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Marching For A Change

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Jenny McCarthy, her son Evan and boyfriend Jim Carrey were in D.C. on Wednesday.

The trip took part in the "Green Our Vaccines" march on the National Mall.

The march and rally was organized by advocacy groups aiming to eliminate toxins from children's vaccines.

For more info on Green Our Vaccines, CLICK HERE!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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347 comments to “Marching For A Change”

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  1. 1


  2. Paul says – reply to this


    He should wear the grinch suit doing that!

  3. Op says – reply to this


    HEY That's COOL!!

  4. Alise says – reply to this


    Jim Carrey is the man!

  5. Keeley says – reply to this


    God Jim Carrey is a sexy man!

  6. LB says – reply to this


    Jim is looking very old here.

  7. Matt' says – reply to this


    Perez - you rock!! As a Mom of a child with Autism - I love how you are covering Jenny and her great works.

    Thank you!!

  8. Mariel says – reply to this


    at least it's for a good cause. i support them very much.


  9. 9

    They're a cute couple :)

  10. DD says – reply to this


    OMG I HOpe I'am The 1st one to write a comment………….. ahhh someone shoot me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. icky p says – reply to this


    jim carrey seems like a cool dude

  12. Tandy says – reply to this


    They're all so damn cute together! It's good to see Jenny McCarthy not being a typical hollywood blonde and is actually doing something productive.

  13. kp says – reply to this


    man! she is really pretty.
    and jim carrey looks like he is aging a bit. ha. but i still love him
    they all look so cute together.
    : )

  14. impy says – reply to this


    first! think gree

  15. sarahb says – reply to this


    lol i didn't know they were together. how cute.

  16. 16

    Quit scaring people into not vaccinating their children! These idiots are causing outbreaks of diseases we had pretty much eradicated. And you know when diseases re-emerge they are always about 10x more powerful. Your child is going to "become autistic" because it's in their genetic makeup…not because of shots.

  17. joduck says – reply to this


    Looks like Grandpa Jim to me. As much as I love Jim Carrey he's looking a little old.

  18. Camila says – reply to this


    Hey!! That's great!!! Her son has austism rite??

  19. M says – reply to this


    People really do need to start addressing this vaccine issue and stop being sheep and just vaccinating as per the doctor's orders.

  20. Mark says – reply to this


    Jim needs botox….

  21. B says – reply to this


    One mercury cocktail for your 2 month old baby, coming right up.

  22. josh says – reply to this


    i use to think jim sold out.

    but now.. he's da man.

  23. XX says – reply to this


    Mercury injected into an infant whose immune system hasn't developed yet . . . sounds wise (NOT).

  24. Kristi says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez
    You're an idiot. You can't claim to know why kids get autism any more than all the doctors of the world. We simply don't know what causes it yet.
    HOWEVER, having said that…McCarthy probably has a very valid point about "too many, too soon" but one thing is certain: vaccines DON'T cause autism. They simply don't. I've read the medical studies…there is no link that can be found as of today, and many countries have been looking…for DECADES.
    People need to learn more about a matter before they go parading for it.

  25. ## says – reply to this


    I'd love to give my newborn baby a noxious mix of chemicals - sounds really smart.

  26. Lizzy says – reply to this


    That kid looks like he has a bottle of pee to drink.

  27. @@ says – reply to this


    What about if we took all the chemicals out of the vaccines and we waited until children were older to give them these vaccines and we spaced them out (no more 3 shots contained in 1)??? That would be a great start. Such an easy solution.

  28. AA says – reply to this


    Do your research and see what these vaccines have done to children and then you'll be out there marching too.

  29. 99 says – reply to this


    Injecting mercury into children - great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. nads says – reply to this


    Re: Lizzy

    mature comment

  31. HOW WO says – reply to this


    She rocks, good for her, wish people would wake the hell up about vaccines in the States, its all profit and its poison, take the junk out and leave it to a vaccine, not a science project…

  32. Bren says – reply to this


    Finally! Someone is doing something about the vaccine scam.
    The government created vaccines to weekend the immune system NOT strengthen it for more hospital visits.

  33. kt says – reply to this


    people should try reading the research that shows that vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM……vaccnines are good and people should stop scaring others out of them! Its intersting that out of all the authors who write the first study linking autism with vaccines almost all HAVE RETRACTED what they said. Vaccinate your kids!

  34. umg says – reply to this


    I don't think that this is about detering parents from vaccinating their children but about making vaccinations safer. I am sure their are many things in vaccinations that are very poisinous to children. I vaccinated my daughter. Medications…vaccinations could all use some improving. Nothing is perfect.

    This is a good cause…Good for them.

  35. 987 says – reply to this


    Too many, too soon - it would be such a simple fix if we could space the vaccines out. Let's get on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. YYY says – reply to this


    My newborn baby needs a couple of shots of mercury, please.

  37. Rosey says – reply to this


    I find it funny that they are walking for "Green Vaccines" yet Jenny's son is carrying a water bottle. Not so green, huh?

  38. crazy says – reply to this


    I know that the deal is here, but seriously the kid looks like he pee in that bottle.

    search: crazyunicorns

  39. pam says – reply to this


    What a sweet couple. Love them.

  40. Newbor says – reply to this


    Mercury Rocks!!!!!!!!!!! Inject me with some of that. Sounds like it will be really good for me. Yeah, my newborn immune system can handle it.

  41. alicro says – reply to this


    I'm inspired. I so appreciate the way Jenny McCarthy has turned from her once trashy ways and uses her celebrity for great things like this.

  42. PETA m says – reply to this


    Jim Carrey is a good man. He doesn't have to do this and stay in a relationship with a mom who has so many problems.

  43. Amanda says – reply to this


    Iew, is that child drinking urine?

  44. algore says – reply to this


    Let's go back to the middle ages and not vaccinate!

    The kid probably got autism from the piss he is drinking in that plastic bottle.

    what a bunch of maroons!

    These fools and the rest of the liberal left really want to destroy western civilization starting with re-introducing now preventable diseases!

  45. K says – reply to this


    Thanks for covering issues concerning the problems with vaccines in America today. People are not dying from chicken pox or measles, however 1 out of 94 boys today are autistic. Something's not right.

  46. Riley1 says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – Are you a parent of an Autistic child? Are U speaking from experience? Not likely, or you wouldn't have made this ridiculous comment. All we are asking, as PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN, is that the FDA make it less of a "One Size Fits All" series of innoculations, and taylor it to the specific needs of each child. Look at the epidemic proportions of this (1 in 150 births), compared to 20 years ago (1 in every 10,000 births). If INDEED it is a genitically predetermined DISEASE, we don't need any further help with these TRIGGERS (eg numerous innoculations given all at once, MMR, etc….).
    Please educate yourself before making such an ill-informed comment!!!!!

  47. jessic says – reply to this


    I thought her son passed away.
    Isn't that what she said on Larry King?
    That he went into cardiac arrest and died in her arms?

  48. argose says – reply to this


    thats such a cute family but whats in the kids bottle??

  49. alissa says – reply to this


    I REALLY don't mean to offend anyone, but i come from a long line of doctors, as I am one myself, it's NOT the vaccines that are causing this, it usually happens in the womb, the umbilical cord is too blame NOT the vaccines, please educate yourself people!

  50. Diane says – reply to this


    Awesome! Something I really support.

  51. kelly says – reply to this


    my mom's at that rally!

  52. JESSYM says – reply to this


    omg, how CUTE are they as a family, there really isn't a more perfect couple with them both being HILARIOUS actors and cool people on reality!

  53. anon says – reply to this


    I love and respect them - beside their values, I love how damn good they are at getting media attention for their cause! "Green Our Vaccines" - simple but so clever!! So easy to say! So relevant - Going green is like the cool thing to do (I know I know, that is not the justification but don't tell me it isn't the motivation for half the people who boast about being green) anyway, I think their T shirts and the shot of the three of them is BRILLIANT.

  54. bo says – reply to this


    Re: alissa
    As long as there are "doctors" like you there will be autism.

  55. Wowz says – reply to this


    I love that Jim is so supportive and that Jenny is open and honest about her sons disability. It nice to see celebs doing good instead of getting DUI's, busted for drugs, and being famous for nothing.

  56. andrea says – reply to this


    I am loving them as a couple.

  57. The Ka says – reply to this


    Good for Jenny and Jim. They are making a difference. Glad to see people in Hollywood that are informed, useful and thoughtful. The vaccines in America have had large successes to be sure, but there are still problems with how many we administer and when. Glad to see I'm not the only one concerned.

  58. anon says – reply to this


    Re: jessic – yes - and then he was revived and lived. A little confusing but must have been horrid to experience as a mother…

  59. 59

    Thanks Perez, for covering so many worthy causes on your websites. :) Love ya!

  60. clizzl says – reply to this


    Educate yourselves people. This is such a fucking waste of time. Someone show me evidence that vaccines cause autism and I'll eat my own shit. Seriously.

  61. Viva! says – reply to this


    Good for Jenny and Jim. There isn't conclusive evidence that vaccines cause autism…but the fact that the number of vaccines kids get these days compared to even 20 years ago has skyrocketed, just as the number of autism cases has skyrocketed gives pause for thought…it's likely 'too much too soon' and Jenny McCarthy is the only person with the balls to say it!

  62. Riley1 says – reply to this


    Re: K – It's 1 in 94 now? Damn, every day this becomes just a little more frightening!!
    I think it ridiculous that so many idiot bloggers seem to think that this is ALL a genetic problem, and not something in our environment….Where WERE ALL THESE AUTISTICS back in the 60's/70's/80's? I don't recall seeing a whole lot of them!

    Innoculations, plastics, pesticides, the air we breathe, the food we ingest….

    I guess, not until it hits you in your own home (as it has mine & countless others) can you make these random (not you K) assertions…..

    You ROCK Jenny & Jim!!

  63. Cassie says – reply to this


    Such a great couple…doing good without throwing it in our faces like Brad and Angie… :)

  64. ka says – reply to this


    i love seeing that so many retards have internet access.

    you're right–it's far greater to watch your kid unnecessarily die of disease than to give a HARMLESS vaccine which does not cause autism. good call. then go form a group called 'mothers with blood on their hands.' awesome rallies can be had then.

    did anyone stop to recall that MANY medications around the turn of the century were full of mercury? the kids didn't get autism then because that's just not the cause. and spacing won't help either because vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. it coincidentally manifests at that time. read up, ignorants.

    please, vaccinate your child. herd immunity won't last forever.

  65. Knowle says – reply to this


    Stop with supporting misinformation, Perez. While I get that you don't research anything or have much knowledge on subjects outside of rehab, partying, and what you call fashion (scene kid much?), it's sad that you pretend that you do. Millions read your gossip blog, and the least you can do is either stay away from that of which you're ignorant of, or do the damn leg work in understanding.


    This isn't a good cause — it's a heavily misinformed and ignorant one. Jenny Mccarthy, although a lovely person, uses her "mothering instincts" rather than her brain in backing up the information she has (i.e. none).

    Vaccines haven't had mercury in them for YEARS. The vaccines her child had? No fucking mercury.

    We'd all like to find a way to prevent autism. We'd all like a "cure". We'd all like someone or something to blame for any mishap, disease, and condition that alters one's state of being, but an entire organisation based upon ignorance does no one any good.

    More time, effort, funding, and thought should go into proper research versus angry parents.

    Fucking hell, Perez. Be smarter than this. You could do some real good, but instead you're, once again, as informed and helpful as Sting's charity work.

  66. Peter says – reply to this



    WOW i cant believe how stupid this all is… Green our vaccines… seriously this whole green thing needs to stop as does this vaccine thing. of course a new plague could help…

  67. Bill says – reply to this


    Good for them. I totally support this cause! Jenny mcarthy is a wonderful mother who actually gives a damn about her child. Doctors these days FRANKENSTEIN these young babies by injecting poisonous substances into them. THERE IS PROOF. The symptoms are chronic and get worse with age if not treated. Doctors want to treat symptoms and not the cause. Its all about money.

  68. okay g says – reply to this


    No, vaccines do not CAUSE autism, almost all well educated advocates for delayed vaccinations or anti-vaccinations will tell you that - they CAN be a TRIGGER to autism. If the child is predisposed to it, the horrific ingredients in vaccinations can and do set off these problems in children…

  69. Dee says – reply to this


    As a mom, I can imagine wanting to find some cause for my child's condition. But, the fact is that there is no link between autism and vaccinations. IMO, it is wrong for a celebrity to get on her soapbox without the facts. There are people right now refusing to vaccinate because of Jenny McCarty, and those people are putting their children at risk.

  70. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – Why are the vaccinated so afraid of the unvaccinated? Aren't you safe? Why do you care what I do?

  71. okay g says – reply to this


    Oh and to the person claiming theres no mercury in vaccines, that is untrue, many vaccines still contain THIMERASOL, a mercury derivative, and vaccines ALSO include aluminum - which I've heard is also toxic to your health. -eye roll-

    You people are stupid to think vaccines are safe!

  72. libby says – reply to this


    the little boy looks like he is drinking pee

  73. mama says – reply to this


    I understand that some parents may be very against the idea of getting their children vaccinated because of some horrible experiences their child experienced but the complications are very rare and the risk of dieing from a disease is more likley if your not veccinated. Im sure I would be very angry too if my child suffured or even died from being vaccinated. On the other hand I have children 3 and 4 and neither one of them ever had any problems with their vaccinations. Most of all the fuss is about children getting to many vaccinations to fast and that is a bad idea. I dont know why some doctors may want that and Ive never heard of a doctor doing that only on T.V etc. You know a parent has the right to say "No thats to many for now and I dont want all of them at this time" Parents have to use their gut instinct even if its against doctors orders. Like I said I too would be angry if my child sufford from being vaccinated but if vaccinations were no longer around imagine all the sickness and disease we would all have. Children wiould be dieing all over the place. They should be used but used wisely. Every parent has a choice to get their children vaccinated and those who choose not to should just leave it be and not try to keep them from everybody elses children! You know if a desease breaks out and your child has not had his/her shots he/she may not come to school or be around other children until the outbreak is gone!

  74. Oh gee says – reply to this


    These vaccinations themselves are great medical advancements. They're protesting for something that's just not realistic. Finding a 'green' way to make the vaccinations is highly unlikely. If you don't like the 'toxins' being injected into your kids, then just take the risk and not do it. At some point, people need to just be much more realistic and understand that they can't get everything their way. I'm a Green supporter as well, it's just not possible to create mass production Green vaccines.

  75. nhokka says – reply to this


    Read before writing… they're saying SAFE vaccines, not NO vaccines. Advocating for safety is like Ralph Nader pushing for safer cars — no rollovers, exploding gastanks, etc. We don't call him "anti-car."

    And hey, kids — Thimerosal is STILL IN VACCINES! It's chelated postproduction… so they say (but it's not in the MMR, which causes other problems). Read the FDA website.

    Also prepare to be shocked by:
    Put Children First dot org
    Safeminds dot org
    Generation Rescue dot org
    No Mercury dot org
    Evidence Of Harm dot com
    Unlocking Autism
    Autism Research Institute
    Age of Autism blog

    and many, many more….

    Relying on epidemiological studies for autism is like doing surgery with a dull knife. These kids' lab tests are what matter. Biopsies are uncovering vaccine-strain measles in lesions lining the gastrointestinal mucosa. Encephalopathy. Antibodies to myelin basic protein. Mitochondrial dysfunction. Mercury toxicity.

    Any questions?

  76. AHall says – reply to this


    btw autism is not caused by vaccines! way doesn't she put her name to good use and try to further studies on the real cause of the disability

  77. K. says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,
    Thanks for putting something like this on your website! I'm glad to see that you are brining attention to something as important and serious as autism and vaccinations!

    Thanks, Ur the Best,

  78. yes says – reply to this


    there is NO EVIDENCE to support that vaccines lead to autism. none. but smallpox leads to death. it's an easy solution for me!

  79. Joe Bl says – reply to this



  80. Cece' says – reply to this


    I've had enough of Jenny McCarthy and the flithy liies that come out of her mouth!!! I gave birth to my precious daughter 4 monthes ago and was seriously debating whether or not I should get her vaccinated. After speaking to many doctors (12 to be exact) they all said the same thing that this woman should have her mouth stapled shut because of all the lies she speaks of autism is something a child is born with, it could take weeks, months, or years for any symptoms to show. Thank God I listened to a real dr. you know some one that actually graduated from medical school, instead of a bimbo with a horrible hair cut learn all the facts Jenny before you tell people to believe you a "actress" rather than a really doctor. Oh yeah when is your next big hit coming out? Oh wait you never had one to begin with. Get a real job you asshole!!!!!!

  81. TT says – reply to this



  82. jj says – reply to this


    Nobody ever mentions how many lives have been saved through vaccines.

  83. ashsd says – reply to this


    yeah cause it's that EASY to just switch to a "green" vaccine

  84. 84

    You go girl! Love you Jenny.

  85. mama says – reply to this



  86. laughi says – reply to this


    Being so afraid of chemicals, etc. - the latest is that we shouldn't let kids drink from plastic bottles!!!! Bad for the environment and has contaminants!!

  87. 87

    You guys are just haters. When you have a child with autism, then you can criticize this woman. She just wants to do whatever she can to help or prevent other families from going through the same things. We need to do all we can to prevent autism!!!

  88. Cece' says – reply to this


    Oh and fyi the doctors do inform patients of all the possible side effects vaccines alot of dr offices vaccines are safe. That means no mercury or other crap that stupid bitch is claiming they have.

  89. Alliso says – reply to this


    Jenny McCarthy is an idiot. There is absolutely no link between autism and vaccinations. There was one study done by an author who had ulterior motives and the study was biased and the results have never been repeated. A study that cannot be repeated is considered INVALID. Countless studies have been performed proving that there is no link to autism.

    Parents should make their own decisions regarding vaccinations but a celebrity who perpetuates an awful untruth should be properly chastised.

  90. Alliso says – reply to this


    This subject makes me very angry that celebrities and the media propogate untruths about the safety of vaccinations. Where did Jenny McCarthy go to medical school again? Isn't she only famous for being a Playboy centerfold?

  91. Sigh says – reply to this


    The research conducted correlating vaccines and autism is incomplete and inconclusive. I feel sad for the parents who believe it is the cause for their child's Autism. It's not. Hopefully there will be a cure one day soon.

  92. dmazz says – reply to this


    We should get our children vaccinated but at a much slower rate. I just took my infant for his 2 month shots, he is 12 pounds and got 5 shots and 1 oral. That is just too much. I talk to the dr and am taking him every 30 days now for 2 shots so he is not overwhelmed. Link to autism or not, I can't see it being good to give a kid 6 vaccines at once like the govt recommends. I do believe if you have healthy children they need to be vaccinated by school age for the sake of older people, infants, cancer patients etc that can not be vaccinated, It is for the good of the community but just slow it down for the kids sake. My thoughts go out to all the families dealing with autism.

  93. mirand says – reply to this


    what is in that kid's water bottle? It looks like a Figi bottle with pee in it!

  94. Taylor says – reply to this


    Hey Cece'-
    Did Jim dump you for Jenny, or what? You seem to have your panties in a wad over her mere existence, and you're just randomly speculating (and spewing) over a cause you seem to know little about.
    BTW Autism is usually diagnosed between 18mos-36mos, not many years as you seem to imply. Again, we are not asking for the innoculations to be irradicated, but rather more taylored to fit a specific child. Please people, stop pontificating & getting on your soapboxes. There is NOTHING wrong, for us as parents of these kids, to question the status quo.
    I wish you the best w/your 4 month old, may you never have something like this happen to her.
    Please be more careful how you phrase things……..

  95. Tina says – reply to this


    "Green Our Vaccines" - How on earth could ANYONE argue with that? Afterall, newborns are administered their very first vaccine just minutes after birth. THANK YOU JIM AND JENNY!!!!!

  96. ern says – reply to this


    its great to see celebs doing something good with their fame and power!

  97. Shanno says – reply to this


    Jenny needs to shut up, she doesn't know a damn thing about what causes autisim. She doesn't have an MD or PhD and people that do have been studying this for decades and don't know what causes it. If people stop vacinnating their children then children will start dying again. People are too stupid to realize that vaccines came about because the mortality rate for toddlers was about 40% for these diseases. It's not like we're vaccinating against something that's just annoying, these KILL. Just because Jenny has an autistic child, doesn't mean jack!

  98. starwa says – reply to this


    I'm so tired of this discussion. I think people fail to see the reasons for the number of vaccines given at young ages. These babies are at their most vulnerable and more likely to have poor outcomes if infected with the diseases vaccines help to prevent. I certainly agree that getting vaccines late is better than none at all but just remember that while you feel you are protecting your child from 'harmful vaccines' you are leaving your baby open to the possibility of a DEADLY vaccine preventable disease. The schedule is designed this way for a reason (it is certainly worth your time to learn why). They give the vaccines that early because that is when they need it most! Please continue to educate yourselves with information from RELIABLE, SCIENTIFIC, and VALID sources.

  99. JB says – reply to this


    I am getting nervous, my daughter turns 1 in 2 weeks and will get her MMR and 3 other vaccinations. There are so many conflicting reads on this.

  100. c says – reply to this


    LOL, I see the paid big pharma flunkies jumping in here, as they usually do when anyone dares to question them. Vaccines are the biggest con job and there is a great deal of evidence that they do cause harm including autism. Vaccines contain formaldyhyde, aluminum and other toxins, and children today receive more than 10 times the amount of vaccines that they did even 20 years ago. By the way, diagnosis of diseases such as polio had already dropped by 80% BEFORE the introduction of vaccines. It still amazes me that people actually believe pharmaceutical companies care about anything but money.

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