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Marching For A Change

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Jenny McCarthy, her son Evan and boyfriend Jim Carrey were in D.C. on Wednesday.

The trip took part in the "Green Our Vaccines" march on the National Mall.

The march and rally was organized by advocacy groups aiming to eliminate toxins from children's vaccines.

For more info on Green Our Vaccines, CLICK HERE!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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347 comments to “Marching For A Change”

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  1. skepti says – reply to this


    somehow i'm not about to take medical advice from an actress

  2. the h says – reply to this


    WTF!! That's impossible. There is no way to eliminate toxins. Everything in this world is a toxin at the right dose. For ex, if you drink butt loads of water like the past frat boys, you can kill yourself. it all depends on the LD50 curve people!

  3. M.D. says – reply to this


    while I appreciate ANY parent that is interested in their child's welfare (and I assure you, not all parents are), there has not yet been shown ta link between autism and vaccinations, but there HAS been shown a link between disease and vaccinations. duh. as for the whole 'space it out' business, that's not appropriate, as that's not how acquired immunity works. as a Pediatric Neurologist (yes, the doc who treats autism) AND a mother, im still going to try to prevent the biggest threat first, which is communicable disease. Trust the people who spent years studying this, not those who did some internet reading. or do the studying yourself

  4. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: M.D. – Well said. THANK YOU!

  5. 205

    Re: starwa

    you think 3 shots with 4 virus is ok for a baby every 3 months for 3 yrs?

  6. cole says – reply to this


    I love these guys, they are so cute! I wish I was friends with them, they would be so much fun!

  7. Debbie says – reply to this


    FINALLY Perez aka DoughBoy………you reported something that is newsworthy and for that, I will never again dawg you. Autism awareness……time for a change is right!!!!

    I love someone with Autism…..do you………

  8. Amy says – reply to this


    I'm a scientist with a doctorate in Immunology and I can tell you that there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH VACCINES. Seriously, if thats the case DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN and then when they die of smallpox or whatever else, you live with it. The scientific community does not know what causes autism, and in an effort to pass the blame off on someone else, you blame vaccines, which is way too easy since everyone has had them. Hell why not blame them for learning disabilities (bet you didn't even know that autistic children are incredibly intelligent especially in math) violent tendencies, and cancer while you're at it. A decade ago a lab in NY released a possible link between vaccines and autism, which has since been RETRACTED SINCE THE LAB DID NOT HAVE ANY TRUE PROOF OF SAID FACT. It bothers me how many of you are just UNINFORMED and ignorantly flock to wrongful information without first learning the facts. ASK ANY DOCTOR OR SCIENTIST BEFORE YOU GO MAKE YOURSELVES LOOK LIKE IDIOTS!

  9. nikkki says – reply to this


    before i just thought jenna mccarthy was an odd person with skanky behavior, but now I have so much respect for her. Shes such a great mom, her son has autism and she is doing literally everything in her power to help him & other kids with this disorder. She is an inspiration!!!

  10. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – The schedule does not call for shots every 3 months for 3 years. The schedule is designed to provide the vaccines at intervals shown to provide the best protection, vaccines are researched so the can be given effectively, the schedule is not just drawing vaccines out of a hat and giving them with no thought behind it. The only live vaccine most children get before 1 year is the vaccine containing a weakened strain of rotavirus, other vaccines are killed viruses. I really think we all want to do what we think and feel is the right thing for the health of our children and community and I think it's great that people feel passionately about health issues and seek information. It is unlikely that anyone is going to change their minds on this issue so I would just encourage everyone to keep yourselves informed and do what you think is best. I honestly hope the best for everyones kiddos, regardless of if we agree or not!

  11. mary says – reply to this


    I got vaccinated as a kid and I'm not retarded like her kid.Retarded people have retarded kids.

  12. Amy says – reply to this


    BTW, You speak of logic, well of course its more logical to take the word of a Playboy centerfold over world renowned scientist, and highly educated doctors. But then again, this is the same country that elected George Bush three times. (For you idiots out there George Bush had one term& George Bush jr. had two)

  13. See me says – reply to this


    These people are teh stooopid. There is no evidence that vaccines have any connection to autism. If you have a few days you can read or listen to the audio recordings of the vaccine court cases where parents not unlike the Ms. Playmate here are suing the gov't. The thing is the evidence that the lawyers for the parents are presenting is utterly empty and totally out of touch with reality. Jenny and Jim have memorized some frightening and concerned appearing sound-bites and when pressed they show how they are nothing but Hollywood airheads. Like this is a surprise, right? The star of the Stupids and the star of Dumb and Dumber? uhuh.
    Jenny is on the crawl for attention and gathering material for her new book. She doesn't act anymore, right? That is what this rally was about. Jenny's fake heroism , oh so faux humility and comically superficial understanding of science. Mr Perez Hilton. I hope in the future you go on more than a movie star's say so on what is real in the world of science and public health. If you frighten people off of vaccines what could happen is that lots of little children go around coughing on immune-deficient bystanders and babies, and then these bystanders might just start dropping like flies.

  14. GA says – reply to this


    People get a clue. These are the same vaccines you were given as well. Do you have autism??? No one knows for sure what causes it.

  15. 215

    Re: starwa

    read "what your doctor will not tell you about vaccines" written by peditrican, at least got to amazon and look at the reviews. we live in the US not a 3rd world country. while on topic … do kids in 3rd world countries have austism and allergy disorders and astuma like the kids in the US do? Hmmmm, 3rd world do not vaccinate and no austism and autoimmune disorders?

  16. LiLy says – reply to this


    I love them as a couple!!! I hope they get married…. but like REALLY GET MARRIED…. not married for a month
    They look like a happy family :)

  17. jes says – reply to this



  18. lalala says – reply to this


    BRAVO–exactly right. I'm in the medical field and they have found nothing linking immunizations with autism. We need to encourage people to immunize their children. There's an increase in cases of diseases that haven't been around in a while and its scary

  19. maxi says – reply to this



  20. aMBER says – reply to this


    yes, they took the mercury out, but they still have aluminum in them.

  21. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: laura

  22. Betty says – reply to this


    Re: M – Gee we've eliminated Polia, Rubella, the list goes on and on. It's sad that Jenny's son has autism, but there's no proof yet that it's vaccines. As a matter of fact, there's new signs pointing to all the unnesessary additivies we add to foods kids eat. Parents need to vaccinate their children for their own safety. Plus you can't enroll your kids in school unless you do.

  23. sooooz says – reply to this


    Come on guys, learn your science or leave it to scientists.

  24. amy says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats
    during the first year of life children only have a small percentage of their mothers antibodies passed through BREAST MILK, not everyone breast feeds anymore. Further more those antibodies begin to deteriorate as the child begins to develop their own antibodies. The reason why breast feeding is encouraged is to continullay provide the infant with a source of antibodies because they do not have an immune system for the first year of their life. THATS WHY THEY NEED VACCINES! - the monkey in my lab is of a higher intelect than some of you people. Delaying the vaccination process is as harmful as doing away with it. THERE IS A SCHEDULE FOR A REASON! THOSE VACCINATIONS ARE ADMISTERED AT THE TIME WHEN THE CHILD IS AT GREATEST RISK OF CONTRACTING THAT ILLNESS! OMG

  25. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Recove – Chelation is a joke.

  26. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – Thanks for the book info but I probably won't be reading it anytime soon. As for the reviews, one reader pointed out an error on the first page regarding government laws requiring vaccinations. I didn't read it myself so I don't know if that is taken out of context or if the book may have more errors or half-truths. I understand that the US is not a third world country, thank God. We were able to drastically decrease the incidence of diseases faced by poorer countries thanks in part to vaccines. Keeping immunization rates high can also help to prevent of resurgence of these diseases seen in the third world countries. I really don't know much about the rates of autism or autoimmune disorders in third world countries, but I would venture to guess (honestly, only a guess) that if the children don't have access to live saving vaccines, they may also not have access to the type of medical screening that could diagnosis diseases such as autism.

  27. Maria says – reply to this


    Perezito, as a mother of a child with Autism, I'm so happy you are covering this…Jenny and Jim are doing & amazing job with this cause, one day we will
    know what really causes this brain disorder called Autism.

  28. 228

    Jenny McCarthy and JimCarrey are my fav couple!! Their gonna make funny hot little babies!

  29. Suzann says – reply to this


    I think it is very dangerous that everyone is looking to Jenny McCarthy to cure autism. I realize she has a son with autism, but I don't think I have ever seen her refer to APA approved treatments for autism and vaccines have not been proven to be a cause for autism. People really should inform themselves on all sides of these arguments, and hopefully she will not scare other people into not getting their children vaccinations.

  30. kim says – reply to this


    Re: starwa – there are no studies showing safety of vaccines in combination with each other. shut up.

  31. Kaitli says – reply to this


    The intention is to make vaccines safe, not to obliterate them. It's terribly convenient to associate autism with solely being caused by genetics. Btw, a recent study on chimpanzees given the same cocktail of vaccines given to many infants resulted in symptoms of autism. You can't completely dismiss the possibility of these vaccines being a legitimate contribution.

  32. mickey says – reply to this


    Re: alissa – FIRST OF ALL, it's not just the mercury…please do yourself a favor an look at the ingredients, how bout some Aluminum??What medicine do you knowof that a 6 wk old gets the same dose as a 180 lb adult?? Well Thank God we have all you fine folks to explain why these kids have Autism. We can stop spending millions of dollars on research b/c the people on Perezhilton.com have the answers!!!Thank God. 1 in 150???? Do you love someone with Autism???? YOU WILL….

  33. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: kim – There have been studies done that show that administering multiple vaccines in a single visit do not increase the chances of an adverse reaction. This information is in Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases 10th Edition. Where are you getting your information?

  34. why says – reply to this


    How come a high school (in D.C.) will be closed down and evacuated when traces…TRACES.. of mercury are found but it is ok to INJECT MERCURY INTO A BABIES BLOODSTREAM????

  35. STOP says – reply to this


    Re: GA

  36. HUH says – reply to this


    Medical doctors and medical research - the new religion. Don't ever, question - just worship with blind faith. Hand over your babies…don't question anything they do. EVER!

  37. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: HUH – Right…. But it's okay to blindly believe what a celebrity says.

  38. Lily says – reply to this


    I was there today! There were thousands of ppl there for the protest.

  39. 239

    o yeah if vaccines did not hurt and harm why is there a national vaccine comprehensive program that has paid out millions and i think it is up to a billion dolalrs to families that their family has been effected or kiled by vaccines. if these vaccine are not the cause why is there a program that pays out to these familis?? wake up ppl this is just not about austism this about many illnesses and even death. SIDS … not really an unknown reason for babies dying … vaccines have killed and drs have created SIDS to cover up that the fact that they gave a kid a shot that killed them

  40. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – So SIDs is a conspiracy created by doctors, listen to yourself. What would they gain? All doctors apparently do this, so there are no respectable doctors anywhere?!?!

  41. 241

    Re: starwa

    Sorry to hear that you are so narrow minded, one reader … LOL

  42. dralis says – reply to this


    Your pretty funny…so you have it all figured out…it's the umbilical cord, just know one else knows that?? Re: alissa

  43. 243

    Re: Lisa

    Not gain but retain … the cost of malpractice insur is just out of control with all the lawsuits. my mother went to ER on mothers day and was diagnosised by the nurse. dr never told her want to do to get better etc, he suggested check the iternet. drs are in for the $ and not in it to cure. there is a pill for evertyhing … instead of changing life style or jsut being healthy.

  44. nottel says – reply to this


    Re: ka

    and you are a rude idiot yourself…

  45. 245

    austism society com has the most case that the government confirmed the vaccine was the cause of austism. gig is up ppl the truth is coming out, just like weapons of mass destruction did. governemt does not want you to know that vaccines harm yr kids. they just want them to get ill so you can continue to have medical costs and drugs.

  46. Beckie says – reply to this


    Good for them. Its time we stop letting the government tell us we have to put poinson into our kids.

  47. starwa says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – Well it's been interesting hearing your view points and I think we could agree that we both feel pretty strongly about our thoughts on this topic and won't be changing our views anytime soon. Honestly, I wish the best of health to you and yours! Have a good night!

  48. jenmo says – reply to this


    This issue has been researched for years and years and I am sure continues to be researched today. Unless Jenny & Co. all get medical degrees and figure this whole autism thing out themselves, they need to leave this to the experts. I am fairly certain that, as a results of information from actual medical experts, anything that has been shown to be dangerous is no longer given to children.

    Only in Hollywood would one be so egotistical as to think they are coming up with something that the medical field never thought of.

  49. Seldom says – reply to this


    TOO MANY TOO SOON! Thanks for covering our cause Perez! I was at the rally today and it was AWESOME! Jenny and Jim know what they are talking about and are wonderful ambassadors for autism awareness. Educate yourself about what you are injecting into your babies. Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and aborted fetal tissue don't belong in our babies! GREEN OUR VACCINES!

  50. Betty says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – HAH!!!! Beautiful comment. Thank you!

  51. Betty says – reply to this


    Re: AJ saggin tats – They're too busy dieing from starvation and AIDS to keep track of those things.

  52. Betty says – reply to this


    Re: STOP – How many shots?? Both my boys only had 12 or so, I can't recall the exact number. It certainly wasn't that high. What state do you live in ?????

  53. Ionia2 says – reply to this


    These people are idiots and they are risking their children's lives. Vaccines do not cause autism. All they are doing is opening up a window for a recurrance of plague-like proportions of polio, measles, etc………..fools. And those poor children.

  54. Emily says – reply to this


    All of you iditios are the reason why the number of cases of diseases such as measles are increasing because you don't get your kids vaccinated. Have fun going blind!

  55. Vee says – reply to this


    you guys REALLY need to proofread your material. " children?s ????come on

  56. Mr.Tee says – reply to this


    Mercury based vaccines are are neurotoxins. Thats why kids regress neurologically after getting vaccinated.

  57. Retard says – reply to this


    Autism is inherited. Stop blamming others for your retarded kid.

  58. Emily says – reply to this


    I say have fun going blind because MEASLES CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS. Get your kids vaccinated. Let's leave this issue up to the people that have medical degrees. By the way, Jenny thinks she "cured" her child of autism. She is giving people false hopes! If you know anyone that truly has autism, it is not something they can be "cured" of. I am sorrry her child has autism but looking for someone or something to blame is not the answer.

  59. aware says – reply to this


    Re: kt – kt - please do your homework and read some real scientific studies that are done independently. stop regurgitating the same old thing that you "heard". you are part of the problem.

  60. busy3t says – reply to this


    There are times that I am amazed at peoples insensitivity to families with children afflicted by this heart wrenching disorder.

    Until my own beautiful little girl was diagnosed, I knew relatively nothing about this devastating disorder, I am assuming that most of you know little more than what you have seen in the mainstream media.

    I believe that there is a genetic component as well as an environmental component that cause this disorder, this is also what Jennie believes, she is not "anti vaccine" she is "anti stupidity"


    this is all Jennie is saying, until we can determine which children can and cannot take these massive doses without causing neurological harm, we should stagger them, this means no more going to the pediatrician and leaving with four separate band aids on these tiny little babies thighs.

    Why is it sooo difficult for people to wrap their brains around the fact that these parents are not just grasping at straws.

    The sad truth is eventually as the numbers go up, eventually EVERYONE will either have a child with autism or know someone that does.

    Sorry people but "genetic" conditions do not have epidemics.

  61. ILOVEP says – reply to this


    OMG! My daughter has Autism and sometimes when I need a mommy moment I go to your site. You have no idea how big of an impact it will have on the media to have you (Perez) post pictures and information regarding Autism. Sadly, the media will not report how another poor mexican has Autism, but this type of coverage makes people realize that this is touching 1 out 150 kids!
    Thank you & Love Ya Sexy Bitch!

  62. Happy says – reply to this


    OMG! Thank you perez! I am also a mom of an Autistic child and I love to go on your site when I need a mommy moment. You have done such a great thing by putting this picture and adding a link about Autism. Thank you & you rock!

  63. Sarah says – reply to this


    THERE IS NO PROOF OF THIS IN ANY STUDIES!!! read up on your information people. VACCINES HELP and are here for a reason…!

  64. Riley1 says – reply to this


    Re: busy3t – I love your comment re: "Genetic conditions do not cause epidemics…" LOVE IT!
    As a mother of an autistic son, who was innoculated in 1992 (BEFORE the Thermisol was taken out of the MMR), I too am shocked to hear some of these reponses.
    My son had severe colic & intestinal issues from birth. Had these issues been taken into consideration, and had there been more knowledge @ that time (re: triggers & variables), maybe some schedule adjustments (w/vaccines) could have been made. Sadly we'll never know…..
    For all the thoughtless & cruel remarks made here, you folks better gain some empathy before Karma pays you visit..

  65. abanka says – reply to this


    Re: @@ – amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. robo says – reply to this


    This is what happens when stupid people try to interfere in science. Please just shut up. They're embarrassing themselves.

  67. cpt ob says – reply to this


    so some slut who became famous for getting naked and letting someone take pictures for money thinks she's an authority on autism because her kid is autistic. uh huh, let's see, nearly all children in this country get their vaccinations, and yet most don't get autism…yes, i clearly see the link. she should stick to what she's good at and take off her clothes and keep her mouth shut - unless it's to suck some cock.

  68. vaccin says – reply to this


    It's already been proven that vaccines have NOTHING to do with getting autism. It's either something your born with or the environment you grow up in. People who don't vaccinate their children for fear of autism need to realize that if my kid gives your kid the chicken pox or measles or rubella - your kid could DIE while my kid just gets sick. Not all doctors are out to make a quick buck. It's up to you as a parent to find a doctor you can align with and be comfortable with even if that means trying out 10 different ones. Stop being so paranoid.

  69. you ar says – reply to this


    Re: Kristi – Oh, so "you're" the doctor now? Mind your own advice.

  70. Pat says – reply to this


    Since 2001, mercury has not been used in vaccines. Stop being sheep following each other's bad advice. Do your own research from a reputable website, not this one. Autism is genetic. Parents don't want to admit that because that would put them and their genes at fault. It's easier to blame an outside stimulant rather than yourself.

  71. Victor says – reply to this


    Wow.. They REALLY do look like eachother!
    It's so vain to hook up with some one who resembles you so much and has your identical personality, too? Let's just hope she doesn't get preggers with his baby. That would just be the cherry on top the already failing gene pool.

  72. jenbun says – reply to this


    um, i hope they just want to improve vaccines and not eliminate them, because unvaccinated kids can become breeding grounds for infectious diseases that can go on to endanger other kids and everyone else. i say this as someone who both works in medicine and has high-functioning autism, so please: vaccinate your kid!

  73. jenbun says – reply to this


    um, i hope they just want to improve vaccines and not eliminate them, because unvaccinated kids can become breeding grounds for infectious diseases that can go on to endanger other kids and everyone else. i say this as someone who both works in medicine and has high-functioning autism, so please: vaccinate your kid!

  74. lina22 says – reply to this


    its scary that parents dont vaccine their children. Here in Switzerland 80% of the population is vaccined with the basis ones. But because of the 20% there is an epidemic of measles…
    So please vaccine your children… it would be scarier when diseases which are said to have dispeared will be back

  75. uradou says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – you are a freaking idiot!!!
    do the research , she isnt against vaccines she is against some of the toxens that are in them that doesnt need to be. over half of auatstic chrildren developed symptoms after their vaccines. u are a freaking douche….

  76. cj says – reply to this


    If they stuck piss and vomit into the vaccines you morons would shoot your kids up because they say it's good for them. STFU

    Half of you fucking losers don't even have a child with autism. When you do, and understand how hard it is, then come and critize a mother who is trying to help others avoid the hardships. Damn hypocrites

  77. K says – reply to this


    A friend of mine went to this event and said Jim Carrey gave a very moving speech! She cried!!!

  78. Suze says – reply to this


    I'm amazed at all the morons who are pointing at the mothers of these autistic children as the cause of the disorder. Fuck you. Having a child with Autisim is hard enough, we don't need ignorant losers pointing fingers at us. Trust me, we did it to ourselves enough in the begining. My son was diagnosed two years ago. I did EVERYTHING right. Had excellent medical care, ate right, exercised. Had a perfect pregnancy. Never did drugs in my life, never had surgery –plastic or otherwise. I never had any medical issues in my life. My labor and delivery were perfect. I took my child to the pediatrician on schedule and vaccinated according to schedule. While I don't think Autisim was caused by the vaccines, I think that it was one of several "triggers". This is what Jenny McCarthy is trying to say if you read anything that she has had to say. Before you comment with such venom, understand what you're talking about.

  79. nope says – reply to this


    This is such bullshit. It has been PROVEN that vaccines don't cause autism and their perpetuating this MYTH is irresponsible.

  80. 280

    honestly theyre such a cute lil family

  81. Sam Te says – reply to this


    Wow, Jim Carrey looks 100!

  82. Joshua says – reply to this


    Re: Tandy – This isn't productive at all. This is more incredibly damaging ignorance. The main element in vaccines that had mercury in it, thimerosal, was taken out of childrens' vaccines almost a decade ago and there has been no evidence in change of autism rates. Meanwhile the anti-vaxers like Carrey and McCarthy now make vague comments about "toxins" and "too many, too soon" which have no scientific validity at all.

    This isn't harmless, thanks to lower vaccination rates, measles in the US is on the rise. Kids have died after their parents have administered chelating agents to them to try to remove the "toxins" from vaccines.

  83. Laura says – reply to this


    They are perfect for eachother!! Im happy for them!

  84. Jimmy says – reply to this


    The problem is not the Vaccines! It's these OLD People with OLD Gene Pools have kids late in life. Think about it.

  85. lilmam says – reply to this


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazing couple. They are incredible together and I love that Jim Carey has finally found someone… Jenny's son, Evan. We all need an adult relationship, but there's nothing like the love of a child to complete your life.

    GOOD JOB Jenny, Jim & Evan!!! We love you guys!

  86. Katsu says – reply to this


    LuvPerez–Have you done any research on that?

  87. em says – reply to this


    Ugh, this is so aggravating. People are listening to Jenny McCarthy instead of their pediatricians for healthcare advice. Vaccines are so critical, babies die every day from vaccine preventable diseases. And most pediatric vaccines are now preservative free!

  88. Kyle says – reply to this


    Perez, please stop writing about Jenny McCarthy and the vaccine, I beg you now. The vaccine has been scientifically proven to not cause Autism, the people who suggested the statement years ago and signed off on it, it is false. She is a faker who is using this for publicity. As someone who is within the Autism community, we all find what she is saying offensive and deceitful to the public.

  89. stopan says – reply to this


    Re: Betty
    Thirty years ago, children received a total of four vaccines, but today a fully vaccinated child receives a whopping 37-50 vaccines during the early, formative years of life, when his developing immune system is most vulnerable.

    Maybe you need to check the CDC's vaccine schedule…obviously your boys are not up to date on their vaccines if they have only had 12. Where do you live…under a rock?

  90. Lily says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – I think you should do some more research before saying things like that. It is clear you have no idea what you are talking about.

  91. AtlFan says – reply to this


    They are complete morons……waste of air!! She is so worried about what goes into a body and she has more plastic, botox and god knows what than anyone.

  92. ami says – reply to this


    well its good jenny is doing something important besides opening her legs and damn jim carey is getting old ass hell.

  93. Tim K says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez

    How much Kool-aid did you drink? Jim and Jenny are not the ones scaring the hell out of people, it is the fearmongers like you who think that 10 cases of measles here and there are like the freekin ebola virus.

    Educate yourself instead of biting the CDC line hook line and sinker. Folks like Jim, Jenny and the rest of us did our homework and found that our kids have in fact been treated as guinea pigs - look it up. No vaccines were tested on infaants in combonation with each other, and the 94% of flu vaccine still contains preservative level mercury - 250 times more concentrated than liquied hazardous waste at 50,000 ppb.

    Time to wake up.

  94. s says – reply to this


    STUPID. quit giving vaccines and she'll be marching to cure her kid of polio. autism is clearly an issue in the brain development, which has completely finished by the time any child will receive any vaccine. use your celebrity to do something positive for autism research.

  95. Isdit says – reply to this


    Re: algore

    I believe you meant morons… not maroons! Kind of discredits your statement a bit, but then I guess it takes one to know one!

  96. Suze says – reply to this


    Re: s – Really? Brain development is completely finished by the time a child is born?? You might need to do some reading on this topic before you make ignorant comments like this one.

  97. amanda says – reply to this


    actually, i think before you jump on them about supporting this issue, you should do your own research. it's actually been proven that vaccines have contributed to a rise in autism. my nephew actually has some learning disabilities that his pediatrician actually said might be because of the vaccines he has had. i don't think that they are saying is to eliminate all vaccines, because they are necessary and important to get, but kids today are being OVER vaccinated and it's not good for them. i can't remember what vaccine it is but infants usually get it and it's for something that won't even affect them until they are about 7 and by then it's no good anymore, so they're suppose to just get it again. just do some real research and see what you find out before you have your kids vaccinated because as a parent you have the right to deny certain vaccinations and all that. just research it for yourself because you might be surprised.

  98. s says – reply to this


    Re: LuvPerez – They are not tell ppl to not vaccine there kids. They are saying to make them safe. So who is the idiot now!!!! If know anything about autism you know that 1 in every 150 kids are on the spectrum. I know bc 1 is mine! In the 80's it was 1 in every 10,000 births. We as parents know that our children were verbal, then the 2 year vaccine, and they quite talking, laughing, and loving. That is all the research I need! And by the way it has been proven this year! We know that not all children with this disorder got it from vaccines, but alot have. GREEN OUR VACCINES!!!!!!!!

  99. Rosie says – reply to this


    I hope the day I have a grandchild doesn't mean his life will be threatened by vaccine-preventable diseases that are not common in the US today, like polio and mumps. I know we all try to find something to blame for autism because we see our children suffer and it kills us inside, but vaccines is not it. Many childhood vaccines have NO MERCURY (look it up!!!) and others only have TRACE amounts of mercury–about the SAME AMOUNT as there is in BREASTMILK! What’s going to happen now? They are going to start telling moms not to breastfeed ?!?!?

  100. part1 says – reply to this


    The level of ignorance in these comments is astounding! First of all, the flu shot still contains mercury and is recommended for babies as young as 6 months. I'd also like to know when chickenpox became a deadly disease? Seriously, we all had it as kids and while it sucked, it was no big deal. Rubella is also not deadly, it's actually pretty mild. Ask your parents about measles and mumps, they all had it. It was so common that it was considered non reportable until a vaccine was created and there was need to market it.

    The problem is that many parents mistakenly assume that there is no risk to immunizations. Even the government acknowledges the risk which is why they set up the Vaccine Injury and Compensation Program to protect the drug companies from litigation and pay out the families. The government knows that there will be some sacrificial lambs, or acceptable losses, whichever you prefer, which is why it created that program.

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