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Obama Doesn't Like Muslims???

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On Monday, two Muslim women at Barack Obama's rally in Detroit, MI were not allowed by campaign volunteers to sit behind the podium.

Both rejections were made in separate instances and by different volunteers.

The staff on hand were trying to prevent the women's headscarves from appearing on television or in photographs with Obama.

Michigan has one of the largest Muslim and Arab populations in the United States, so this is clearly not sitting well with many Muslim supporters.

Obama has even vigorously denied rumors that he is Muslim, though occasionally adds that he means no disrespect to Islam. But the denials seem to some to be implying that there is something wrong with the Muslim faith.

Hebba Aref, a lawyer who lives near Detroit was denied a seat and says, "I was coming to support him, and I felt like I was discriminated against by the very person who was supposed to be bringing this change, who I could really relate to. The message that I thought was delivered to us was that they do not want him associated with Muslims or Muslim supporters."

A volunteer asked three of Aref's friends if they would like to sit behind the stage. The men stated they would, but mentioned they were at the rally with some friends.

The volunteer, an African American woman in her mid-20s, asked if their friends looked and were dressed like the men, who were all light skinned and wearing suits. One of the men mentioned that their friend (Aref) was wearing a headscarf with her suit.

That's when Aref's friend says that the volunteer, "explained to me that because of the political climate and what's going on in the world and what's going on with Muslim Americans, it's not good for [Aref] to be seen on TV or associated with Obama."

As for the second incident, that occurred while waiting in line, two of Shimaa Abdelfadeel's non-Muslim friends were ahead of her. A volunteer approached them and asked if they wanted to be seated in the special section behind Obama. The friends said yes and asked for Shimaa to come along.

That's when the volunteer told them their friend would need to take the headscarf off or stay out of the special section. The friends declined the invite.

When Shimaa confronted the volunteer she was told, "We're not letting anyone with anything on their heads like baseball [caps] or scarves sit behind the stage. It has nothing to do with your religion!"

Although photographs of the event show men with hats seated in the section behind Obama and former VP Al Gore.

Since the incident, the campaign has apologized to the women. However, the two Obama supporters say they feel betrayed by their treatment.

Bill Burton, Obama's spokesman, says, "This is of course not the policy of the campaign. It is offensive and counter to Obama's commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run. We sincerely apologize for the behavior of these volunteers."

When in doubt, blame someone else.

Though maybe this time it was the volunteers. Photographs from a Seattle rally earlier this year show a couple in Muslim clothing sitting behind Obama.

Next time, better screen your volunteers better.

[Image via WENN.]

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393 comments to “Obama Doesn't Like Muslims???”

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  1. beef says – reply to this



  2. molly says – reply to this


    i highly doubt he doesnt like muslims, your caption is misleading. He is probably trying to separate himself from the stereotype that he is muslim. if you hadnt noticed dumbasses see a connection between osama and obama.

  3. hello says – reply to this



  4. Clair says – reply to this


    SMOKE AND FUCKING MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is a fucking muslim and he thinks he'll get more votes if he doesb't have the fucking camel fuckers sitting on stage with him. IF he gets nominated … WE ARE FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Car says – reply to this


    Perez…YOU of all people, should not be making a big deal about this. Leave it up to Obama's enemies to sensationalize this…..

  6. T says – reply to this


    people are stupid

  7. wow says – reply to this


    shut up perez

  8. Meg says – reply to this


    Wow he just cant win now can he? If those women would have been behind him and been in the photograph, everyone would have lost their damn minds saying that he was a muslim and such, and yet when his advisors try to prevent the situation from happening ( not saying that they were correct in their judgement) he gets slammed for being racists against muslisms? WTF?! America is losing their damn minds.

  9. Jaspe says – reply to this


    umm hello! I wouldn't let them sit there either. It's bad enough that people think he is muslim

  10. jesus says – reply to this


    i wish i would've went to see him.
    that shit was only like, 5 minutes away.

  11. Hilla says – reply to this


    This is only the beginning. His true color (LOL) is coming out now!!!
    GO McCain!!!

  12. Car says – reply to this


    CLAIR…how ignorant are you? But you are probably 12 years old or close to it right?

  13. jenny says – reply to this


    What the eff is MUSLIM CLOTHING?

  14. mike says – reply to this


    Perez, stay out of politics. Every time you open your mouth about politics you come across as really ignorant. We like you b/c of your snarky comments on celebrities. You can certainly have a political opinion, but please for the love of god stop posting any political posts - please!

  15. norri says – reply to this


    uhmmm maybe he doesn't like them because hes a big asshole/ fucking moron!

  16. 16

    A few fucked up Muslims fucked it up for all Muslims. The Muslims that I know are very hard working, giving, and spiritual people. They do not have a violent bone in their being.

  17. alix says – reply to this


    I think they do it so that it can't add fire to the conservative debate that Obama is muslim. I don't think he has anything against muslims but if people think that he is muslim (and if there are muslim supporters behind him on camera) he won't win in November, period. It's stupid how ignorant coservatives in America are. Like seriously people, just because Obama's Africa last name happens to rhyme with Osama doesn't make him a radical muslim or a supporter of terrorists!

  18. 18

    why? what wrong with Muslims?

  19. PinK says – reply to this


    Why isthere so much discrimination

  20. Thund says – reply to this


    So he is a self-hating muslim? Pray that this idiot doesn't get elected. Rich or poor, your taxes will go up. And if you think I am wrong, take a look at the current state of Cook County.

  21. Musli says – reply to this


    that's fucked up!

  22. at says – reply to this


    "The volunteer, an African American woman in her mid-20s, asked if their friends looked and were dressed like the men, who were all light skinned and wearing suits. One of the men mentioned that their friend (Aref) was wearing a headscarf with her suit."

    BS!!!!!!!!! that is the most BS fake convo they could have possibly come up with. why would someone possibly respond by saying "well……do they look like you???? cuz that's the only way we'll let them sit behind him…if they're white and well-dressed."

  23. Miche says – reply to this


    Wait? So hes not suppossed to deny belonging to a religion he is NOT a part of, because it would be defensive? That doesnt make sense!

  24. bb says – reply to this



  25. Belle says – reply to this


    This has nothing to do with Obama directly. I'm sure Obama is smarter than to do something like that. But, I am sure the volunteers were just trying to protect Obama who has been criticized by RACISTS/Islamophobes for his "Muslim" name and supposed previous associations with Islam.

  26. caitl says – reply to this


    McCain black ops? Seriously.

  27. d says – reply to this


    Though maybe this time it was the volunteers. Photographs from a Seattle rally earlier this year show a couple in Muslim clothing sitting behind Obama.

    Next time, better screen your volunteers better.

  28. Serio says – reply to this


    Perez, if this had been a Republican candidate you would have ripped them to shreds, not given them the benefit of the doubt that it was just the volunteers. Shame on you.

  29. agboo says – reply to this



  30. Melis says – reply to this


    He dosent need to screen better volunteers, thaey did what they were instructed to do.He does not want to appear to be affiliated with the muslims, it makes the average American uncomfortable.They wont ever admit to that thow…..

  31. lil says – reply to this


    obama for 2008!!!!

  32. andcl says – reply to this


    seriously perez, it's as though you want a john mccain to win.

    go ahead and act like the right-wing media wouldn't show a clip of two muslim women sitting behind barack obama alll day every day until the election. be serious about the world we live in, and get a grip on the fact that you made a BAD CALL and that hillary clinton LOST.

    you are a figure in media, BUT NOT A JOURNALIST. you have a RESPONSIBILITY to your community. this is shameful behavior coming from a gay man.

    what i think is that you know that your star is fading, and so you're turning yourself into an ann coulter type. LAME. accept your irrelevance.

  33. britt says – reply to this


    if that happened, then that's terrible.
    but on the whole issue of obama maybe being muslim, does it matter?
    it's just religion, and people can believe whatever they want to.

  34. sydne says – reply to this


    That's too bad. You know if they were sitting behind him the Republicans would be all over it, and you know Hannity and Rush would totally exploit it. I think he's in a total Catch-22.

  35. Sick says – reply to this


    JESUS CHRIST!!!! If he associates with Muslim's, he's Muslim. If they don't allow them to sit with him, he's a bigot. NO WONDER THIS WORLD IS SO FUCKED UP, especially with fucking pieces of shit like Perez Hilton adding fuel to every type of fire there is.

  36. Rhond says – reply to this


    that would be to close to home. All you have to do is listen to the hate of his mentors and their "christian" churches. They all hate America!

  37. Lizz says – reply to this


    I think this is a time when you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. It would appear that this volunteers themselves, and not the official campaign, did not do the right thing (and FYI, volunteers typically are not screened for racism). Additionally, unless there is evidence that the campaign did indeed refuse to seat Muslims on stage, it is irresponsible to blame the official campaign for the actions of one person. I understand the use of sensationalism for dramatic effect but the title "Obama Doesn't Like Muslims???" is misleading and, IMHO, places you dangerously close to the FoxNews-outlets of this world.

    Come on, Perez, you are better then that! I'm a loyal reader and I love you…

  38. sarca says – reply to this


    Here we go again *rolls eyes to the ceiling*. So you're back on the Obama bashing already Pnasty?? I'll bet your staff works for McCain. You know full well Obama doesnt have a prob with Muslims.

  39. Mimi says – reply to this


    Rasicim should not be accepted in any shape of form. I'm disappointed, greatly. If something like this happened to a black or a jewish person, all hell would break loose.

    Such a shame.

  40. Jason says – reply to this


    Obama, you can't be being racist, when your ancestors were victims of the same thing… But i THINK MUSLIMS SHOULD UNDERSTAND.. he wants to convince ingorant white people he isn't muslim, im sure he loves indian and pakistan people…
    Obama fan 2008..

    White people will change their minds quick if they saw a headscarf.. OBAMA isn't a racist, I believe I think he wants to slowly introduce people of muslim faith to america.. so that they can accept them…

  41. s says – reply to this


    damned if he does, and damned if he dont
    you cant please all of the people all of the time

  42. hanna says – reply to this


    You should not start shit like this by captioning it "Obama Does Not Like Muslims". That is really irresponsible. His family in Africa are mostly Muslim. You know as well as I do that he has good reason for not wanting them to sit directly behind him. The Republican shit party will eat him alive.

  43. ya kn says – reply to this


    i HIGHLY doubt that he doesnt like Muslims….He is probably just being cautious because there are some really ignorant people in this world trying to say he is a muslim….and trying to relate him to friekin Osama. People should really educate themselves before spreading lies about people because you only make yourself look dumb.

  44. jay says – reply to this


    that's horrible! i don't know about obama as president…

  45. Krist says – reply to this


    He's damned if does and damned if he doesn't. If those people were sitting behind him… all of America would be talking about how there were Muslims sitting behind Obama. Who cares if he is muslim or not… that should not effect your vote.

    I'm voting Obama!

  46. K says – reply to this


    . . .and if they would of shown them people would have their panties in a bundle again that he's secretly a Muslim.

  47. molly says – reply to this


    To clarify, I also believe Obama is a filthy Muslim.

  48. Mitch says – reply to this


    I wouldn't be too harsh on these volunteers. This is a tough climate, and you know that once those pictures were out there, bill O and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh would turn it all around and say that this was some Obama family reunion or something stupid. We all know this is the way the game is played.

    And the fact is that people who quit their jobs or take the day off to volunteer full time to get someone elected President of the United States desperately want that candidate to win, not come in second. I believe Barack Obama would not have tolerated that from his volunteers, but I also believe that the volunteers probably did what they thought was the best thing for the campaign. I'll agree that it was shallow, but this will blow over. Having that picture out there might not have.

  49. Yak says – reply to this


    Well if that is true it's not because he doesn't like Muslims (although who does?) it's because half of the people in the hillbilly states like Virginia and Arkansas think he IS a Muslim and if he wants to get elected he has to disassociate himself with anything "Muslim" like. It's due to the ignorant masses that this action needs to be taken.

  50. 50

    its all just to keep the dimwitted (aka "conservative" bible thumpers) from persisting in their rumors that he is a muslim

  51. angie says – reply to this


    Re: Meg

    EXACTLY, Meg! ;)

  52. baudi says – reply to this


    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    Our founding fathers would be dissapointed in this kind of shit. WE ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. LETS START ACTING LIKE AMERICANS INSTEAD OF FUCKING HATERS.

  53. Mat' says – reply to this


    OMG……I'm shocked!!……..I'm surprised!!……….the messiah doesn't like muslims?

  54. Seast says – reply to this


    I agree with the decision. WHY? Because the rightwingers would have used this against HIM, and would have implemented fear. I doubt he knew anything about what is volunteers did, but the decision was needed! And all those who say "that isn't right" are the same ones who say "Obama is a Muslim"

  55. kath says – reply to this


    Think of it this way: Obama already has enough trouble with his name and having people associate him with Islam. A lot of Americans have problems with Islam (I'm not condoning this, its just a fact). If Obama wants to win, then he needs to disassociate himself with Islam. I'm not saying its right, its just true. Just imagine some backwoods hick who sees someone with a headscarf sitting behind him. They won't vote for him! I bet his campaign did this on purpose. Its a sad truth, but he doesn't have much choice. Those women should just take one for the team if thats what it takes to get hime elected, since him winning will most likely be the best option for Muslim-Americans.

  56. Walte says – reply to this


    To be clear, if people want to be racist, it is their constitutional right. As much as the PC police would like to force everyone to love and respect one another, you can't force them to and still have a free society.

  57. Jacki says – reply to this


    That is an irresponsible title! You are about as bad as FOX News! You are giving into those crazies like Claire, norri, Thund shit to talk about

  58. Mat' says – reply to this


    OMG……..I'm shocked!!!………I'm surprised!!!!..the Chosen One doesn't like muslims

  59. Jo says – reply to this


    Perez, you're such a jerk off - that caption is soooo misleading. It's because of people like you that these volunteers are trying to keep Muslim women wearing traditional head scarves out of the picture (on tv). Or did you forget that you're a recent Obama convert yourself? Do you not remember some of those disgusting posts you left about Obama back when you were on the Hillary bandwagon? If those women HAD appeared on tv, you would have been the first one to post it and say OBAMA LOVES MUSLIMS. You're already a faux celebrity, you don't need to stir the shit pot just to keep people visiting your site. When you were behind Hillary, you supported her 100%. Then her fat ass and her big ego fell, and now you're still trying to bash Obama even though you claim to support him…. go figure…

  60. ken says – reply to this


    Perez is a hater!

  61. Sandr says – reply to this


    hey muckraker!
    Why make inflammatory title like that to fire up your readers who jump to conclusions faster than you set them up? Especially when you state it's not true within the article! This isn't the roaring 20s anymore, and you can't just make up highly reactive shit just to sell your site like the muckrakers of yore sold their smutty newspapers. I'm apalled that this unlevel headed bullshit is what journalism is devolving into.

  62. Lolly says – reply to this


    Interesting that this post has barely any comments. It's quite sad actually that no one has anything to say about this! I do hope this was just a case of volunteers making their own assumptions and not in fact the policy of the Obama campaign. For a black man to extend a racist attitude towards another minority is very disheartening.

  63. andcl says – reply to this


    Re: Clair – youre essentially lame because he already has the nomination. you obviously have no idea what youre talking about.

  64. Amina says – reply to this


    Well he just lost my vote. I read the whole article. The fact that he has people like that working for him shows how ridiculous politics has gotten.

  65. jessi says – reply to this


    Re: Thund
    so did you just read the heading and skip the content of the article? too many words for your little brain? it says that "Photographs from a Seattle rally earlier this year show a couple in Muslim clothing sitting behind Obama." of course, that was at the end of the article…you probably didn't even see that.

  66. sam says – reply to this


    doesn't that scream bush regime so controlled that he can't even be seen with a muslim for 2 bush reasons. one their idiot story the 2nd their idiot attack for oil & underground.
    i loathe what the bushes have done to that culture. they did it to the jewish last effort. a grandmother was jewish the family married muslim, asian & jewish. nobody told me i wasn't supposed to love my aunty pat. i laugh at that that's really funny. my family all love each other. if both muslim & jewsh middle east communities want to visit my family at any time from my grandparents, please visit. we were just loving & living & laughing. i'm afraid we would just have to knock your heads together nobody does the racial thing not since my grandparents.
    don't fear the bush nylon fear. IMPEACH.

  67. alrmw says – reply to this


    I am seriously going to take a row boat and move to a deserted island soon if this shit does nto stop.

    I am so sick of other etnicity always bitching and crying that no one treats them fairly, when in fact they are treated with more respect then most natives of the country. It's always about walking on egg shells now. If you say there is alot of Asians in Vancouver, you are racist. I think the racist card has been brought to a whole new level in the year 2000's and it's always being played. Oh you say something to me about what i wear, well you must me a idiot racist.

    Yes there is racism in the world, I do not condown people beating and killing each other over race and attires, but please. Give it a damn break

  68. wow says – reply to this


    He can't win… he's accused of being muslim because his name isn't John or David and when he tries to distance himself from that claim the way anyone would, he's accused of saying being muslim is wrong. I feel bad for the guy.

  69. 69

    Mario, this gossip site right? What you just posted is a little thing called news, and anyone who would come to this site to get their news has lost one too many brain cells. You suck.

  70. Ro says – reply to this


    This speaks nothing bad of him but of the American public. Americans are idiots who are using his name against him. Many times have I heard people saying they will not vote for him simply because of his name. I can't say I blame the volunteers because if the two young women had sat there, Americans (the ignorant ones) would use it against him and call him a Muslim terrorist and all sorts of other rubbish.

  71. Robin says – reply to this


    Smart Move…by the Obama's people….do you think McCain is going to have muslins wearing scarfs seating or standing behind or beside him at any rallys…I don't think so…it is the political climate…muslims especially wearing the muslim attire are associated with terriorists…..don't blame Obama or any Americans for this ……Blame the Muslim Terrorists….who spread hate and killing around the world…..So American Muslins don't be mad at Obama or any American if you feel judged….I think you (Muslims) would know why and quit WHINING.!!

  72. SICKO says – reply to this


    This crazy Arab b*tch, saying "doesn't want to associate with Muslims", need to calm the f*ck down. You people are a sickness to society, always have been always will be. I am sick of them trying to take the religion of Islam, and use it for their own selfish agenda. Arabs want to say "Go Obama you rock" but if not a well known Obama comes near them (meaning a black) it's "ABEED" ABEED". Lord have mercy, on these freaks! Crazy Sand N*ggers!

  73. colin says – reply to this



    come on perez.

  74. pam says – reply to this


    So what if he did. Just look at the Dunkin Donuts commercail that got yanked because Rachaal Ray was wearing a scarf. People are sick and twisted and live to find fault in everything. We're going to shit in a handbasket.

  75. Molly says – reply to this


    They probably did that because crazy conservatives are trying to scare people to think that he's a muslim or terrorist. Conservatives would prob take the pictures from the rally and pass them around and say "see I told you he was muslim". This is so typical. They tried to say the JFK was a communist back when he was running for President.

  76. alize says – reply to this


    Glad to see some people (in the comments) have common sense… Obama does not want to be photographed with muslims because the republicans would misuse such a photo in every possible way to imply that Obama is muslim bla bla bla… you've heard the rumors of Obama being sworn in on the Quran and the effect the photo of Obama in traditional costume had… the republicans will use every tactic possible. Don't blame it on Obama, blame it on the republicans.

  77. babet says – reply to this


    barack is so adamant about claiming that he's not a muslim…….its like he's ashamed to even be associated with it like being muslim is an insult -_-

  78. kathe says – reply to this


    if this had happened at a rally for McCain, all the liberals including you perez would be going NUTS
    everyone would get mad at mcCain and cause huge chaos saying it was his fault, he is racist and anti-muslim
    but when it happens to the liberal candidate, Obama of course its not his doing, its the volunteers.
    im not saying it was obamas doing, it may have been or it may have been the volunteers
    i jsut wish the liberals wouldnt be so hypocritical.

  79. Katti says – reply to this


    So when is this big "change" going to take place??? I do not think your artilce is misleading at all. We are now seeing the real Obama…a liar! How can he exicute this big change if he is trying to wait for the world to be better…that is the biggest load of shit i have ever heard! That is an excuse! The world is not gonig to get better ! He should know all about discrimination, considering his age- fisrt hand. So why do it to the people you are going to run, to people woh are gonig to vote for you, to people who are putting their faith in you and your promise to help stop it? When you are encouraging it! What an idiot! I so hope he doesnt win it seems we will all be walking on egg shells and getting lied to.

  80. jacqu says – reply to this


    The media and republican spin is to blame. Obama wouldnt care if he was photographed with muslims. Its the journalists and republicans (aka Bill O'Reilly) who will spin that and cause alarm and incorrect information in the less informed voter/citizen

  81. jffdr says – reply to this


    Malik Obama, his brother, says Barack Hussien Obama is a Muslim. This was not reported widely when it came out the other day. Do a search on Google News for Malik Obama. Barack also lied when he said on his official campaign site that he never was a Muslim. Obama is a liar.

  82. IL Ch says – reply to this


    The media have made being Muslim a crime, not Barack Obama. Muslims are not violent as a whole. There is a small sect of them who are fanatics and have declared jihad on us.

    If the media hadn't been trying to connect Obama with the violent Muslims, this wouldn't be a problem. And who really cares what religion he practices???

    OBAMA '08

  83. go fu says – reply to this


    Are you being a sore looser because Hilldog lost? Obviously this was a mistake where unpaid volunteers erred in judgement. He has THOUSANDS of volunteers and you cant possibly hold him accountable for every mistake that these people make. He obviously does not hate muslims and you are acting like Bill o fucking reilly by this heading and your 'interpretation'. Seriously, would you like John McCain for presedent? Maybe you should publically endorse him then. You sore fucking looser!

  84. erin says – reply to this


    obama is a racist, read about his religion he was a part of for 20 years, Black Liberation Theology, it is a racist religion/cult and Oprah used to be a part of it but she left the church because she realized it was hateful wayyy before the young impressionable obama "denounced" reverend wright. this is only the beginning of obamas hateful personality. take a look at who he really is and you will be surprised. DONT BE A SHEEP FOLLOWING THE HERD be aware and look at all the sides, if you do you will realize the type of man obama really is

  85. dmd says – reply to this



  86. Obama says – reply to this


    I am sorry that those supporters felt slighted but the Obama campaign cannot provide any visual ammunition for the right to use against him and his campaign. They are still having to disspell rumors that he is not a muslim.
    I mean how many times have you seen pics of Obama when he went to Kenya? Fox News would have had a field day with a photo of Obama with Muslim supporters in their Religious scarves behind him. I mean look at what happened with Dunkin Donuts and miss American Apple Pie chef Rachel Ray. Please….

  87. kathe says – reply to this


    oh and after reading more of the comments
    i think its funny that this whole ordeal is STILL somehow the republicans fault
    that the republicans caused the volunteers to not allow muslims to be on tv with obama.
    liberals are kind of like men, they can never just admit they did one thing wrong but instead find a way to blame it on everyone else

  88. Chris says – reply to this




  89. Phoeb says – reply to this


    Land of the free, home of the brave MY ASS!! Land of the Middle Class White college grad, home of racism, intolerance and Christian extremism.

    So sad that the US seems to breeding xenophobes on such a huge scale. I have travelled all over the world and the US is THE most racist country I have been to, in terms of those in power being rich-white-christian lovers. What's the prob? Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in the SAME god (just a different name), the SAME deciples/prophets (Moses, Jesus, Abraham etc) and have the same values.

    And I think the only reason Obama feels he has to distance himself from Muslims (in itself a very sad thing as there are so many American Muslims supporting him) is due to the disgusting reaction of a large majority of Americans on the issue of Islam.

  90. Kelly says – reply to this


    Why are Americans still so racists? I'm a muslim, and for the record I'm not a terrorist!

  91. URMOM says – reply to this



  92. j says – reply to this



  93. dawn says – reply to this


    I thought he was the candidate for all people.

  94. kc says – reply to this


    Stick to what you know Perez!!!!! If Obama himself had denied those people the seats I would see an issue, but it was his VOLUNTEERS. OMFG……quit trying to make something out of nothing. If you would do your research Obama is a Mix of MANY nationalities. So I guess if he did that to every religion he didnt want to be linked with there would be a lot of other people. Sheesh. PEOPLE ARE NEVER SATISFIED. FIRST BUSH, NOW OBAMA? Obama has something great to offer this country and all people do is bitch about every little thing. If you have such an issue with our country and its leader MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. Im sure you all wouldnt be bitching about him if you only knew what it was like elsewhere. Ungrateful bitches!!!!!!!

  95. meme says – reply to this


    If the man isn't a muslim, he isn't a muslim. Stop trying to identify him as one. Whether he didn't want muslim looking people appearing with him, well that's another story.

    Hey there's some support politicians don't want.

  96. Musli says – reply to this


    Re: Clair
    Racist! Camel Fuckers? I am a Muslim and I bet I am a more educated then your ignorant, small minded, disgusting, excuse for a human being.

  97. Bibi says – reply to this


    Boy,there are some real dumb fucks out there! By the way for every 1 muslim that wears a headscarf there are probably 10 that don't! There may have been a whole row of Muslim women sitting behind him & they'd never know!
    I'm sooo glad i'm not American,your politics are crap!

  98. perez says – reply to this


    muslims want to burn the country to the ground. why should barack associate himself with them? yeah, im sure the american people would just love that: barack obama- candidate of the muslims!

    youre an idiot sometimes perez

  99. lor says – reply to this


    Well duh…. why don't we just give that ammo "shot" to the evil republicans so they can put their lowlife spin on it. NOT.

  100. Repub says – reply to this


    You are an idiot perez. Fuck osama obama. He wont become our next president. he is muslim and no American will allow it.

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