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Was She Trying To Be Funny???

| Filed under: Lindsay Lohan


We move fast, bitch!

Late last night, just before the Laptop Samurai went to sleep, we received a flurry of emails from our Perezcious readers.

Everyon told us to rush to saMANtha Ronson's official MySpace page and check out what she had done!

What? What???

Well, as you can see from above, the failed singer turned DJ put up THAT picture of her and LezLo as her default pic.

Is this their way of coming out as a couple???

Was that just to make fun of the whole situation???

Well, putting that kissy kissy photo as your default pic without any explanation just draws MORE attention to the lesbian speculation.

That's probably what they wanted!

They may not be finger banging each day, but saMAN and LezLo are definitely DESPERATE for publicity and PATHETIC attention whores.

Well, since the time we went to sleep and woke up today (very early), it seems like Ronson came to her senses and changed her default photo.

Thankfully we got that screen grab when we did.


She still has that pic on her page - it's in her "My Photos" album on her MySpace.

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106 comments to “Was She Trying To Be Funny???”

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  1. Just M says – reply to this


    Holy Crap!!! She should try wearing some makeup cuz that Bitch is straight busted. What is it with Dykes being beat and Lezbos being hot??

  2. td says – reply to this


    you'll think this is funny, but i think sam is incredibly sexy! i don't blame lindsay if she can't keep her hands off!
    you always go for the femmes though don't you, P?

  3. JUDGE says – reply to this


    It looks fotoshopped , but even if its real Perez, why do u hate them so much? Youre a homosexual, so why the rudeness???? Leave them alone man, they are no men but youre not woman either!!! HOMO is right!

  4. mav says – reply to this


    Re: td – Who are you kidding! Ronson is as ugly as fuck and if you want it, you can have it! She is simply the deadest looking person alive I mean look at that blank expression and that frameless body! It is obvious that LL is taking away all of her energy and IT is too stupid to say no!

  5. mia says – reply to this


    She looks like Pete Dougherty, just repulsive.

  6. ass says – reply to this


    Laptop Samurai? Holy fuck Perez, just when I think you can't get any more pathetic, you go ahead and one up yourself.

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