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She Shops At Target!

| Filed under: Barack Obama


He wipes his butt when he poops!

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are just like us, y'all.

The political couple and hopeful future first lady and President of the United States grace the cover of the new issue of Us Weekly.

The National Enquirer is next!

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379 comments to “She Shops At Target!”

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  1. McCai says – reply to this


    I am voting for McCain!!!!!

  2. Julia says – reply to this


    Kooooooooooooooooool 1st!!!!!?

  3. jason says – reply to this


    sho is sad

  4. beth says – reply to this


    who gives a shit about these people….change my ass!!!!! go back to africa

  5. Lisa says – reply to this


    I was a Democrat……. now I am voting for McCain in 08!!!!!!!!

    PS Angelina is a whore.

  6. 6

    YaY Obama!!!!!

  7. trish says – reply to this


    i dont care why he loves her, i care about what he stands on, and how he wants to run th counrty

  8. Julia says – reply to this


    Am I 1st yet?????????????

  9. Miche says – reply to this


    McCain 08!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Democrats sold Hilary Clinton out, so I am a Democrat for McCain.

    There are a lot of us out there.

  10. m says – reply to this



  11. Julia says – reply to this


    oh! I am, I'm the 1st Julia!!!!!!!!!

  12. daisy says – reply to this


    They are NOT like me.

  13. pleas says – reply to this


    I love my country so she isn't anything like me.

  14. Just says – reply to this


    Oh, how I hope she ISN'T our next first lady. Can't stand that arrogant racist woman.

  15. 15

    How romantic. Now, pass me the bucket.

  16. tiara says – reply to this


    she is fantastic and they are both EXACTLY what your country needs…some down to earth - no bullshit - ruling!!!

  17. bill says – reply to this


    First, and fuck those two racist fucks!

  18. bigch says – reply to this


    Perez, stop being a hater. It's about getting the Democrats into the White House. We know your girl Hillary didn't win, but now, we need to rally behind the party's candidate. And, Barack and his wife are cute.

  19. ohno says – reply to this


    AND she hates white people!

  20. BSP says – reply to this


    nice to see positive pub for the Obamas on here.
    keep it up.

  21. Sabri says – reply to this



  22. sasha says – reply to this


    barack obama looks manorexic.

  23. McCai says – reply to this


    I am now a Democrat for McCain………. like most Democrats have become. McCain is going to win in 08!!!!!!!!

  24. Sabri says – reply to this


    Re: beth – You are fucking ridiculous and ignorant.

  25. Anna says – reply to this


    They are a lovely couple.

  26. Winch says – reply to this


    because of his wife, he will lose

  27. junei says – reply to this


    if only they were really like us "real" people who had to pay for gas, then maybe he would consider drilling offshore like every other civilized nation in the world does…

  28. Lulu says – reply to this


    I'm not a power-hungry, arrogant c*nt, and I have ALWAYS been proud of my country, for better or worse. They are not like me at all.

  29. Jacly says – reply to this


    She also said that this is "the first time she has EVER been proud of America". News Flash: Barack Obama and his wife HATE America

  30. canad says – reply to this


    she really does need to smile more … that lower jaw of hers can look pretty tense and I think reveals her stress level
    I think they are amazing tho and feel this couple really can change the world we live in … go Obamas go!!! 3 cheers from Canada

  31. z says – reply to this


    Gay Democrat for McCain

  32. Lily says – reply to this


    She is a racist, he is a racist………….. and I am a Democrat that is now voting Republican. He just wants to make a name for himself, she wants a chance to be even more racist towards White people who she can't stand. They do not care about this country the way The Clintons and McCains do. I am voting McCain in 08, Obama and his wife are racists and I can't stand them.

  33. SHERV says – reply to this



  34. Karen says – reply to this


    I think it's sad how these IVY leagued people try so hard to convince us all that they're "just like us". I bet Michelle doesn't talk much about their private jet. She's NOT like us and never will be.
    Truth is that you have to be filthy rich to run for President.
    McCain makes me sick too–collecting social security when his wife makes millions and millions.
    There's a special place in hell for all politicians.

  35. kkkkk says – reply to this


    Who cares where she shops..her home is worth millions. John McCain is going to win. Obama didn't win the electorital
    battleground states, so all you whore's who has whored after him,

  36. SJ says – reply to this


    She is no Jackie O, however hard she tries.

  37. yvonn says – reply to this


    whats the difference between osama bin laden, sadam hussein and barack hussein obama??? why do they always leave the hussein out of his name?!

  38. Wow says – reply to this


    Ugh, can't stand her.

  39. IL Ch says – reply to this


    Racist? How? He's black AND white, you idiots. No offense, but he won't be America's first BLACK president, he's bi-racial.

    Hilary lost fair and square. The Dems didn't sell her out. Had she won the nomination, I would vote for her. I don't agree with the electoral college and I believe we should go by straight numbers. The electoral college was created b/c it was impossible to count every vote way back then. We now have the technology to count all votes, so let's do so!

    OBAMA '08!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Absol says – reply to this


    Obama and his wife are RACISTS

  41. they says – reply to this


    these people hate white people, they hate america. isn't it a scary thought that people with those beliefs could be running our country?
    how can people ignore all that?

  42. Bill says – reply to this


    so what is wrong with shopiing at Target? Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to give it away by not looking for a bargain. I bet lots of wealthy folks shop at Target.

  43. b says – reply to this


    I am a well educated white woman who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I sympathize with Hilary - she's forged the path for women like me. However, I support Obama, his measured judgment, his fine mind, and his ability to stay above the fray of petty conflicts, for the most part. Get behind your party, former Hilary voters, or raise your children in a country that shuns diplomacy and recieves hostile international reception. Race is a pressing issue in our society, and I'm delighted that we have been given the opportunity to vote for a black man who is also the most qualified candidate. But, race is not the definitive issue in this election. This country, its economy, poor education and healthcare infratstrucutre, and chilling international reputation, cannot afford four to eight more years of militaristic arrogance and domestic neglect.

  44. Rhond says – reply to this


    Now we are about to see, the subtle re-invention of Michelle Obama. Shops at Target, loves Sex in the City, and never misses the girl concerts. I'll bet. She's not an angry black —–, she's soft and kind and really smart to.

  45. wrigl says – reply to this


    How can you vote for McCain if you are a TRUE DEMOCRAT? When you vote, you should vote for the ISSUES, not be bitter because the candidate that you liked is not in the running. McCain will CONTINUE to put our country in a downward spiral…further into debt (after borrowing $$). I am a past Hillary supporter, but I AM VOTING FOR OBAMA because the ISSUES are what matter. BE INTELLIGENT, NOT IGNORANT.

  46. Vinan says – reply to this


    Geesh Perez

    Your site and your readers are racist KKK members!!
    truely shocking and disgusting! ignornat rednecked, trailer trash idiots!

  47. Vinan says – reply to this


    Re: yvonn

    You are a racist a idiot! why don't you just go suck on Bush's balls!

  48. Vinan says – reply to this


    Re: Lily

    You arguements lack logic- you can not even verify why you think they are both racist.
    People like you are what is wrong with society today and why RACISM is inherent and Rife in American society.
    You call yourself a democrat- but can not bring yourself to vote for the democratic candidate based on race? Do you think that corelates with the ideology of a scoial democratic party???

    I don't even know whay I am responding to your ignorant comments cause you are beyond help. but your comments was just unbelivably DUMB!!!!

  49. maidm says – reply to this


    Perez, you need to be respectful. Being offensive and disrespectful is wrong. Your generation will ultimately turn upon itself and self-destruct. There is more to life than trying to be cool. So sad.

  50. xyz says – reply to this


    Wow, slow gossip news week? I am sick of the left wing media cramming Obama and his wife down our throats. If I wanted to read about politics I would subscribe to a polital mag. I'll be voting for McCain in Novemeber regardless of whether or not Mrs. Obama likes sex and the city.

  51. Russ says – reply to this


    What a great picture!!!!!!!

  52. jen says – reply to this


    OBAMA FOR '08!!!!

  53. squin says – reply to this


    Miche - if by "out there" you mean "on this blog" then, sure, good for you. Har har har, you dumb haters, that's a picture of the future President and First Lady and there's nothing you vapid shitheads can do about it. Yeah, vapid, look it up, geniuses. And Perez, the fact that you're fantasizing about Obama wiping his ass is pretty hilarious. Get a grip on yourself, you sick idiot. Aw, the morons are going to lose, so sad…

  54. ang says – reply to this


    she seriously needs to do something with those painted on eyebrows. they look fucking stupid.

  55. rob says – reply to this


    Get off your high horse Perez and support the only candidate willing to back civil unions and reverse the eight years of shit we as Americans decided we were willing to endure.

    Hillary lost, get over it.

  56. Julie says – reply to this


    who ever votes for McCain is so stupid in my eyes.

    Ron Paul 08!

  57. Noria says – reply to this


    I love Mr and Mrs Obama…The McCain's are boring and they lie about the most stupid things like recipes! Which is no big deal. If you don't have a home recipe that has been passed down then just be honest about it….One small lie leads to a much bigger lie. The Obamas represent all of American families; blacks, Hispanics, whites, and Asians. Michelle talking about the average things that her and her husband love to do just brings them more closer to us and is showing us that they are just like us.

    Obama 08..hillary too late
    Obama 08..hillary too late
    Obama 08..hillary too late
    Obama 08..hillary too late
    Obama 08..hillary too late

    Now that we got the old bitch out of the way. The McCains are so old and boring. You can't get an arise out of these people. They need to be sent to a retirement home and leave the running to Obama.

    Obama 08…McCain too old
    Obama 08.. McCain's a bore
    Obama 08.. McCain will keep us in war
    Obama 08.. McCain will raise gas prices
    Obama 08..McCain will screw up the economy
    Obama 08..McCain will make it another Bush term

  58. mario says – reply to this


    All the "Us" and "People" covers in the world can't make this America/Whitey hating woman look good. She's evil, he's stupid. Hey, didn't we have this in the 90's? I thought it was about "change" this time. Spare me…..

  59. nagna says – reply to this


    Re: Miche
    A democrat for Mccain? You're a fucking idiot. You were never a democrat ti begin with.

  60. Dan says – reply to this


    I am voting McCain too. McCain is far from perfect but he is a war hero and understands the military and will protect our soilders. Obama on the other had is a evil Muslim and supports terrorists. Look at his friends. Obama idolizes communism/communists. He has a pic in his office of Che Guevara. What a complete scumbag. Obama is bent on the destruction of America. He has admitted to smoking crack and robbing people (white) to support his habbit. His wife is uppitty and HATES white people and has admitted it on many occassions. Listen to it yourself the tapes are out there. She hates America. Obama and his wife are a threat to peace and freedom lovers everywhere. Obama is MUSLIM, HATES WHITES, SMOKES CRACKS. Lets put him in his place….Vote McCain

  61. GOBAM says – reply to this


    GO OBAMA!!!

    WE BEAT LA… Celtics ROCK!

  62. laura says – reply to this


    i cant beleive people would vote for someone who hates america, doesnt salute the american flag, and who has connections with terrorists. either americans are stupid or they are not researching this guy. how do we know if he is elected the economy is going to become great. because if obama wins gas prices are going to go down "yeah right". I guess this country doesnt have pride anymore.

  63. crowt says – reply to this


    for all of the foxnews watchers out there, she said "for the first time in my adult life i am REALLY proud of my country."

    you leave out the qualifying "really" to make your point. however, it means she always has been proud, but now is much more so.

  64. Maria says – reply to this


    I am a Hillary supporter so I probably won't vote.

    Perez, you are letting us down. Do you think they give a shit
    about the gay community? Hillary did. These people do nothing for

  65. j says – reply to this


    Re: squin – you're so fucking smart!!!!!!!!! VAPID!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Eleph says – reply to this


    I don't want someone like me in the White House, I want someone better than me. MCAIN 08 !!!!! STOP GAY MARRIAGES !!!

  67. Jeff says – reply to this


    This story is just aother attempt to paint the Obama family as middle of the road working class people. Thats kinda hard since they both went to ivy league schools and make a boat load of money. These 2 are WAY too liberal for America.

  68. Tvip says – reply to this


    How can she be racist if she's married to a man whose half white? Her children are 1/4 white. I can't believe that in this day and age people are willing to put aside their beliefs to favor a white man over a half black man.

  69. Tom says – reply to this


    I hate Hussein Obama and HIS crack whore wife. These two racists hate America. She said she has NEVER been proud of America….until her crack selling/smoking husband was nominated. Fuck them both. I would rather have a dog as president than this idiot. A dog would be smarter and less of a joke. I wish people would stop calling him white. There is nothing white about this muslim communist crack smoker.

  70. shirl says – reply to this


    Based on most of the idiotic, thoughtless, and generally discouraging posts on this, I do hope that you morons are right-that the Obamas aren't like you.

  71. Sherr says – reply to this


    For the first time in my life I'm "EMBARRASSED to be a DEMOCRAT!!!!!

  72. Noria says – reply to this


    For the assholes who claim to be democrats who are now behind McCain you are not democrats and never were. If you were a democrat your issues doesn't change because your candidate didn't win or becuase of lies that were told to the press……I don't care what you racist pathetic losers vote for I'm behind Obama all of the way. I'm glad to see that he was able to make fools out of you people by becoming the first black nominated candidate and I will be more happier when he makes fools out of you again by becoming the first black president.

  73. j says – reply to this


    Re: nagna – "never were a dem to begin with" OUCH THAT MUST REALLY HURT!!!

  74. to Ch says – reply to this


    Re: IL Ch – Yeah you're right, his is both black and white, so why does he see himself only as black. Maybe he is a racist. He pushed his "typical white" grandmother under the bus in a real hurry.

  75. Lore says – reply to this


    I am voting for McCain…give me a break..a presidential nominee on the cover of us magazine…pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Georg says – reply to this


    First off Perass dont use the word yall because you are not from the south, Cuba doesnt count nor does Florida. Next those two are not like me or at least she isnt. I have always been proud to be an American not just when my husband is running for Prez. She and his mentor of twenty years, his pastard, should be shipped off somewhere where they can find true happiness because they have expressed how much they dont like it here. Let them try there hand in a 3rd world country. I bet they would really love America then. Whites are always the "racists" but in my eyes these pieces of shit are racist and osama has a racist agenda, so I am voting for McCain even though he has same blank look Syd Barrett had in his eyes in 1968.

  77. why? says – reply to this


    Why is the nation's only "democrat for McCain" posting under five different names on this site? Anyway, *LOVE* Michelle, she'll be the biggest badass first lady since…Hillary.

  78. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: Vinan

    Um Lily does have valid points. Everything about their behavior indicates this. Obama avoids McCain in debates because he knows that he will lose. Obama is vague about everything, except that there needs to be more African Americans voting. Obama has no plan and the comments of his wife, the ones about being proud of her country only now……. Lily is right.
    Vinan, you are what is wrong with this country. You are voting for him blindly. What are his plans for the future? You dont know because he hasnt told anyone. All he says is change and if you question him you are either a racist or too naive to see his vision. I agree with Lily and I am happy to see more Democrats voting for McCain, LIKE I AM!!!!!!!!!

    McCAIN 08!!!!!!!

  79. perno says – reply to this


    I think some of you need to get a job! Feeding your own sick ego's is pathetic! These are two great people and the rude slams only reflect your own shortcomings. Try and say something positive or keep your thoughts to yourself.

  80. flo says – reply to this


    Not like me at all, I'm not a COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!

  81. Noria says – reply to this



    Tom says – reply to this 69I hate Hussein Obama and HIS crack whore wife. These two racists hate America. She said she has NEVER been proud of America….until her crack selling/smoking husband was nominated. Fuck them both. I would rather have a dog as president than this idiot. A dog would be smarter and less of a joke. I wish people would stop calling him white. There is nothing white about this muslim communist crack smoker.

    You should be absolutely embarassed of yourself for this comment. You call them the ravcist but this comment that posted and probably never gave much thought to is racist. What makes this educated black woman a crack whore? She has more degrees and intelligeince that you will never have. She is far above you in anything. You don't speak for us democrats you nothing more than just a racist pathetic bastard hiding behind a computer. According to current polls the American people are behind Obama more so than McCain so you can take this comment and shove it up your ass.

  82. Georg says – reply to this


    Re: Noria – Have you ever used your pea sized brain to think that maybe they dont want a damn racist as President. Yeah he is half and half but the shitty half is what is going to get us in trouble. Obama is as racist as George Wallace was in the sixties and seventies. Go McCain!!!!!

  83. rown says – reply to this


    They are not like us!!!! We love America, We hate terrorist. Obama bin Laden and his wife hate America and ALL white people. They will let there Muslim terrorist freinds walk freely down the streets of USA and freely kill children, women and men (mostly white) Obama bin Laden is NOT white. Does he look white??? So all you idiots who call him white open your eyes. These two make me sick. I would vote ANYONE other than this crack smoking terrorist. I completely agree with the comments others have made about his drug and terrorist ties.

  84. cindy says – reply to this


    She is beautiful. And he looks great, too.
    Cindy looks like a surgically tweeked barbie and mac looks like barbie's grandfather.

  85. DeDe says – reply to this


    Re: b – well said.

  86. op says – reply to this


    I think the stinky people on here like McCainnnnnnnnnn are not dem..Sad that people only see color MCCai.
    Young people we need change. This is our chance to have a new generation in the white house.
    Everyone needs to vote.

  87. haha says – reply to this


    I don't give a fuck who they are i'm not voting for him cause i'm a racist and he's black.What next a fucking mexican for pres.,i don't think so

  88. happy says – reply to this


    They are very cute. It warms the cockles of my heart seeing a happy couple like this one.

  89. hahah says – reply to this


    Yeah - sure she does. She's a bigger liar than her husband.

  90. Jeez! says – reply to this


    Michelle "Black Power" obama's mouth looks like a catfish.

    Cant you guys see that the media is completely one sided? God Help Us from the enemy (Obama).

    MC CAIN 08!

  91. alexu says – reply to this


    My apologies to Michelle, but Barack is hot.

  92. ntf says – reply to this


    she's terrifying.

  93. DeDe says – reply to this


    Cant' beleive all the misconceptions on here about Michelle Obama. The Obamas have just recenty become wealthy (because of Barack's books), and live in the very middle class neighborhood of Hyde Park in Chicago. There house isn't worth "millions" as someone suggested, it's actually worth 1 million, which isn't really that much considering its within the Chicago city limits (google Barack obama's house and you'll find a picture of it). Secondly, in order for someone to go back somewhere, they have to be from there. Therefore, the Obamas can't go back to Africa because they're Americans. I don't know why people give her a hard time, when she's a hardworking, self-made success story, while giving that Cindy McCain hag such a carte blanche when she's just inherited money and sat on her privileged, entitled ass.

  94. Reall says – reply to this



    Get real people! MC CAIN 2008!

  95. FLO says – reply to this



  96. Jane says – reply to this


    Re: haha – You're a disgusting racist!

  97. La Ru says – reply to this


    She is disgusting, and he is a communist. How could he love her anyway? She is a MAN…if it looks like a man, walks a like a man acts like a man, it's a man. All he wants to do is ghetto-ize the White House and raise our taxes to give the lazy a** welfare recipients. Give me a break!

  98. Georg says – reply to this


    Re: Noria – Noria there surely has to be room on the boat with Obama's racist wife and his pastard to a nice third world country where you can spout you stupidity and someone might believe and follow your train of thought. That bitch got on TV and said this was first time she was glad to be an American and as for his pastard Goddamn him and the rest of Osama's possee. I mean Noria you are a real dumbass deluxe. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE BEFORE MORE FECES SPEWS FROM IT. You racist skank. If he is elected and you are white dont cry when you get shit on repeatedly by this band of racists.

  99. Jane says – reply to this


    Re: La Ru – Another disgusting racist!

  100. cude says – reply to this


    Contrast this with McCain, who left his crippled wife to marry a very rich woman 18 years his junior.

    Republicans talk about family values, but don't walk the walk. The Obamas live family values.

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