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Oprah's Words of Wisdom

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Oprah Winfrey delivered the Commencement address for Stanford University this past Sunday.

The big O told the 4,700 smarty pants nabbing their degrees to trust their guts.

Opes said, "When you are doing the work you are meant to do, it feels right. Feelings are really your GPS system for life. Check your ego at the door and check your gut instead…Every wrong decision was the result of me not listening to my voice. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it."

Reports also detail that the media mogul spoke about the need to be open to life's numerous lessons - and the importance of feelings, learning from failure and finding happiness.

Surprisingly, she spoke about how she built a school for girls in South Africa and spent time and energy picking out sheets and pillows, only to learn later that one of the dorm matrons had been accused of sexual abuse.

"I had been paying attention to all of the wrong things," Winfrey said. "I built a school from the outside in, instead of from the inside out."

Not surprisingly, she also talked about finding happiness, appealing to the grads not to live for themselves alone. O said, "To move forward, you have to give back. To be happy, you have to give something back."

Oprah also revealed that she was especially thrilled to be part of the ceremony because her BFF Gail King's daughter Kirby was one of the grads!

Opes said that it was the first time ever that goddaughter Kirby allowed her on campus. Daughter of Gail apparently never talked about their relationship to fellow students.

How humble of Kirby.

If Opes was our god mother, the world would know!

[Image by Kirstina Sangsahachart via Mercury News.]

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68 comments to “Oprah's Words of Wisdom”

  1. jacki says – reply to this


    I'd rather hear about orange oprah

  2. bluek says – reply to this



  3. 3

    i want oprah to me my god mother. i'd let EVERYBODY know it. ha

  4. Lisa says – reply to this


    nice, they get Oprah and we get the damn Logger…..go figure.

  5. Linda says – reply to this


    She's a Great woman- all People should admire Her!

  6. 6

    So Perez, in other words, Kirby's university degree was more important to her than her nearness to the fickle fleeting world of fame and celebrity.
    And, YOUR nearness to the fickle fleeting world of fame and celebrity is more important to you than a university degree.
    Which, comparatively isn't all that bad. I rarely read a post on this site composed by anyone with more than a 10th grade education or older than 19.

  7. Vinny says – reply to this


    I wish Ofrah was my godmother. Nate would have hooked her dorm room up.

  8. 8

    Kirby didn't want anyone to know Oprah was her Godmother because there would be LOTS of questions about Oprah and Gayle's "relationship." Right?

  9. dat b says – reply to this


    i wouldn't tell ne one either…shes pyscho!

  10. Lara says – reply to this


    1) "To be happy, you have to give something back."
    Oprah's percentage of "giving back" is about 0.5%. She has what, millions of dollars, including $40,000-worth of "normal" kitchens in her (how many? five? six?) million dollar houses?
    And yet kids in Chicago (once city, for example) are still living in filth, starving & dying in the street?
    2) "If it doesn't feel right, don't do it."
    This is why she doesn't sleep with Stedman. ;)

  11. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: Lara
    typo: that's "Chicago, once HER HOME city…" :)

  12. 12

    Re: MsAdventure – Number 8, you dope. If Gayle or Oprah had ever wanted to rebut the insinuations about their friendship—which they obviously NEVER took seriously—pulling the "daughter card" would have been the quickest, simplest argument (among many other instances) to put out there.

  13. YSL says – reply to this


    Re: Poppa Art – Hello, Andy Dahhhhlllliiiiinnnnngggggg!

  14. shou says – reply to this


    oprah is the anti-christ.

  15. sad says – reply to this


    Oprah is amazing and inspiring and I wish there were more people like her in this world!! Go Oprah!

  16. JodiF says – reply to this


    Re: Poppa Art
    You know
    any lesbo
    can get

  17. Carly says – reply to this


    Kirby must have had her share of friends during earlier life that are total star-fuckers. I went to UCSD with the daughter of an A list movie actor (uber famous). She went by her mother's maiden name all through college. A handful of us knew who her Dad was, but even guys she dated only knew that her Dad 'worked for Dreamworks', as she put it. I guess when you are secure in who you are, you don't need to drop names.

  18. brigh says – reply to this


    I have a friend who just graduated from Harvard. She told me Oprah had been approached to speak at their commencement. Oprah said she would only speak if they gave her an honorary degree. Harvard refused and so they go JK. Rowling instead. Which I think was better anyway.

  19. NO O! says – reply to this


    Enough of Oprah!
    She messed things up for Hillary and now were stuck with OPRAH/OBAMA.
    Thanks for being soooooooo selfish hurting Hillary in the election!
    FYI Oprah your not GOD and Obama sucks!
    Go McCain/Hillary!

  20. 20

    Re: YSLRe: JodiF – Hello "YSL" glad you're back. And Jodie Foster, there are vastly more people preoccupied with "making" people gay, than there are gay people. Breeders (and gays & lesbians) peculiarly obsessed with the notion of homosexuality.
    Besides, it's STANFORD…!!! IF Oprah were gay AND her godmother would only made her all the more the "IT" girl, the "BGOC" — the Big Gal On Campus.
    Logic again slays the ignorant.

  21. Truth says – reply to this


    Not let Oprah on campus?? Oprah most certainly strong armed Stanford (via a massive contribution) to admit her godchild in the first place. THAT'S the reason her god daughter didn't want her there - she didn't get in on her own merit and didn't want to publicize it. What other reason was Oprah the commencement speaker? $$$$$$ The donation was released under the name of a private fund. Do some digging.

  22. dumb says – reply to this


    I think its ridiculous when they have celebrities involved in college functions.. especially when they receive HONORARY DEGREES. Does Oprah even HAVE college degree? If not.. what the hell is she doing there?

  23. facts says – reply to this


    it was well-known in the black community at stanford that kirby is oprah's goddaughter. in fact, many people guessed years ahead of time that oprah would be the '08 commencement speaker because of the connection. kirby definitely didn't flaunt it (level-headed, cool girl from what i know), but it wasn't a secret either! personally, i am jealous because tom brokaw was my commencement speaker and totally BORING.

  24. FALSE says – reply to this


    Re: Truth – the idea that Oprah donated money for her god daughter to go to Stanford is totally ridiculous and upsetting. I went to high school with Kirby and she was a very smart and hard working person. you have no idea what you're talking about

  25. sensi says – reply to this


    Why is the dumb bitch there at all if her god daughter didn't mention her. dddduuuuhhhhh.Mabey she should go live in Africa so she knows what the fuck is goin on anywhere!! People only want the rich pigs money…and Ovomit fucks goats to !!!!

  26. nicol says – reply to this


    Oprahs star has fallen with me. She is no longer a trail blazer or anyone who interests me. She had a show on prime time where people were voted off for doing good because they weren't good enough. Keep watching all the turmoil that is to come for her because she is following herself rather than a higher power. She thinks she is the highest power and she will fall the hardest.

  27. 27

    Re: Poppa Art – Everyone has always known Gayle has a daughter, sweetie. Having offspring does not confirm one's sexual orientation. I have lots of gay girlfriends and most are mothers. Honey.

  28. misch says – reply to this


    oprah save our lifes. she's Queen !

  29. lor says – reply to this


    Everyone listens to our gut, however, hardly anyone of us ever heeds it.

  30. LisaK says – reply to this


    Oprah also spoke at Kirby's graduation from Greenwich Academy 4 years ago. Most of the GA girls go on to topknotch universities, it is expected when parents have shelled out 25K + per year for school, so I doubt if Auntie O had anything to do with getting her accepted at Stanford.

  31. j says – reply to this


    ps all schools ARE built from the outside in.

  32. truth says – reply to this


    Like her or hate her– Oprah is #1 on Forbes new list.

  33. xusze says – reply to this


    I don't trust Oprah any more since she did her disgusting 2 day ass-licking shows with Tom 'douchebag' Cruise.

  34. Jay says – reply to this



  35. karen says – reply to this


    I've done some amazingly stupid things by listening to my inner voice.

  36. Hard says – reply to this


    You would tell everyone because you have serious self-esteem issues. You spend your life trying to acquire self-worth by association with celebs. Here's a hard truth for you: a bucket of sh*t splattered all over a Rolls Royce, is still just a bucket of sh*t. If you want real and lasting self-esteem, then improve yourself and stop trying to take a short cut by basking in the goodness of others.

    Secondly, Oprah has no business giving advice to anyone. Oprah is a very confused woman and she believes her own hype. If she weren't wealthy, she'd be just another old woman in the neighborhood who likes to gossip and meddle in everybody's business. Oprah has no "wisdom" to share because you can't share that which you don't have.

  37. Blunt says – reply to this


    Oprah is a big fraud. Look at her defending her decision to build a school in South Africa after massive criticism. Why didn't she build a school in the poor section of her hometown, Chicago? Answer: she's a radical leftist who is quick to put America down just like Obama.

  38. india says – reply to this


    she should have given each of them a dvd set of her repetitive show instead of showing up…. did she hear j.k rowling's speech…it was almost life changing for me and to quote this obama's biyach… my "AHA" moment…. sh sucks big time…

  39. lisa says – reply to this


    The only thing fatter than her fffffaaaaattttt bbbbuuuutttt is her fffffffffffaaaaaaaatttttttttt Head.

  40. denis says – reply to this


    she is a sham. always has been and always will be. If there isn't something in it for her, count her out. (her "girlfriends" kid is graduating from there, that is why she spoke there, otherwise you would nt catch her speaking at a "white college", If I was the college i would have turned her lard ass away/

  41. 41

    It sounds to me like Oprah put the Sermon on the mount into her own words. duh!

  42. scarl says – reply to this


    Maybe Kirby is embarrassed by her Godmother. Or perhaps, she thought the going to University was about her and not about Opes. Please, do we need to hear the Egyptian cotton sheet story yet again!

  43. erika says – reply to this


    my friend's brother was there as a graduate! i wish i could have been there, i adore oprah

  44. steph says – reply to this


    i went to 8th grade with Kirby and she is the sweetest person i have ever met! so is her mom, and good for kirby about not answering questions about oprah because its no ones business but theirs!

  45. mstop says – reply to this


    That's exactly why she's not your godmother :)

  46. L says – reply to this


    Words of wisdom? Please…..

  47. drea says – reply to this


    I love this new nickname; "Opes"!!
    It brings the LOLs!!

  48. Jaye says – reply to this


    Maybe she didn't talk to them about the O because the big O stole her mommy from her daddy.

  49. Mur says – reply to this


    I WAS THERE!!!!

  50. Chris says – reply to this


    I think it's great to have your godmother speak at your college graduation. If anyone of those graduates do half as well as Oprah then they would be a sucess. I think I wouldn't want people to know who I was either…I'm sure there are a lot of hangers on who would befriend her just because….nice to be just one of the (black) girls. Why wouldn't Kirby be able to get into Stanford??? I'm sure that she's had a great education…obviously, she not only got in but graduated too! Now if Oprah could give some help to the inner City kids…maybe they could suceed too. I'm sure that she has already…If only by showing what a poor black girl can do, if given the opportunity. I know that I looked for female role models as a kid ….

  51. Miza says – reply to this


    I was at that graduation, and my best friend knew Kirby, she is apparently and incredibly sweet girl, and i am glad she didnt tell everyone she was Oprahs goddaughter, people knew, but I mean i dont go around telling people who my godmother is even if she isnt famous so why go around saying its Oprah. I was a great talk and made you really think. The graduates all looked wonderful, and its good to know that they are encouraged to make a difference in the world with their degrees!

  52. ltran says – reply to this


    What I really need from Oprah is her stock picks.
    Eatin' that big plate of chicken must have felt right a few times.

  53. Kimbe says – reply to this


    I'm surprised anyone even likes Oprah anymore. She's so over.

  54. Kathy says – reply to this


    I met Kirby and she is very smart and extremely level headed. You can tell that she works hard to get everything she has as does her brother. Oprah nor Gayle had nothing to do with the work she puts in, the girl is smart and unlike a Paris Hilton who has money and squadors it aways, she has money and used it to obtain an education

  55. nosy says – reply to this


    I am so SICK of Oprah telling people what to do to be happy when she seems like the most miserable, conceited, full-of-herself, unhappy person. You can see how materialistic she is, picking out pillows for a school. And come on, she's so fat because she can't find happiness inside, so she has to eat. So Oprah, really, go check yourself.

  56. janie says – reply to this


    Re: ltran

    hilarious! this is the funniest comment of the bunch!

  57. Magel says – reply to this


    "" Check your ego at the door ""
    What a fucken hypocritical Bitch!
    Practice what you preach and take your ugly brushed up fat face and body off of that pathetic magazine of yours and perhaps I'll read the headlines.
    and then she goes on to say
    "" Every wrong decision was the result of me not listening to my voice ""
    I don't need Dr. Phil to tell me that the above quote denoted signs of irresponsibility and accountability. Wanting to blame someone else for her ultimite actions. Look at her pointing her finger like a wand.
    ( Oh, It's Oprah… Waiving her wand of mesmarization… )
    What great wisdom comes out of her mouth anyways….. ? Zippo Harpo!!!

  58. Amy says – reply to this


    Negative… I def wouldn't tell… that heifer is racist!

  59. cc says – reply to this


    Re: Truth
    The idea that Kirby got into Stanford because of a contribution to the school from Oprah is so ridiculous! I have had several with her at Stanford and she is a very smart girl.

  60. cc says – reply to this


    Re: Truth
    The idea that Kirby got into Stanford because of a contribution to the school from Oprah is so ridiculous! I have had several with her at Stanford and she is a very smart girl. Whether or not Oprah donates money to Stanford I don't know…but that would not be strange considering it is very common for wealthy people to make contributions to universities…

  61. oprah says – reply to this


    shes speaking at my high school graduation next year woooohoooo


  62. jenbu says – reply to this


    oprah winfrey, negro woman from the south!

  63. Xtina says – reply to this


    Kriby is the name of a vaccume not a person..Nice try!! And Oprah sucks..How about you do something positive for the starving and abused children in your own country for once????? Build a f'n school here!! Stupid cunt!

  64. ss794 says – reply to this


    I can't stand Oprah. She constantly has Scieno celebrities on. She white-washed the whole Tom Cruise interview. Research the abuses that go on in Scientology - forced abortions, child labor, 36 cents an hour, beaten, disconnected from families, etc. How dare Oprah call herself a humanitarian and support those celebrities who fund this abuse.

    Nancy Cartwright, Leah Remini, Kirsti Allie, Travolta, Preston, and Cruise all gave millions to the Scientology "WAR CHEST." This chest is used to Fair Game ex-members and critics.

    Fair Game Policy: SPs and Critics may be deprived of property or injured by
    any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the
    Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

  65. 65

    Re: MsAdventure – Don't lecture me, 28. Save that for someone who needs it. I've been gay longer than you've probably been alive.
    Everyone knows homosexuals can beget offspring, blah, blah, blah……..
    And everyone knows offspring do not prove a parent's sexuality, blah, blah, blah……..
    THAT I have known probably longer than you've been alive.
    I don't care what Oprah is, but there is no proof beyond the shadow of doubt that would lend a logical argument that she is. Or is not.
    I hate people who scramble to state the obvious, just because they see a poster they want to lecture or beat down.
    And females with resentments who attack male figures because they have issues.
    Spare your contrived condescension.
    I am not your sweetie, nor your honey. My grandmother calls me that. But you're neither as old, nor intelligent, nor wise as my grandmother.
    I prefer you not speak to me at all.

  66. sheil says – reply to this


    you know what it is with oprah? she actually believes that she is everyone's vessel to a higher power. she's completely delusional, and truly believes her own shit. i think of late, the rose is off the bloom for her. people are starting to see she is not Ghandi and just because she's rich, doesn't make her any more human than i am. i couldn't stand her when she was vouge, but i'm happy to see that people are coming around. although i don't want to say anything cruel about her physical appearance, her fluctuating weight does show her instability. i think she looked fine when she was heavy, but her inner soul tells her otherwise. if she was so happy with herself, she would stay one way, consistent and stop trying to rope the world into thinking she's something other than what she is, whoever she is this year.

  67. edjuc says – reply to this


    did she even go to college??

  68. stan says – reply to this


    Kirby didn't blab about her relationship to Oprah, but it's not as if no one knew. Besides, it just isn't that big of a deal…celebrities attend Stanford all the time, you just get used to seeing them around campus…believe it or not, they are human too.