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This Is Not A Joke

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooBarack Obama


The above pin was being sold at the Republican state convention in Texas this past weekend.


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1370 comments to “This Is Not A Joke”

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  1. you d says – reply to this


    Well since most of the people on this blog are racist fucks, i'm pretty sure they'll be getting those bagdes.
    FUCK YOU TO HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sexy says – reply to this


    That's disgusting!

  3. 1003

    Ohhhhhhhhhh………. my…………….. god! This is unbelievable…

  4. 1004

    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ellex says – reply to this


    the mad thing is, you wouldnt call it disgusting if a balck person wore it. ud probabaly laugh with him. I presonaly didnt read it as racist but, like many other things it could be read like that. Its patheitc that racism still exists. Makes me feel sad about the world we live in. AMEN

  6. britt says – reply to this


    Re: Redsh

    you do know, that obama doesnt want the american people to help themselves, he wants to make the decisions for us.. and tell us how to help ourselves. personally, i would rather decide whats best for me, than have someone else do that, not all americans are losing their homes, maybe if people actually did what they were suppose to do, and were able to support themselves, without having the government pay for everything, we would have money to pave roads and have better schools, but i dont see that happening.. bcuz people would rather complain and collect their checks from the government than get up off their butt and do it themselves! I REFUSE TO HAVE A PRESIDENT ALLOW THAT! people like me, who spend hours studying, going to college, educating myself because i want a job that i can support myself with and live nicely, well im the one who will have a lot of tax dollers taken away because i will make a lot of money, and its suppose to be my duty to support the same people, that when they were my age were out having fun partying, doing drugs, having babies… THATS NOT FREAKING RIGHT! some girl i graduated with gets $500 every 2 weeks from the government to support herself and her baby, damn i wish i could get that kinda money to go to my tuition.. but it gets wasted on unresponsible people!

  7. SD says – reply to this


    What we need to focus on is that this pin was sold by a vendor, it wasn't sold by the Republican Party. There were also pins being sold saying "I'll hold my nose when I vote for McCain", which I suppose is directed at him being old and the old saying about older people smelling, not quite sure.

    The problem is that those in charge of the convention should be monitoring the vendors and what they sell and they should be signing agreements of term to sell prior to setting up their booths. This negative marketing doesn't help either of the canidates nor does it reflect the true spirit of America.

  8. lol says – reply to this


    That button was actually made by a black man with a sense of humor. Stop being so hyper sensitive.

  9. Alexa says – reply to this


    ça craint !!!!!!!!!!

  10. CLITo says – reply to this


    LMAO, I almost pissed myself reading this, we are black and we found it well funny,

    Stop being such hypocrits, you take the pee out of white people so why not black, at the end of the day its all in good humour, this isnt the 1800's anymore, we wanna be treated like anyone else, thus we wanna have people take the piss

  11. shana says – reply to this


    Hahaha!! Give me a break, guys, it's not racist. I'm not racist. You have to have a sense of humor!

  12. white says – reply to this


    hahahahahah i want one

  13. JERRY says – reply to this


    OMG whatever….how racist..
    people these days….
    ahh………i'm pissed..
    OBAMA!!!!! IS TIGHT!

  14. Sophi says – reply to this


    eu, gross!! So low! Obama for president!!! Europe is chearing for the democrats!!

  15. Ashle says – reply to this


    that hurts me and everything I stand for… what would these people do if someone from a different race other then black or white was elected into office? I don't like people that do things like this… it pisses me off~!! hopefully whomever they are, they are happy that they don't care for other people…

  16. Qwert says – reply to this


    Everyone is so PC these days, I'm surprised the 'White House' hasn't been deemed racist by somebody.

  17. X says – reply to this


    and Texans wonder why everyone laughs at them. Seriously. Who can take that state seriously? hahaha.

  18. missc says – reply to this


    Even if it were a joke it wouldn't be funny. Apalling. Beyond Words.

  19. Sandr says – reply to this


    Voll funny man!!!!! Stellt euch nicht so an!

  20. Stan says – reply to this


    Oprah calls her house the Black House. Of course Obama would call the White House the Black House! If he wins, for 4 years, all we'll hear is Black, Black, Black, Black, Black!

  21. zapf says – reply to this


    they continue to show their true colors. facist racist hateful prigs.

  22. papa says – reply to this


    oh come on. It's a joke.

  23. Darne says – reply to this


    Why do you think it is called the white house? It was prob painted white and called the white house to stress the fact that a black person would never be in charge.

  24. lenni says – reply to this


    America is the most stupid country in this world

  25. amy says – reply to this


    I'm a proud republican…and this makes me sick.

  26. 1026

    Re: Milt Kevin K is still shooting his ignorant mouth off? Man, oh, man, some people never learn. LOL.

    For example MIlt will never learn. Take a clue milt. More people are cheering me on than jeering me on. (Well that is if you count it right. I've caught one person trying to act like 5 earlier ;) )

  27. 1027

    Re: Susko Kevin K you are my hero
    Just say what you feel. And you can be your own hero. *thumbsup*

  28. dodah says – reply to this


    Re: Panta – Excuse me, but black people haven't suffered anymore than Native Americans, women, and gays, in this country.

    The pin is being sold on Republican web sites, to the morons who try to say it's fake.

  29. 1029

    Re: Dirty

    Yes you are correct Dirty. The Republican party is actually the ones that started the race movement. The Dems didn't come in till MUCH LATER, and as always, acts like they invented it.

  30. aaa says – reply to this


    if the democrats sold this, itd be funny. since its the republicans, its not :P

  31. 1031

    Re: lol That button was actually made by a black man with a sense of humor. Stop being so hyper sensitive.
    And it was about political correctness. You have to understand some people here are taught to be offended over such things. They knee-jerk and any and all things that even COULD BE considered offensive. It's not their fault. In the 90s some sheeple were brainwashed the politically correct way. This causes them to not get jokes, and get all offended.

    Comics usually makes fun of these people.

    Had say Dave Chappelle did this, people would be laughing. But since the Repubs are being accused of it (There has been absolutely no proof of this) it's hanging time!11 Time to burn them witches!

    It cracks me up all the time. Hillary has been making stabs at Obama ALL YEAR, making cracks about him being shot cause he's black. I don't remember any liberal getting offended.

    So the offense isn't really about the button. But who they THINK is behind it.

    Sad. Political zealotry usually is.

  32. 1032

    [re=2395820]Re: Jenny Racism? In the Texas GOP? I'm shocked.

    Over-reaction to something a poster doesn't really know much about? In a Perez Hilton forum? I'm shocked. NOT!!!

  33. Ava*L says – reply to this


    fucking SICK!

  34. 1034

  35. 1035

    Re: Qwert Everyone is so PC these days, I'm surprised the 'White House' hasn't been deemed racist by somebody.
    OMG!! Qwert GOT THE JOKE! When I read the pin that is what I thought. The white house would be renamed something else out of political correctness.

    But then again, not everyone has a sense of humor. Esp if they HATE HATE HATE Republicans and are voting for Obama.

    That knee is out there ready to make a jerk. :p

  36. 1036

    Re: lenni America is the most stupid country in this world
    Yeah! You show us how it's done! You're grammar is impeccable BTW. ;)

  37. 1037

    Re: dodah The pin is being sold on Republican web sites, to the morons who try to say it's fake.

    Link? (I'd love to seee it)

    And I don't think anyone said it was fake. I think someone said nothing has been proved either way yet dodah.

  38. Light says – reply to this


    It was NOT endorsed by the republican party and it is meant to be just that A JOKE!! I see alot of posters on here are trying to turn it into something it is not. Enjoy life, live, laugh and love.

  39. Truth says – reply to this


    Re: tar – You Dumb FUCK!!! i bet your bedroom is lined with silver foil AND you still believe that Santa Claus is real!! Last time i checked Obama was Christian!! Which more than i can say for some closeted hypocritical Homo Republicans. I fucking hate McCain!!! he dumped his first wife after she was in a car accident because he wanted a trophy beauty on his arm, He too is a southern racist hick who should just fuck off back to the ranch and carry on fucking his sister!!!

  40. Yup says – reply to this


    The economy sucks, the war is killing our youth and draining our resources, we can't take care of our needy here at home, and now we torture people. The "White House" couldn't get much darker and it has nothing to do with skin color. Time for a change: time for Obama.

  41. Cathr says – reply to this


    That's disgusting.

  42. WTF? says – reply to this


    Who the fuck does Kevin K think he is? And why does he have a caterpillar crawling across his upper lip?

  43. 1043

    Re: Truth Last time i checked Obama was Christian!!
    Soon after he went into politics. ;)

    And I wouldn't call what his reverend was teaching Christianity. More like race hate.

  44. 1044
  45. Paul says – reply to this


    Re: KevinK – Shut the fuck up.

  46. 1046

    Re: Truth I fucking hate McCain!!! he dumped his first wife after she was in a car accident because he wanted a trophy beauty on his arm

    What you said there is more offensive or just as offensive as that button. Of course that isn't what he did, and they were having major problems BEFORE she was in an accident.

    I bet you aren't up in arms about Bill the sexual deviant though are you?

    This is why political zealots suck.

  47. Teyan says – reply to this


    fuck ya'll racist people

  48. India says – reply to this


    interesting… Gives a whole new thought process as to why its called the white house… People can be so thick… What if Hillary were president… Then wd it be the pink house or whore house?… Its a bit funny too… Go mccain

  49. 1049

    BTW the site that sells this pin also has a sister Democrat site with equally distasteful remarks.

    Atleast they are equal opportunity offenders. (Meaning they are just trying to make money)

    I bet some of you are feeling mighty stupid right now. (Or you should)

  50. 1050

    Re: Light said: It was NOT endorsed by the republican party

    Just want to repeat that for those that will come in here claiming otherwise. ;)

  51. 1051

    Re: WTF? Who the fuck does Kevin K think he is? And why does he have a caterpillar crawling across his upper lip?
    I am a poster just like you. That is free to say what he or she wants to. And as far as the person in the picture (Could be me, could be someone else, I am not telling.. :) ) He has a goatee. (Look before asking silly questions)

    Sorry If I am ruining your Republibashothon. ;)

  52. 1052

    Re: Paul Shut the fuck up.
    What's wrong Paul? Do you not like it when people clear up the mess? When people tell the truth? You prefer to wallow in "maybes and YEAH THEY DID IT!!11" and don't want to hear the truth? Too bad. :)

  53. 1053

    BTW here is said link


    Not owned nor do they have any affiliation with the party. As a matter of fact, they have a sister Democrat site.


    OH NOS!11

    Now all of you that blamed the Repubs, I suggest you apologize. :p

    (I know you wont, but anyhow, pie in the face and all)

  54. me says – reply to this




  55. leela says – reply to this


    come on, it's a joke. a funny one. you shouldn't feel offended. talk about being overly sensitive…

  56. victo says – reply to this


    awesome!!! its just a joke.blacks commit 65% of the murders: no joke.so get over it

  57. bommi says – reply to this


    Can't see the humor, only the stupidity and ignorance that is so typical for racists.

    "now that G.W. is president and publicly displays the intelligence of a peanut, should we call him Mr president or Homer Simpson"?

  58. shoeg says – reply to this


    nothing funny about it. disgusting, unenlightened and downright stupid. living in the dark ages.

  59. micky says – reply to this


    Re: KevinK – no, sorry hun…if u read his book he wrote when he was a nobody (dreams from my father) it clearly shows he is in fact a christian. its funny how people want to attach him to his grandfather's religion who never even met him, and he was raised by his christian grandparents in hawaii. when he fresh out of college he didn't really practice any religion in particular until he went to his former church. And his Indonesian stepfather was a non-practicing Muslim (ie- muslim by name how most christians are today /:) ur a republican…and thats ok. but don't spread lies about people.

  60. mick says – reply to this


    Re: victo – jerk off…what does black crimes have to do with this pin? a wee bit racist are we?

  61. ANDI says – reply to this




  62. tome says – reply to this


    whites unite. they want to take our house.

  63. USA says – reply to this


    This is not funny, nor is it supposed to be. We need to do EVERYTHING possible to keep this evil, muslim terrorist out of OUR White House. Get out of America Hussein Obama. This evil scum wants the destruction of America. He is a former crack user/seller (his words). His wife is an upity crack whore. We can not let America fall into the hands of these evil muslim scum. Remember America Islam and All muslims are sworn to kill all non-muslims. It is an evil gutter religion. It is time to re-fight the Crusades. Obama is the face of Al Qaeda. Terrorist will walk the streets of America under Obama, free to kill women, children and men. It is time to wake up America and destroy the disease called Islam. We must fight them on their land, not ours. Obama IS a muslim scum, do not be fooled America!

  64. Sammy says – reply to this


    Save America, bring back lynching. I am so tired of lazy, shiftless negros bringing this country down. Killing, thieving and sucking up welfare! Start working for something. We don't owe you anything. This world would be so much better without . I am sooooo tired of these savages and liberals that enable them. Obama as president will be the destruction of America

  65. CB says – reply to this


    thats distcusting! so slack

  66. South says – reply to this


    Racism, bigotry,or hatred of a color,creed, sexual orientation, is wrong, ignorant,UnGodly,and down right Un American. Base your opinions on a man's actions not on superficial, non essentials

  67. Cathe says – reply to this


    are you fucking serious…this is horrible.

  68. haley says – reply to this



    don't act like we haven't all thought it already.

  69. AlJo says – reply to this


    Re: tarRe: tar – Tar your and idiot! Obama is not a damn muslim! Ur a ignorent fool who needs to read before you speak. And my HUSBAND and his fellow marines who are in IRAQ fighting are all for CHANGE AND OBAMA!

    So SUCK IT!!

  70. Chels says – reply to this


    technically the white house isnt even white, the color is called antique i believe

  71. AlJo says – reply to this


    Re: Sammy – Yo Mr Skin head..get with the times buddy..your the one in the trailor park shootin up on drugs not us! It aint our fault your momma slept with her brother and made you! Why dont you come out of your 2 road town and see the world loser!!

  72. Fabio says – reply to this


    The kind of "joke" that wasn't necessary. These idiots…

  73. rober says – reply to this


    The world think Americans are a bunch of looooooooosers. Specially when Bush was reelected! I´m from Brasil, and I used to like going to States on vacation…now I dont even wanna think about it. All the mess at the airports…sucks! We have been treated like shit. THIS PIN IS REALLY STUPID, like most of people from Texas.

  74. Mj says – reply to this


    Actually, I thought it was funny until you said Repubs sold it…then all of a sudden it felt racist.

  75. The E says – reply to this


    I think people need to grow up and find something else to do with their time if they have to make statements like that…and although others have commented that this shouldn't be taken seriously, there can be no allowances for this kind of behaviour, because if it is deemed appropriate now, who knows where it will stop!…i wish all the best to both candidates in the presidential election, however i cant wait 4 Obma to kick ass and revoluitionize politics and relations in the US…its about time!!!!!!!

  76. Barbi says – reply to this


    omj. . .that's not even funny in any way

  77. nzder says – reply to this


    omgosh im from nz and that would be funny here lol…. as a joke though… not as racism… it doesnt really exist here…

  78. G Gor says – reply to this


    I am tired of liberals propping up blacks and making excuses for them. Blacks are the only race that rufuse to work for anything. Jews, Asians, Hipanics have ALL been oppressed. In some cases much more than blacks. The difference is these people worked to become something. They educated themselves and overcame to become a symbol of the American dream. Blacks refuse to work for anything. They want it all given to them. Stop blaming whites for your troubles and start looking at yourselves. Blacks are the biggest threat to blacks. The next biggest threat to blacks are liberals who keep telling them that they can't do anything on their own. Obama would be a horrible president because Obama is the epitimy of blacks blaming everyone except themselves. Stop highjacking the American dream and start working for it. Obama would be a catastrophe for America and black Americans. Rather look to real role models like Clarence Thomas, Dr. Walter Williams and Roy Inis and his son. All great Americans and role models to people of ALL races. Obama is wrong for America for many reasons. Because I speak the truth does not make me a racist. And to the person claiming our soilders want Obama for President you couldn't be more wrong. Our Soilders realize the Obama would cause the deaths of 10's of thousands of soilders.

  79. Barry says – reply to this


    Thankfully I live in Canada where we're far more progressive than in the US when it comes to ….well…..everything.

  80. Tex says – reply to this


    Lighten up! Have a fucking sense of humor. If he gets in, I am sure someone will question the "white" house naming anyway. Get over your little sensitive asses!

  81. who says – reply to this


    Perez, Do you know for a fact this pin was sold at a Republican state convention in Texas or are you just stirring shit up like usual.

    People - get proof before slamming the Republican party. Just because some lame ass dipshit says it's true doesn't make it so.

  82. Meagh says – reply to this


    Obama isn't even black. He's whiter than me.

  83. mari says – reply to this


    God why do you americans have to be such racists

  84. ???? says – reply to this


    Re: Barry
    Oh YEAH - your health care ROCKS! Guess that's why anyone who has cancer and can afford it comes to AMERICA to MD Anderson Cancer Center???

  85. bobo says – reply to this


    HA HA HA HA HA. . . . FUNNY

  86. mk says – reply to this


    i dont care what they call it as long as OBAMA is not in it
    Mccain all the way
    the more i listen to Obama flip flop on everything he says and his nonsense speaches that still dont address how he is going too fix the country i have no interest in even thinking that he could win
    he doesnt have the background nor the expereince, it may sound all good to all who think he is this wonderful person but he isnt going to come through with a pinch of what he says and for people that are into this socializing medicine how about calling people in canada and they will tell you how they cross the borders into buffalo to get medical attention
    This is why i stay republican , the democrats dont have a clue and for people who think that obama isnt going to raise taxes on everyone which will trickle down to the poor are really nieve

  87. GOD says – reply to this


    You people are what is wrong with this country! Your a bunch of uneducated idiots. So tell me what your fucking savior stands for? So far all that jerk-off Obama has said is "I will bring change to this country" not once has he explained what he will change & how. As far as his intelligence it's not to good especially when that MORON sat in a fucking church for twenty years listening to TRUE RACISTS rant over & over about how whitey is to blame for everything and once it came out he didn't have the balls to stand up and say he made a mistake, no he showed us how smart he is by saying "Gee I didn't know that was going on nor did I know how racist he was" Excuse me? So what he said is his dumb-ass sat in a church for twenty fucking years & he wasn't smart enough to recognise racism within his own masses!!! Oh, & don't even get me started on his ungrateful bitch wife. She rises up from the ghetto and becomes more successful than even her own husband in the legal world, & because her husband is bamboozling the country into believing his empty promises, NOW SHE IS FUCKING PROUD OF HER COUNRTY? Give me a fucking break!!! Also if Mr. Obama cares soooooo much for our troops that he is willing to except defeat to get them home then why the fuck has he not even been to the fucking middle east to visit them since his freakin campaign started???

  88. kt says – reply to this


    so what..did you ever show the video of obama's minister bashing white people? no your biased.so shut up

  89. Jo Jo says – reply to this


    Re: Redsh – It's not the government's responsibility to be our "daddy" and provide us with the things that we should work for and earn ourselves; this "nanny-state" is what many lazy people want, rather than to get a job and work for what they have. The main responsibility of the government is to protect the people from invaders, foreign and others, which this guy with his Muslim roots will not do. When the radical Islamists are marching door to door in your neighborhood, beheading your families and neighbors, maybe then you will realize the seriousness of their dire threat to all things American.

  90. meme says – reply to this


    Re: Barry – You have GOT to be kidding me! Your health care sucks!! Anyone with money and cancer comes to the USA and get treated at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Centers.

    They have a map with push pins showing all the people they've treated from all over the world. Canada looks like a damn pin cushion. Aren't you all PROGRESSIVE!!!

  91. Joe B says – reply to this


    BEING SOLD BY WHO, ASSHOLE???? The Democrats have a former Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan as their senior senator.

  92. ben says – reply to this


    gosh, americans sure are touchy, its a pin for god sake its funny!
    It was made with the intent to cause reaction… good job everyone taking it so sereously.

  93. Jo Jo says – reply to this


    Re: ermil – Well, then move to Mexico or somewhere.

  94. stacy says – reply to this


    you americans are all so pathetic.this just totally shows how narrow minded and sick your state is.

  95. ???? says – reply to this


    Re: meme – Meme - wow - we almost had the same post!! Great minds think alike!

  96. Maria says – reply to this


    Disgusting. And those are the idiots who voted for George Bush twice.

  97. Gigi says – reply to this


    I guess we will find out in novemebr when he becomes President!

  98. Nicol says – reply to this


    That's DISGUSTING. Blatantly racist. Just another reason for me to dislike the Republican party.

  99. kim says – reply to this


    This just goes to show how F'in STUPID America is and its politicians. The Republicans and the Media (Fox News esp.) don't know how to handle this election. This is why America doesn't change. Every election the media focuses on the stupidest shit about the candidates..and we never really know what the hell it is they want to change in this country because they focus on the most irrelevant shit. Fuckin honkeys I realllly hope he wins maybe all the racist bigots in the country will kill themselves. OBAMA FOR YO MAMA.

  100. Sal says – reply to this


    Re: Redsh
    Blah, Blah, Blah

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