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She Just Won't Shut Up

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Denise Richards is such an attention whore.

Denise sat down with TV Guide for their new issue and, no surprise, paints a douchebaggy pic of Charlie Sheen.

She also goes on to stand by her account of the whole Richie Sambora/Heather Locklear affair (which we totally think she's lying about).

Denise says it's on: "The gloves are off," she says, "When I keep my mouth shut, [Charlie] continues to fuel [the feud] anyway, so I'm not gonna sit back anymore."

But what about your kids??? This can't be good for them!!!!

Denise implies that ex-husband Sheen is an effed up/warped dad: "They (Sheen/Richards' daughters Sam and Lola) were told they were going to be flower girls (at Charlie's recent wedding). But then Charlie changed his mind. Actually, Charlie and Brooke got the girls little necklaces for the wedding, but when they came home I was told by the nanny they had to give them back." Denise continues, "I said, 'But aren't they a gift?' The nanny said, 'They are, but they can only wear them at his house.' I said, 'Have him call his lawyer then, ’cause I'm not gonna tell a 3- and 4-year-old, 'You have to give back the necklaces Daddy gave you and only wear them at Daddy's house.' [pause] Now, I know this sounds f—ing crazy – and it is. But this is what I deal with."

Regarding the public perception that she's a husband-stealer: "The timeline was that Charlie and I ended, then my friendship with Heather [Locklear] – which wasn't a long friendship – ended, then she filed for divorce, and then Richie [Sambora] and I got together after that…But I knew that in the public's eye – because Heather is America's TV sweetheart – it wasn't gonna go over well…Because the press made it seem that she and I were having dinner on Friday and I was screwing her husband on Sunday, and that's not the case. Heather knows that I did not 'steal' Richie. She knows it."

Denise on getting married again: "Oh yeah!" she says emphatically. "I'm not bitter from this. I know I'll find the right one, damn it. But when I do I will never get divorced. I'm done. [laughs]…But I love men. I've never ended badly with someone except my ex-husband."

Dear Denise Richards, shut up and get naked.

Pose for Playboy, make money, be a mom.

And shut up!

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260 comments to “She Just Won't Shut Up”

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  1. lethe says – reply to this


    I agree with so many others.. the necklace story sounds like a microcosim of what Sheen is like. Why is it is so hard for YOU to admit that this guy may be the very JACKASS he's portrayed to be?? Have a CRUSH?? Stories about his big dick just way too much for you to be objective???

  2. jen says – reply to this


    Re: Sad
    Seriously, get a grip. The girls are young and their is no reason why they can't keep belongings at their dad's. Secondly, until they can be responsible and take care f it themselves, it should be kept at his house. You know Denise would be hock (sp?) them for money and then say the girls lost them. At his house, he knows they are safe and will always be there for the girls when they are at his house…the necklaces do represent the day Charlie remarried.

  3. Dick says – reply to this


    Re: jen – To even intimate that Denise would 'hock' them shows just what kind of person you are; someone who would consider hocking little girls necklaces. How do you like it? If he wants 'gifts' as future treasures, that's great, but why not give them to the girls in the future. That was just small. If they disappeared at Denise's house, then they might have something to say. What douchebags. I don't get that Denise would ever do that, at all. I do get, though, that they would do what they did with the necklaces. Besides, don't tell it to me, tell it to the little girls why they can't wear their necklaces. Oh, mommy is a thief. Just more douchebaggery. Warped.

  4. Eunac says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think she kinda looks like Michael Jackson? Just in the face?

  5. Tonya says – reply to this


    I think that Denise doing this show has proven that she is actually normal! She seems like a good Mom and of course, when we are all going through hard times, we all can be crazy. I for one like her a lot more now, I think that Charlie is the freak. Denise, you rock!! You go girl!

  6. RHOND says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,

    Shut up and get off of Denise she is far better than that dumb ass Charlie who does not think his children should be vaccinated

  7. Mizon says – reply to this


    I actually like Denise Richards alot. I think charlie is a douchebag. I wish Perez would give her a break.

  8. BDG says – reply to this


    I believe Denise for the most part. Granted, I think they are both at fault, it takes two, but Denise is standing up for herself in a web that Charlie has created…I can't be happy for either of them but I believe that Charlie is at the most fault. Just be a dad, get on with your life.

  9. bdg says – reply to this


    Re: JESS

    You suck! Get a life…in the present. The world is better off if you educate and release yourself from your chains of hate.

  10. Ameli says – reply to this


    Doesn't anyone whining about Charlie Sheen and his Heidi Fleiss hookers realize that's how Charlie met Denise in the first place? Word around town is that she was one of Heidi's girls. "Vapid whore" indeed.

  11. Keli says – reply to this


    C'mon, Perez…leave her alone. SHE'S an attention whore?? How about Lohan? Spears? She is nowhere near as bad as other people. Give her a break.

  12. TC says – reply to this


    Re: tobi – And Charlie is a good example for his DAUGHTERS?

  13. 213

    I do wish she would take the high road on this…but she's probably being pushed to make some noise for the ratings. But I agree with her on the fact that Charlie Sheen is a creep. His own father had him arrested b/c of DRUGS to the point that he was OUT OF CONTROL. Then the whole hooker/porno thing. HE HAS NOT CHANGED…just learn to hide his deviant behavior.

  14. Trace says – reply to this


    I like Denise Richards, I don't know why Paris hates on her so much. I guess he is friends with Charlie or Heather. I like her show and wish her all the best. Don't be such a hater Paris. She's not the devil !

  15. Bread says – reply to this


    Perez, if you really hate everything the woman says so much, you could–and oh, what a crazy thought this is–simply stop. Reporting. Her words.

  16. jenna says – reply to this


    charlie sheen is the biggest asshole. how can you defend ANYONE who wishes cancer on the mother of his two children? i don't care how much of a whore she might be, that is just wrong- how will his daughters feel in 15 years when they know that their dad wished death and disease on their mom?

  17. Charl says – reply to this


    Yo man, you are making me proud today! Two nasty anti-Denise blogs in one day! For that I owe you not one but two blond blue eyed model twins! You are going to be more sore than Brooke during our honeymooning! Take it easy bro and keep up the Denise trash job!

  18. usuck says – reply to this


    you loser perez…..get a life and stop obsessing about denise, she's way cooler than you, you stupid piece of shit

  19. Ridic says – reply to this


    You're an idiot, Perez. Any man that disses his ex-wife when commenting publicly on his BRAND NEW marriage is fucking psychotic. You hate on Denise becuase you're jealous of her long hair and perky tatas. Fat ass.

  20. Polly says – reply to this


    Perez, u WORMHEAD…….. ! ! Stop being so nasty to Denise. Charlie's the weirdo. U must be 100% BLIND not to see that !

  21. squib says – reply to this


    I'm starting to believe her.

  22. jess says – reply to this


    Saw Denise at Home Goods in Woodland Hills CA on Sunday. She was wearing a black dress and basically ignoring everyone. What was she doing shopping at a "Marshalls"-type knock-off-price store anyway???? EWWWW

  23. Shell says – reply to this


    Re: KC Ro

    Absolutely. We have the same issue. Somehow things get "lost" and mysteriously replaced with a shittier version. All because mom is insanely jealous and can't handle it when I get my step-daughter something nice.

    100% agreeing with Charlie here. If the necklaces mean that much, keep them safe and away from psycho-bitch.

  24. A4rod says – reply to this


    Perez you've gotten so mean spirited. I can barely stand to visit your site anymore.

  25. just says – reply to this


    Perez you are the one who needs to shut up. I do not even like Denise but all you do all day is bash people. JUST shut up yourself. The internet would be a much better place without you on it. GO find you a boyfriend and get happy instead of a hateful person (and i use that word lightly) YOU make me want to gag

  26. Gwend says – reply to this


    Yeah, we should really believe Charlie Sheen above anyone else…I always trust a man who goes to HOOKERS…If he was a real man he would shut up then it would all die down but it seems he takes every chance he gets to slam her, so why shouldn't she fire back?

  27. 227

    "Dear Denise Richards, shut up and get naked.

    Pose for Playboy, make money, be a mom.

    And shut up! "

    amen brotha!

    someone just put a rockstar dick in her mouth already so she can sleep like a baby.

  28. Lynn says – reply to this


    I am so tired of Denise Richards!!! It appears that she is the one continuing this feud in public. Her excuses for letting her children appear on a reality show are appalling. So, an 8 month old is shown on Charlie's show as a character is the same as letting cameras follow your children around constantly…..and everyone will think I'm a bad mom if they are not on the show(how old is she anyway???) Do the right thing for your kids Denise and stop thinking only about yourself

  29. Someo says – reply to this


    Denise Richards an attention whore?
    Look at you.Your the one posting "gossip" about other celebrities that probably isnt true.It looks like your the one trying to get attention.
    Denise Richards is WAY 100% better then you will ever be.

  30. jaree says – reply to this


    The more I hear her telling specific stories, the more inclined I am to believe her. I mean, you just can't make this shit up and he looks like he'd be a fucking weirdo! Him not wanting his children innoculated against disease is an indication that he must be fucking stupid or crazy. In any case, he just won't shut the fuck up either, so why should she???

  31. randa says – reply to this


    Re: karen – REALLY!!!! I so agree! PerASS you are one sad little boy. You seem to have the need to pick on others. Is this because you have such low self esteem? Even with the weight you have dropped…you are still presenting yourself as a jealous, lonely, sad boy…The ONLY thing I DONT agree with Karen on..I wont delete your column…Karen, he needs one like us to remind him..Just like Denise..just like us…He puts his pants on ONE LEG AT A TIME..no better..no worse. PerASS..lighten up..and get over yourself!

  32. Don says – reply to this


    Remeber Charlie "accidentally" shot then fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm. Soon after that incident, she left him and married her formerly platonic friend John Travolta.

  33. notmy says – reply to this



  34. Jess says – reply to this


    I like her a lot. I think she's beautiful and that she's had some issues, but she's trying to become a better person. I don't blame her for sitting back, there's only so much a woman can take! I believe that they both have their own issues with each other and both are right and wrong in their own ways. But it's not always Denise.

  35. Sim says – reply to this


    I'm sick and tired of hearing about Denise and Charlie's fights. It was cute at first, but now it's just annoying and stupid. Don't they think about the kids? I would so embarrassed if these were my parents, bickering like little children. Imagine how this'll affect them emotionally.

  36. Amand says – reply to this


    uh she is so freakin annoying!

  37. dda says – reply to this


    dude….lay off denise already. she is so right! staying quiet did nothing. at least a rebuttal will be in print if her girls ever have to read it. (but that's what I thought about OJ and his dumb kids still love him) from what I see, Sheen is pretty much scum. at least attack both of them if you must, not just her. and if your hatred is all over Heather, move on…everyone else has.

  38. WHINE says – reply to this


    Sorry, but she knew what Charlie was like. Everyone did/does. No sympathy here. Go cry elsewhere, please.

  39. Denis says – reply to this


    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me!

  40. jam says – reply to this


    Some people don't live in the real world.
    And have np talent,so have to get notice some other way….

  41. Nati says – reply to this


    Re: RAD Q – Rad: I see well so you have a crush on Charlie great! But why bash someone you don't even know. One word for you…HATER :)

  42. trish says – reply to this


    i think denise richards is great!!! denise is soooo right….what a bitch some reporters are….GO TEAM DENISE!!!!

  43. joe says – reply to this


    Why don't you leave her alone… you wish you had a life to talk about!

  44. Londo says – reply to this


    I REALLY LIKE DENISE. It is so good she stands up for herself and tells her side of the story. WHY ALWAYS BLAME THE WOMEN? It is sick that an adult would try play mindgames with his own daughters and say that they can only wear their necklaces at his house. So utterly wrong! He is trying to turn his own children against their mum and trying to bribe them into spending time with him. You don't do that to children. KEEP IT UP RICHARDS, you are beautiful, funny and a great mum!!

  45. Lala says – reply to this


    I believe everything Denise says and not a damn thing Charlie says!

  46. Linda says – reply to this


    I Love Her new TV Show!

  47. Jane says – reply to this


    Perez You stated "Dear Denise Richards, shut up and get naked."
    I thought You were Gay, Kinda Disgusting!

  48. Hotma says – reply to this


    I am so glad that Denise has a reality show. It really lets us in to see her down home, southern personality. It is so easy to judge someone by what you read. However, I think that Denise is proving herself to be a regular mom who just happens to be in the spotlight thru this thing we call celebrity. So what is she has made some bad choices, like marrying that druggy & porn addicted Sheen. Let her move on with her life now and be happy with all her family and animals around. It is nice to see she has a caring heart and good intentions. You all let her be and get a life. You like ripping her apart due to your own insecurities!

  49. Kris says – reply to this


    I love you Perez, but Denise isn't the monster everyone paints her out to be. She deserves to throw some punches back at that manwhore. He is constantly telling the press lies about her and she deserves the chance to clear the lies up. Isn't Charlie the one who cheated on her when she was pregnant with their youngest? Denise is beautiful and amazing and she should not get bashed for defending herself.

  50. AIMLE says – reply to this


    Oh c'mon Perez, give her a break! If you ask me, she's the ONLY one telling the truth! Has Heather Locklear EVER said she's a husband stealer, or was that all press? And everyone knows Charlie Sheen's rep - he's been an f'ed up psycho for years!!!

  51. adk says – reply to this


    LOVE HER! she friggen hilarious, she puts it all out there on her show, FUNNY!

  52. padib says – reply to this


    Why don't u shut up u woman hater, it seems to me u hate all women unless they are not athreat, get over it u are not and will never be a woman, just an overweight blabber mouth bitter queen…

  53. 253

    I think Charlie is a few sandwiches short of a good picnic!!

  54. Stefa says – reply to this


    i like denise! and i think perez needs to get off her fucking ass!

  55. zoey says – reply to this


    I don't even believe the necklace story. If you don't want the kids to have them at the ex's house, why would you send them home with the jewelry? How can anyone be on one *side* of this or the other? These two are losers, in everyway. Normal people don't marry twisted losers. Narcissistic, lying, manipulative people marry twisted losers. They suited each other well. You'd have to be crazy to marry either one of them.

  56. KC Ro says – reply to this


    Re: Nope – Live it "Nope". It goes home to mommy's house and the next time the kids come to Daddy's they're in tears. "Mommy took my necklace. She said I'm too young (too old, too brunette, too blond, too whatever) to have it." Or, "I lost it at Granny's house." Uh-huh. We finally had to institute a mommy's house/daddy's house rule to keep mommy from abusing the kids when they got home and taking away their stuff.

  57. Jill says – reply to this


    What part doesn't Denise 'Whore Monger' Richards azz understand….It doesn't matter how long she was friends with Heather, the fact is, you don't mess around with your friends or family members respective others and that's the bottom line…..Karma is bitch and Denise is only getting a taste of what's in store for her…..You do dirt, you get dirt, it's just as simple as that…..

  58. Karen says – reply to this


    What are you smokin' Perez? Denise has been made out to be the bad guy the last couple years. I've always wondered why she never had anything to say when Charlie put out all these wild stories. He made a big deal out of his daughters being on the reality show. I agreed, until I saw the show and realized the girls are usually only on for a few seconds each episode. Grow up Charles!

  59. 259

    Re: jen – VERY VERY WELL PUT!!

  60. 260

    Re: Dick – Dude, the story might not even be true..She is fucking bitter..If he was soooo bad, then why get back together with him?? They split, got back together, and split again. Charlie is a goober, but I do not think he is as bad as they say..The man has always been honest about his drugs, drink, and expensive whores…Ugly as a mother fucker he may be, but true colrs show not too long, and Brooke seems happy after two years..I know Denise was happy spending that Sheen money…

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