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Let's Be Blunt

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Can't she get that fixed???

Rumer Willis, aspiring "actress", attended the 2008 Crystal Lucy Women in Film Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Seriously, isn't there surgery where you can shave down your jaw???

We're sure some trannys have gotten it done to make themselves look more "feminine."

Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing.

Rumer should look into it!

And, while she's there, she might wanna get her nose done too!

[Image via WENN.]

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656 comments to “Let's Be Blunt”

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  1. laure says – reply to this


    hey perez, i know growing up you were put down by kids in school or from some little punk down the street, they probably made you feel so bad about yourself deep inside, you wondered what could possibly come from your life.
    at one time you've probably wanted to just curl up and die. honestly i have symphony for you, you just want love and acceptance like the rest of us. except you are now doing what all those kids did to you and the tables have turned. how do you feel about yourself, with money in the bank but at what price? seriously i'd like to know your thoughts about this comment.

  2. Fakes says – reply to this


    Re: CD – STFU!!! has not made you want to avoid it yet, you have well over 350 posts on here alone, if not more, at last count. Including her other recent thread youhave tons of post on too. I dont know about other threads, but i am betting you have a shit load of posts with your IP all over those threads as well. Pathetic no life fool. Shall i keep calling you on your BS???
    I'll give you time to think up more fake ass busted names.

  3. Fakes says – reply to this


    how come so many people on here sound the same? is the rumer willis army out in force tonight? Actually, it's more like an army of ONE!! ONE IP that is.
    350-400 plus posts all by the same person/IP….pathetic ass wipes.

  4. Kit K says – reply to this


    Re: j – nobody will quit coming to this site, 99.9% of the posters agree with him, rumer willis is truly ugly. U go perezzzel, l love you! i love the fact you have the balls to put out there what everyone else is thinking, you are not the only person i know of that thinks this chick makes Quasimodo look good. EVERYONE i know, male or female, thinks she has no business being in front of a camera. Nepotism at its worst i say.

  5. Cycli says – reply to this


    What chu talkin bout Perez?!?!? ….. you have the mouth of da joker, get over it!!!!! —- HA!!!!

  6. meaga says – reply to this


    does everyone have too look the same in hollywood? i guess so! ashlee simpson looked way better before. now she looks like every other bimbo. love you perez but ur fat and she's hot sooooooooo? its people like you that make people think they arn't good enough bc they don't look a certain way. whatev.

  7. Fakes says – reply to this


    Re: meaga – fake name again with the same IP—loser. And TUMER willis is about as "hot" as the planet Pluto.
    I'm going to bed now, go ahead and post away with all your fake names and ONE IP address. Goodnight Demi.

  8. Eatme says – reply to this


    rumer and her sisters should all move back to Idaho & live in a cabin deep in the woods somewhere and never come outside.

  9. Brian says – reply to this


    me thinks this ugly little spud rumer is under the impression she is actually good looking. poor poor poor delusional potato head.

  10. Hanna says – reply to this


    You`re being cruel and stupid now. let it go.

  11. wtf4 says – reply to this


    everyone is telling you to stop picking on this girl!! wtf?!! What is wrong with you that you don't even listen to your fans? I mean, heck, we don't expect you to have ethics, morals, or compassion, and then you keep giving us this crap. Don't even begin to post things about charity on your site when you are so obviously venomous. Stop it, stop it, stop it. You don't make your dog Teddy proud when you act this way.

  12. alexi says – reply to this


    sorry bro but its waaaay harsh to bag on someone for NOT getting plastic surgery. c'mon youre bigger than that. LOOOOOVE YOU and all but this is just too much. i was really shocked reading this piece, i didn't expect it from you.

  13. Fakes says – reply to this


    Re: wtf4 – everyone is telling you to stop picking on this girl!!—-quote————————————
    ummm no, that would just be YOU and your IP address telling perez that—-AGAIN. ONLY you are telling perez that, save 2 or 3. Lying Sybil biaaatch with no life.
    It is sooooo funny pissing you off and busting you every time!!!!
    I really am going to bed now, im tired, but i will make time to come back here tomorrow and bust your ass some more. post away Sybil, everyone knows all your posts are coming from one person anyway.

  14. me says – reply to this


    Yes, done talking about her, MOVE ON to, you know, news… who cares what she looks like? Let's hope she has an amazing life and finds some nice guy who won't tell her to go "fix" everything.
    Let's all go get facial surgery because we aren't good enough shall we? I'm sure EVERYBODY could use it, including yourself, so just shush.

  15. me says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, we're at LEAST 2 people who think he's just being stupid now…
    I expected more of Perez too. This ain't the fucking "get-a-boob-job" superficial.com is it?

  16. 616

    lol shes fuckin ugly and its hilarious that u call her out on it .. haha ur fuckin funny

  17. aggie says – reply to this


    What's your problem perez? How can you make comments about a young girls looks like that? Are you totally shallow? And may I remind you that you are not really easy on the eye yourself! I think she is gorgeous!

    Leave people alone!

  18. Maie says – reply to this


    Re: Fakes

    How can you tell their IPs?

  19. 619

    OMGOD she is beautiful! if you guys cant see that then u r just plain shallow!!!!!

  20. Perez says – reply to this


    Why are you all over her all the damn time….SHUT THE FUCK UP
    Or I'll make sure you'll get so much bad karma that you will ask for forgiveness…just because you are uglier than a troll doesnt give you the right to behave like a total bitch"!

  21. Arnie says – reply to this


    Grow up Perez! Your comments about Rumer are so mean and unneeded! Perhaps you are just jealous of her, as you seem to be obsessed with always posting photos of her. She is a beautiful girl who doesn’t feel the need to be somebody who she is not. Stop being such a bully, instead of putting people down, why don’t you try to encourage your readers to except themselves as they are.

  22. Stan says – reply to this


    Your website totally sucks now - your not the same person as you used to be. I an not interested in reading your mean comments about people. You have lost a fan………. and I am sure you are going to be losing a lot more. To be honest I would LOVE to see the end of your website!
    You suck!!!!!

  23. Amie says – reply to this


    she's not that bad perez aka the homo form mars …. i've seen WAY worse and it starts whit a letter P and end whit a Z ;)

  24. WTF says – reply to this


    Re: aggie – then i must be as shallow as a little kiddie pool, casue this girl is busted beyond belief. Rumer the spud is about as close to gorgeous as beautiful Tori Paver (google her, sports illustrated swimsuit model) is to ugly.
    Aggie please dont be stupid and make stupid false untrue commnets online that the majority of people will disagree with. It just makes you look very foolish.

  25. WTF says – reply to this


    Re: pr1ncessk – – then i must be as shallow as a little kiddie pool, casue this girl is busted beyond belief. Rumer the spud is about as close to gorgeous as beautiful Tori Paver (google her, sports illustrated swimsuit model) is to ugly.
    Pr1ncessk please dont be stupid and make stupid false untrue comments online that the majority of people will disagree with. It just makes you look very foolish.

  26. sheil says – reply to this


    rumer, yesterday i told perez hilton i would never go on his website again. however, for some reason, this whole thing has struck such a nerve with me. what i would like to say to you is this, as i told your younger sister, it's not about you. and i'm sad to say that perez is only one of many haters who will attack you simply because you are the daughter of two famous parents. and that's it, no other reason. although most of the readers are getting wise, it can not take away the pain he has caused you. although you may think nothing of this, i can honestly say i find you stunning and beautiful, but i don't compare you to your mother. you are you, and your look is very unique and european, love it! you have a great eye for fashion, but most of all, you are a very nice girl.

  27. sheil says – reply to this


    you don't have to worry about Perez, who i truly believe has tormented you for no other reason than to get to your parents, and i know as a mother, he picked up the most vile weapon i could ever think of. you're mother and father could take anything that came their way, but what perez did here was quite a job. your parents have done a wonderful job with their beautiful girls, now it's your job to put it out there. Straighten out those shoulders and hold your head high. Know that yes, there are evil people in this world, however, there is good, too. I think what i learned from this is you can do everything right as a parent, but what do you do about the cruelty of others, and this in particular, was extraordinarily over-the-top, cruel. i suppose it is then, that we as parents, have to let go of their hand and hope they fly straight. i know you have great parents, and i guess what i would like from you is to, in turn, impress them.

  28. sheil says – reply to this


    you can start by looking in the mirror at your beautiful face and smiling knowing full well that you are one of the lucky ones. go to your parties, live the life most people would only dream of having and have a full heart. when i look back now, i wasted so much time on things that mean nothing to me today. make this time in your life matter, fill it with the best of memories with friends and family who 'really matter'. i mean, think about it rumer, the majority of the people on this site, lanced into perez, they did not like what he was doing, but there were some sicko's who threw in mean comments. be practical, who are these people who sit behind a computer, spewing hate. losers who don't have a life who think it's fine to attack anyone who does. this is the last comment i'll ever post, i'm definitely putting the drudge report as my refresher now, as it was before. i've seen enough here to know that although it's fine to once in a while to read about stars, i mean everyone does, it crosses the line to be a part of inhumanity, whether good or bad. i regret the day, i ever pulled up this site, perez hilton is an animal, that's being kind. your a great girl, rumer! take care!

  29. Sick says – reply to this


    It is people like you perez that make people have eating disorders and are so damn shallow. You are atrting to make me sick. You complain whne poeple are fat and when they are too skinny just give it up alreay homothug!!!!

  30. joe says – reply to this


    shes beautiful

  31. gg says – reply to this


    there is a surgery for that. joanie laurer the ex wrestler had it done. rumer really needs to do some thing. the whole chin thing ruins her look

  32. Johnn says – reply to this


    I would love to watch Fag boy Perez tell that to her DAD! Watch Bruce skull Fuck that FAG!!!!

  33. miss says – reply to this


    hey perez dont be so mean the girl doesn't look like a monster. it's hard enough to feel good about yourself, but consider how much tougher that is when all of your imperfections are magnified for the whole world to scrutinize. and serioulsly perez, being that much of a douche doesn't make you look very much better.

  34. Kat says – reply to this


    She is beautiful and unique, not some generic plastic dolly…you are just looking ugly, not because of your weight but because of your determined bullying…ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside…your fifteen minutes will soon be up perez, no one wants to hear this stuff from you any more…

  35. Maddi says – reply to this


    Fuck, Perez, could you be ANY more of a douche? Rumer Willis has, what is called, UNIQUE BEAUTY. She doesn't look perfect like every other celebrity, and she's STILL PERFECTLY ATTRACTIVE. She has beautiful eyes, nicely shaped eyebrows, and a skinny nose that I'm sure everyone would pray for. She's gorgeous the way she looks. I like that she looks different. And if you think SHE needs any plastic surgery, you should go in with her to fix your whole face! Why don't you make fun of someone who really IS ugly for once?

  36. fergu says – reply to this


    People who live in potato-headed houses (Perez) shouldn't throw potato-shaped stones.

    This one is getting old…did she call you fat or something?

  37. fifi says – reply to this


    Oh stopit! You aint no Rembrandt! Gay tries hard to be accepted. We women try as hard and you should be with US!

  38. mandy says – reply to this


    Please Stop saying those horrible things about her. What is your obsession with cutting her down. i am so happy that she isnt going to modify her body just because of what hollywood thinks she should look like

  39. amyt says – reply to this



  40. Beal says – reply to this


    Way to go lipo… you talk a big game on everyone and everything, you make your living off ridicule when you yourself hide from your own insecurities…you give gays a bad name, and you should be ashamed to be known for being an ass… koodoo's on forgetting the mirror before you judge others :) loser

  41. Fakes says – reply to this


    I mean, think about it rumer, the majority of the people on this site, lanced into perez, they did not like what he—–quoted by "sheil" another one of this pathetic no life losers fake names.——————————–
    ok honey, i told you i would keep calling you on your bull shit sheil, all the posts from 615-642 except one - 632-GG, are all YOUR IP address. So NO the majority of people did not "lance" into perez, YOU FUCKING DID, under many many many many many MANY different monikers (means fake/false names). And are you so fucking stupid, you write this shit as a letter to potato head thinking she may read it? Maybe she does, who gives a shit. but she sure as hell is not going to get in touch with you and your multiple personality ass. And if you think rumer willis has a beautiful face, then not only are you a mental basket case, you are stupid. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! AT LAST COUNT YOU HAD WELL OVER 600-700 POSTS WITH FAKE NAMES ON ONLY TWO RW THREADS, GOD KNOW HOW MANY YOU HAVE ON OTHERS RW THREADS.
    Answer me back bitch, so i can call you out again.

  42. Tina says – reply to this


    Have you ever thought about the idea that being special might be a desirable thing?

  43. Ash says – reply to this


    What's your problem with rumer…? You at times make comments that fortify your morals in a "big is beautiful…be yourself…fuck the pressure to be thin" sort of way. Then you verbally bash celebrities for looking "soft in the middle" or in this case- completely attack rumer's looks AND make out she can be 'fixed' by plastic surgery. I don't give a crap about Rumer Willis so it's not particulary in HER defence, but you Perez at times are so wrong. Get over Rumer no offence.

  44. rick says – reply to this


    You only write nice stuff about the celebrities who suck up your ass. They only do it so you don't write nasty shit about them- however you still do anyway…

    In conclusion…all your fabulous celebrity friends probably don't give a fuck about you whatsoever…befriend you for the sole purpose of protection from your commentary.

  45. Kat says – reply to this


    It seems like you don't even care about your reader's opinions half as much as you pretend to– you just want the attention. That is so fucking selfish, seriously, lay off. She looks fine!

  46. Fakes says – reply to this


    SAME IP AS ALL THE OTHERS!!! 643 through 646, are all you again "sheil" plus all your other fake names. and to kat/sheil/tina/rick/ash etc. etc. all the same person, please lets play some more, you will keep coming back thinking people are stupid enough to fall for it, and i will keep calling you out on it.
    "It seems like you don't even care about your reader's opinions" quoted by sybil, oops i mean "kat"————-no honey, perez does care, but he does not care about ONE CRAZY persons opinion, YOU, who keeps trying to lie & shift popular and true opinion–ie rumer is ugly on his site. seriously, keep it up, and i will post your IP address and home address w/the homeowners name all over the fucking internet. and i would not be surprised if your IP address is not coming from a computer inside DEmi or Bruces house. Probably paying one of their payed ass kissers overtime to do this for them. Wouldn't that be funny for us–and humiliatingly for her, if it wound up being TUMOR or someone her parents hired.

  47. Fakes says – reply to this


    The last four 643 through 646 are all the same IP again as all the other 650-700 plus fake named posts. And "kat" NO honey, like i told you before when you had one of many different fake name, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE POSTING AND CARING ABOUT WHAT IS SAID ABOUT RUMER WILLIS. IP ADDRESSES DONT LIE, I SUGGEST YOU GOOGLE SOME INFO ON IT.

  48. kayda says – reply to this


    its not her fault she looks the way she does.. look at her dad.. twins!

  49. Canad says – reply to this


    Perez, Perez, Perez…..Are you ever going to grow up? You shouldn't be talking about people's looks when you look like shit. Especially since you look like trailer park trash yourself.

  50. purpl says – reply to this


    Perez, I care nothing of Rumor Willis or her family. You insult yourself and your vapid fans by insulting deformed celebspawn and positing plastic surgery as an alternative.

    In truth, when I first gazed upon your unremarkable visage, my first thoughts returned to my time as an assistant on the Special Bus. You know, the one with the dribbling retards on it. You remind me of my favorite dribbly. His name was Dwayne, and he could eat his own feces almost anytime of the day.

    Your bitchy faggy demeanour makes you even uglier.

  51. Leo says – reply to this


    She always seems so full of herself to me with such and air of entitlement that she should have a career in movies, based soley that her dad does and her mom did. i would tell her to quit thinking she is the shit (she may look like it) and pull her head out of her ass, however in Rumers case, i think she would look better if she left it there.

  52. shana says – reply to this


    Yo perez! If plastic surgery isnt such a bad thing then y dont you look into it and leave Rumor alone. She's prettier than you could ever be….diva

  53. Bruce says – reply to this


    sks 2 b rumer w. chick iz all jacked up.

  54. un says – reply to this


    buy her some paper bags………………..

  55. 655

    how in the hell did someone as busted ugly as rumer willis get into peoples 100 most beautiful? i know, cashola $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ was paid to the morons @ people.

  56. Curri says – reply to this


    Everybody looks fine the way they are, Perez–except you. Have you checked the mirror lately? You are overweight, out of shape, have crooked teeth, and usually look like you could stand to step up your personal hygiene routine. Add that to the ugly attitude, and I see your future very clearly. You don't fit in now, and you won't fit in–ever.

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