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Denial Denial Denial

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They're STILL standing by their story!

Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart was just interviewed about Brangelinagate and her show's repeated assertions that Jolie HAS given birth to the Twins, despite denials from both Brad and Angie's camp.

Says Mary, “We still don’t know if she’s had those babies or not and until we do we won’t retract our story. I don’t know yet that we’ve made a mistake.”

She adds, “I hope that the babies were born when we said they were and that we had our facts straight. I have never retracted a story in 26 years but all I can do now is wait and see.”

Why would Brad Pitt have been visiting another country with Maddox when Ange just gave birth?

Why would he and Angie lie????

And if she did give birth, we think the French media would probably be the first to report it.

Until then, you can stay in denial Hart.

[Image via WENN.]

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79 comments to “Denial Denial Denial”

  1. Aoife says – reply to this


    I hate Bragelina

  2. amy says – reply to this



  3. jen says – reply to this



  4. andre says – reply to this


    What Asses * I Love Johnny Depp*

  5. Natti says – reply to this


    I bet she had them…

  6. secre says – reply to this


    Angie's Dr. is the same Dr. that delivered Tori Spellings baby. He is said to be on his way to France to deliver for Brangelina. Therefore they are wrong because why would he go deliver if they were already born!!

  7. k says – reply to this


    When do celebrities not lie? She's never been pregnant until it's obvious she has to give up the story… She and Brad weren't together until "after" he and Jen broke up… yeah right. It happens so much we never know who to believe.

    So sure, ET may be wrong, but Mary Hart's right… we'll never know until we find out.

    This is what happens when people gossip.

  8. Rose says – reply to this


    How old is she???????????????????????

  9. bob says – reply to this


    YOU…of all people are calling someone else out for their failure to retract something?

    THAT is funny. Hypocrit

  10. Piper says – reply to this


    Fuck Angelina the Homewrecker, her Ancient, Cheating Boyfriend and their illegitimate children!
    ***************************BOYCOTT ANALINA!*********************

  11. Abby says – reply to this


    ET is a joke. I'm suprised people watch that show anymore.

  12. Bush says – reply to this


    I hate that show. It's so wrong. It's National Enquirier for TV.
    But I LOVE Gavin Rossdale. He's the coolest guy in the world.
    (We have to focus on who we love, not who we hate!)

  13. M Har says – reply to this


    "We have never admitted to being wrong in 26 years but all I can do now is wait and see.”

  14. ljhj says – reply to this


    Mary Hart is hoping for premature Babies…what an ass

  15. Love says – reply to this


    Oh, is Castro still dead?

    Stop being a hypocrite. Go away! Fade out. People have finally realized what a load of rubbish and waste of time this stupid site is. And before some little kid says, "Oh, Perez, don't listen to the haters", know this: Perez is the king of all "haters". He is hateful as hell, and would hate you if you were a celebrity. It's not moral to make money off of a child's looks (Willis daughters) or to wish that Britney Spears was dead. The way this works is you boycott the advertisers, and he gets shut down. Do it for peace. This is not a healthy place for children to be.

  16. GoMar says – reply to this


    Perez, Don't pick on Mary Hart, America loves her!

  17. Mimi says – reply to this


    They would lie because they are celebrity. I remember when they wouldn't talk to anyone when they were about to have Shiloh! It's all stupid. I don't give a fuck if their babies were born or not!

  18. darne says – reply to this


    Who cares what those two freaks are up too or how many bastard kids escape through her piss barn? This Mary chick makes my skin crawl. Dumb wannabe, bitch.

  19. stoju says – reply to this


    bitch u said it yourself "We still don’t know if she’s had those babies or not", so u admitt u dont know, damn u stooopid.

  20. Amand says – reply to this


    No retraction in 26 years! That's because there's a staff of professionals, fact checking. Mario is a joke. There are so many options to get real news. Oh, how many days till Perez realizes that he is downsliding. At least, anybody over 18 (no offense meant - it's just the way the mind works) knows to try to tell kids to stay off this site. If you're older and you believe this stuff, then I feel sorry for you.

  21. LeeLe says – reply to this


    How utterly asinine. The story should have been retracted when they found out it could be inaccurate.

  22. MH#1 says – reply to this


    Go Mary your the best!
    Oh please Perez Exta now should just be called the Charlie Sheen show! Talk about fucked up!

  23. jennm says – reply to this


    i think ET screwed up. hey, it happens. just cause it hasnt before doesnt mean they are right this time. I think you're right Perez. All signs point to Brangelina not having the babies yet. Last time they didnt hesitate to hold a press conference soon after the birth and then have a photo spread in People. So, why would it be any different this time. They have to share with their fans at this point, we expect it since they have been so open in the past.

  24. cvcvx says – reply to this



    well the question is, did Angelina make a public appearance since the story leaked?

  25. Jenny says – reply to this


    i agree with ljhj. so, you'd rather be right in your shitty reporting than hope you were wrong and the babies are healthy? that's beyond petty.

  26. Leila says – reply to this


    What was there last retracted story 26 years ago?It seams like she just got pregnant with those babies so I could see them not being born right yet

  27. Jane says – reply to this


    Perez Your drawing are DISGUSTING!

  28. joaqu says – reply to this


    no more of this, angelina etc, pls

  29. Karen says – reply to this


    It was a PR stung by Jolie. All she has to do, is step out and be photographed. Life if simple when you're not consumed by your own publicity.

  30. CHANN says – reply to this


    Why would he and Angie lie???? Are you really serious? Angelina invented the word lie. Remember when she said, she will never date a married man? or when she said that she will take time off and don't work for a long time to be with her kids? Or when she assure us that they will live in New Orleans?

    They are liars and she, specially is a great manipulator. Those babies are probably 15 years old by now!!!

  31. KEG says – reply to this


    Formally known as TEAM AMERICA

    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!
    Angelina is a WHORE!!!

  32. ohmy says – reply to this


    What is that? Mary Hart looks like a big sneaky chipmunk, a guilty one at that.

  33. Truth says – reply to this


    I think they were duped by Angelina herself. Her asst. probably did call ET and leaked the story. She wants to drum up publicity to raise the price of the pictures and she craves attention.

  34. Sugar says – reply to this


    this bitch sounds very ignorant right now. ET can't even admit they fucked up and everyone knows it.

  35. Chris says – reply to this


    Maybe I am a simple person but I would think Angie could just show up and prove it or show and ultra sound. Why hasn't she?

  36. hag says – reply to this


    i can't stand the way this lady talks on the show. she over-enunciates soooo badly, it's soooo annoying!

  37. Candy says – reply to this


    Angelin lies all the time. My gosh she is the Queen of liars. She put this story out there for attention. All for attention. Those two babies could already be here she just wants to up the price when she sells them out.

  38. Suspi says – reply to this


    ET reported on May 30th that the babies were born on May 25th. Angelina has not been seen in public since May 21st…and had been EVERYWHERE before then. Seems pretty suspicious to me.

  39. Cici says – reply to this


    Why won't Angelina SHOW herself and end all the speculation??? Brad is however hopping all over the globe, but Angie stays hidden. Whats up with these two? Why are we supposed to care again… I forgot.

  40. Tj says – reply to this


    Speaking of denials, when are you gonna retract your story that Castro is DEAD???

  41. FUCKI says – reply to this


    REMEMBER WHEN ANGELINA TRIED TO KILL THE UNBORN TWINS IN IRAQ? Well, if she doesn't give a shit about her kids, why should we? I bet she did have those little bastards cut out and you know what, NO ONE FUCKING CARES! Skankalina has to come up with a "new stunt". The "kid thing" is getting old and all sorts of played out.

  42. Lara says – reply to this


    Here's my theory:
    Angelina is actually pregnant with TRIPLETS, her due date WAS/IS actually August 19th, and all of this hoopla is a publicity stunt in cahoots with Entertainment Tonight… the longer they stretch this crap out, the more money the Braggalinas will get when the bitch finally pops.
    Can you tell I can't stand these people?

  43. Lara says – reply to this


    Oh, and P.S. Can't wait until this litter of children hits puberty en masse; oh, the laughing I will do!!!! :D
    No more movies, no more jet-setting across the planet…
    This couple will be up to their eyeballs in DUI's, drug abuse, sex scandals, and all of the other bullshit that celeb children seem to fall into head-first in TinselTown.

  44. Dawn says – reply to this


    ET is such a joke!….get your celeb news from perez!

  45. mlm says – reply to this


    Hey Perez - did you ever run a retraction about your claim that Fidel Castro was positively dead? Or are you standing by that story?

  46. Joke says – reply to this


    this woman is the most annoying twit on TV. She is an absolute joke. She is like a fucking robot. I hate ET and her stupid annoying botoxed ass.. TAKE HER OFF THE AIR ALREADY SHES AN OLD HAS BEEN !! PLEASE ET.. you have no one else that can take over for this old mummy fossil?? PLEASE MAKE SOPME CHANGES ALREADY!! DITCH THIS OLD HAG.

  47. Rach says – reply to this


    Estoy haaaarrrrtaaaa de la tal "Angie" , No entiendo como la gente se vuelve loca por esta P.U T.A… que tiene la boca que parece un ano… aaaa y no digamos que la que parece TRASVESTI es ella no Aniston.. no entiendo el alboroto, ojala le paguen lo mimo cuando vendan fotos de sus "hijos" drogadictos en internet, de una madre asi que se puede esperar…. DID YOU READ WHAT I JUST POSTED? I`M WAITING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY..

  48. jpdee says – reply to this


    wasn't there a wee-wee drawn on mary a few minutes ago??

  49. chris says – reply to this


    To be or not to be….That is the question.

  50. sylvi says – reply to this


    if she hasn't given birth why hasn't she been photographed these past few weeks?

  51. CUNTY says – reply to this



  52. leeza says – reply to this


    who cares about this?????? If she had her babies, fine. She had them. Brangelina aren't as important as they think they are!!!!

  53. Slap. says – reply to this


    In the grand scheme of things, no one really cares if they got it wrong. It's Entertainment Tonight, forgawdsake. It's fun fluff, and that story is not important.
    Half of today's e-stories are often conjecture.

  54. hate says – reply to this


    maybe the little twin bastards died and it is too personal to share? maybe, hopefully angelina died ? we can dream cant we?

  55. passe says – reply to this


    Hollywood is so freaking stupid. All Angelina has to do is walk out onto her balcony for 2 minutes and this whole thing can be solved unless she's so deeply dishonest that she would wear a prosthetic under her clothes to make herself appear pregnant. I think the babies probably HAVE been born though I must tell you that I couldn't care less. I can't stand the twisted vampiress or her slow-witted, academically-challenged boy toy. They both make me sick. I think she was envious of the attention Tom Cruise got for lying (and he's STILL lying" about the paternity and birth date of Suri and so she plotted to do the same with the twins. You've seen her. There's no way she's going to make it until August as she has claimed.

    Bottom line, however, is that nobody cares except you media people. The rest of us just want the mystery solved once and for all so that you will shut up about it.

  56. Brit says – reply to this


    Brad the dad is getting fat and Angelina with her twins will be just as fat.
    Angie is a homewrecker and those kids will become look like Demi Moore's children. UGLY.

  57. hag says – reply to this


    Re: Lara – LMAO……about when they are all teenagers. so true!!!!!!!! maybe they will get a group discount on rehab????

  58. Alexi says – reply to this


    Who cares? It's there business. why is the world so obsessed with their babies. She is NOT the only woman to have kids. I'm so sick of hearing about them!

  59. danny says – reply to this


    what happened to mary hart giving a bj? why u change pic? was she gonna sue?

  60. JENFR says – reply to this


    Re: hate

    Why are you coming out of the FF cesspool cage. Go on now, back to the cage.

  61. he's says – reply to this


    YOU KNOW why they would lie……..cause they're PR wh0res.

    And Brad is visiting another country because he DONE with her. He knows those pillows are fake.

  62. Bee says – reply to this


    You never know…. I think there is a probability that she did have them, because she has been seen in public after the Cannes festival. f she did have her babies well I sure hope they are both doing well. Either way these babies will be just as beautiful as Shiloh :)

  63. VAJJ says – reply to this



  64. Jesse says – reply to this



  65. swarm says – reply to this


    brad went out of the country as a smoke screen,
    and madwhore hasn't been seen in public since.
    Maybe she bled to death, too.
    So why not just say the truth?
    They'd get more charity money!

  66. swarm says – reply to this


    brad went out of the country as a smoke screen,
    and madwhore hasn't been seen in public since.
    Maybe she bled to death, too.
    So why not just say the truth?
    They'd get more charity money!
    dead baby jokes insert here

  67. Kim says – reply to this


    Honestly, who gives a flying fuck.

  68. swarm says – reply to this


    brad went out of the country as a smoke screen,
    and madwhore hasn't been seen in public since.
    Maybe she bled to death, too.
    So why not just say the truth?
    They'd get more charity money!
    dead baby jokes insert here

    How do you unload a truck load of dead babies?
    With a pitchfork.

  69. BryGu says – reply to this


    "never retracted a story" before, Mary???? Of course not. You're spoon-fed your scripts directly from TimeWarner and Viacom

  70. S says – reply to this


    Angie, healthy and GORGEOUS, was promoting 2 (two) films @ the
    prestigious CFF. One is a BO hit, and her acting in Changeling is
    CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED again. Oscar buzz! Yay!

    Angie SAID she'd "disappear" to be w/ her family, and that's exactly
    what she's DOING. You must be joking when you says she should show
    herself EVERYTIME someone says she gave birth - just to prove
    they were wrong! HELLO!

    Quit talking BS about Angie b/c PITT, a grownass 44-yr-old, DUMPED
    the ol' poor, poor and poor again, useless liar & manipulator Maniston &
    her Huvane! HE did, and has never took responsibilities for HIS OWN
    FAILURES (and neither has Maniston!)
    PR-IMAGES much? SAD.

  71. S says – reply to this


    Anyways, we Know now there was no "home", and a FAKE "goldensh$t couple" (and they by association!) was fabricated by the tabloids (as Maniston said on Oprah's show - BEFORE
    she decided to ride the J-Ps fame!!) Rotten!
    at the same time Maniston was
    "friendly" f-ing V.V, making a laughingstock out of him here in Chicago, and elsewhere.
    It should be a felony to put these 2 women in the same sentence (they
    are polar OPPOSITES in EVERYTHING) - JUST b/c Pitt fell
    hard for Angie (SHOCKING!) and wanted to have kids and a family with her -
    someting he NEVER had before.

    Angie's always been (brutally!) HONEST, and she's never ever had any
    RARITY in HW!
    (Use your heads)

  72. to si says – reply to this


    It's interesting what kind of "people" Aniston attracts!
    She fed them hate with her pity-old-me parties starting with that VF "article".
    There's no bigger publicity HO than Aniston (with pr-queen Huvane)-exposing
    her 40 years old self on a public pool with her son Mayer the Urinator this time around……versus loved-up Angie and Brad in Cannes !
    Now go read your tabloids that shamelessly L.I.E. to you over and over and over again about the s.a.me. crap that n.e.v.e.r. happens!

  73. Beetc says – reply to this


    What a Bitch; she hopes the babies were born when they said they were to protect their asses??? Wouldn't that mean the babies were premature??? No, not concerned about the babies at all if that's the case.

  74. Giada says – reply to this


    Why so much secrecy about her fucking twins? Where they born joined at the head or something?
    Anyway, who fucking cares!? There are millions of women giving birth every minute, Angelina is just another one so who gives a flying fuck about that anti-American cunt and her bastards?

  75. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: Beetc

    They're not her kids to be concerned over.

  76. Roche says – reply to this


    Seriously, who cares? Leave them alone, it's an event just for their family to know of. Love those people or not, (I'm on the NOT side), I'm sure they aren't calling your homes wanting to know how you're doing or how your family is, so gives a crap about theirs?

  77. Chris says – reply to this


    Did you ever consider that maybe if she did give birth the babies might be in poor condition? If she did give birth, it's extremely early! Maybe they want to keep everything under wraps until the twins are healthy enough to take home. Hopefully this isn't the case and the twins are completely healthy whether they are in or out of the womb.

  78. Jimmy says – reply to this



  79. pat o says – reply to this


    Where are the twins ET? Perez blast them? like Mary Hart vetted a source in her life? PUH-lease