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More Unoriginality

| Filed under: Film Flickers

Click here for a list of THIRTY sequels that Hollywood is working on.

Do we really need an I, Robot 2 or I Am Legend 2????

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56 comments to “More Unoriginality”

  1. beth says – reply to this


    no, we don't

  2. {kHk/b says – reply to this


    [[[[[[[[[ Puerto Rico rokzzzzzzzzzzzzluv y'r azzzzzzzzzzzzzz]]]]

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hillary bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    [[ gold ”;;; troopz;;; gaz;;$1.00 gallon..5.6 surplus…jobzzz♥♥♥

    zzzzWyoming/NorthDakota..remember the 90zzmoney in thebank.

  3. josh says – reply to this



  4. andrea says – reply to this



  5. kk says – reply to this



  6. Jakki says – reply to this


    theres capitalism for ya. srsly though, do we need a grudge 3? -_-

  7. eRin says – reply to this


    no need for some of those!

  8. fetus says – reply to this


    first losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first first first sfirst!!@!@!!@!@OU@@

  9. LT says – reply to this


    I didn't see any of the originals…except Beverly Hills Cop & Jurassic Park.
    I used to like Eddie Murphy until he was a deadbeat dad and completely ignored his daughter with Scary Spice…just wrong. I won't give my money to anything he does. Every baby needs their daddy to show up!
    No wonder I don't go to the movies anymore…I just rent.

  10. Bela R says – reply to this


    I, Robot, I am Legend?
    Do you have something against Will Smith?
    Those were both great movies, and you can't judge what he sequel will be like.
    He's an amazing actor and deserves those merits.

  11. stepha says – reply to this


    the answer is: HELL YES!!!

  12. Lauren says – reply to this


    wow of all the shit to pick on out there you pick on Will Smith of all people???? i think you'd try to be cool about it and fuck with the sooooooooooo fucking many douchebags we have in Hollywood and NYC and not some guy who actually is a NICE guy ie Will Smith… yuck Perez… i still love ya but come the fuck on!

  13. ilovep says – reply to this


    Pretend The Brazilian Job is already out on DVD and you said to someone "I am going to get 'The Brazilian Job'" and they didn't know what you were talking about..

    They would think you were talking about getting a wax

  14. brady1 says – reply to this


    Why must you mess with Will? He is one of the nicest people in hollywood! Pick on somebody else

  15. Rachel says – reply to this



  16. stef says – reply to this


    fuck yeah, and you can throw in a Pursuit of Happyness Part 2, Bad Boys Part a million, and a few more Independence days. Anything that we must do to keep Will Smith's fan ass up on the screen. Stop being a hater!

  17. iluvse says – reply to this


    I have to admit that some films don't need sequels because the first was so bad, but sequels don't equal unoriginality. What's wrong with continuing a story or building a new story around one of the characters? That's like saying the Harry Potter series were unoriginal: 7 books (or however many there are) around the same characters; why couldn't she write anything new? If an original story was written to be just the one and that's it, but people are able to create more stories from it, then that's very original.

  18. Sian says – reply to this


    Sarah of the Dead made Perez!!! Rock on Sarah/Den of Geek!

  19. SB says – reply to this


    All you people need to STFU about how "nice" will smith is; it won't stop the shitty movie they will put him in.

  20. Leti says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez. That was the best link! I love the movies and go alots of info on what's coming up.

  21. So ove says – reply to this


    That's pathetic. I'm disgusted.

  22. silly says – reply to this


    Here's a movie title " I Hate Sequels!"

  23. Leti says – reply to this


    great link!!! I'm adding it to my favorites!

  24. WHO CA says – reply to this


    I love Will Smith, yes this is true, but I, Robot and I Am Legend parts 2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The only one's that I'd simi look forward to are the horrow flicks….except the Grudge 3. Hated the first 2.

  25. Sara says – reply to this


    make that THIRTY-ONE sequels!!!! Transformers 2 started filming already.

  26. 26

    "The Brazilian Job"?? Hahahaha Sounds like some scary waxing how-to.

  27. Sara says – reply to this


    heres my list of sequals i would ACTUALLY want to see and a description of what it should be like!!!

    1. Legally Blond 3 (more of Elle, thats all i want, really. i mean, just keep doing what ur doing i guess. ooohhhh, and make elle's bf cheat on her!! HAR HAR HAR)
    2. Nancy Drew (she thinks she solved the mystery, but theres totally more to the mystery, and theres another one on top of it!!!)
    3. The Hottie and the Nottie 2 (now that June is all pretty, lets see her and Coop get married!!!! and what-her-face played by Hilton should just, date more guys you know???)
    4. Juno 2 (oh come on, dont u want to see Juno preggers again?!?!?! im surely not the only one!)
    5. Shrek:Shut up and quit (a tribute to the kids, JUST MAKE SHREK SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!! WE'VE ALL HAD ENOUGH!!!!)

  28. Heroin says – reply to this


    The only one I'ma see iz "Super Troopers 2". I mean Come on, Ace Ventura 3 with NO Jim♥Carrey!? WTF? Thats retarded and not in a good way!

  29. Lisa says – reply to this


    yes, we do!

  30. Chriss says – reply to this


    I already knew about most of these sequels thanks to Internet Movie Database (imdb.com)

    Yeah, some just need to stop and call it a day…
    Saw 5!! Seriously, I knew it was coming out,but ive only seen up to 2 lol

  31. kaylee says – reply to this


    SO STUPID…….really ace ventura wtf???????

  32. Marky says – reply to this


    When you have released a movie or had an original thought, then you can be critical of what others create. What do you create Mario?

  33. Alicia says – reply to this


    This is probably some of the best information you could have submitted.

  34. little says – reply to this


    I already saw a box at blockbuster for War of the Worlds 2 with C. Thomas howell. What happened to him he looks scarily thin.

  35. Blair says – reply to this


    In all fairness, I, Robot the book actually had a sequel series. As for I Am Legend II, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the "surprise" of what the monsters are?

  36. Snoodl says – reply to this


    They already re-did the ending of I Am Legend so much it lost the actual meaning of the book….we don't need another one..

  37. larbea says – reply to this


    Sad. Just sad. Was one of the terms of the new writers strike contract NOT to come up with ideas. With that said… can't wait for Get Smart to come out in a few weeks. :0P

  38. Alisa says – reply to this


    NO!!!!!!! I can not state emphatically enough how SICK AND TIRED I am of shitty movies and even shittier sequels. Fucking write something worthwhile, hire people than are more than just pretty set decoration and stop fucking wasting money and film!! I haven't gone to the movies in years because there has been nothing worth my wasting thirty bucks to see and furthermore I've hardly rented anything all year because there was hardly anything worth my time to see. The few things I did rent were foreign films. American cinema is really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately - ICK!!!

  39. Hugs N says – reply to this


    I Am Legend was badass.
    C'mon Perez, you didn't like Samantha the dog???

  40. tfines says – reply to this



  41. Lauryn says – reply to this


    I am Legend was an awesome movie, Perez. Don't be stupid!

  42. gi! says – reply to this


    cant hollywood find people with new original ideas??? O wait. i forgot. They're only in it for the money.

  43. BIG BO says – reply to this



  44. cynmu says – reply to this


    Well all I need is an I am legend 2 and I will be happy:)

  45. Bee says – reply to this


    X-FILES 2!!!! But that will actually be good (I hope!)…but it's really more of a continuation of the series so maybe it doesn't count…

  46. tans says – reply to this



    the only good thing in the one man show was the dog and the idiots killed it.. i walked out of the cinemas becoz I was so pissed off.. ahhh the only good movies on that list are the kiddy ones.. eg. toy story and ice age

    when will they learn

  47. tans says – reply to this


    Re: tans – and as much as I love WILL SMITH.. I am legend was utter disappointment..

  48. 48

    Right on. Thnx for the list! Hmmm, it looks like a lot of 'em are going straight to DVD and won't be released in theaters. Can't wait for Ironman 2 and thank goodness for a sequel to Sex And The City. Wish they'd make a sequel to The Shining, The Colour Purple, Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back and a new, seat jumper, white knuckled, Jaws 5. :)

  49. jenbun says – reply to this


    that list left off child's play 6: revenge of chucky!

  50. 50

    Hey Perezito, I'm surprised ya haven't posted more pics from the MTV Movie Awards. Especially of surprise guest, Johnny Depp. ;P

  51. 51

    He owns an island here in the Bahamas mon.

  52. dannie says – reply to this


    my name is dannie and james i gave head to my boyfreind in the toilets he bent me over and slipped his 12 inch in i loved it but noow his cock his that big it cant fit in and it hurts me too much we cant do anything any more shall i just levae it and fuck the living shit out of him

  53. dannie says – reply to this


    woweee i cant wait

  54. the ph says – reply to this


    Boycott Hollywood - economic bankruptcy for creative bankrupts!

  55. Fag Pe says – reply to this


    Why just I Robot and I Am Legend? There were plenty of other movies you could have named! I still think you are racist!

  56. Stepha says – reply to this


    yes and yes to both those movies.