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L.C. Is A Bitch!

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Talk about creating major drama for no reason!

Last week, Lauren Conrad came home to find "BFF" Audrina Patridge doing a photo shoot with one of the celeb weekly magazines.

That's apparently when LC flipped out and started yelling and bitching.

What's the beef?

Well, Curtains had supposedly already promised exclu$ive photos of the backyard to another magazine.

There goes LC's paycheck with the mag!

An insider on the set called the who situation "uncomfortable."

Poor Audrina.

Oh, and Patridge's manager had also gotten approval from LC's rep, who seemed to have forgotten to tell LC.

We're sure MTV is pissed they missed capturing the whole ordeal on tape!

No worries. They'll probably just have the girls re-enact it all.

UPDATE: Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the mag Audrina was shooting with was OK! magazine.

[Image via WENN.]

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136 comments to “L.C. Is A Bitch!”

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  1. Not a says – reply to this


    Who cares about any of them?! Really their just "reality" tv whores who are next in line for DUIs and jail…

  2. nonon says – reply to this


    i doubt thats true

  3. Loser says – reply to this


    No one cares about any of them! Their just stupid "reality" tv whores! Their next in line to get DUIs and go to jail. Hopefully for a long time!

  4. corin says – reply to this


    Audrina's way better than Lauren anyways

  5. laure says – reply to this


    shes a bittttttttttch

  6. Megan says – reply to this


    LC is sooo annoying.

  7. 7

    hahaha i love lauren

  8. TRIS says – reply to this


    fuck LC! she's ridiculous. oh and the funny thing is she wouldnt even have her own spinoff show if it weren't for kristin cavallari turning it down. yes, mtv offered kristin the show first but she actually wanted to make a legit career for herself and she turned that shit down so once again LC for her sloppy seconds

  9. LOL says – reply to this



  10. lizzz says – reply to this


    ughh. common lauren !


  11. KEL says – reply to this



  12. emaya says – reply to this



  13. yomi says – reply to this


    que gueya es esta lc.

  14. kt says – reply to this



  15. Kathl says – reply to this



  16. Magic says – reply to this


    Why does Audrina's eyes always look so spaced out in pictures?

  17. ewww says – reply to this



  18. sport says – reply to this


    omg there are more important things to worry about than damn photos

  19. *Dani says – reply to this


    I think that Audrina is realy ugly. I can't stand that mouth of hers. I'm sorry. Usually I don't say this kind of shit. She's got a really hot body. But-her-face? She's way too fake n' baked as well. She looks like she's of a totally different culture.
    I would have been upset if I was LC too. Everyone is allowd to be a bitch every once in a while. Commme on! If one of my roommates was like throwing a party or something in our backyard, without letting me know, and I had already planned one. I'de be really angry. I'm the head bitch in my house. It was my house to begin with. Kinda like LC, shes the head bitch. And you can't not have a head bitch. She and I just want things our way. And, I mean… doesn't everyone? Isn't it okay to fight for things to be the way that you want them to be?

  20. Team says – reply to this


    FINALLY! people are really seeing LC for who she truly is! She is NOT a nice person. I always knew that.

    PS: LO and LC are exactly alike and have always been bitches.

  21. virgi says – reply to this


    i hate lauren conrad!! she pretends to be a nice down to earth girl , when the truth is that she cant stannnd that someone else that isnt her is in the spotlight…..when someone starts getting more attention then her she goes mental!! thats why her only friend left is that ugly bitch !! Bo

  22. 1928 says – reply to this


    Audrina's eyes are so strange looking

  23. fdg says – reply to this


    Blah FUCKING Blah!!

  24. distu says – reply to this


    Watch the tides turn when Audrina's pathetic performance in her new movie shows up. Worst. Movie. Ever.
    Then all you will be hearing about is what a joke Audrina is.
    And Perez, for the record, the only bitch around here is you.

    Go Lauren!

  25. whoda says – reply to this


    who cares about the phony hills???

  26. whate says – reply to this


    i can't stand audrina. she's so stupid it hurts.

    regardless of who they offered the show to before LC it is her show and none of these people would have anything if it weren't for her. not saying that means she should be a bitch but these feuds are just stupid.

  27. Furby says – reply to this


    Glad I don't live there and I live in Virginia. here you only have to worry about getting hit in crosswalks by Hummers!

    I feel sick and my nipples itch.

  28. jennn says – reply to this


    ugh…i wish a sinkhole would swallow the 2 of them up!

  29. 29

    ayee mommyy.

  30. Manue says – reply to this


    Lauren Conrad is not a bitch. If you watch the shows she is one of the most real people on that show. The other ones are all freaks most especially Heidi and Spencer. Freaking Audrina is a co dependent who would sleep with any guy who wants her and is probably so jealous because it is Lauren Conrad's show. So fat ugly Perez Hilton who i'm pretty sure pays a lot of money for his dates can shut the f*ck up and eat more cake.

  31. shann says – reply to this


    everything I read on here has already been posted on other gossip sites way earlier! whats up perez you used to be good at this shit!

  32. faith says – reply to this


    we really don't have to worry they'll bewashed up stars soon! and this will all be over we just have to go through this for a little bit longer!

  33. Chels says – reply to this


    perez, just watched your drugs drugs drugs video and though the dance may have scared me a little, i must say, you look fabulous!!! you've lost a ton of weight and look incredible! congrats on all your success and i wish you all the best,

  34. jessi says – reply to this



  35. Ashle says – reply to this


    UGH… I used to LOVE team LC and now I totally think someone needs to slap that bitch back into reality! Remember hunny, Hollywood's not America, you wouldn't last a minute outside LA.

    On a side note, I totally had a dream last night that I went to college with LC and she stole my purse. Shit went down! lol ;)

  36. stead says – reply to this


    oh i bet laurens clothing line will be discontinuing "the audrina dress" soon!
    lc sounds like such a bitch! team audrina!

  37. vivia says – reply to this


    LC is sooooo annoying!

  38. nicol says – reply to this


    I don't blame lauren everyone uses her for fame. Adrina wants to have Laurens carer and pretends to be all nice and sweet so everyone thinks she's the victom

  39. val says – reply to this


    ugh…who gives a shit about these no-talent hacks anymore. if they spent more time in acting school and less time picking out outfits and practicing poses for all these gawdy corporate sponsored galas they go to, they just MIGHT have a decent measure of respect.

  40. huh says – reply to this


    wait… isn't it technically LC's home anyway? Wasn't Audrina supposed be moving out?

    I wouold be pissed if one of my guest decided to bring a bunch of photographers photographing MY house

  41. bethy says – reply to this


    u r the bitch u freak

  42. Selem says – reply to this


    Wait, Lauren and Audrina have been living together for quite a few months. (The show was filmed way back when). Is it just me, or did all these rumors about them not getting along start AFTER the Hills finale and people calling bullshit on it, saying it was definately not true? Just wondering!

  43. PEPPE says – reply to this


    um, Audrina, it's time to move.

  44. Erin says – reply to this


    Oh, stop already, Perez. LC is not a bitch…she's one of the more down to earth people on the show. Audrina and Heidi are the true bitches…they wouldn't have one ounce of fame if it wasn't for LC. And Audrina's dumb as rocks…she has no opinions of her own, dates complete losers, and is happy to pretend she's the "vicitim" all the time. Please, Audrina doesn't seem to be as nice as she'd like people to think.

  45. me says – reply to this


    Fuck Audrina. Who cares about her, she is the one that ruins the Hills.

  46. Pffft says – reply to this


    This is a profound lack of communication on Conrad's part. Audrina is just doing her thing. It was an unfortunate occurance, but it was not directed at Lauren, and she will come to realize that.

  47. alyss says – reply to this


    Team Audrina!.
    Lc Is A Stupid Bitch, She's Just Jealous Because Audrina Is Prettier Than Her

  48. 48


  49. BIATC says – reply to this


    whores whores whores… DUI.. DUI.. DUI.. JAIL..JAIL..JAILL

  50. ???? says – reply to this


    lauren is the one who is cauing all the problems - see - first cristin from laguna, then heidi and spencer, now audrina.. whos next?

  51. HUH? says – reply to this


    If this is true…..YOU DON'T THINK IT'S RUDE OF AUDRINA TO HAVE PICTURES TAKEN OF THE "LC'S BACKYARD", CONSIDERING LC BOUGHT THAT HOUSE AND AUDRINA IS RENTING THE BACK POOL HOUSE? Seriously, think about it. I'd be bullshit too. And why didn't LC's "rep" know she had an agreement already. Don't reps know these things? Audrina kept bitching that she wanted to move out then she goes and cashes in with a photo op. Who's the bitch now?

  52. LC is says – reply to this


    Perez, you forgot to add that Lauren and Lauren B. then posted a NOTE on Audrina's door, telling her to move out. Those to girls are such nasty, pathetic bitches, MTV should fire them and film their whiney asses crying as they waltz out their paycheck's door. Seriously, how else will they EVER make money? They are over. MTV should cash in and fire them on film while they have the chance.

  53. DEANN says – reply to this


    LC is a bitch. Audrina is better anyways & all you ever hear about LC is who shes mad at, who shes not talking to anymore, etc so its obvious she is a fame-whore who wants the spotlight to herself & if she even thinks someone is getting more or is liked more, she cuts them off & becomes a mega-bitch. She is SO high school drama queen its crazy, get over it lady you are supposed to be an adult now!

  54. Perez says – reply to this


    Dude who care? She's one of the many people you love to hate b/c her head isn't far enough up your ass like Speidi's!!! You KNOW it's true!!!

  55. 55

    Laurens a bitch


  56. Omnis says – reply to this


    Re: Manue – WE're on to you, Lauren. You are a bitch, and we know it. Quit posting self-support. You sound retarded and arrogant.

  57. MissT says – reply to this


    What A Cunt L.C is!!! I used to be Team L.C during the whole Spedie thing, cuz those two are Fucking Losers that are gonna be broke in 6 months! But this is SO FUCKING STUPID!!! Audrina PAYS FUCKING RENT JUST LIKE Lauren, besides, Audrina is Hotter and anyone would rather look at Audrina in a back yard than BEEFCAKES!!! Yo 15 IS UP BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. lol says – reply to this


    TEAM AUDRINA.. lauren is fake as hell..maybe she's jealous of audrina because while she has justin, lauren only has a (fake) relationship with stephan who probobly just wants to extend his own 15min..

  59. angel says – reply to this


    I like Audrina ALOT more than Lauren. Audrina is prettier and dresses better. Have you seen Lauren's "fashion" line??? this girl has no creativity, the dresses are just a bunch of shapeless rags sewn together. blah. who cares if Audrina used "Lauren's house" for a photo shoot, this house probably doesn't even belong to her, it belongs to MTV. Lauren's really pissed b/c the shoot isn't about her.

  60. Abby says – reply to this


    L.C. is annoying now. The show should focus on having L.C. and Lo be the villains and Audrina being the good girl. Otherwise I don't think I'll be able to watch it!
    L.C.'s clothing line is a joke to the fashion industry.

  61. dmd says – reply to this


    dumb bitches but i'd still fuck the living day lights out of them

  62. PG says – reply to this


    it's LC's house anyway and she's paying for it! FUCK Audrina! she's becoming a Heidi anyway. bid boobs, no brains.

  63. Raech says – reply to this


    Doesn't LC own the house? I would be pissed also. Why are you such an LC hater????

  64. kim says – reply to this


    Man I am so sick of these bitches! Lauren is so fake and hypocritical. She puts on a show pretending to be so down to earth and friendly when in reality she's just trying to be a diva with her lame ass clothing line. Audrina is just perdida times ten. These little snubnosed whores are so frickin annoying. Kristin and Whitney are the only ones that seem legit. Kudos to Kristin for calling this bitch out since day 1. They are not celebrities, they are talentless, good for nothing spoiled orange county brats. My cousin is an aspiring fashion designer and she and many others have way better style and fashion sense than this dumb vapid cunt. I hope hope hope they all just go away, esp. Speidi…eww I just referred to them as Speidi. i'm brainwashed.

  65. kim says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – Yeah cuz you know Lauren sooo well right…why don't you become her little bitch!!!

  66. serio says – reply to this


    I think it is so funny that Perez used to hate Heidi and love LC, but now that Heidi will do anything for him, because she is a fame whore (i.e. doing little web videos for him) now Perez hates LC. I used to like Perez because even though he was mean, he was honest and called people on being fake. Now that he is popular, he is just as bad, and now promotes the people he hated just so he can make some money. It is super sad, and how most pop culture people of the minute ruin any chance they had of being long-lasting.

  67. Jenn says – reply to this


    The Hills needs to bring Kristin Cavallari on for a guest spot just so she can bitch slap LC. Has no one caught on that this girl is an attention whore who doesn't like to share friends or, more importantly, the spotlight? I get that the show is 90% fake but you can't fake the bitch that this girl has.

  68. TheHi says – reply to this


    You really have it in for Lauren don't ya Perez! Bitch you hold a grudge like no one.

    It is Lauren's house. She bought it not Audrina.

    Much like Heidi all Lauren ever was for Audrina was a stepping stone. She has been talking shit non stop about Lauren for a long time. Lauren has finally wised up and thrown her ass out, and it's about time. I cannot believe she would let her move in at all. It is more than obvious Audrina didn't like her and was just using her.

    I think it is time to move in Stephanie! Can you imagine Lauren coming home to find Speidi in her backyard?!

    On the otherhand, Lauren see a therapist, for someone that is as beautiful as you are with as much going on as you do you need to get to the root of your low self esteem. The tide is turning on you honey. People in this country will only give you so many chances before they come after you with a lynch mob. Your chances are almost up.

  69. Alana says – reply to this


    Darling perezzer
    they are not celebrities
    we don't care
    let's talk more Brangelina, less losers from Laguna Beach and friends :)
    PS. they are all ugly except Audrina so it's all just jealousy

  70. shdfj says – reply to this


    yeah..a jealous biiitch.

  71. JVC says – reply to this


    For serious? Poor Audrina? None of them are poor. And not a single one of them should be blamed for all the drama. ALL OF THEM cause shit. They're Cali girls. That's what happens in California…DUH!

  72. Eat s says – reply to this


    I have an African parrot that has more words in his vocabulary than Audrina. She is borderline special ed. She has the mental capacity of a 5 year old.

    With that said, she was never into LC….that was obvious. She was using her like everyone else around LC.

    Audrina needs to get the fuck over herself. With those freaky eyes, fake tits, chiclet teeth, I don't see her going the distance in the acting industry unless there is a Genetic Opera Part II.

  73. Izzy says – reply to this


    I'm glad I never got into this sh*t. It's so sad many young girls are watching this reenacted drama crap. And if this is true all I have to say about LC is, jealous much?

  74. anal says – reply to this


    what the hell is wrong with lc, she is such a c o n t r o l freak, i mean everything is everyones fault, does she know how lucky she is?, all she doesw is live in this little bubble and be so into herself, and also throws huge lesbian fits anytime anyone one of her friends want to be with a bad boy who cares, geez

  75. Audri says – reply to this


    Re: LC is

    LC bought the house. She can do whatever the fuck she wants.

    I wouldn't want the fucking skank living in my house either.

    Knowing Audrina and the kinds of pictures she likes to take it was probably Jugs Magazine shooting a spread in LC's living room.

    Bitch there are always two sides to a story and Perez only gives half.

  76. whate says – reply to this



  77. biztn says – reply to this


    fuck audrina. she is a moron

  78. yay says – reply to this


    finally, someone tells it like it is, LC IS a bitch!

  79. Distu says – reply to this


    Re: Eat s
    "I have an African parrot that has more words in his vocabulary than Audrina. [b]She is borderline special ed.[/b] She has the mental capacity of a 5 year old.
    With that said, she was never into LC….that was obvious. She was using her like everyone else around LC."


  80. distu says – reply to this


    It was probably some skank photoshoot with a topless Audrina, I would be pissed off too.
    Audrina is a flake. It's pretty obvious when things were going so bad MONTHS ago that Audrina was looking at other apartments to rent, if she is still there, it's because she is desperate.

  81. A says – reply to this


    How can any of you say Lauren has the right to be mad about Audrina doing the shoot? Audrina's manager CLEARED IT with Lauren's! Audrina had permission! So Lauren has not right to be upset. I used to like her, but after the shit she's been pulling lately- Team Audrina!

  82. SHADY says – reply to this


    now that HODRINA has an offer to be in a movie…she isn't even trying to play nice with L.C.? what a fckng tool.

    now that HODRINA has an offer to be in a movie…she isn't even trying to play nice with L.C.? what a fckng tool.

    now that HODRINA has an offer to be in a movie…she isn't even trying to play nice with L.C.? what a fckng tool.

    now that HODRINA has an offer to be in a movie…she isn't even trying to play nice with L.C.? what a fckng tool.

    now that HODRINA has an offer to be in a movie…she isn't even trying to play nice with L.C.? what a fckng tool.

    no wonder "LC" always feel used…
    how is she supposed to know who her true friends are?

  83. ayesh says – reply to this


    Re: SHADY

    why are you so MEAN when you talk about lauren. get over your high horse your just jealous of her because she has a better fashion line than you!

  84. jade says – reply to this


    someone plez just bitch slap lauren its long overdue

  85. jade says – reply to this


    if she did not pimp out her life 2 mtv she might have some freinds

  86. Bee says – reply to this


    if its her house and she was gonna make money from buying it by granting exclusive, FAIR DOs

    y did audrina get her rep to do it? she lives with LC, she shoulda asked herself. it IS shady

  87. Jessi says – reply to this


    Long story short…they share a house…they all pay rent…they all can make their own damn decisions! Lauren is a bitch now…probably always has been. I loved her in Laguna beach and during the whole Heidi thing but now…her true colors are showing…

  88. Jessi says – reply to this


    Re: Audri – They are all paying rent! Just because she supposedly thought of it on TV doesn't make it hers.

  89. jenn says – reply to this


    audrina is such a bitch and for the comment about kristin cavallari..yeah we see how her career is going…she should have done the show!!!! team LC

  90. wtf says – reply to this


    i thought audrina was moving out and she was so unhappy living with LC!!! things must not be so bad, right??? Audrina is such a fake whore TEAM LC

  91. kiki says – reply to this


    it is HER house!!! She has the right to tell her to get the F out. LOVE LC and she is making more $$$ than Kristen anyway. Ha legit career for a wanna be bad actresses like attention whore Heidi and wanna be playboy centerfold Audrina

  92. beth says – reply to this


    um, it is her fucking house, you moron. lay off this girl. how about audrina being a bitch for not DIRECTLY talking to lauren. there's a novel concept.

  93. 93

    well that sucks for them.. so much for being bff ! … im starting to think lc is the evil one.. first with heidi and now with audrina… watch out lo, ur next !

  94. ash says – reply to this


    LC is such a drama queen, shes gonna lose all her friends, and be alone! n see deserves it, Audrina roxs!

  95. BARBI says – reply to this


    LOTS OF JEALOUSLY from LC & her side boobs, go Audrina you deserve it! JEALOUSLY IS A B!TCH! GO SIGN the petition for Cheeta www.gocheeta.com CHEETA deserves his HOLLYWOOD STAR:) :) :) Don't monkey around Umbama put HILARY on the VP Ticket for a sure win & it WILL PUT DEMOCRATS BACK IN THE WHITEHOUSE :) :) :)

  96. melin says – reply to this


    on the last episode LC said to audrina: "we want you to come in the house. its your house too." apparently its only her house when the cameras are on.

    LC, your 15 minutes of fame are up. start networking with Big Lots. your clothes will end up there soon.

  97. jacki says – reply to this


    Lauren is a spoiled bitch, bitch, bitch. Get over yourself honey.

  98. jenn says – reply to this


    shut the fuck up. you dont know lauren. neither do I but you cant call her a bitch. who knows maybe she is but you have no right.

    is Heidi and Spencer paying you money to trash talk poor Lauren. I bet.

    fuckkk youuu pereezzzz

  99. blahh says – reply to this


    audrina deserves it. audrinas a bitchh..if someone who is supposed to be my 'best friend' sta]rted talking to my worst enemy again i would make her life a living hell. lauren is going easy on her..

    fuckkk audrinnaaaa

  100. fuck says – reply to this


    its laurens house too..if audrina was inviting camera into THEIR house, lauren has a right to know about it. if you came home & you saw that your "FRIEND" was in your house with cameras everywhere, i would be pissed too

    fuck audrina
    she ACTS so nice & shit in front of the cameras

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