

    Where's Hinkley when you need him?

  50. Bootylicious says – reply to this



    Let's see how weak she is then…stupid carpet munching ho.

  51. Justin says – reply to this


    Hey Jodie=
    fu(k you and those test tube children of yours.

  52. Penguin says – reply to this


    Re: avian lover – that's nice. You sound big hearted and forgiving to me.

  53. Mikka says – reply to this


    ????????????? I ll never watch any movie of you again BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  54. chrissy says – reply to this


    what a bitch…i hope someone kicks her in the face

  55. Samson says – reply to this


    Re: Nazis – that's a huge leap from a bird she says she has an impulse to kick, to being a person who wouldn't help someone else who was in need. She didn't say she was an abuser. She was actually using an example. how often do you think she ACTUALLY sees an injured animal?? Or kicks one? She seems no less angry or vicious than some of the posts on this site. The word "cunt" seems to be one of the tolerant names used. Go back and read the vitriol. I'd be willing to bet not ONE of those people brings a sandwich to a homeless person, or takes time to work in a shelter or even mows a neighbor's lawn when they are sick. It's all bullshit. People say stuff- they often either don't mean it, or exaggerate to make a point. She's had a well paid life, but unless you were a child used by their family for income, it is probably that you wouldn't know the pressure and toughness that takes. She is now being maligned because she is gay and because she left her partner. Who knows what she meant by that example? No one has said "wow, how sad that her life has been so craptacular that she has this sharp edge". Everyone immediately hates her- that's ALL it took for people to turn into assholes.

  56. J says – reply to this


    she's a fucking bitch. i used to like her. AND who was weak?? SHE WAS! Let's kick her.

  57. HP says – reply to this


    That's just COLD.

  58. anuerysm says – reply to this


    wow. i never would have pegged her as a sociopath, a sociopath who actually vocalizes their lack of empathy no less. weird.

  59. shay says – reply to this


    what a bitch..ughh i hate her..ugly man woman bitch

  60. Kim says – reply to this


    What a psychotic bitch.

  61. x says – reply to this


    fucking hypocrite. she claims to hate weakness but then she goes and cheats on her long-time girlfriend out of weakness. dumb bitch

  62. PUPA says – reply to this


    wait….whaaaaaaaat??? this fag doesn't know the difference between being "weak" and being wounded???? This quote has to has been taken out of context.

  63. gen says – reply to this


    if i see that dumb cunt kick a WOUNDED bird, cuz it's WOUNDED, i'll force her ugly face on the curb and KICK IT!!! eat curb cunt!

  64. gen says – reply to this


    Re: tstone – *let's kick you too ass hair!

  65. gen says – reply to this


    Re: Big Bird – *you're a fucktard

  66. Alisa says – reply to this


    Wow, who knew she was such a heartless creep. I'll never look at her the same way again *shakes head* A lesbian, a cheater, a now just a plain ol heartless creep. Wow. Celebs, be careful what you say. Once it's out there, you can't recall it. If you say something unfortunate, it might just ruin you.

  67. gen says – reply to this


    Re: gene pool Lesbian Queer All life – *yes, she would SPANK a bird-DUUUUUUUUUUUURRRR!!! does it hurt when you breath??

    just askin…

  68. hs says – reply to this


    Jodie Foster gives lesbians everywhere a bad name with disgusting comments like that.

  69. rogue says – reply to this


    What is that all about!!!

  70. lucy says – reply to this


    What a C U Next Tuesday.

  71. real NICE!! says – reply to this


    I WILL BE SURE TO REMEMBER THAT WHEN I SEE YOUR SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING ASS ON THE SIDE WALK SOMEDAY JODIE,….matter of fact i will go to the store now to buy the perfect pair of heavy boots to do it with.BY the way you hate yourself and the moral weakness within your own soul.(because that act you describe and the attitude you have is the ultimate most profound display of weakness i have heard in awhile.)

  72. PSYCHO says – reply to this



  73. angela says – reply to this


    notable quotes from Mass Murderers & Serial Killers .

  74. walter says – reply to this



  75. carrie says – reply to this


    i dont get it. what the hell is she talking about? her being gay? Her looking like SHIT?
    what? please explain.

  76. Jessica says – reply to this


    And she has kids???

  77. R.W. says – reply to this


    Good Christ! What a bunch of dogmatic, brainwashed illiterates must hang out at this site. Turn off Oprah and read some Sartre or Nietzsche, people. (By the way, who's this 'Perez Hilton' woman that this silly site is named after…?)

  78. hil* says – reply to this


    this made me really upset. stupid bitch. how could u ever hurt any animal especially a wounded one? i hate her.

  79. Kimmie says – reply to this


    What a fucking joke…. well anyway we know who the "man" was in the relationship!

  80. Sugar Sugar says – reply to this


    What a sick, fucking bitch! Wait until she's ill or old and let someone kick the shit outta her for being "weak." I pity her kids! Actually I pity anyone who has to deal with her arrogant, entitled ass.

  81. russo says – reply to this


    What an outrageously sick thing to say. You SUCK Jody. GFY!

  82. dk says – reply to this


    Re: STAYOUTTABUTTS – AMEN! I couldn't have said it better, myself!!

  83. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Those who can help themselves but don't, kick them, not the helpless!!!

  84. SHE'S A BITCH says – reply to this


    How, um, sweet. I would do the same TO HER!

  85. gg says – reply to this


    Kick a wounded bird? I would kick all her teeth off her bloody gob, fucking bitch.
    Just fuck off and die, you lizard.

  86. Kimmay says – reply to this


    So Ms. Anti-Weakness doesn't have the strength to come out of the closet, right? That takes REAL strength, Jodi, so why don't you just go kick some birds and feel better.

  87. tanita says – reply to this


    Re: gigi – don't resort to junior high associations and drop names just because someone expresses dislike for weakness and you happen to have finished reading nietzsche for dummies.

    foster should be kicking the mirror- she looks weak and her looks are weak even when she's all made.

  88. statingtheobvious says – reply to this


    I know staying in the closet is a sign of weakness. Hmm maybe you should come out or are you a hypocrite?

  89. abbizmal says – reply to this


    What a horrible thing to say, or even think for that matter. This cunt is lacking the compassion chip. Bitch is hateful and needs and little payback for that. Watch out, girl, karma gonna come knocking on your door when you least expect it and, the great thing about that is, we'll all be here to watch.

  90. Ammie says – reply to this


    I cannot believe that she said that. I cannot believe that anyone would ever say that. This just can't be true. Tell me it's just a joke.

  91. just me says – reply to this


    I used to work with a bitch in one of my coporate jobs that came right out and said that "she couldn't stand it when people are sick or injured" basically the same thing here that Jodie says, "can't stand weakness." Of course with my coworker, who seemed to be pregnant at least 75% of her career, that of course didn't count in terms of "illness that makes you weak." These kinds of people are all alike, if it's them laying on a gurney pushing out a baby or throwing up, it's not weakness, only when it happens to others. SICK if you ask me

  92. GAGA says – reply to this


    wut an EVIL BITCH!!!..this makes me just hate her more than i already did by looking at her ugly lesbo ass

  93. DMS says – reply to this


    What a horrible, ugly, twisted thing to say. I have always been a big fan of Jodie's and generally regarded her as a good person. Her movies are some of my all time favorities. I guess it's a good thing for her career that she has avoided the public eye…cruel comments like that will ruin a career in no time. I truly, truly, from the bottom of my heart HOPE she didn't really mean what she said in that quote. Jodie, apologize!!

  94. Harry says – reply to this


    Not such a wise comment to make in England.

  95. nikki says – reply to this


    what kind of comment is that. I want to kill her for saying that

  96. susan says – reply to this


    that quote was actually in premier magazine many many years ago from her, not recent. shes a jerk anyway and has major mental problems to be thinking that way. she clearly acts out her pent up aggression in ways that are unhealthy. shes a lesbian because shes angry.

  97. Linda says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her children. What did she do for them when they fell down
    on their skates or bikes?
    Laughed and kept walking.

  98. L says – reply to this


    THAT has GOT to be out of context…You pig Perez!!! Just pick and choose whom you want to defame, huh?

  99. skstlouis says – reply to this


    Says the woman who can't come out of the closet in spite of her millions and Oscars! Who is the weaker one, the dying bird or this pathetic old dyke!

  100. aron says – reply to this


    That is so fucking funny, ha ha!! For those who won't watch her movies for making this stupid, but very truthful, funny comment, get a life!!!!

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