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Marching For A Change

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Jenny McCarthy, her son Evan and boyfriend Jim Carrey were in D.C. on Wednesday.

The trip took part in the "Green Our Vaccines" march on the National Mall.

The march and rally was organized by advocacy groups aiming to eliminate toxins from children's vaccines.

For more info on Green Our Vaccines, CLICK HERE!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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347 comments to “Marching For A Change”

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  1. ha ha says – reply to this


    Ha ha ha, good for her Playboy Whore! God gave her a retard son. It's all the drugs you took witch. And ooh her Playboy pictures are sooooo retouched, she had a long list of what she wanted done. Her vajayjay is so tore up it's ugly yakkkk.

  2. Auntee says – reply to this


    Whycome my whole generation got these shots and nothing bad happened and now every other kid is autistic and it supposedly comes from vaccines?
    Also I want to see the picture of Jim Carrey after that kid pours the piss on his head.

  3. Buff says – reply to this


    Re: M – Well if you aren't going to vaccinate your children don't expect anyone to treat them when they get whooping cough or some other horendous disease.
    This cause is just ridiculous. There is no link between vaaccinations and things like autism. We have all but removed some of the worst diseases from society, but if people start listening to this garbage they will come back, and it wont be pretty.

  4. Ha ha says – reply to this


    she looks like crap in this picture and what is up with her mouth in the video with her and jim the ugly man at their march. her mouth looks like a grandmas mouth. she looks scary. yak yak yak

  5. elle says – reply to this


    Awww, I LOVE them together and I love how dedicated they are to bringing awareness to this issue.

  6. ha ha says – reply to this



  7. elle says – reply to this


    Re: alissa

    Well can you tell us where we can find info that points to your side?

  8. jojo says – reply to this


    i love love them. great couple. please keep up the work. jenny really is making a difference!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This i says – reply to this


    Re: algore – You fucking idiot. This has nothing to do with being "left" or "right". I am extreme left and I think this is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever read. If people stop vaccinating their children it will have disastrous outcomes for the entire population. THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN VACCINES AND AUTISM!! And further more even if there is a small amount of mercury in them, what about all the mercury they are getting from their diet. It all adds up.

  10. Suze says – reply to this


    Re: JB – you can call your doctor ahead of time and have them break up the MMR and space it out in to different visits. Just a suggestion if you're nervous.

  11. elle says – reply to this


    I don't think anyone read the damn thing. Jenny isn't asking for vaccines to be done away with stupid people that can't read……

  12. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: c – I would love to see this great deal of evidence that vaccines cause harm including autism.

  13. rolls says – reply to this


    Re: Viva! – The use of mobile phones and automobiles and the internet and food preservatives has also skyrocketed in the past 20 years.
    Why dont they blame them too!?!?
    Picking one thing like vaccinations are bad mouthing them with no evidence is just stupider than stupid

  14. knowle says – reply to this


    Re: ##
    I JUST met and heard Jenny McCarthy speak last week at a conference and she stated that she is NOT anti vaccines! We just need to clean them up…hence the term green our vaccines. Some kids have weak immune systems and then we load their little bodies with shit aka vaccines that cause them to develop bigger issues which is PART of the problem with autism. Vaccines contribute.
    monkey kidney cell culture, sodium chloride, human aborted fetal tissue, chick embryo, antifreeze, aluminum…to name a few.

  15. abby says – reply to this


    as the sister of my autistic brother, this warms my heart in seventeen different ways.

    keep up the good work, i wish i could have been there.

  16. cass says – reply to this



  17. THIS O says – reply to this


    Re: Bill – Yes the doctors all just want to poison your kids so they get more money.

    For fucks sake. Do you listen to yourself? That is just psychotic. Paranoid much.

    THE IS NO EVIDENCE, go on I dare you to find some… that isn't fabricated.


  18. GoEvan says – reply to this


    Jenny is gorgeous. Jim has a bad dye job. Evan looks involved and aware. Jenny is a mama tiger for her little boy. Go Evan!!

  19. Think says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – We arent afraid of you! We are afraid for you and others! And when people like you dont vaccinate…. then get whooping cough or something else thought to be long gone, you end up giving it to the susceptible like the elderly and hospitalised who then have outbreaks and many lives are lost. Are you that selfish that you would ignore the safety of others because of a false claim about vaccinations.

  20. Lisa says – reply to this


    She has no idea what she's talking about. Medical researchers have proven that vaccines do not cause Autism. I attended a conference with professionals who educate children with autism and other communication disorders, and where Jenny McCarthy had a booth. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable around the people there whom all have masters or doctorate degrees. And what is she… just a celebrity giving parents false information and a false since of hope.

  21. JB says – reply to this


    Re: Suze – thanks, I will try that. I live in Dubai and they are very strict about vaccinations. I think MMR is at 18 months in the states whereas here it is 1 year and also chicken pox vaccination.

  22. Tim J says – reply to this


    They are so concerned about vaccines meanwhile their kid is drinking urine out of a bottle!

  23. abby says – reply to this


    Actually, I go to a major research school and I've read the reports WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK FUNDS THE STUDIES FOR AUTISM?

    answer: pharmaceutical companies. I've read all of the research I'm spending my PhD on it. Many studies that say no causal link between immunizations and autism are based on a very faulty study based on the phasing out of thimerosal (mercury based preservative) in Switzerland. They janked up the data and now it's being used to support that there is no link.

    Regardless of what you're told to believe, you can't refute it is risky to inject infants with a mercury cocktail. There were alternative preservatives though they were nearly 4 times more expensive. it's a no brainer they'd use the cheaper stabilizer

    i understand the need for immunizations and the implications of not immunizing your child. However, it is imperative we look at what we're putting into our infant's bodies.

    READ THE RESEARCH. DO IT RIGHT. Don't criticize people who believe in the link because their case is as valid as yours. You probably don't know anything more about research.

  24. PURPLE says – reply to this


    Re: algore – #45 You said "what a bunch of MAROONS."
    I was thinking more like what a bunch of pinks or reds, but definitely not maroon.

  25. lilac says – reply to this


    I REALLY like these two as a couple.

  26. GETSMA says – reply to this


    Would you inject sodium chloride, aluminum, MSG, mercury etc into someone dying of aids? I don't think so. I think it may cause some MAJOR issues! Many autistic children start out life with weak immune systems (like those of a dying aids patient). THINK…VACCINES ARE NOT HELPING THESE PARTICULAR KIDS and WHAT PARENT WANTS THIS SHIT INJECTED INTO THEIR CHILD?

  27. Cap'n says – reply to this


    This is a bunch of BS. Numerous medical studies have shown that vaccines don't cause autism. With all due respect to parents of kids with autism, and Jenny is a very devoted parent, please don't waste your time miseducating other Americans.

  28. T-CHEN says – reply to this


    I got vaxinnated and there is nuttin rong wif me. I sing like a berd, dance like a star, and am very pritty. Anyone on Yew Tube can tell yew that

  29. EASY S says – reply to this


    RE "there is NO EVIDENCE to support that vaccines lead to autism. none. but smallpox leads to death. it's an easy solution for me! "
    Try it, see if you like it.

  30. PeachP says – reply to this


    As a quasi-regular poster, some of you may know that I, too, have a son who is Autistic (as I believe I've probably mentioned).
    When my son was diagnosed in 1993 (he is now almost 17) there was very little known about Autisim. In fact, it was considered, at that time, rare. Only 1 in 150,000 births.
    Now it's 1 in 150. While I don't believe it's the reason in my son's case, I do believe, as many do, that the increase may be caused by either the Pertusis or the MMMR agents in these two childhood vaccines.
    I wish I could post my email address here for any parent who needs support, but that probably wouldn't be a great idea. But I will answer any posts that are made here needing advice.
    (And thank you, Perez, for posting this).

  31. Daniel says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez
    Jenny, Jim and most of the growing autism community are not against vaccinations. Before you go spouting off your ingorance, please look at the facts. The vaccinations that are currently being used in this country contain mercury (no it hasn't been removed, just renamed), alluminum, formaldhyde, bovine fetus, ether, etc. Your doctors think it is perfectly ok to inject this crap directly into the bloodstreams of our babies.
    The message here is CLEAN UP THE TOXINS

  32. Kloee says – reply to this


    One of my favourite hollywood "familys".

    Is the kid drinking piss?

  33. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Daniel – Why are people believing what Jenny McCarthy says, yet totally disregarding what medical professionals say. Why believe a celebrity over a doctor?? What credibility does she have?

  34. sense says – reply to this


    Re: Sara

    because people who do not get vaccinated are carriers of viruses that we eliminated with the vaccine. it mutate into stronger forms of the virus and then pass it back to the vaccinated. did you hear about the new cases of polio that is spreading in the northeast? yeah….all idiots.

    you didn't hear about autism in the 50s or 60s because their families were afraid and embarressed and sent them off to the mental hospitals.

  35. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: Daniel – FYI….Vaccines are not administered directly into a child's bloodstream. The Institute for Vaccine safety also lists the thimerosal content for vaccines licensed for use the US, something to look into.

  36. Ducky says – reply to this


    Just to point it out…vaccines are not he reason autism is more common…it's more common because we (yes I'm a Dr. ) are better about diagnosing it. ANd the IDIOT who was PAID by another vaccine company to FALSIFY the studies that showed mercury in vacines was the reason…IS NOW IN PRISON FOR FALSIFYING THOSE STUDIES. All the other studies have shown ZERO connection. ANd if vaccines were made without those preservatives they would be TOO EXPENSIVE for most everyone to afford…basically people would start getting things like Measles and Mumps, and Polio… like all those kids have been getting who's mothers refused to vaccinate them!!! Pick one…Vaccinate your child or let them get a horrible debilitating or deadly disease…choose people… and don't be a dummy like JENNY MCCARTHY!! Just because they are stars doesn't mean they're right, educate yourself, or listen to your doctor, we went to school forever for a reason!!!!

  37. Suze says – reply to this


    So many of you are just not getting what she's saying. She's NOT saying don't vaccinate…she's saying that the schedule needs to be changed. 30 something vacccines by the time a child enters kindergarten is just too much for a small child to handle. PLUS…there are additives — not even counting the trace amounts of mercury — that are harmful to the human body. Antifreeze is in there to name just one nasty preservative. What good could THAT possibly do?

  38. wow says – reply to this


    um… these people have obviously not read up on the latest scientific literature regarding the issue.
    there really is no conclusive proof that the culprit (thimerosal) causes any neurodegenerative diseases…. in fact, a mass study showed that it didn't cause any harm (of course there needs to be follow ups)
    also, vaccines have many, many advantages
    i still don't see what the big fuss is about them

  39. 139

    #82 - Cece' says – reply to this

    You are so dumb and even more sad a mother that is dumb. Doctors are owned by the drug companies and yr 12 drs that you asked all get kick backs for those shots they are giving. are youreally that stupid?? how old are you? i tell ya angelina jolie made teen pregnancy cool …

  40. mrswoo says – reply to this


    I'm just glad Jim Carey cut his hair.

  41. empres says – reply to this


    Thank you LUVPEREZ, it is such BS about Mercury in vaccines causing autism. The people who refuse to vaccinate are endangering public health

  42. Jeff says – reply to this


    There are links between vaccines and disease. Even though the CDC continues to push for everyone to get a flu shot, there's a very clear and direct link between all the crap in the flu shots (which still DO contain mercury and are recommended in TWO doses for kids) and Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It has been repeatedly documented by reputable researchers. So is it any wonder that people doubt the CDC and researchers about other causality? My sister developed a very serious case of myotisis, which doctors said stemmed from her flu shot. She almost died and I was there when she got her shot, and I know firsthand that she was NOT informed of all the possible complications and side effects. Vaccines do have a place, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try to find ways to take out chemicals and make vaccines safe. Big Pharm doesn't care about any of you; they just care about $$. I'm glad to see Jim and Jenny take on such a good cause.

  43. Bubble says – reply to this


    To all the doubters: my son became ill the day he received his MMR shots at 18 month…this is a fact! He was perfectly normal before this "triple threat" was injected into him. I don't care if you believe me, but it is obvious that vaccines are NOT safe for everyone. If you don't see a correlation and spew nasty comments about those who are trying to make this world a better place, then there's no hope for you as human beings!
    Jenny and Jim, please keep up the hard work! Perez, thank you for your compassion!

  44. Ava says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – If it was in their genetic makeup, then why is it that since toxins and more vaccinations were released for children to take Autism has actually INCREASED? Do your research. They are marching for a great cause.

  45. 145

    #82 - Cece' says – reply to this

    Cece sadly you are a mother but a dumb one. doctors are diven by drug companies, they get kickbacks for all the junk they pump into your child. the fact that you asked 12 drs shows you hav concerns and you want someone else to be held responsible for you making a decison to possibly hurt your child. grow some parent skills and make the decision based on what you researched …

  46. Jen* says – reply to this


    They make a cute cupple!

  47. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: Suze – I completely understand that she is not anti-vaccine but for a delayed schedule, but I think people fail to realize that the schedule is set up to vaccinate children so young because that is when they are at the most risk for poor outcomes from these preventable diseases. As an example, the vaccine to prevent Rotavirus (a dangerous virus that causes upset stomach and diarrhea which can lead to DEADLY dehydration and also infects most children by age five) is only licensed to be started by 13 weeks of age and cannot be given after 32 weeks of age. This is just one example of young children at risk of vaccine preventable disease. Waiting too long to vaccinate puts children at risk when they are most vunerable.

  48. kristi says – reply to this



  49. concer says – reply to this


    First, I love Perez!
    Second, I get why Jenny McCarthy is so ambitious when it comes to vaccinations. Her child has autism. As a mother, if my child were sick, I'd go to the ends of the earth to try to get to the bottom of what caused his illness. After all, I am and will always be his biggest advocate.

    That being said, I have struggled with this whole vaccination thing when it comes to my son, too. I decided to vaccinate on a delayed schedule. But I still beat myself up about the possiblity of him contracting a disease due to not receiving a vaccination on time. No matter what anyone says, the possiblity is still there. Just as you can say disease X inflicts only 2% of the children across the U.S. so why vaccinate, you can also say only 2% of children react badly to a vaccine, so why NOT vaccinate. You catch my drift? It's whatever you feel is more imminent.

  50. Ava says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – Do you know there is Mercury in those vaccines? Do you know what Mercury does to the human body and brain? Do you know anything? Just becuase someone in a white suit wants to inject something into you doesn't mean it is always safe. Sometimes errors occur. Thats why all of those people are marching to change it. It's people like you who are left in the dark.

  51. teva says – reply to this


    First of all, if anyone has read the write up in TIME Magazine about vaccines, there is no strong link between vaccinations and autism. Most often, autism appears in boy children and not girls. Girls are vaccinated. You make the inference. It's clearly not vaccinating your children that contributes to autism.

  52. Dad Of says – reply to this


    I have a child with autism, and this whole vaccine thing has been blown way the fuck out of proportion. Vaccines for kids don't have thimerisol in them - and haven't for years. That's the thing blamed for creating autistic kids.

    So why weren't there a whole lot more autistic kids when they were using thimerisol?

    The two more likely culprits are pollution (Hey, doesn't she live in LA???) and, according to a recent study, possibly THE MOTHER BEING DEPRESSED.

    Everybody heralds this tart as a hero, but she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.

  53. person says – reply to this


    AWESOME! this is so important. thank you for posting this.

  54. jj wit says – reply to this


    These beautiful women get the peroxide hair jobs, booooooooooob jobs, botox,
    and fill their bodies with foreign "beauty" products. Hmmmmm - ya think a these chemicals might have a direct impact on fetuses? I am not anti-plastic surgery.

  55. Mirand says – reply to this


    shes gone off the deep end. poor woman, such desperation

  56. 156

    Re: Kristi – Um no I'm actually not an idiot. I'm a very well educated women who is raising two young children. BOTH of whom are up to date on their vaccines and have never shown any signs of autism. I'm not CLAIMING to know what causes autism, but I do SUSPECT that it has more do with genetic makeup than it does vaccines.

  57. sara says – reply to this


    I love them both. When your kid has autism and zero genetic factors add up to it, you're damn sure I'm going to be looking at all of the immunizations as being part of the cause. Add to that all the impurities and chemicals in our environment and it only makes sense that the numbers are 1 in 150. Anyone who wants to say they are scaring people out of not immunizing just doesn't get it. They want better vacs and delayed schedules. When your kid is affected you might start to think more openly and stop talking out of your ass.

  58. David says – reply to this


    A neighbor refused to vaccinate her children she didn't want to risk autism. She looked her nose down at me for vaccinating. Odd, her son has autism and is unvaccinated.

  59. 159

    Re: Riley1 – I actually am educated, but thanks for the advice sweetie. Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. Parents who have autistic children have the right to question vaccines if they would like to. But making such a big fuss about it is only going to scare people into not vaccinating their kids! We are ALREADY seeing a reemergence of measles due to people being afraid to have their children vaccinated for MMR. Most likely because of the "autism link".

  60. 160

    Re: Sara – Well honestly, I don't know if I'm safe! I was vaccinated a long time ago. I'm assuming that I had one dose (because that's what you got back in those days). But I don't personally have a record of that. So actually all of your kids who didn't get vaccinated are a potential threat to me. And I'm pregnant, so they're a threat to my unborn baby as well. As for my children, I'm pretty sure they're safe. Seeing as how I was smart enough to get them vaccinated.

  61. 161

    Re: Think – Well said! :)

  62. Hello says – reply to this


    A word to Dr Jenny McCarthy stick to acting,both my kids when they were young came down with whopping cough,thank goodness they had the 1st set of shots because the outlook on their survival would have been pretty grim
    without them.Until you have proof keep your theories to yourself,all we need is Polio to rear its ugly head again,its quite apparent you don,t remember those days,some of us do

  63. green says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – How about instead of spending your time reading gossip you educate yourself on vaccines. I can't think of a more uneducated idiotic comment than what you have said.

  64. 164

    Re: Daniel – Yes honey, I understand that. BUT there are people out there (obviously because measles is on the rise again) who will misinterpret that and think that it's dangerous to vaccinate at all.

  65. 165

    Re: starwa

    seriously? kids have their mothers immune system for the1st year, they do not need all those drugs it only stripes their immune system to allow them to have immune disorders, which are cured by drugs … hence drug companies in charge. why does a baby that is less then 24 hrs old need a hebitis b shot? unless that baby is shootin up crack thru their string viens or havin sex with a hooker, i am not sure why it needs it???? can u say why? everyones dna is different and to say that all kids can handle 32 shots of various drugs before they are 3 is just down right sick …. parents kill their kids all the time for believing doctors. ask yr dr if they vac their kids??? i know lots of them that do not … geeee i wonder why???

  66. 666 says – reply to this


    2 idiot ACTORS with noooooooooooo education or brains. Yeah I will listen to them. She is a dirty pig and he is an annoying clown. Go away!

  67. Sarah says – reply to this


    IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! This needs to be called to the world's attention. Vaccines caused my son's autism.

  68. Joybee says – reply to this


    I think its great wanting green vaccines but whats up with the piss yellow water in the bottle? ewww.

  69. green says – reply to this


    Re: alissa – So you know the cause of Autism huh, well then why aren't you on every major news program with the "answer" to Autism? Because you are an uneducated idiot, if you are really a doctor as you claim to be I wouldn't let you treat my paper cut. Spend a few moments researching Autism, NO ONE knows what cause it because it is probaly multiple triggers. I hope your patients know what a joke of a doctor you are.

  70. summer says – reply to this


    his kid looks like hes drinkin peepee not fiji

  71. KH says – reply to this


    The whole point of this march is truly sad. There is no convincing scientific evidence supporting the notion that vaccines cause autism. In fact, medical research points to genetic predisposition toward Autism. Notice on talkaboutcuringautism.org's website under why, is to study the instance of Autism in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.
    Marches and groups promoting the idea that vaccines cause autism do a great disservice. Respected medical professionals do not believe the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism. Minor celebrities believing they do certainly doesn't boost credibility.

  72. scout says – reply to this


    I have a child with Aspergers (High Functioning Autism) who is 21 and in college. We are still struggling with his disability. There was very little information available when he was young. I loved Jenny's book and I agree whole heartedly with her. I also loved the book "Look me in the Eye" my life with aspergers. We did tons of speech, physical, occupational and every other therapy starting at age 2. He's currently an engineering student at Virginia Tech and an awesome person.

  73. Meliss says – reply to this


    GO JENNY!!


  74. Educat says – reply to this


    FLU VACCINES CONTAIN MERCURY! Many doctors are recommending it for babies as young as 6 months old.

    I keep hearing these ill-informed posters saying that thimerosal has been out of vaccines since 2001. That's somewhat true. It is still in some vaccines in trace amounts.

    There are many toxins in vaccines in additional to the notorious thimerosal. Aluminum being one of them.

  75. laura says – reply to this


    i think this is wonderful. my little brother has autism and its completely changed our lives. there's nothing worse than seeing my mother cry because she worries about his future, or watching him struggle to read despite being in fifth grade. i love my brother so much, i'd do anything for him. anyone who has a family member with autism knows all about the problems with vaccines. its actually quite scary how much evidence there is linking some vaccinations to autism. as a concerned big sister, and concerned citizen, i think marches like this are fantastic. thank you, perez, for spotlighting such a cause.

  76. idiots says – reply to this


    Re: Knowle – Formaldehyde:

    (Used in vaccines as a tissue fixative)

    Aust. National Research Council: Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund).

    It is not safe at ANY level.

    National Academy of Science:
    There is no population threshold for irritation effects.

    National Research Council:
    Fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level.

    Formaldehyde is oxidised to formic acid which leads to acidosis and nerve damage. Acidosis can be described as a condition in which the acidity of the body tissues and fluids is abnormally high. The liver and the kidneys may also be damaged.

  77. idiots says – reply to this


    Other effects:

    Eye; nasal; throat and pulmonary irritation; acute sense of smell; alters tissue proteins; anaemia; antibodies formation; apathy; blindness; blood in urine; blurred vision; body aches; bronchial spasms; bronchitis; burns nasal and throat; cardiac impairment; palpitations and arrhythmias; central nervous system depression; changes in higher cognitive functions; chemical sensitivity; chest pains and tightness; chronic vaginitis; colds; coma; conjunctivitis; constipation; convulsions; corneal erosion; cough; death; destruction of red blood cells; depression; dermatitis; diarrhoea; difficulty concentrating; disorientation; dizziness; ear aches; eczema; emotional upsets; ethmoid polyps; fatigue; fecula bleeding; foetal asphyxiation (and they don’t know what could cause SIDS?); flu-like or cold like illness; frequent urination with pain; gastritis; gastrointestinal inflammation; headaches; haemolytic anaemia; haemolytic haematuria; hoarseness; hyperactive airway disease; hyperactivity; hypomenstrual syndrome; immune system sensitiser; impaired (short) attention span; impaired capacity to attain attention; inability or difficulty swallowing; inability to recall words and names; inconsistent IQ profiles; inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs; intestinal pain; intrinsic asthma; irritability; jaundice; joint pain; aches and swelling; kidney pain; laryngeal spasm; loss of memory; loss of sense of smell; loss of taste;

  78. DawnC says – reply to this


    VACCINES CAUSE DAMAGE to people of all ages, heights, and weight. They cause more than just Autism too. One Rubella vaccine damaged my hearing last year, my 14 year old's vision was damaged by one dose of Hep B, and my infant last year suffered from high-pitched screaming, congestion, convulsion, developmental delays and "regression" in milestones. He actually stopped performed certain things for up to a year (which is not normal according to Easter Seals). His doctor didn't see a problem though?? The extent of his injuries will not be evident until the school years (possible learning disabilities). For anyone to say that vaccines are safe and effective is either an ignorant fool or just a damn liar. FYI - you should see the CDC's reported disease statistics 1-5 years before each vaccine became mandated. You will be shocked to learn these figures and WILL DEFINITELY QUESTION why we are even vaccinating. Why? For money. Thanks Perez for the coverage on the rally. At least you've got some balls - until some other news agencies.

  79. eri says – reply to this


    This is pseudoscientific garbage from idiots who never had to watch someone get crippled by polio or die of smallpox. They've never had to live in a world without vaccines, and they don't have a clue what they are talking about. Watch - just ask them to define 'toxins'. Mercury hasn't been used in years (and never actually made anyone sick in the thermosol form) and autism is still on the rise. It's not the vaccines. Many children are diagnosed with autism BEFORE they ever get vaccinated.

  80. idiots says – reply to this


    malaise; menstrual and testicular pain; menstrual irregularities; metallic taste; muscle spasms and cramps; nasal congestions; crusting and mucosae inflammation; nausea; nosebleeds; numbness and tingling of the forearms and finger tips; pale, clammy skin; partial laryngeal paralysis; pneumonia; post nasal drip; pulmonary oedema; reduced body temperature; retarded speech pattern; ringing or tingling in the ear; schizophrenic-type symptoms; sensitivity to sound; shock; short term memory loss; shortness of breath; skin lesions; sneezing; sore throat; spacey feeling; speaking difficulty; sterility; swollen glands; tearing; thirst; tracheitis; tracheobronchitis; vertigo; vomiting blood; vomiting; wheezing.

    References; C. Wilson; Chronic Exposure and Human Health (1993), McFarland & Company taken from Our Toxic Times Feb 1997 pgs 18 & 19.

  81. idiots says – reply to this


    The U.S. has known about the potential problems of thimerosal (compound in vaccines that contains mercury) for many years. The World Health Organization voiced concerns as far back as 1990. Mercury is a highly toxic element which does not easily leave the body. Once ingested, injected, or inhaled, it stays and accumulates. An infant can receive in one day’s doses of vaccines as much as the absolute maximum set by the W.H.O. for 3 months of exposure, but it is not safe at ANY level.

    Thimerosal is listed as a recognized developmental toxicant as well as a suspected skin or sense organ toxicant by the Environmental Defense Fund1. The following was taken from a website affiliated with the National Institutes for Health2:

  82. idiots says – reply to this


    Symptoms of exposure to this class of compounds includes aphthous, stomatitis, catarrhal gingivitis, nausea, liquid stools, pain, liver disorder, injury to the cardiovascular system and hematopoietic system, deafness and ataxia. Exposure may be fatal. Headache, paresthesia of the tongue, lips, fingers and toes, other non-specific dysfunctions, metallic taste, slight gastrointestinal disturbances, excessive flatus and diarrhea may occur. Acute poisoning may cause gastrointestinal irritation and renal failure. Early signs of severe poisoning include fine tremors of extended hands, loss of side vision, slight loss of coordination in the eyes, speech, writing and gait, inability to stand or carry out voluntary movements, occasional muscle atrophy and flexure contractures, generalized myoclonic movements, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, irritability and bad temper progressing to mania, stupor, coma, mental retardation in children, skin irritation, blisters and dermatitis. Other symptoms include chorea, athetosis, tremors, convulsions, pain and numbness in the extremities, nephritis, salivation, loosening of the teeth, blue line on the gums, anxiety, mental depression, insomnia, hallucinations and central nervous system effects. Exposure may also cause irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract."

  83. idiots says – reply to this


    anyone want me to keep going on ALL the toxins in vaccines. I have the research to prove everything I say, and I cite my sources something the rest of you have failed to do. IF you are going to make a clain such as VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM (which is so stupid) then where is your evidence and sources to prove it?

  84. 184

    Re: eri

    Yeah families of wealth had kids with autism (rain man) ya know why? b/c those families had $ to have health care. polio? seriously? back then we did not have secondary drugs to help you heal from the illness like we do today .. antibotics. it is 2008 we can grow skin and hearts for transplants and we cannot cure a single disease? no $ in cure, there is only $ in being sick and ill. wake up ppl!!!

  85. Eve says – reply to this


    For all of you who say mercury is no longer in vaccines… that is false. mercury can still be found in the flu vaccine.

  86. lauren says – reply to this


    I commend Jenny and everyone else who marched for getting rid of toxins in vaccines. (There is some weird stuff in some of them!) Whether anyone chooses to vaccinate or not, or to space them out or not — that's up to them. The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Vaccine Schedule is just that: RECOMMENDED. It's not something that you're required to follow.

    My daughter is 2 months old and is getting her first shots this week. I'm deciding to space things out so she's just getting vaccinated for 2 things every month instead of the recommended 5 every 2 months. But that's my personal choice, and following the recommended schedule (or not vaccinating at all) doesn't make anyone a bad parent. You choose what you believe is best for your own child.

  87. DawnC says – reply to this


    Re: starwa – Duh, no. THIMEROSAL (MERCURY) IS STILL IN THE MAJORITY OF VACCINES. IT IS NOW IN "TRACE" AMOUNTS MEANING LESS THAN .3 MICROGRAMS PER VACCINE AND THE FDA DOES NOT REQUIRE THE LABELING OF THE PACKAGE INSERT IF IT IS IN TRACE AMOUNTS. So, is that why the Autism numbers are still rising? Hell, yes! By the way, according to the Dept of Education it is now 1 in 67 - 1 in 150 was in 1994!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT - DON'T SPEAK OUT OF YOUR ASS!

  88. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – Babies who's mothers don't/can't breastfeed do not receive the benefits of the mother's immune system, and not all mother's will breastfeed for a year, some more/some less. I have never heard of vaccines stripping the immune system and causing immune disorders, where is this information? As for the hepatitis B about 20,000 babies are born each year to hepatitis b positive mothers each year, early screening and vaccination are a good way to reduce transmission. Before routine vaccination 30-40% of chronic hep b infections were caused by transmission perinatally and during early childhood, and about 25% of the chronically infected children died prematurely from cirrhosis or liver cancer. You can always decline the birth dose if that is your choice. I have no idea if my doctor vaccinates his children or not, it's not my business and frankly I couldn't care less because I have gathered information myself from SCIENTIFIC, VALID, and RELIABLE sources and I know I am capable of making an INFORMED decision when needed.

  89. Recove says – reply to this


    Come on guys, I would rather have a doctor treat me for measles than autism. Our child regressed into the world of autism after we vaccinated her. Our stupid pediatrican told us to vaccinate her when she was sick. Oh, it is just colic. MY ASS! We found a doctor who actually knows something and checked her viral tithers and the vaccines didn't even work! No immunity! After three long years of anti-virals and detoxing mercury out of our daughter we have our little girl back. Talk to the parents who have recovered their children. Vaccines are dangerous when given too many too soon. CDC doesn't want to talk to us or our doctors.

  90. Jra says – reply to this


    Didn't know Jenny was a virologist. Oh that's right, she's not! She needs to take a good look at the clinical studies before she blabs on about vaccines

  91. 191

    I'm a parent of twins, and this whole thing about vaccines, is getting me worried.. But there's a lot of disagrrement amongst doctors and parents with children who have been dignosed with Autism.. it's a very broad subject.. doctors don't blame vaccines for autism it's a combo' of other factors, I'm basing my opinion on sources I've read, and watched on t.v. Vaccines alone don't cause autism, etc. More research wil have to be done. Millions and millions of children have recieved vaccines over the years, but autism is growing rapidly amongst boys now more than ever, it can't be the vaccines alone.. maybe genetics, or who know's.. hopefully one day we'll have answers and find cures or methods of prevention.. good luck to Jenny M. and her son.. much success…

  92. sara says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – One more time- they are not saying DON'T vaccinate, they are talking about delayed schedules and looking at what are in the vaccines. And getting a vac is no guarentee it will actually work. There are new strains and mutations of diseases constantly. And what about all the stuff we don't even know about, that kind of scares me more.

  93. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: DawnC – If you look at the vaccines typically given at birth, 2,4, and 6 months (Daptacel, IPV, Hep B, Pediarix, Prevnar, Comvax, Pedvax, Rotateq) and at vaccines given at 1 year ( Hep A, Varicella, MMR) you will see these vaccines contain 0 thimerosal. If you know exactly which vaccines your child is getting and do your research you can get your kids the routine vaccinations on schedule with out using any products that contain even a trace amount of thimerosol.

  94. provac says – reply to this


    This organization says "toxins" like mercury in children's vaccines cause autism. Well guess what, there are NO children's vaccines that contain mercury, and NO studies that correlate vaccines with autism. This is a bunch of BS, Perez you need to check your facts. This is not a good cause, it is a damn stupid and uneducated cause.

  95. keith says – reply to this


    jim looks like old biff from back to the future 2

  96. pennyl says – reply to this


    Has anyone ever seen what apple juice looks like???????????

  97. lj says – reply to this


    Idiots. most vaccines have the weakened viral strain in them. these are toxins. these people clearly have no idea what they're talking about. ps. all vaccines are sterilised to begin with…so they are also free from harmful, uncontrolled harmful contaminants.

  98. luvsit says – reply to this


    i love these two together. they are perfect for each other.

    and props to jenny for being such an autism advocate.

  99. karine says – reply to this


    Fucking GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!

  100. AJ says – reply to this


    I always love it when people who don't understand the first thing about science or statistics think they know better than those who make a living at it. Many studies have statistically shown that vaccines do not cause autism. Ignorance is no excuse for creating an environment of fear to scare people from getting beneficial vaccines that prevent many deaths in our children.

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