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Gather A Bunch Of Losers Together And…

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Wow, we don't know who's more desperate.

Hulk Hogan going to Dlistville in order to make some more money or these Z-listers doing lame shit to get more fame.

It turns out that the Hulk is premiering a new reality show called Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

"Celebrities" such as Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Dustin "Screech" Diamond, and Dennis Rodman will be competing in the CMT's new show.

The celebs will compete to be named "Celebrity All-Star Wrestling Champion."

Oh, exciting!

They will win by competing in various challenges involving complex wrestling moves, how to work an audience, and trash-talking.

Also set to appear on the show will be Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World, heavyweight boxer ButterBean, Frank Stallone (yes, Sylvester's brother), Erin Murphy from Bewitched, 80's singer Tiffany, and some Playboy playmate.

What, was Adrianne Curry busy or something?

The series is set to premier this Fall.

Will U be watching?

[Image via WENN.]

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122 comments to “Gather A Bunch Of Losers Together And…”

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  1. Kyle says – reply to this


    I'll admit it- I'd watch it!

  2. petite says – reply to this



  3. val says – reply to this


    NO !!!!! He gave his son booze and encouraged Nick to drink thus the accident that caused an Iraq vet to be imparied for life. This family including wife, daughter and son and dad are scum bags. Listen to the tapes in jail we heard and know anything Hulk promotes himself or the aforementioned family members do will never cause us to accept them. They ALL belng behind bars and off our TV screens. NO NO and NO !!!!!!!!

  4. Please says – reply to this


    If I knew how to do it, I would…
    CMT should be ashamed!!!!

  5. lucian says – reply to this


    could be interesting only if there's alot of fighting envolved, if it's all about just teaching the moves and how to work with the public than it isn't

  6. texmex says – reply to this


    good lord, can we not remember the 80's as a nice nastalgic period. nbc must have some have some good ole boys working for the network. between hogan and billy ray (taken special over to the network on nashville star) they got all their target audiences covered.

  7. Mia says – reply to this


    Nowadays evybody can be a "celebrity", so being a celebrity means little; you need very little: no brains, education, principles or ethics unimportant; honesty: a liability. Most "celebrities" are like clowns. Look at this so called wrestler. He wouldn't stand 5 rounds of boxing!! He's just an inflated baloon (an ugly one)

  8. Gwen says – reply to this


    NO I won't be WATCHING anything that this SLEEEEZE bag family does anymore after what they sid to that poor boy in the hospital!!!

  9. yeezy says – reply to this


    Scum of the earth

  10. yeezy says – reply to this


    Hogan family needs to go to hell

  11. meme says – reply to this


    Creeeepy! Where the hell is his belly button?


  12. ZZZZZ says – reply to this


    Gotta crank out the crap to pay all the various legal bills…

  13. ASSHAT says – reply to this


    no fucking way. this little douchecanned, can-o-douche family is making me want to shoot arrows in their general direction. I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE HEARD NICK TELLING HULK TO SET UP A SHOW FOR HIM FOR THE MINUTE HE WALKS OUTTA JAIL.

  14. ASSHAT says – reply to this


    no fucking way. this little douchecanned, can-o-douche family is making me want to shoot arrows in their general direction. I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE HEARD NICK TELLING HULK TO SET UP A SHOW FOR HIM FOR THE MINUTE HE WALKS OUTTA JAIL.

  15. Pam says – reply to this


    I seriously liked Hulk Hogan, as I thought he set a good example for my son as a child. I guess there are no good examples to follow anymore, period. Hulk seems self absorbed and money hungry, sadly.

  16. realit says – reply to this


    if they get Tonya Harding to be on the show- i will definitely watch it.

  17. Elle says – reply to this


    Hell no I won't be watching! This is a slap in the face to the wrestling world. I'm a wrestling fan and I think that Hogan is becoming the joke of the wrestling world.

  18. Reddes says – reply to this


    Ehe Hogans are trailer trash and should be spat on by people. Discusting pigs.

  19. Marale says – reply to this


    Um, let's see…his a-hole son is in jail…his wife is ready to wipe the floor with his ass in divorce court…he is screwing his daughter's "friend"…
    Yep, starting a new reality sounds about right now. These Hollywood-type familes make me want to puke. Fucking ridiculous!!!

  20. kriste says – reply to this


    isn't this the same lineup from that celeb boxing show that aired a couple years ago?

  21. sweet says – reply to this


    what do you mean? did you see the lineup for Celebrity Circus?
    Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna- star of hit show, Jackass & proskateboarder
    Blu Cantrell- Grammy award winning singer
    Stacey Dash- Actress (starred in Clueless as Dionne)
    Rachel Hunter- Supermodel/Actress
    Antonio Sabato Jr.- Supermodel/Actor
    Christopher Knight- Actor (Peter Brady)
    Janet Evans- Olympic Gold Medalist (Swimmer)


  22. 122

    "What, was Adrianne Curry busy or something?"

    LOL Yeah she's sitting in the audience cheering on her has been husband Peter Brady who is on "Celebrity Circus" … LOL

    The pathetic acting even more pathetic and thinking they are big stars. Begorrah!!!!!!!!!!!

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