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Quote of the Day

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"I went to college. I'm a supermodel. I have a legitimate career in journalism, television, fashion and designing. I'm a Hearst, not a Hilton!"

- Lydia Hearst to OK! magazine, on the differences between her and Paris Hilton

[Images via WENN.]

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333 comments to “Quote of the Day”

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  1. parisw says – reply to this


    who cares!!

  2. kate says – reply to this


    Paris may not have an education or any talent, but she's still a hell of a lot more famous than Lydia

  3. intere says – reply to this


    wow. someone took her bitchy pill this morning

  4. cat~ says – reply to this


    nice burn

  5. lenny says – reply to this


    Who's Lydia Hearst??

  6. Finall says – reply to this


    LMAO–way to go.

  7. k4te says – reply to this


    It's been a while since someone hated on Paris… thank you, Lydia for getting that ball rolling again

  8. Krissy says – reply to this


    What a total asshat….however, she does have a point…..

  9. K-Swan says – reply to this


    Who the hell is she, and why are you posting about her?
    I've never heard of her so obviously she doesn't matter!

    But Paris really doesn't either. Talk about being famous for nothing!

  10. LUVHER says – reply to this


    LUV IT
    LUV IT
    LUV IT

  11. 11

    Oh she forgot another big one! People actually know who Paris is!

  12. jim says – reply to this



  13. Tom says – reply to this


    She is one heck of a stuck up biatch. Supermodel my ass.

  14. noname says – reply to this



  15. maryre says – reply to this


    ok magazine must have really touched a cord

  16. omgg says – reply to this


    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy perez!!! how was ur eye surgery.. make a vid and tell us!

  17. 17

    Get it girl!!!

    Does anyone remember that early '90s song "I Got an Education"?

  18. pretty says – reply to this


    thank god! a college grad in hollywood

  19. MaRi says – reply to this


    HAWT! I Say Paris Hilton (Scarecrow) Needs 2 Buy A Brain! STAT lol

    Hearst = Castle = Money!

  20. 20

    word, bitch word! Wonky eye racist herpe riddled Hilton is a stupid cunt who is famous for being awful in bed and sharing that and her stds with the World…

  21. sour says – reply to this


    And that's why she's not famous.

  22. Rhonda says – reply to this



  23. phaty says – reply to this


    Who's she ?!

    Paris maybe a bi*** but at she's a lot more HOT than "Lydia-who?!"

  24. Tegan says – reply to this


    Who is she? She may be all those things but for once i think Paris is actually prettier. If you have to define who you are then you really aren't worth defining.

  25. 25

    Lydia better work. And give her dress back to Jessica Rabbit for proper filling.

  26. ac says – reply to this


    love it! pale skin rocks, and this girl clearly knows not only how to make a success of herself, but how to break into the mainstream by criticising paris, marking herself out to be the antithesis of the vacuous, orange brat. even paris is over paris, if this new attitude she's conveying is to be believed, so let's all drop her and find out more about this beauty. oh and kate (no.2), is being famous itself enough to make us give a shit about people? this girl's done great things, paris is just boring

  27. fuckpa says – reply to this


    Stupid silver spoon sluts.
    I would like BOTH OF THEM TO SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE to work in the REAL WORLD!

    NO, not some modeling gig or photo op or paid-by-daddy college, but the REAL WORLD!

    They could both fall off the face of the earth and no one would give a shit!~

  28. 28

    I'm glad you're so fabulous.

  29. gossip says – reply to this


    Then how come we have never heard of you?

  30. kiki says – reply to this


    bish plz!

  31. LOVE I says – reply to this


    I have no idea who she is…but ROFLOL - amen to what she said!

  32. chiqi says – reply to this


    who the frickety frick frick is lydia hearst?

  33. Elle says – reply to this


    She's pretty awesome though…

  34. beachy says – reply to this


    At least the Hearst's are known for something worthwhile. Parasite Hilton is a drain of energy. For crying out loud - she couldn't even finish high school.

    You go Lydia! It doesn't take much to beat a bottle blonde that can't finish high school. Let's not forget, Parasite's famous claim to fame is a sex tape.
    Not cool.

  35. Stace says – reply to this


    Paris is waaay prettier.

  36. Love I says – reply to this


    Re: ac – POINT WELL MADE!! Amen!

  37. It' says – reply to this


    Oh snap! There both still fugs, though…

  38. coco says – reply to this


    Um she's also worth well she will inherit 35 Billion. Hearst is a major name Publication name . They are a Old Money San Francisco Family. They have an amazing Castle called Hearst which is breath-taking. Basically Paris Hilton is poor next to her.

  39. LOVE I says – reply to this


    Oh shit…wait—isn't she Patty Hearst's daughter? omg.

  40. leila says – reply to this


    Never heard of her. Modesty certainly isn't one of her strengths!

  41. nicole says – reply to this


    Why does she have to put other people down? Not very classy….

  42. Art says – reply to this


    umm.. sniff sniff- I smell jealousy. Hearst? PLEASSSSE! You know Paris is the shizznit!

  43. chiqi says – reply to this


    well she sure is trying to look like Paris! be unique, ms. anorexic!

  44. kimmy says – reply to this


    what a bitch…Paris is a million times prettier

  45. LoL says – reply to this


    OH SNAP!

  46. Paris says – reply to this


    Paris totally looks Tranny next to her!! LOL

  47. 47

    Never heard of this hose bag but anyone who disses Paris Hilton is cool in my book

  48. lol says – reply to this


    supermodel? lol

  49. estee says – reply to this


    paris is prettier. hearst would not be a model if she wasn't a hearst.

  50. Veroni says – reply to this


    she said she went to college, she didn't say she GRADUATED from it. Dumb ass pale ho

  51. blake says – reply to this


    She dropped out of college.

  52. Lucy says – reply to this


    Rosebud!!! (Rumor has it William Randolph Hearst called his mistress' clitoris 'Rosebud', so Welles named the sled that just to twist the knife.)

  53. YES!!! says – reply to this


    she's awesome.

    she's also a helluva lot richer than that trash Hilton family too.

  54. EXCELL says – reply to this


    what a great quote! and you idiots talking about lydia hearst not being famous and 'who is she' - that's her damn point! she's a socialite, who was born into a wealthy family and has taken advantage of it as opposed to ONLY partying like a rockstar (ala paris). look at anderson cooper….yes, another "who's that?!?" ….a person from a privledged background who is actually contributing to society and standing on his own two feet. KUDOS to this chick….unlike paris, richie, kim k and the like..

  55. Robyn says – reply to this


    Okay so I *do* know who she is, but not for her accomplishments. For her mother, Patricia Hearst and the kidnapping incident.

    And sure, she has a college education. But a bachelors is almost as common as a high school diploma these days, also, I would hardly call her a supermodel - being on Vogue a handful of times does not make one a supermodel. It makes you a working model. Also, just because she has a degree in Communications does not make her a journalist. Oh and her television career extends purely to a few episodes of Gossip Girl. Her fashion and design career? She's made handbags. Anyone is given a chance to make their own line of handbags these days.

    I'm not justifying Paris Hilton by any means, but this girl thinks she's above Paris? Probably not. I'd say they're on the same playing field.

  56. jenny says – reply to this


    ok the majority rules… Paris is better than this pale, ugly, trash- talking, anorexic of a girl.

  57. jamie says – reply to this


    Both don't have any talent. The only difference Lydia doesn't have any sex movies.

  58. gigi says – reply to this


    that is one ugly lookin kid..

  59. K says – reply to this


    Meow !!!!!

  60. whtawh says – reply to this


    another heiress born with a silver spoon up her ass?..wonderful. Least she's somewhat productive.

  61. ERICK says – reply to this


    what a bitch

    and correction lydia hearst, paris hilton is all those things and you are and a lot more. and shes a hell of a lot more successful and famous than you are!

    hating bitch.
    and she probably wouldnt be a "supermodel" if she wasnt a hearst.im sure her family paid her way in

  62. yo says – reply to this


    supermodel? hahah little lydia does not know the meaning of a supermodel!! supermodels are kate moss, freja beha erich, naomi, giselle. lydia is just a commercial mode! she isnt even high fashion! dumb bitch!

  63. I agre says – reply to this


    Paris is like Agelina Jolie- 2 spoiled brats who were born into privilege and chose not to go to college, but rather do any trashy thing possible that would make them famous.

  64. twins? says – reply to this


    Same thing. Rich wealthy family, white, tall, thin, flat chested, no ass, wannabe model, etc.

  65. SeeMee says – reply to this


    Who is this hoe?

  66. catty says – reply to this


    I'm also a conceited cunt who has an over inflated opinion of herself. I'm also all of the above because I am a Hearst, not because I'm smart, talented or even remotely good looking!!! Someone kidnap her and make her shut the fuck up!!!!

  67. isada says – reply to this


    who is she? There is a lot of inteligent people in the world, there are celebrities (like Paris), and there are superstars (famous people & inteligent)

  68. brat says – reply to this


    both don't work or have jobs or do anything productive

  69. hearst says – reply to this


    This is not in defense of Paris Hilton whatsoever but Sacred Heart University is nothing to be proud of. Especially when the Hearst family name is tattooed over everything in Berkeley, CA. Was she too much of a dumbass to get into a school that her family spends tons of endowment $$$ to support? Guess the Regents of the University of California are smarter than we think if they are working this hard to keep socialite trash out of their school.

  70. Lynda says – reply to this


    SUPERMODEL? WTF? Who the hell even knows who this bitch is???

  71. caitli says – reply to this


    hahah loves it

  72. WASP says – reply to this



  73. kat says – reply to this


    Okay, people who MATTER know who Lydia Hearst is. She's done multiple campaigns for Prada and Dior, she's signed on for the next season of Gossip Girl, and like she said, she went to college… Paris didn't even finish high school!

  74. aj says – reply to this


    hmm I dont like paris per se, yet she always seems nice even to stupid ass paps, even if she's acting it. this lydia seems like a real jealous bitch. she's ugly too. team hilton!!

  75. Last says – reply to this


    I have a famous last name which is the same thing! You are noooooooo super model but you have a famous name. All in the name you ugly stringbean spoiled brat. You are the same as Paris bitch!

  76. It' says – reply to this


    Oh snap! But, needless to say, they're both still fugly talentless hacks…

  77. 77

    THAT is the single best "Quote Of The Day" that you have EVER posted on your site, Perez. Marvelous. Hilarious. Sharp as a two-edged sword.
    Miss Hearst definitely has the legendary Hearst gift for wit and rhetoric.
    A brilliant and stark contrast to the "yeah…& all of that…charities…blah blah blah…and stuff" answers of Paris Hilton. (The name Paris, which predates the city, is actually a male name.)

  78. donna says – reply to this


    Lydia is Patty Hearst's daughter. Her dad was Patty's former bodyguard she had after the kidnapping ordeal. Someone said her family owns a castle called Hearst. actually the family doesn't own it, it was deeded to the Parks Dept. in Ca. upon William Randolph Hearst's death. the "castle" is called San Simeon.

  79. ALLYSO says – reply to this


    Who cares who's better known Lydia is classier and prettier than Paris, at leat she DOES something to earn her money besides club hop and show her twat..I would kill myself if I were compared to that waste of life Paris…eat bitch! Ur SO NOT HOT

  80. JaJaMo says – reply to this


    It's like the difference between a rich, insecure, total maniac whore-slut gag-princess with a nice tan, versus an apprentice, very rich and secure ,maniac whore-slut gag-princess that needs a tan. I mean, the differences are so obvious. An idiot can see it.

  81. 81


  82. 82

    Re: nonameRe: Tom – The 2007 Michael Awards Model of the Year, to be precise.

  83. ls says – reply to this


    She was on the last episode of GOSSIP GIRL and she wasnt too good even though she had like one line. shes kind of too skinny for acting. … and what she said was kinda rude about Paris.. just the way she said it kind of puts her back a few steps.

  84. phfan says – reply to this


    You're no better than Paris you snotty bitch. No wonder GG ratings went down. Lydia is a college drop out. Paris is a high school drop out. Same shit. No huge difference.

  85. ls says – reply to this


    Re: Robyn

    Robyn's comment says EXACTLY what I feel haha.. down to a T!

  86. kate says – reply to this


    who the fuck is she? she is not a supermodel. im sick of all these ugly bitches saying they are supermodels. she is a regular MODEL; that's all. there are certain things that you have to accomplish to be a SUPERmodel, one of which is being a household name. I couldn't walk up to 50 random people and ask if they knew who Lydia Hearst is. They would have no idea. She is an idiot and fucking ugly, all those alien looking models are *cough* Gemma Ward *cough*

  87. kat says – reply to this


    who cares? shes fugly, and no one has boobs that are visible with a rib cage like that. booooob job

  88. amos says – reply to this


    good for her!!!!! it shows how clueless and stupid the hiltons are to have let their daughter exploit their family and wealth the way she has without doing anything to really earn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. It' says – reply to this


    If Lydia really had any class at all, she wouldn't even bother commenting on Paris. Why lower yourself to that level? I personally could do without of either of them.

  90. Rach says – reply to this


    who caressssss?

  91. Sheri says – reply to this


    Then how come I've never even heard of her. Plus, she's ugly, Paris is georgeous!

  92. 92

    It was an interview by OK! Magazine. When magazines interview, they asked questions. She…just…answered…the…question…with her mouth, that is on a head, that actually contains a working brain.
    For those of you who think life is a contest over who is the most famous—that is really boorishly pathetic.
    Hearst is still an heiress. Hilton…hahaha…is not.

  93. Euromo says – reply to this


    LOL- I LOVE it!

    " I fart in the general direction of the Hiltons!"

  94. Liz says – reply to this


    Who cares? They're both stupid bitches.

  95. now i says – reply to this



    after reading that beautiful quote, i'm your new biggest fan.

  96. Kaye says – reply to this


    I don't give a fuck where you went, you skinny ass bitch…. Don't compare yourself to the number one stank ass biotch in the world! You are not even in the same catagory!

  97. 97

    Why isn't my effing avatar working???

  98. Beef says – reply to this


    I've never heard of her but she missed something out in her bitchy list: 'I'm ugly'. Paris is ten times hotter and the pale look is certainly not a good one.

  99. caro says – reply to this


    obviously modesty is not on her resume

  100. tlo says – reply to this


    i give her more credit than hilton.

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