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Dear Idiot Josh Homme

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Why must straight dudes always resort to THIS????

Such bullshit!

[Image via WENN.]

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297 comments to “Dear Idiot Josh Homme”

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  1. PEREZ says – reply to this



  2. the_u says – reply to this


    i thought it was sexy and id do the same thing if someone threw something at my face while i was making a living—but im not a straight guy. i guess i didnt get the rule book on what bullshit is.

  3. the_u says – reply to this


    wait….maybe the reason perez is so upset is because it was him that threw something on stage.

  4. Milk says – reply to this


    what's the problem? some idiot threw something and he lashed back. I would have done the same thing. Perez…go eat your shit, piggy.

  5. Forme says – reply to this


    What a dick. He could have started a violent retaliation against that guy, how utterly irresponsible!

  6. Sara says – reply to this


    Leave Josh alone you stupid Perez.
    He was right.
    Josh I'm totally with you.
    And David Beckham sucks

  7. XFVOC says – reply to this


    WTF?!? This has nothing to do with being straight, p., and everything to do with ignoramuses who chuck dangerous crap up on stage while a musician is trying to perform. Granted, he did go right overboard verbally, and will see this back with chagrin, but the fact remains that its a right dickhead thing to do. Been there. Some ass broke my vintage South American marracas, and didn't give a rat because he was drunk. I miss them to this day, and any new ones have never sounded right. :(

  8. penla says – reply to this


    lola - i am with you.

    love ya perez but, the dood had a point. you don't throw stuff at people on stage. plus, we all know that rockstars, and musicians in general are a tad bit TEMPERMENTAL!! haha. but really - that fucktard deserved it.

  9. P says – reply to this


    I think maybe Perez is pissed cause the guy said dickless. So, I'd venture to say Perez is without a dick and took offence to the word.

  10. Mayer says – reply to this


    Josh is not a fucktard. If someone threw something at you or your friends Perez, I am sure you would be pissed too. Even non- straight boys get angry, they just may be a little nicer about it.
    He is a good guy who really wants to make sure everyone enjoys the show.

  11. adt says – reply to this


    I mean, Queens of the Stone Age suck. But the kid probably was a dickless fucking turd. Because he listens to Queens of the Stone Age.

  12. js says – reply to this


    what is the problem Perez, there was an asshole in the crowd Josh called him out. He didn't use racial slurs, or homophobic slurs. He called a spade a spade, and showed respect to the rest of the crowd at the same time.

    With all the calling out of people you do I would think you would get it. And what the hell does the fact he is straight have to do with anything?

  13. erin says – reply to this


    Good for him!!! Perez what's YOUR fucking problem??

  14. eve says – reply to this


    Hahahaha, that's awesome. Chill the fuck out, Perez, and stop pretening to be the really sensitive type. The shit you write on your website speaks to the contrary.

  15. Kimbe says – reply to this


    Ummm… why is he a fucktard? Someone threw something at him. I'd be pissed too… what does this have to do with him being straight?

  16. Sinfo says – reply to this


    Wow Perez are you for real? You just hit a new low….how moronic

  17. joe m says – reply to this


    Do gay people not get mad when their attacked. I don't what being stragiht had to do with anything. I thought when I first saw the blog that Josh was going to bust into a homophobic tirade. I must have missed it….Did I miss simething???

  18. 218

    P.S Elisa @ # 194: I totally agree with you, that song is so hot, makes me melt, seeing them perform it live is like having the best orgasm of your life.

  19. Ummmm says – reply to this


    So … gay guys don't get mad when they're trying to perform and someone throws shit at them? Wow. I wanna be a gay guy. Eff straight dudes!

  20. Perez says – reply to this


    You're totally off base on this one, and you should apologize. Josh is the most talented guy in rock-n-roll and he was totally in the right. You're the talentless cunt. Fucktard.

  21. red says – reply to this


    that kid trew a glas botle on stage, he deserved it.

  22. hales says – reply to this


    I'm totally on Josh's side here. That kid deserved what he got! No doubt about it!

  23. kate says – reply to this


    He just sounds uneducated. He has the right to say what he wants, but he just sounds ridiculous.

  24. toni says – reply to this


    I would bitch out some fuck who threw shit at me too. What a fucking douche! And Josh is a hot ginger kid! Screw that stupid little vagina in the audience. No fucking home training! What an idiot! At least Josh wasn't pulling a Sarandon and keeping the audience hostage over his fucking political crap.

  25. Mick says – reply to this


    What was bad there? That dickless fuck is lucky they didn't send a Hell's Angel out to stab him to death. TIP #1: Don't throw shit at the stage!

  26. Asuka says – reply to this


    I forgot gay men never flip out over anything, let alone when objects are thrown at them. Silly straight men!

  27. 227

    good for him! fck that dikless terd!!

  28. Jessi says – reply to this


    Josh do what he want. He's totally in the right

  29. Tara says – reply to this


    Your wrong perez. He deserved it!

  30. me says – reply to this


    Re: Amy

    perez, get the stick out of your ass. you hate straight girls, you hate straight guys, we get it. you also prefer absolutely shit music, we get that too. why don't you go out another artist like SIA and alienate them too?

  31. I'm says – reply to this


    What does this have to do with Josh Homme's sexual orientation? I'm gay and I know a lot of gay guys who use equally offensive language, and are even more pretentious. The reality is that if someone posted something that said "Why do gay dudes always resort to this?" you'd have your knickers in such a knot. God, I hate you Perez. And I come on here because I hate you so much… It fuels my fire! Thank you for being such an idiot, and keep up the good work.

  32. Jess says – reply to this


    Most musicians do the same when someone throws things on stage…I don't get what this has to do with him being straight or why it makes him an idiot!

    I got to meet Josh when he was in Aus this year and he was one of the nicest people let alone one of the nicest celebs I've ever met!

  33. 604 says – reply to this


    The kid got what he deserved. Seriously, people who through shit at shows are assholes anyway. So Josh got a little carried away, big deal. He was sick and its a freakin' rock and roll show anyway. People are getting way to worked up over nothing.

    God save Queens of the Stone Age!

  34. um says – reply to this


    what the fuck does that have to do with being straight?

  35. perla says – reply to this


    Well…it is known that gay men have a naturally higher level of estrogen in their bodies. Testosterone makes men…well, men. Higher levels of Estrogen makes men feminine. Get it?
    & you're saying straight men resort to what? Defending themselves? There is absolutely nothing wrong w/that at all, you should always defend yourself b/c otherwise you're just a bitch. So stop being so damn heterophobic!

  36. texas says – reply to this


    Perez, you are being a hypocrite and stereotyping by using saying that straight dudes always resort to this. How would you like it if the tables were turned? you'd be bitching and whining about it. I hate it when people are hypocrites!!!!!

  37. 237

    fuck that fucking stupid fuck! i would have totally said and done the same thing only i would have at least slapped that fool upside his dumbass head!!! you throw shit? expect to be called out and insulted. it's the rules.

  38. josh says – reply to this


    get over yourself perez. don't you have anything better to do than post shitty comments about random celebrities to make your sad-self feel better? tsk tsk. you're no better than the rest

  39. frz says – reply to this


    Yeahhhh!!!! Homme is such a badass!!!!!

    And he also can play the guitar like a motherfucker!!!

    Deal with it fags!!!!!!!

  40. Krist says – reply to this


    So What? He cursed at some idiot who threw crap at him (and rightfully so). I don't see what the "outrage" is all about.

  41. Laura says – reply to this


    What's the problem? He didn't say anything too offensive. Plus, someone THREW something at him. I'd be mega pissed.

  42. eleni says – reply to this


    Josh Homme is God.

  43. Spicy says – reply to this


    So when Kanye does it it's cool? But when this guy does it's not?
    Geez Perez that's pretty hypocritical.

    It's never cool to throw stuff at the stage.

  44. 244

    Josh Homme is God.

  45. dee says – reply to this


    what does this have to do with him being straight???? Perez u wouldnt like it if Elton John did something stupid and someone said look at what these homos have to resort to.

  46. Elisa says – reply to this


    Re: MistressCorrine – Yeah I saw them in Orange County last year — kind of wanted to rip off my clothes right there. It was the combination of that song and the fact that Josh and the other guitarist are insane.

  47. Westl says – reply to this


    Wow I love how Perez gets severely Owned on his own site. What a tool. Take a hint from everyone and stop being an idiot.

  48. LeeLe says – reply to this


    I love me some Josh Homme!! He's so fucking hot live. If someone threw something at me on the stage, I'd rip them a new asshole, too!

  49. becks says – reply to this


    he didnt really do anything! leave him alone, Josh Hommes amazing!

  50. tito says – reply to this


    Get over it. Quit being such a fag.

  51. LOL says – reply to this


    sexual orientation isnt the same as race.

    when will you fags realize that? Stop pretending to be a minority group.
    what next you cant call someone fat?

  52. Danie says – reply to this


    Re: Becci

    Dude, are you fucking HIGH?

    "Disturbed is a much better band" ??? IN WHAT REALM OF THE WORLD?!

  53. perez says – reply to this


    Perez is such a lame ass. No wonder why all the celebrities hate his fat ass. there's nothing wrong with this video. I didn't hear anything about gay's mentioned. Perez should open his eyes and look in the mirror and change his blog to how lame he is, and how he has no life!

  54. binke says – reply to this


    why is this homophobic? don't try to make headlines when there aren't any…unless you are inferring 'dickless turd' = gay? doesn't that make you homophobic, which would also ridiculous…?

  55. l33t says – reply to this


    joshua homme is sex

  56. Sharo says – reply to this


    I love you Perez, but it's not a "straight" thing. I've seen gay guys act just as douchey.

  57. jesss says – reply to this


    uhh…? he didn't even say anything homophobic!
    So whats the fucking problem here? If i gay guy would have went off because some straight guy threw something at them, thenn it would be okay right? DOUBLE STANDARD!
    What the fuck does sexuality have to do with ANYTHING?
    Seriously, who the FUCK CARES?!

    If someone threw something lets say, Elton John and he went off on some guy, YOU WOULD PRAISE HIM FOR THAT?

    So tell me Perez, what does sexuality have to do with this? So he called the dude a cunt for throwing something at him, shit i would have too! Thats sooo disrespectful!

    your a fucking contradiction Perez.

  58. KIM says – reply to this


    Re: jesss


  59. fm says – reply to this


    Such a stupid website this one..

    Its like you never heard a Homme's rant.

    Besides that.. oh well.. forget it

    Rock n roll can't REALLY be explained to such a dumbass who keep this kind of website.


  60. colli says – reply to this


    i hear no homophobic slur, perez.

  61. Emily says – reply to this


    Am I missing something??? I watched the clip twice and never heard Josh use the word f*g. F*cking c*nt yes but not f*g. So should I be offended b/c I'm female that he used the word c*nt? Give me a f*cking break Perez. People like you need to chill out and by that I mean people with WAY too much time on their hands.

  62. alan says – reply to this


    And why must people like you jump all over something as ridiculous as a word immediately? Such bullshit. Let him say what he wants!

  63. Hugo says – reply to this


    The dickless turd threw a shoe at Josh, he should have his teeth kicked out of his mouth right there.

    You probably like people throwing stuff at you, you cocksmoker.

  64. Diese says – reply to this


    I hope you all die and fucking burn in hell!!!

  65. Billy says – reply to this


    Josh has been calling out A-Holes in the crowd for years now and you people (the media) are just starting to take notice now. While what Josh did may have been out of line, Id be pissed if someone through something at me while I was performing. Not to mention it was a a little EMO kid who thought he was the shit for doing it. He deserved it.

  66. 266

    Josh has been calling out A-Holes in the crowd for years now and you people (the media) are just starting to take notice now. Id be pissed if someone through something at me while I was performing. Not to mention it was a a little EMO kid who thought he was the shit for doing it and also not to mention it was a fucking bottle. If that hit him in the right place, he couldve been fucking killed. That kid deserved to get put in his place. Its not like Josh attacked the whole crowd too. He said "I came here for the rest of you".

  67. bridg says – reply to this


    It's not okay to use the words he used, yet it is okay to use the word "fucktard," which is derived from the word "retarded," a derogatory term against the mentally handicapped? That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

  68. maggi says – reply to this


    i LOVE josh homme. QOTSA 4evaaaaaaa!!!

  69. Mommy says – reply to this


    He can fuck me in the ass anytime.

  70. HTFU says – reply to this


    pls DIE.

  71. Emily says – reply to this


    He didn't do anything wrong. Some moron threw a freaking shoe at him! I'd be pissed too. You're a moron Perez!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Bob says – reply to this


    You Fat phucking fag!

  73. X says – reply to this


    Your whole career is based on saying awful, insulting, hurtful things about people who've never done anything to you.

    At least Josh had a reason for insulting this guy ( like having a shoe or bottle thrown at his head for no reason ).

    What's your excuse?

  74. googl says – reply to this


    Becci- Disturbed is awful. QOTSA is amazing. Josh Homme can do no wrong.
    010- Friggin hilariou

  75. Jay says – reply to this


    Same reason you resort to drawing dicks and cum on peoples faces in photos.

  76. Campb says – reply to this


    Hey I'm just glad Josh Homme made it on perez why he isn't a household name by now is a mystery to me? Such personality and he don't take no sh*t love it and saying the f-word is not wrong. "You see, it's not the words, it's their intent. I never said, nor suggested, that being gay is wrong." ~wise philosophy that is Josh Homme* look him up kidz…Queens rock! nd hello they're named queens of the stone age-I don't think he's a homophobe…get off your high horse

  77. Miche says – reply to this


    Probably the same reason that you resort to calling women "bitches" and "sluts": hate, fear, and/or ignorance.

  78. steph says – reply to this


    oh shut up fat fag

  79. Brian says – reply to this


    dont talk shit about homme. u dont throw shit at someone while they are working. i dont come down to the greyhound station and throw shit at u while ur suckin off drivers.

  80. b says – reply to this


    Probably the same reason that fat lonely gay guys resort to cheap sexist digs at the successful women their so desperately jealous of

  81. Emmer says – reply to this


    Confused? What's the deal? I would be pretty pissed too if something was thrown at me. And my friends who have a band would most likely have a similiar reaction. o_o I don't get it… and what does it matter if he is straight? I is all confused. Why Perez? Why? ]:

  82. rocky says – reply to this


    and then and then and then and then and then………and then and then and then………..

  83. heype says – reply to this


    go fuck yourself and get a life

    the end

  84. SRG says – reply to this


    If you don't make a living playing music,
    then you have no clue nor any right to even comment on this.
    Could I just walk into McDonalds and throw a fucking shoe at you,
    would you be saying all sorts of crazy shit or would you just sit there and take it?

  85. Angel says – reply to this


    BOOOOO!!! Perez! I love you…but I see nothing wrong with what Josh did there. I'm a huge fan and sometimes the fans at his concerts get outta control.. Don't blow things like this outta context. The kid deserved it…

  86. barzo says – reply to this


    jeez perez, is there a news-drought in hollywood?

  87. Ollin says – reply to this


    im sure im not the first one to say this. but this rant has nothing to do with homophobia. josh certainly is not a homophobe. if someone had taken the time to read or watch other interviews with Homme or Jesse Hughes (musician/collaborator) they know that these guys are not homophobes.

  88. Kimot says – reply to this


    "I may have a fucking hundred and two tempature and been puking for 3 days, but i still —>butt-fuck

  89. Stell says – reply to this


    oh dear god, DO NOT feel sorry for that stupid boy throwing the shoe. I know him, and he's the biggest asshole ever. He's the person who pushes you up against the wall and force you to kiss him etc. He deserved a 100 % of what Josh told him. You DONT throw a shoe at a band, it's disrespectful and ridiculous. Josh is at work, wouldn't you be pissed if someone threw a shoe at you when you where working? The worst thing is that he goes around being all proud of it, thinking it's super cool. Really, cool that everyone hates you? I was there that night, front row woho, (AMAZING concert, loved it!) and EVERYONE was cheering Josh on ^^ That clip wasn't the whole thing though, but I think it's out on Youtube. And for using "offensive gay-words" read the other article about the incident.

    oh, and that boy, Fridtjof, was soo drunk anyways.

  90. "Que says – reply to this


    Josh Homme dwells in the ether, and is above reproach.

    Don't be such a big fat whiny Marxist baby, Perez. At least not for your whole life.

  91. Boots says – reply to this


    hahaha this thread turned into a goddamn nightmare for Perez.

    Dust the sand out of your vagina, you reactionist twat.

  92. 292

    You're a heterophobe Perez.

  93. Anony says – reply to this


    Josh Homme is the fucking man. Don't get your panties in a bundle.

  94. 862 says – reply to this


    Josh Homme is the fucking man. Get your panties out of a bundle, Perez.

  95. nothi says – reply to this


    Well, imagine a straight young teenager… How unsure they sometimes are of their sexuality, and how bad they see being gay is… So to fire the little fucktard, just call him gay. Not that there's anything bad about gay people, but I guess he just wanted to see the dick shit his pants.

  96. Bunny says – reply to this


    If I was trying to play guitar whilst running a 102 temperature and then was hit in the face with a shoe thrown by some little arsehole - you know what, I'd be pissed off too. Hell, I would have done more with that bottle than just thrown it at him, let me tell you. Audience members need to show some damn respect. The kid had exactly what was coming to him.

  97. Stone says – reply to this


    Perez is a heterophobe………Josh is god…….nuff said

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