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Get Ready For It

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This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Rumors keep circulating that Heidi Montag and hubby-to-be Spencer Pratt are in talks to have their wedding seen by millions.

Yes, they're (eventually) getting their own reality show.

And, get this, they're planning with the heads at MTV to have their wedding on a live telecast.

OMG, we totally see Lauren OBJECTING!

According the the couple, their dream is to have a small wedding on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island in the Virgin Islands.

For food, they'd love to have it catered by Wolfgang Puck's Cut restaurant.

For their guests, they'd like to give everyone watches by Jason of Beverly Hills.

And as for a performance, they'd want U2 to perform.

Yeah, and then they woke up from their dream!

Shouldn't Heidi perform one of her shiteous songs at the wedding???

Spencer can choreograph!

Keep up with the name dropping, though.

Maybe if you mention Vera Wang enough, she'll make your dress for free?

[Image via WENN.]

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246 comments to “Get Ready For It”

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  1. what says – reply to this


    WOW what would Bono do??? Raise money for Darfur or play for two fake boobs. And I am just talking about hEidi and her fake hills.

    Heidi and Spencer suck. And so does Perez for reporting on this retardedness.

  2. Emma! says – reply to this


    Who cares about this shiteous couple?
    I thought their 15 minutes were UP D:


  3. Jessi says – reply to this


    Love em!

    A lot of pple are haters but these people have to be really smart and hard working to build their own empire and stay so perfect lookin! That shits hard work. They seem nicer than LC

  4. Dan says – reply to this


    I would watch it!

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    LOVE EM! They're my fav. part of The Hills! Thanks for always writing about em Perez! I think they're growing on you!

  6. J says – reply to this


    OMG, they are the UGLIEST couple ever! and they actually do look liike they're made of plastic! Who are they anyway?

  7. maria says – reply to this


    I can not imagine looking at his square, plastic, chessy ass face durning sex and being like "oh yeah Spency baby, give it to me".  I think I'd just kick him off.  Shes no prize either though

  8. Krist says – reply to this


    Wow, a lot of you pple are WAaaaay, to angry. Its hella weird. You should redirect your passion to something that actually matters.

  9. Laure says – reply to this



  10. BigK says – reply to this


    Do not ever insult Barbie or Ken like that again! Why are the even famous?

  11. 43242 says – reply to this



  12. Megan says – reply to this


    I'll watch it!

    They're pretty.

    Team Heidi!

  13. Jason says – reply to this


    I bet there's like one or two angry pple with no life changing they're name a bunch of times to write all of these horrible posts:) That sounds like something a hater with a vengance would do, lol

    U pple need to refocus that energy! Go fight global warming! Or write nasty letters to Bush about the war or something. Have you nothing better to do than this?

  14. lilit says – reply to this


    i want to run both of them over with my truck.

    they're both worthless

  15. lilit says – reply to this


    Just Joking! Actually I should be the one to get run over by a truck. I'm sorry I hated. I love Heidi and Spencer.

  16. Kelse says – reply to this


    Wow well Spencer and Heidi are pretty awesome for being able to read shit like you guys are posting and still smile and be perfect!

  17. barbi says – reply to this


    i always thought ken was gay

  18. Denis says – reply to this


    They're cool, stop hating.

  19. Sandy says – reply to this


    Enough of them already! MTV should take the money from the televised wedding fiasco and feed starving children, not these morons. They need a real job. Hello!

  20. lex says – reply to this


    to bad she's using him for his money. the only reason i might watch that to see if they even get married

  21. 121

    All I have to say is: All the "love them" people is either Speidi posting, or their friends. I refuse to believe that people could actually love them!!! LOL

    I still like LC best….never did totally warm up to Audrina or Lo….

  22. ohmyb says – reply to this


    uh yeah. U2 doesn't do private shows. & they sure as hell wouldn't perform for these losers. & i'm sure richard branson will let them use his property - NOT. def agree on the vegas/hooters combo. heidi will need a job there soon enough. talentless plastic wench. spencer needs a beat down ASAP.

  23. straw says – reply to this


    he has the scariest face EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. BryGu says – reply to this


    Heidi's CHIN IMPLANT was a big mistake

  25. Lisa says – reply to this


    Hey - I think they are lame, but if I'm invited, I'm going! Perez, wanna be my date? You know you wanna go and see how cheesy it is!

  26. ev323 says – reply to this


    NOOOOOoooo Heidi not Spencer!!! Spencers a fAmE wHoRe dont heidi. I wish her well but dont get married to him

  27. moth says – reply to this


    Re: Rndal – *get raped

  28. Elise says – reply to this


    I used to not like them but now I do. They grew on me!

  29. 129

    i have no idea who these 2 mannequins are but they look like nazis, especially him!

  30. MoKno says – reply to this


    OMFG! GO AWAY! And WTF? Are they using the same skin care as greasy Gummi Bear Davis?? All the pics of scene of the See You Next Tuesday have her face all greasy and waxy looking. Wouldn't even buy the US that had her on the cover. I give them 20/80 on 20 & real body parts and 80% fake parts/ plastic surgery. DISGUSTING!

  31. MoNo says – reply to this


    OMFG! GO AWAY! And WTF? Are they using the same skin care as greasy Gummi Bear Davis?? All the pics of the See You Next Tuesday have her face all greasy and waxy looking. Wouldn't even buy the US that had her on the cover. I give them 20/80 on 20 & real body parts and 80% fake parts/ plastic surgery. DISGUSTING!

  32. Yo ma says – reply to this


    These two are so pathetic it's unreal! For all of you that are even remotely interested in what they are doing or saying, there are MANY other more important things in this world, trust me!

  33. SuzyQ says – reply to this


    Don't they look like Malibu Ken & Barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. anna says – reply to this



  35. u2mad says – reply to this


    What-the-fuck-ever! U2 would never, ever consider playing for their wedding. Speidi needs to get a life! Seriously! It pisses me off that they would think that U2 would waste their time on them. If anything, my good ol' favorite band would play for a true, regular, normal fan (such as myself!) not these publicity-lovin two.

  36. LOL says – reply to this


    OMG his eyes are sooo close together! He totally looks inbred!!!

  37. babs says – reply to this


    I am so sick of Barbie and Ken……

  38. Speid says – reply to this


    If those two convinced U2 to play their "wedding", the rest of the world would blow their own brains out. And Bono would get committed to a mental hospital.

  39. molly says – reply to this


    oh god…saw this one coming a mile away. i used to be a lauren fan and was happy to see her succeed because i looked up to her for her simple but sexy style. now i think shes a friggin cu nt rag. id rather watch these two idiots than lauren being an a hole to all of her 'bffs'. shes such a b!tch.

  40. ali says – reply to this


    F*ck thats funny!! he looks like the demon spawn hybrid of chucky and a ken doll!! plastic planet baby!! what a joke- man i wish she would see him for the complete dolt he really is! not that her use of jazz hands when singing is more attractive- but I can see her growing out of him soon- unless she is really that tragic and blinded by his notoriety and famous friends..sad

  41. WTF says – reply to this


    I have no fucking idea who these two idiots are, but I have to comment on her bag. I purchased this bag in July 2007 and it was the worst $700 I ever gave Louis Vuitton. Ladies, save your money. The side straps don't stay tight and the bag has zero structure. It's a great tote but DUH you don't have to spend that much money on a canvas tote. I am a LV fan for life but this was a bad call. My bad! Save your money! P.S. if you do buy it, invest the $20 in a hard plastic bottom piece for the interior that some lady is selling on Ebay. You have to buy a piece of shit plastic piece on Ebay for $20 to help a $700 LV bag work. See what I mean? Fucked up.

  42. Bivi says – reply to this


    What an insult to the Ken and Barbie dolls. These people are fugly.

  43. Ven says – reply to this


    If anyone influential happens to read this. PLEASE DON'T GIVE HEIDI AND SPENCER their own show! The are the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world. There are enough important issues that would benefit from being televised without these two twats being highlighted. I am refusing to watch any episode of the Hills that these two douches are a part of.

  44. Beth says – reply to this


    Is it just me or has Spencer had some work done? His face looks weird!

  45. chuls says – reply to this



    wake up! "ken&barbie"

    its not gonna happen =]

  46. Vasa says – reply to this


    Perez please stop writing about them. Find something else to report. PS. I wonder if Spencer feels masculine running around with bleached white teeth, blonde highlights and a fake tan. I think HE is Barbie gone wrong.

  47. No Ve says – reply to this


    I hope Miss Vera Wang doesn't make them a dress!!!

  48. ash says – reply to this


    okay first off y the hell woudl they give them there own show? they are boring all it is is spencer saying hwo much he wants heidi to himself n heidi just bitching about how much she hates lauren lol and lol @ u2 playing @ there wedding - yeah that will truley happen n them mother teresa will rise form the dead! lol

  49. anon says – reply to this


    Is Spencer made of plastic? Seriously ~ I am so sick of these two and the photo ops they stage. Heidi always looks "surprised" or like Spencer has just stuck his finger in her ass.

  50. ethan says – reply to this


    more like dumb and dumber.

    but i would let spencer fu** me all NIGHT!

  51. Nunya says – reply to this


    He is so fucking ugly! Stop posting pictures of his FUG ass Perez!

  52. Anti says – reply to this


    First… Good Ole Spence looks like a fricken tranny like "BULL" in mens clothing TRYING TO BE A MAN but really NOT a man. I can't beleive how much he looks like an old woman, don't you all think? I can't beleive Heidi is with such a DRIP or Gay like looking thang! Nothing against gays, I Love them all, but you get the drift…. CHEESY

  53. ess says – reply to this


    Okay. So basically these clowns want to treat their guests to any location, food and gift that they can get freely donated from said sponsors. As for Bono, I think he has better things to do (absolving poverty/global debts, educating the entire continent of Africa about AIDS and ending hunger).
    ps. just my imagination, or is the blonde clown wearing the red tie also wearing eye liner…?

  54. capit says – reply to this


    Honestly, who cares about these two nobodies? Why are they all over the internet and tabloids? I really have no idea who they are but clearly he is gayer than Clay Aiken so clearly their relationship is fake. She looks like every other LA plastic face, Asslee Ho-lsen, the mutilated chick from HS High et al.

  55. prani says – reply to this


    they are soooooo fake..i hate spencer and heidi..and they have their own reality show?!!!!! fuck that!!!!!!!!..cumon! its such a waste..they are both retards!!!!!!!

  56. jaks says – reply to this


    Perez…why do you waste our time "reporting"…sorry I mean PROMOTING these 2 nobodies? What are they paying you? Is Spencer your boyfriend? Is it me ,or does anybody else think that Spencer looks like a woman..ewwwww pretty coifed blond men…soooo unaattractive.

  57. Gyna says – reply to this


    I think Spencer is wearing makeup and blue eye contacts. I really wish they would go away. And I saw Heidi's acting talent on the commercials for MTV. She's gonna need years of training if she thinks she's ever gonna win an Oscar. U2 at their wedding maybe but an Oscar, forget it!

  58. sofon says – reply to this


    These two are just a new version of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Remember that stupid book Jessica "wrote" on how to have your dream wedding?
    Go Away. Please.

  59. sanca says – reply to this


    they think they're superstars… yuck! i only got to know them by reading perez! and all is not pretty!

  60. Laure says – reply to this


    STOP SENDING YOUNG AMERICANS TO IRAQ!!! LETS JUST SEND THESE 2!!! I hate these 2 attention whores.

  61. Lizz says – reply to this


    Perezito! Por Favor! Stop posting shit about these two non talented, assholes. My right toe has more talent then these bitches.

    Con Mucho Amor Y Carino,

  62. Loz says – reply to this


    Heidi is a brand name wanker. Who wears chanel with a louis vuitton bag at the same time? So not glamour

  63. grrr says – reply to this


    spencer has to be the weirdest looking thing i have ever seen ,,,so far!

  64. alexi says – reply to this


    I would hope Vera Wang would have the sense NOT to design this moron's dress. Her stock would plummet dramatically if she did.

  65. trist says – reply to this


    are those wax figures????

  66. PETA says – reply to this


    U2 will never deal with these two losers.

    I hope Sir Richard Branson and Vera Wang will give it to them for free. These two are losers. If you need these two to get publicity, you are sinking too low. Way too low.

  67. lame! says – reply to this


    i am soooooo sick of these never-beens, they're so obnoxious, go away, already!

  68. bunse says – reply to this


    You gotta be one lame-ass motherfucker to waste your time watching these two nobodies get married on TV. Really, who gives a shit?

  69. sTAR says – reply to this


    U2 is performing…riiiiiiight and then Nelson Mandela will give a speech and Snow White and the seven dwarves will bring dessert….. These two are so disgusting….ughh. I don't watch whatever shows they are on. That guy looks like a total asshole and the girl looks completely brain dead and in denial. Hope they save the cash they are making. Nothing credible will ever come out of these two.

  70. kate says – reply to this


    wow, could they look anymore like wax figures?

  71. teamn says – reply to this


    omg, would so watch and all you haters would too just to make comments aout it…they're not getting married at bransons in bvi but branson, missouri…lmfao

  72. cathy says – reply to this


    Ohh emm gee
    these twoo are weirddd. and This just proves itt
    Cause me too I want my wedding seen by millions
    I could sooo seee no one watching this shittttt.
    p.s they look like wax figuresss.
    p.p.s I think I would DIE of laughter if whatsherface sung at her wedding.
    and bring in the fake backgroud, and some sand, for her to rool around in.

    ohhhh myyy.
    Go get real jobs, and leave us aloneeeeeee.

  73. lilin says – reply to this


    he looks like he's freaked out, do you think she might be blackmailing him with something? Dude wants to secape.

  74. llac says – reply to this


    UM EWW…lets just stop talking about these two..NO ONE cares..if they make a show I'm seriously going to boycott. They are probably the worst ppl on the hills and i don't know why they get so much publicity..what do ppl see in them.

    Shes a bad singer who thinks shes hot..yea right
    and he's just a waste..that has a lot of money..from daddy

    ..lets get over it

  75. ms.le says – reply to this


    helllll naw they do not look like ken and barbie hell ken and barbie are noth this ugly or anyoining every time they come on t.v i wanna there my shoe @ the t.v

  76. 176

    All you bloggers need to stop giving them press and they will go away. PLEASE!!!!!!

  77. 177

    ughhhh i HATE THEM!

  78. NGTR says – reply to this


    Interesting you would call the Ken and Barbie… You know what I used to do with my barbies? Pulled off their heads… sometimes grab a sharpie and color on their faces… Don't report me to the cops, I'm just saying…

  79. Britt says – reply to this


    What a waste of televison space. If it will be on MTV music videos and not their stupid wedding….This couple is SOOOOOO annoying. They arent the villian because lauren made "them" it. It is because they are fake and annoying.

  80. jan says – reply to this


    ooh u2 won't at their wedding but since bono such o good guy maybe he will perform at their funeral

  81. Uptow says – reply to this


    Fucking douches.

  82. lu says – reply to this


    Looking for freebies like Star Jones? WG Puck, I think not. Maybe they should try Panda Express. U2, I don't think so. Maybe Lilo will perform for free. I want to beat the crap out of Beavis look-a-like. On a brighter note, I think she should do porn.

  83. clovv says – reply to this


    grodey to the max. seriously.

  84. smitt says – reply to this


    DECAPITATION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Robin says – reply to this


    They must be crack in the heard or smoking crack. They are not that famous and they don't have that much money to give to Africa for U2 to preform at their shitty wedding. What a bunch of assholes.

  86. 186

    they both are fuckin losers !!! i cant believe they think that ppl actually care about them and their stupid fuckin wedding !@!! they both need to fuck off and go to hell and get off TV

  87. 187

    What happened to his face?

  88. KELT says – reply to this


    White Trash
    bad name !

  89. njfre says – reply to this


    perez, this is 911, it's an emergency, please go hetrosexual and take Heidi away from this assface. If u marry her it would be the most watched wedding on tv since Luke married Laura. If you have any doubts, there is a strong possibility that Heidi has a cock.

  90. ewewe says – reply to this


    omggg no one watcch this ishhh and maybe they;ll go a-freakin-wayyyy

  91. saman says – reply to this


    Quit doing stories on these fucktards, fatass. If you watch anything with them in it you're either 13 or retarded.

  92. maryc says – reply to this


    they discust me! who would watch that trash? i guess a lot of people, actually, if they're getting their own show.

    spencer looks like a wax figure-what a freak!
    i wish people would stop taking pictures of them so i would'nt have to look at them when i'm trying to read about REAL celebrities, i.e. people that have actually DONE something with their lives?

  93. Alici says – reply to this


    Honestly, I remember when you had to have some sort of talent to get on T.V. They're just giving the roles away. As long as you have a decent face and can yell obsceneties out the ying yang you are a candidate for prime time television.

    The saddest part is that people watch it.


  94. ??? says – reply to this


    They're all in it together. Saw Perez and them getting all chummy at some event. Perez is just like every other tabloid he claims not to be. How much did they pay you to blog about them fatass?

  95. jack says – reply to this


    I like all of Heidi's songs they're catchy!

  96. carly says – reply to this


    Spencer's face looks like those little troll keychains, etc., that were popular in the 70's…so-o-o ugly

  97. tEAM says – reply to this


    is it me or does heidi's face get more and more plastic everytime we see her…
    WHY is she famous? She cant sing she cant act her man is hideous and she WAY too skinny. I hope she reads this. EAT A CHEESEBUGER HEIDI! Anorexia is whack!!!!!!

  98. patty says – reply to this


    did he have eye lift surgery?

  99. hello says – reply to this


    Wait, she wants to get married on an island?! Wasn't she bitching and complaining to him on an episode of the Hills that she wanted to get married in a church? Umm yeah, maybe Spencer is brain washing her. Yeah, those idiots belong together. MTV please don't give them a show…

  100. leesa says – reply to this


    Ken and Barbie? What are you on crack? More like Pimp And Ho!
    Perez these people are WHITE TRASH! Let them fade away so we don't have to look at their ugly goon faced pictures anymore.

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