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Let's Be Blunt

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Can't she get that fixed???

Rumer Willis, aspiring "actress", attended the 2008 Crystal Lucy Women in Film Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Seriously, isn't there surgery where you can shave down your jaw???

We're sure some trannys have gotten it done to make themselves look more "feminine."

Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing.

Rumer should look into it!

And, while she's there, she might wanna get her nose done too!

[Image via WENN.]

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656 comments to “Let's Be Blunt”

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  1. Kimmi says – reply to this


    Who the fuck do you think you are, Perez? Rumer Willis is a unique beauty. Sure her nose is thin, and her chin is a little big, but that's what makes her unique.

  2. omg says – reply to this


    Yes Perez, lets be blunt indeed. You are a million times fuglier than rumer, she is actually kinda pretty in unique looking way, youre just plain old ugly. And how could a 30 year old man say such terrible things? In future, consider your own face before you diss their looks, treat others how you wish to be treated also. All i can say is, you must be a very insecure, bitter and hate-filled little man, negativity is what you thrive on and i feel sorry for you, people like you will never find happiness

  3. ERINM says – reply to this



  4. Eve 7 says – reply to this


    Seeing her on here all the time, her looks have grown on me. Have you looked beyond the chin to see she has beautiful eyes, flawless skin, and a great figure? I don't know what her personality is like though. I've read that she is nice and also that she is nasty. Has anyone ever met her?

  5. vanes says – reply to this


    that was, by far, the meanest thing i have ever read on your site perez. talk all the shit about the celebs you want, but i think this is going to far. its her fucking face! and she does NOT need a thing done, shes gorgeous the way she is..i cant believe it. esp from you.. IGNORE HIM RUMER YOUR A HOTTIE

  6. Disap says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,

    I don't mind you making fun of people that deserve it but Rumer doesn't get in any trouble, doesn't seem mean, and can't help the way she was born. I actually think this is a great picture of her. Can't you cut her some slack?

  7. Mini says – reply to this


    I get where Perez is coming from. She THINKS she is ALL THAT and he is simply trying to let her know there is serious room for improvement. These fugs that think that are so hot need to really look at something with a relection once in a while.
    So yeah, its OK to tell her shes fug, because she is such a freakin stuck up snob that has no reason to be one bit.

  8. rache says – reply to this


    Even though so many people have made this comment already, I feel morally obligated to say, Perez, you are an asshole, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Rumor, what is your major malfunction? Why all this mean spirited shit? It sucks and poisons a tiny part of my day. Knock it off.

  9. roxy says – reply to this


    stop,stop, stop,that's harmful.

  10. lulu says – reply to this


    STFU my dear!! and get yourself
    a mirror before talking shit like that:*

  11. sdf says – reply to this


    What r u talking about lol, did you see the size of your head? Can you do something about that?

  12. rebec says – reply to this


    Pretzel: I'm getting tired of all the Rumer shots…. she's a good kid. And she's beautiful in her own way. Go pick on a celebrity who deserves it…. Puh-leez! I'm so bored!

  13. sheil says – reply to this


    have any of you, with your mean comments, given any thought of what it would feel like to have this written about you, or as a mother, have it written about your daughter. i read your blog perez, yes, but only for entertainment. this is not what i consider entertainment. these are real words meant to hurt a young girl, and by the way, may i say she's looking a little too thin these days. you know what perez, i said it before, it's only a matter of time before some young confused hollywooder attempts suicide because of your cruelty. it will be a sobering day for you once that happens. thank God, demi and Bruce raised a well-rounded young girl who won't take that road, but one day perez….scares me to think.

  14. 214

    Im not mad about this bitch neither but it makes me laugh that perez doesnt like her for bein a nobody and tryin to act like a celebrity when paris hilton does the same fuckin thing!

  15. JJ says – reply to this


    Just goes to show that 2 good looking people Can have fugly kids.

  16. lulu says – reply to this


    "did you see the size of your head? Can you do something about that? "
    ;D;D;D love it!

  17. hey says – reply to this


    She has what is called a class 3 jaw and can have surgery to bring it back, but not until she's stopped growing, its completely normal so just stop making comments as its none of your business

  18. eric says – reply to this


    I think it is soo funny that a person who looks like Perez makes fun out of others. I mean.. come on.. Fatty, you have a big fat head.. you have saggy, fleshy skin, bad love handles.. very bad skin.. and awful fat ham legs. Like I have been saying.. too bad your mom didn't abort you instead of the child she had sucked out of her before you.

  19. perez says – reply to this


    im sory perez last time i look u were a fat stinking old man who is tring to looki like pete wentz u need the surgery lipo lipo face lift hair plugs …ur just bitter cause ur old all the boys u wanna fuck are straight zac efron ..chace crawford ..pete wentz blah blah u bitter , jelous, sick , lonely old , fat,dieing man u wil die a lonely man

    leave this pretty 18 yo girl alone

  20. YEAH says – reply to this



  21. Lee says – reply to this


    You have gone way too far recently. You are a big bully. Imagine making a living by putting other people down. I'd love you to say all these nasty comments about rumer to bruce willis face….we would see how brave you are then mario. I will never read your site again.

  22. Puh says – reply to this


    I shall ask Robyn why she even talk with a scumbag as you Perez!
    To be a friend of you is to drag yourself into mud!

  23. FUCKP says – reply to this



  24. Les says – reply to this



  25. heady says – reply to this


    his head is HUGE — you don't notice it as much now because he's huge — that's why he finds others with big heads to pick on. has anyone seen some older photos of Perez where he is really thin and fit and hit head looks ENORMOUS!!! I can't find them now.

  26. Annie says – reply to this


    I actually think she looks perfectly fine here.
    Yay, Rumer.

  27. lala says – reply to this


    Do You have a Mirror?

  28. Shell says – reply to this


    I hate to be the loser in all of this, or pull away from anyone's fun, but seriously..this is getting a bit old. Semi funny in the beginning, is now repetatively old and cruel. I would hate to be her and read these comments. We all suffer with low self esteem, let alone to have someone publicly (very publicly!) bash my physique all the time. I can't imagine how it must feel to read those comments, because you all know she does.
    Perez - you are all about getting healthy and building a healthy lifestyle. Your body (weight wise) is something you have control over, her extended chin is not. Let's leave her alone….

  29. Blond says – reply to this


    Perez, I think you have officially stooped to a new low…even for YOU this is pretty low. How is it that you feel you have the right to judge other peoples looks when you yourself got the short end of the stick when it comes to beauty. But hey, they say that people bash on other people and put them down because they actually feel like shit about themselves, and if this is the case I think it's about time you GROW UP!

  30. Perv says – reply to this


    Perv ez you have no time for your site obviously you have the lamest shit on here. I hope you get shut down this blows you are annoying. there is much better stuff on the net than you you and your reporting is that of a 12 year old .

  31. maria says – reply to this


    Perez, STOP YOUR HARRASMENT ALREADY, It seems like your waiting for her parents to come over to you, comfront you so that then you will stop writing about her, you know what it seems like its never going to happen.

  32. Beth says – reply to this


    Actually I think she is really pretty. Why are you constantly bashing her?

  33. brite says – reply to this


    Haha, CAN you get that fixed? Maybe she's comfortable with herself, why else would she always be showing up at these events instead of hiding at home.

  34. perez says – reply to this



  35. tiggy says – reply to this


    I think most of your readers would agree that you should lay off Rumor Willis. You bitch and whine about her on a daily basis and everything you write about her is devoid of wit…..you used to be funny. Now you're just cruel.

  36. Mj says – reply to this


    I have actually never seen that girl anywhere before here, and still this is the only place I see here. Just stop posting her face and problem solved.

  37. blunt says – reply to this


    I'll be blunt. Perez, you're a superficial creep. It's comments and mentalities like yours that scar young women and men and teens. It's comments and mentalities like yours that land innocent people who look JUST FINE into therapy and into hospitals and into early graves via suicide, anorexia, or a plastic-surgery fiasco (which happens to numerous girls who read your column, may consider themselves unattractive based on your comments and, not being rich Hollywood celebspawn, go under some budget-priced surgeon's less skillfully wielded scalpel).

    Do you have a conscience or sense of responsibility toward your fellow humans at all? Do you ever consider what you're putting into the universe, all the nastiness, shallowness, hate, small-mindedness and judgmentalism? Do you have a heart? Or are you just bummed because you will never resemble someone like Brad Pitt or have half the class of the (also too superficial) Ted Casablanca?

    Perez, you're getting rich or at least making a living off of making fun of celebs. Whatever. But it is possible to do that responsibly and maturely while also being entertaining. How much would you be laughing and scribbling on photos if the next dish you heard was that Rumer offed herself out of despair? THINK!

    Then again, let's be real. Perez doesn't read any of this. He's too busy going to parties and going ca-ching! and dieting and looking for his next victim.

  38. sean says – reply to this


    well at least she has nice features. Theyd have to chop off your head and start all over with you Perez.

  39. moonb says – reply to this


    Judging from that picture in the upper right corner of this website of a pie faced monkey boy that licks man juice off toilets in public restrooms, I would reconsider trashing ANYONE or ANYTHING! You fucking toady.

    But hey…Have a nice day!

  40. lily says – reply to this


    hey Perez … look in the mirror u ugly MF … u really should take a long hard look at what a miserable dick you are…

  41. Bek says – reply to this


    enough's enough! I am not a huge fan of Rumer's but you are just being mean now.

  42. les says – reply to this


    well I guess Perez balances it out as here in the uk press her PR people have been working overtime and saying that she is the image of her mother and outshone others at the women in film 2008 dinner ?! personally I think she looks just as much like her dad as her mum , i dont see her as the stunning beauty that they are all going on about , at the same time plastic surgery is never the solution just so you can make more magazine covers -

  43. samue says – reply to this


    "Cristina mmmmmmmm"
    …………..for bein a nobody and tryin to act like a celebrity………..

    Isn't that exactly what Perez does TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. cola says – reply to this


    Okay! Enough already…at first it was mean, but a little entertaining. Now it is cruel and bothersome. I don't give a shit about Rumer Willis, but you have totally crossed a line here. Don't you refer to yourself as a lady Perez? Help women…don't hurt them. You are hurting more than just one person here…RECOGNIZE!

  45. tommy says – reply to this


    i hope if bruce willis runs into you he kicks your ass!

  46. LAisD says – reply to this


    For all you people dissing Perez, remember, this is his site! If you think he's mean and don't like him picking on people, then you're missing the point of Perez and should not log on. Its' what he does and why he is successful and why we all come on and check him out every day. Get over it. The guy makes 50K a day!!!! So, insulting him and what he does is a joke.
    AS for Rumer, she is not good looking enough to be in this business. I'm sorry, but its true. Does she have a talent? Can she sing, dance, act, do stand up? NO. So all she's got is her looks and they're not up to par. Look, if you have talent, you can get away with looking unconventional….think Streisand, SarahJP, etc. This girl hasn't got it going on and she isn't a KID. She is an adult and has made this decision to put herself out there instead of using her family connections to work behind the scenes as a director, producer, designer, anything!!! Go to school Rumer. Get an eduction cause the face is one that only a mother could love.
    She's nepotism at it's very worst and she's an insult to everyone trying to make it who has talent and beauty.
    K, I"m done and to Perez, keep shouting it from the rooftops. I love you!

  47. katie says – reply to this


    she's 19. leave her alone, you awful, pathetic bully.

  48. Shand says – reply to this


    this is actually one of the most flattering pictures I've ever seen of her. I think she's beautiful here. :)

  49. Abby says – reply to this


    I think you are funny a lot of the time but, come on, enough of picking on this kid. I think you crossed a line there.

  50. X says – reply to this


    It's so unfortunate that she got the absolute WORST features of both her parents! (As isf Demi Moore has a bad feature…..) She managed to find it! Such a hideous girl.

    And to the idiot that said Perez isn't very good looking….Baby, Perez isn't trying to be the next big "Up and Coming" actress, Rumor is.

  51. Maya says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez, how can you be so cruel to a young girl, urge her to get a plastic surgery! It's not as if she had a choice regarding how to look! And by the way, she's BEAUTIFUL. Really, how can you even live with yourself?
    If anyone should have plastic surgery it's you Perez, that nose and that ridicolous jaw and mouth of yours is a joke! Plus you do need to loose weight you look like santa on crack , ha ha ha

  52. Steph says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, looks like you're pissing off a lot of your loyal readers. I gotta admit, I found you funny for about five minutes - now I just think it's really sad. To think you got 'where you are' (and where is that exactly…? we'll see in 3 years time) by shitting on other people, saying nasty things abotu successful women. Cos let's face it, you just wish you were that - a successful WOMAN. This girl is far from ugly - I can get by and laugh at you calling someone fat (however hypocritical, and usually untrue), but to recommend someone get surgery to fix their god-given FACE is just another thing altogether. I'm sure you must have received your fair share of bullshit growing up, you're no oil painting I KNOW it was hard for you to lose ANY of that weight, so I guess you saying things like that is nothing but sour fucking grapes. You're a real piece of shit.

  53. 253

    not cool at all.. you shouldnt put her down because she's different.. what kind of message is that you are sending our young people, that its not cool to look different? She is beautiful in her own way and i wish you guys would stop putting her down..

  54. Heiro says – reply to this


    HAHA who are you kidding Perez, you're Jaw is the exact same!!!!!
    Too funny!
    Maybe you should ease up on the insults, what's she ever done to you btw?
    Are you still in highschool? Bullying via the internet? I wonder if you'd ever have the balls to say what you write about her to her face?

  55. Jenni says – reply to this


    Lol, she really should look into plastic surgery!! Ashley Simpson was kind of the ugly duckling of the two sisters and now look at her! She almost looks better! Rummer really needs the work, and we all know she can afford it!!

  56. lebee says – reply to this


    stop being mean, she's a pretty girl. why do you hate her so much perez?

  57. me says – reply to this


    damn perez why do u hate this girl so much????? leave her alone pls!!

  58. PEREZ says – reply to this


    Okay I don't often post in my own comments section, but I have to reply to all these criticisms.
    You guys come here to read scuttlebutt. You come here to read my nasty, small-minded, mean-spirited, celebrity-trashing posts, because YOU LOVE IT.
    I'm just giving you what you want.
    If you don't like it - hey! Don't read my site! I don't care! Plenty more suckers where you came from.
    I'll carry on just as before. Just thought I'd let you know.
    Love P-Nasty xxxx

  59. Maria says – reply to this



  60. get o says – reply to this


    ok serious now perez!!
    u aint no looker urslf mate.. so get over the fact tht rumer isnt soooooo god damn perfect!
    u seriously need 2 look in2 ur own career path.. if the best work u can cum up with is slating rumer ever 2 minutes of ur celebrity obsessed life!!!

  61. cd says – reply to this


    maybe she likes her nose and chin like that! shes kinda famous for her weird face. you made her more famous! damn perez, leave her alone already. i love you but damnit get over her!

  62. NO. says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez that is so mean,
    Can you honestly say that encouraging young people to get plastic surgery is right?
    If you can then you are deluded.
    I'm a big fan of yours but seriously this is fucked.
    Lay off her before you fuck her up properly.
    Posibly the WORST message you can be endorsing especially when a lot of young people read your blog.
    I'm not reading this shit anymore.

  63. perez says – reply to this


    you are an ass, perez.

  64. Megan says – reply to this


    That is so mean. Its one thing to judge things about celebs that they cannot help but to say mean things about her looks. She's beautiful and doesnt need to get her jaw or nose done. That's just going to far

  65. Mandy says – reply to this


    Many Asian patients who visit our facility want to improve a jaw line that is prominent and out of proportion to the rest of the face. This is in contrast to Caucasian patients, who usually want a more prominent jaw line and often require facial implants. There are however, people of all races who have an enlarged or masculine jawline and wish to have it made more slender and feminine. This can be accomplished in two ways.

    Jaw Shaving

    The traditional treatment for a disproportionate jaw has been jaw shaving, which reduces the outer portion of the jaw to narrow the face. This is one method of jaw reduction available at our facility.

    Non-Surgical Jaw Shaving

    We also offers a non-surgical alternative to Asian jaw shaving, which involves the injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic (botulinum toxin type A) or Myobloc ™ (botulinum toxin type B). Dr. Lee was a pioneer in developing this technique, being first to present this to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. We have used this non-surgical method of jaw reduction 1999 and have treated thousands of patients with this technique. We have perhaps the largest volume of jaw injection patients in North America. This type of jaw reduction is a very good alternative to surgery because it carries fewer risks.

  66. cris says – reply to this


    I smell Law Suit with this. They can say you caused emotional distress, causing self esteem issues, encouraging young girls to get plastic surgery. They can sue you for a numerous thing with this blog on Miss. Willis and guess what they will win. The public, parents, and courts are tired of the the bloggers and paps for labeling young women as being fat, or not good looking and encouraging plastic surgery. Word are a powerful thing, I am all for freedom of speech, but this is a young girls self esteem you are targeting oops I mean talking about.

  67. shes_ says – reply to this


    you suck Perez, this is prolly one of the best pics i've seen of Rumer! Shes actuallt beautiful, and your a pompous ass!

  68. Laure says – reply to this


    Seriously, there is nothing wrong with her jaw!
    If anything, her nose is what makes her look unique/strange. It's just so thin.
    Get a nose job, not a jaw shave

  69. donna says – reply to this


    seriously perez, enough already. you used to be funny and now you're just an asshole. eviltbeetgossip.com is way funnier now than your site.

  70. Mirro says – reply to this


    You know she does look a lot like Perez. Time for a separated at birth post. It is obvious that Perez does not like himself!

  71. nafid says – reply to this


    hey perez.. seriously don't u think u're going a little too far?
    you can really badly hurt someone and create horrible mental issues for themselves
    i know because i've been there i promise it's not a laughing matter
    most of what you say can be taken in jest but this is the same as bullying in schools.. it can have a lasting impact :(
    please don't say stuff like that again

  72. tina says – reply to this


    Perez - stop talking about lily allen and rumer willis - everyone is so OVER it! Get some real news on your site.

    Stop the plastic surgery madness - people should be comfortable with who they are. Judge the clothes or the character - not their physical features.

  73. usuk says – reply to this


    Really?? What is beautiful to you? Fake nose? Fake chin? Ever hear of unique natural beauty? Get you head out of hollywood's ass and try being a human for once.

  74. cecee says – reply to this


    It's stuff like this that gives girls eating disorders and all kinds of self esteem issues. It's just wrong and so nasty and it needs to stop! You pulled the same crap with Bily Joels daughter.Enough already! Leave these young girls alone! Stop tearing them down about their looks. It's really horrible and mean-spirited.Seriously. The line needs to be drawn somewhere.

  75. pinky says – reply to this


    STOP ALREADY! How can you live with yourself knowing that you're probably causing this young woman to develop a serious complex about her looks. Your are so mean and degrading. Have you taken a look in the mirror lately? Your chin could use some work to… wait…. your whole face.

  76. 276

    leave perez alone. this girl is disgusting! how is is possible that your mother is demi moore, and you come out looking like willis. poor thing. i feel even MORE sorry for Billy Joel/Christine Brinkley's daughter!

  77. Laure says – reply to this


    She used ot scare the heck out of me, but Rumor has been looking much better lately.

  78. mom says – reply to this


    I wish her dad would send someone to kick your fat fucking ass, or maybe he just might want to do it himself. Sometimes violence is the answer.

  79. sunny says – reply to this


    Perez I love you and most of the time..I agree with every comment you make, however, my co-workers and I wonder why do you hate Rumer Willis? I mean don't get me wrong face is odd and long and it does resemble a potato, I mean she can have surgery and all but that is not the answer. We think she just needs to stop trying so hard. Can you pls clear the water for us? lol.

    We lovE YOU.

  80. shitz says – reply to this


    And get a nose job, and an upper lip, and some cheek bones….Doesn't the potato head kit come with some of these things?????

  81. fuxk says – reply to this


    Fuck you Perez! She doesn't need to change herself to please you, fatass. If she's happy with herself than that's all that matters. Seriously, why don't you get liposuction. Sexist pig.

  82. Katy says – reply to this


    Seriously, how is it possible that two people as good looking as Demi and Bruce could produce such an ugly offspring?

  83. Chris says – reply to this


    Ok Perez, enough. I am tired of reading about her, all you do is bash on the poor girls looks. Give it a rest!

  84. yourm says – reply to this


    She puts herself out there. Seriously people she is bad looking, Perez is just telling it like it is.

  85. still says – reply to this


    Re: LAisD – who the hell are you? You need to get a clue about life. You'll probably be a loser just like Perez. I think the people who oppose him, do get him, they just disagree with him. His site is not just for those who faithfully worship him and agree with him. He actually needs the people who disagree with him, otherwise he's not going to be make the 50k a day, dopey.

  86. Maria says – reply to this



  87. timw says – reply to this


    You're turning into a bully, Perez, just like the people that bullied you for being different all your life. Its one thing to comment on people that do stupid things or are bad people, but another to criticize people for how they look and suggest they have surgery to "correct" it. Rumer looks very good in this picture, and doesn't look that bad in most of the other pictures I've seen of her on your site, although you obviously try to post the least photogenic pictures of her you can find. She may not match up to the conventional Hollywood ideal of perfection, but in everyday America she'd likely turn some heads.

    It seems pretty clear that in this case you have stepped way over the line. You should issue a heartfelt apology to Rumer, and lay off her looks. If she starts shaving her head or says something stupid, then feel free to comment on that. And in the future ask yourself if what you are about to post is appropriate, or if it is just part of your personal vendetta against a person.

  88. jimkh says – reply to this


    I think she looks absolutely fabulous.

  89. Calli says – reply to this


    Perez, I love your column and read it everyday. However, as a woman, I feel that it is very very irresponsible of you to make remarks encouraging a young girl to get cosmetic surgery. It is those sort of comments that are causing young girls today to develop eating disorders and other unhealthy behaviors in an attempt to fit into the "Hollywood Idea" of beauty which is both unrealistic and unfair.
    Instead of tearing this girl down, why don't you do something positive to help other young girls who are reading this blog and suffering with body images such as explaining all of the airbrushing that goes on in magazine photos to make those models look the way they do or how dangerous it is to starve your body in an attempt to lose weight. Surely there is a more positive and productive use of your talent than a post like this.

  90. kyra says – reply to this


    perez, you can make in fun of her for being an attention whoring, annoying slutty celebuspawn. but saying she needs plastic surgery is alittle mean. if she DID get plastic surgery, you would prob make in fun of her for that!

    no one cares about rumer willis anyways. lol.

  91. toddy says – reply to this


    Re: deeeeeeee – I feel sorry for you. You are a sad loser.

  92. manda says – reply to this


    Enough Already, Perez! She is not ugly like you try to make her out to be! With long hair she is quite beautiful. Besides that, how are you going to knock her over a trait that she was born with? If you knocked her over her hair or her clothes that would be one thing but to badger her over her jaw, a trait she has no control over?!? Isn't that what racist do to people over skin color?! Sop it Perez. Start knocking her haircut. Get off her about her physical characteristics.

  93. sarak says – reply to this


    Leave her alone, as you get to be a bigger star you are becoming more responsible to our youth.They look at us adults to guide them and we need to be kinder. We don't want the entire country turning into us LA snobs.Beauty isn't only skin deep

  94. lei says – reply to this


    that is ENOUGH, damn homie we get it, you think she's ugly, it was funny the first time but people like you are the reason bitches are going crazy! … like why are you harping on this so much? i know its your job to be funny, but it is NOT FUNNY anymore and you took it way too far with the plastic surgery.

  95. 9024 says – reply to this


    actually, when u see her in person,
    her jaw is not that long..i think its just in photos and in film

  96. Thame says – reply to this


    I love all the comments from people who take Perez to task for criticizing her looks, and then proceed to …. criticize Perez for his looks.
    You gotta laugh.

  97. manda says – reply to this


    Re: xylex

    And Chyna is pretty?

  98. uglyd says – reply to this


    did you ever stop to think that maybe she's okay with the way she looks? good for her! people should be who they are…besides, have you seen celebrity plastic surgery before…more often than not its frightening! just a thought

  99. Lon says – reply to this


    Forget the plastic surgeon, Tumer needs to see a hair stylist! Her hair looks like itr was done by a student from the Braille Institute!

  100. annie says – reply to this


    perez, get liposuction please.

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