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The Times Are Changin'

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The European Union has lifted sanctions against Cuba.

The E.U. took action against the island back in 2003, in protest of the Cuban government's imprisonment of more than 70 dissidents.

EU External Relations Commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, stated that the member states wanted to promote change in Cuba after Raul Casto took over.

She adds, "There will be very clear language also on what the Cubans still have to do… releasing prisoners, really working on human rights questions. There will be a sort of review to see whether indeed something will have happened."

Ferrero-Waldner adds that the EU would continue to monitor human rights conditions.

However, several top Cuban dissidents have criticized the decision.

During a recent BBC interview, one of the founding members of the dissident group Ladies in White, Miriam Leiva, expressed her thoughts about the move being unwarranted as Raul had not made any significant moves towards creating a more democratic society.

And unlike the US embargo that's been in place for over 45 years, the EU sanctions are largely symbolic as they don't really restrict on any investments or trades.

What do U think?

Should the EU have removed its sanctions?

Should the US remove it's embargo????

[Image via WENN.]

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103 comments to “The Times Are Changin'”

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  1. eric says – reply to this



  2. becca says – reply to this



  3. karen says – reply to this


    First? Or not. The USA should try to normalize relations with Cuba just a bit, despite what Floridians may think. We have a relationship with China, a repressive regime as far as human rights are concerned…and with other countries, too, who don't exactly emulate us. So why not Cuba?

  4. LOVE: says – reply to this


    !'st !st" ?????????????? pwety pleasde

  5. Brigh says – reply to this



  6. JANE says – reply to this



  7. c says – reply to this


    I would say that it is too soon and EU should demand more improvements in human rights. HOWEVER, it is difficult to say that while China is about to host the Olypics…Just because Cuba is smaller, they get sanctions. How about taking a stand for human rights in CHINA? Nope, ’cause we need them to make our cheap shit…also the U.S. owes them so much money…

  8. I kno says – reply to this


    Yea and we should also give them awards for torturing prisoners…dissidents etc.COME OFF IT…….If we dont stand up for those in Cuba that cant stand for themselves….what kind of nation are WE??

    CASTRO ES UN COME MIERDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. rerun says – reply to this


    Yes, but only for Cuban rum. Havana Club 7 year in the hizzee!

  10. SC says – reply to this



  11. Rusty says – reply to this



  12. Mimi says – reply to this


    Should the US remove "ITS" (no apostrophe) embargo?

    Why not?

  13. nat says – reply to this


    I would love to go to Cuba someday so I vote for lifting the embargo…not just for visiting of course.

  14. ZZZZz says – reply to this


    Who gives a rat fuck about Cuba? Perez I swear between your underage boy fetishes and your lousy taste in music this site is going to hell.

  15. c says – reply to this


    Re: karen – EXCELLENT POINT!

  16. Haywo says – reply to this


    I agree with Karen. Why not ease up on the US embargo? It doesn't make sense to have an economic war of sorts with a country that's 90 miles from our own. I think easing the embargo would open up a lot of opportunities for both countries.

  17. cuban says – reply to this


    Largely symbolic means nothing. The embargo is there because the US doesn't want to support a communist society that denies it's people fundamental human rights. Raul Castro is mentaly ill like his brother Fidel and the people of Cuba are sufferring as a result of it. So sad. Maybe when they(the Castro brothers)die there will be a real change on that island.

  18. IIris says – reply to this


    We are miles from even considering removing the embargo. They have only made babysteps regarding what is needed before we would even think about the notion. Perez your Cuban or whatever… we get it… but Cuba still is a piece of Communist Garbage and until that changes nothing else will.

  19. FIDEL says – reply to this


    Raul is making huge changes to inprove the lives of Cubans.


  20. FREED says – reply to this


    Yes, the EU and the US should remove the embargo and lift sanctions-

    provided CUBA can get its act together on human rights.

  21. perez says – reply to this


    i think that america should lift ITS (your grammar is shite, perez) embargo…

  22. i lov says – reply to this


    As a Canadian who has traveled to Cuba 3x, I definately think the US should lift its embargo! Cuba is such a beautiful country, the people are amazing! Havana is one of the coolest citiest I have ever been to. Of course it has its issues, it is after all a communist country but its time for the US to get over it! I hope your new president can change your country!

  23. LUST says – reply to this


    Heard there's LOADS of hot gay boys in Cuba. Would LOVE to be able to go there and taste them… yummm

  24. radio says – reply to this


    I think you should stick to celebrity gossip.

  25. andre says – reply to this


    Perez is a dirty mexican I thought?

  26. nevy says – reply to this


    i think us should leave cuba alone finally. we go there and enjoy their beautiful beaches, their sun and their hospitality!!!
    these ppl have been conditioned into poverty yet they have best surgeons and they have zero illiteracy, compared to US that harbours idiots and really incompetent people, can we say BUSH!!!!
    live and let live
    long live cuba!!!

  27. Laure says – reply to this


    yes move the embargo and EU should lay off cuba
    and i agree with c

  28. Jack says – reply to this


    They need to lift all these embargoes and sanctions but the LAST THING I want is for Cuba to become an American Wasteland. IF Cuba just becomes one of those countries where American companies rape the land of all its natural resources, buy up all the land and make all the locals work as tourist guides then Cuba might as well be destroyed or go back to communism.
    There is a difference between progress and Americanization and unfortunately SHITez, you seem to want the latter.

  29. Jack says – reply to this


    They need to lift all these embargoes and sanctions but the LAST THING I want is for Cuba to become an American Wasteland. IF Cuba just becomes one of those countries where American companies rape the land of all its natural resources, buy up all the land and make all the locals work as tourist guides then Cuba might as well be destroyed or go back to communism.
    There is a difference between progress and Americanization and unfortunately SHITez, you seem to want the latter.

  30. Jack says – reply to this


    They need to lift all these embargoes and sanctions but the LAST THING I want is for Cuba to become an American Wasteland. IF Cuba just becomes one of those countries where American companies rape the land of all its natural resources, buy up all the land and make all the locals work as tourist guides then Cuba might as well be destroyed or go back to communism.
    There is a difference between progress and Americanization and unfortunately SHITez, you seem to want the latter.

  31. Jack says – reply to this


    They need to lift all these embargoes and sanctions but the LAST THING I want is for Cuba to become an American Wasteland. IF Cuba just becomes one of those countries where American companies rape the land of all its natural resources, buy up all the land and make all the locals work as tourist guides then Cuba might as well be destroyed or go back to communism.
    There is a difference between progress and Americanization and unfortunately SHITez, you seem to want the latter.

  32. LOVE; says – reply to this


    never been on this list

  33. Deann says – reply to this


    Yes, and YES. I'm always amazed by the ignorant, and uneducated responses to these political posts. Lifitng embargos is not rewarding Human Rights violations. It is more appropriate to say it is giving back some rights. Lifing the US embargo would have significant economic impact for Cuban peoples…and it is serving what purpose for the US government to maintain this archaic piece of legislation? Chinese communists are better than Cuban communists because… Perhaps Americans should ask their government this question??? I don't here anhyone bitching about the rampant and numerous human rights violations the Chinese people face everyday…why is this ok? Why is business and relations with China better vs. those with Cuba. The point is, every country around the world purports to varying degrees of HR violations against its people, and we're allowed to judge the rest of the world against our standards because…? North Americans are better because..?

    Viva Cuba! Cuba Libre!

  34. Stan says – reply to this


    FUCK America. Castro had a point and a vision. He wanted an America-free Cuba. America just wants to take over Cuba

  35. zel says – reply to this


    Yes! Changes on BOTH sides (US & Cuba) need to begin. Unfortunately they just happen overnight.

  36. Thugs says – reply to this


    Ah yes, thuggish cold war foreign policy. Oh America when will you learn?

    This is the reason you have the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. You supported the Ba'ath party coupe against Qassim because he lifted the ban on the Iraqi communist party in order to keep pan arab elements in check. As to Afghanistan, you supported the Mujhadien factions against the Soviets. Of course the Mujhadien later fought amongst themselves with the taliban emerging as victors and taking control of Afghanistan.

    Foreign policy based on the simplistic belief "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is laughable. It always comes back to bite you in the ass, as history clearly shows.

  37. yo says – reply to this


    Cuban dictators blame everything is wrong with the country to international sanctions and the embargo….If these are removed…who are they going to blame?????????????????????

  38. Angie says – reply to this


    EU are communist sympathizers. There has been no steps taken in Cuba by that HP Raul Castro to better conditions for its citizens and their 'freedoms'…Cell phones? whoopee. How will they pay for the service? Internet? whoopee. How will they pay for the service? Please this is all just a smoke screen. All the Europeans and other tourists head over there and stuff their faces but the citizens on land aren't even allowed to set foot in those hotels and on their beaches still. WTF? I WAS ROBBED BY THE FUCKING CASTROS of memories and birthdays and family events. I'm glad my parents decided to leave and I was born on this soil. I would have been killed had my parents had me there.

  39. depec says – reply to this


    I say, let's move on. Yes, he's a jerk. Yes, his brother was a tyrant. Now let's focus on what we want for Cuba, as opposed to what wrongs have occurred and are still occurring. I believe we will get much further that way. At least something is moving along. The only way we get to where we want to is steps, not leaps.

  40. Dopes says – reply to this


    GAWD, most of you are some of the dumbest people on the planet! "Let's remove the sanctions because Cuba has pretty beaches!" You fuckwits. It's a scumbag little country that got into bed with Mother Russia and has continued to thumb its nose at the noble positions of the US…i.e. human rights and capitalism.

    Oh, and Stan, Fuck YOU, too. You retard. Castro's "vision" was command and control government. You fucking wanna-be slave.

  41. Angie says – reply to this


    And another thing… people, read up on your history…wearing Che Guevarra shirts, touting him as a father of the revolution is bullshit. He was a facist pig that was kicked out of his own country and went to shoot the shit in another. He wanted what all communists want: for the lazy to reap the benefits the hard-working people sow. Tourists: Cuba is beautiful but all those things you enjoy, the Cuban people CAN NOT enjoy. It is their land but can not own a piece of it - did you know? And you know what would happen if we lift the embargo? We'd send goods over there and NEVER GET PAID. Who would pay for it then? Us, the U.S. taxpayers.

  42. Missy says – reply to this


    Perhaps Raul Castro is a Conservative? Incremental change so as not to disrupt the social fabric of Cuba. Europe seems to be recognizing this.

  43. Fidel says – reply to this


    The United States is practically now owned by China. We are building them a middle-class system while our middle-class crumbles. And yet our government continues to listen to those rabid idiotic Cubans in Miami who fled the island during the 1960's, allowing them to direct out foreign policies towards Cuba. It is the fault of the Cubans in Miami that the embargo hasn't been lifted, so blame them!

  44. Go! says – reply to this



  45. Pepit says – reply to this


    All the US embargo has done is to turn the Cubans on the island into thieves and prostitutes to survive. For 50 YEARS the US has tried to starve the island, and President Castro still laughs at us. It's time to give up the aggression and negotiate. The Chinese are communists and they practically own America. Why are we scared of a tiny communist island?

  46. J.R says – reply to this


    Fidel chased the Mafia out of Cuba and he refused to carry on with business as usual, you know letting rich gringo Americans control his country. Fidel has balls he is not a puppet to anybody. Only the brain-washed Cubans in Miami hate Fidel.

  47. ARTOF says – reply to this


    Re to KAREN…. It is good to know, that there are still some people in this
    world that get it. Kudos to you.. ARTOFWAR

  48. ARTOF says – reply to this


    Re: karen – KAREN…. It is good to know, that there are still some people in this world that get it.
    Kudos to you.. ARTOFWAR

  49. DON says – reply to this


    The Miami Cubans want to maintain the status quo because they long for the days when Cuba was controlled by vice and American organized crime. The Cubans in Miami are the cause of Cuban's suffering. Stop listening to them because they haven't had a bright idea (Bay of pigs?) in over 60 years.

  50. Kloch says – reply to this


    Yes on both counts. China is communist and their record is much worse so why are they not being sanctioned the way Cuba still is? It's just a case of a big bully still wants to pick on the little upstart. There is no way the US could do the same to a country like China.

  51. Maria says – reply to this


    As a natural cuban born female I would like to go back to a free Cuba and fuck this american trash!!!!!

  52. alex says – reply to this


    As a Cuban American living in Miami I fully support the removal of the US embargo on Cuba. The changes Raul Castro is making are a charade. He does not intend to make Cuba a Democracy. He will continue to jail dissidents and the Cuban people will not have the right to voice personal views. Cubans lead lives of second class citizens while tourists are treated like VIP's. Since 1963 the US has had an embargo towards Cuba. Over the years the embargo was made more stringent by the 1992 Cuban Democracy Act (Torricelli) and the 1996 Cuban Liberty and Democracy Solidarity Act (Helms-Burton) All of these actions by US citizens and Cuban Exiles were put in place as good faith efforts to remove the Communists from power. None of these efforts have succedded in accomplishing the task of removing the communists from power. All these efforts have done, is worsen the lives of Cuban civilians. It has been 45 years, the embargo does not work. The embargo must be removed in order to help the people on the island of Cuba. The majority of first generation Cuban exiles support the embargo no matter the consequences on the Cuban people. As the child of a Cuban exile I strongly believe the second generation must look in our souls and determine what is the best choice for the island of Cuba…we must make this determination with our minds not with our emotions.

  53. Beth says – reply to this


    The US embargo should stay in place and the US should continue its stance of only talking WITH preconditions put in place. It's up to the US to be the bigger person and stand up against this communist government since Cuba's citizens are unable to do so because they are forced to live under a blanket of fear and depression.

    Bigger countries that are blessed with wealth and freedom are obligated to set an example and stand up for those who cannot do it themselves. Talking with the Cuban government without enforcing them to treat their OWN people better is irresponsible and a slap in the face to those citizens who are already treated poorly on a daily basis.

    Why does everyone question the US on their policy? Why not question the Cuban government to treat it's people with equality, freedom and higher economic opportunities. If the Cuban leaders took these steps to enrich its OWN people, Pres. Bush and many other US leaders before him have stated that the US will open up talks to drop the embargo. But the Cuban government has done NOTHING to help its people, so why should the US help that corrupt government get away with their crimes against its citizens?

  54. La Re says – reply to this


    yea…the flag in the picture is PR's flag not Cuba's…

  55. Harol says – reply to this


    An embargo that is not supported by the rest of the world is absolutely pointless. Why continue with something that has not worked in 45 years ? What do you intend to achieve ? Something right ? Poverty amongst the people of Cuba perhaps ? What do you try to achieve ?! (Yes second time I ask it..)

    China is not the only country that violate(s/d) rights. You had relations with Vietnam: a country you had been in war with. Russia, your enemy during the cold war. Lots of Latin American countries in the 80's: they killed 100.000nds in each country. The Apartheids regime in South Africa, the Military Junta in Argentina, Pinochet in Chile… oh Bin Laden.. Sadam Hussein, the Shah and so on..

    but ofcourse.. Castro is the biggest criminal of them all.. and Cuba is totally different than other country… RIGHT ? I mean.. RIGHT ?

  56. bevrl says – reply to this


    Is the U.S. still afraid of Communism?? Cuba can't be any worse than China, yet we have relations with them. Get over it, America, some people don't want DEMOCRACY (ie., Iraq), stop forcing it down their gullets!

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

  57. agent says – reply to this


    it is too soon, real change takes time, they need to prove they are ready to liberate their people

  58. nyp says – reply to this


    the us embargo has nothing to do with human rights violations but rather it's about sour grapes. through an effective soviet spy program, the cuban gov't was forewarned about the bay of pigs invasion and other covert activities in the region. the united states never cared about the human rights violations occuring under the dictator before castro. the united states didn't care about rampent prostitution and gov't corruption. that's all smokescreen. look at china. look at the history of iran and iraq. look at chile under pinochet. this country has no problem dealing with dictatorial regimes or regimes with massive human rights violations. i've been to the island and have seen first hand what this retarded embargo means for average cubans and its not pretty. the united states will eventually relax relations with cuban because it's a market ripe for exploitation. again, look at the former soviet bloc (think tacky and newly "wealthy" russians) does anyone think there is democracy in the soviet union? perhaps only the misinformed.

  59. hey says – reply to this



  60. AND says – reply to this


    really, why not bring back jobs to the U.S. ecomony instead of using Chinese expolited labor. why not bring jobs to Cuba instead of China? maybe they would be interested if they got a fair deal.

  61. stefy says – reply to this


    The U.S. embargo is a FAILURE! Lift the embargo now. If you want democracy in Cuba, get everyone in the U.S. to go and visit and bring things to Cuba. The government will crumble in weeks.

    The Cold War is over, Cubans of Miami. Let it go. Lift the Embargo NOW!

  62. augh says – reply to this


    Check out this weird video on youtube about the World Food Summit and how it fails to deal with World Hunger.
    It's short and has a sick ending
    Part 10 - Olympic Games China Burma Tibet Darfur…in Chains

  63. JD says – reply to this


    what's wrong fat ass, taco bell dog got your toungue?
    all of the sudden you have no opinion on some banana island of communists who brutalized any dissent?
    do with your finger what you do with your ass…stick it up in the air and see what other beaners think.
    castro's brother raoul is a fucking communist-coward and until the people of cuba have freedom, complete freedom and autonomy, the embargo stays.
    but, i guess unless some celebufag makes the case…wait, can gays get married in cuba?

  64. cmike says – reply to this


    i'm for lifting our embargo; the cuban people have suffered enough.

  65. james says – reply to this


    Re: Stan – Fuck you Stan - contrary to Canadian propaganda, the majority of us in the US don't agree with the embargo, would like to visit Cuba, and would prefer that big US companies stay the fuck out of Cuba so that we can enjoy it as it is.

  66. Marky says – reply to this


    Who cares? Cuba is a small insignificant island no larger then New Jersey - sorry for the comparison New Jersey. What they do or don't do is of no concern to most Americans. Stick to gossip Mario.

  67. 67

    Who fuckin cares about Cuba? All you little pigs swim over here illegaly and then blog about celebrities, I think we should send you all back

  68. RJII says – reply to this


    yes, yes, yes. it was all stupid and did little. but who really cares anyway.

  69. da tr says – reply to this


    The only folks upset, are the Gringo Cubans expelled after the revolution. They dont want US poisons, porn and filth peddled there, and they want to continue growing their own food, instead of giving up their farms, for low cost American food, with fluctuating prices. They have free healthcare and more doctors per person, than we have. And as so many others have said, the US doesnt hold china to the same standard.

  70. Dogma says – reply to this


    Simply yes, we should be opening our arms to help these unbelieveably poor people, 50 years is enough, we are no longer fighting the cold war and Fedel Castro will soon be old and dead. It is no wonder they ask China for help because we (the US) has been at the helm of the financial mess they have indured for too long. The culture is rich, inviting, the food is excellent and if you want to know what it was like to live in the 1950's I say go. I weant to puff on a cuban cigar legally someday! *Note, you can fly there from Florida to the Dominican Republic, then to Cuba.

  71. J2Tha says – reply to this


    Perez you, of all people, should know that the U.S. embargo was set because the idiot known as Fidel Castro took away properties from U.S. businesses and individuals without recompensating them. Until the communist regime repays these debts, frees political prisioners, allows multi-party elections (supervised of course), and extends basic freedom to it's population we should stick with the U.S. embargo. And people, the money that is spent in Cuba goes straight to the government. Fidel, Raul and all the other communist morons have off-shore bank accounts with millions of dollars (according to former employees of them now in exile). As far as the EU lifting sanctions, those countries are idiots as well. The reason those sanctions were put was because of the Black Spring of 2003 were 55 Cubans demonstrating for human rights, and the gov't sentenced to a ridiculous 25-35 years in prison. And now the EU lifts because of these "changes" Raul has put. The only countries that opposed them were the Czech Republic and Sweden…FUCK THE REST OF THE EU!

  72. sam says – reply to this


    No, because then it would give Cuba's political elite no reason to change, they'll get richer and still keep a tight fist on personal freedoms, just look at countries like China and Russia , open up their wallets then that's all the want to open up .

  73. JP says – reply to this


    Yes on the EU, and we(the US) needs to lift our embargo.

  74. vende says – reply to this


    Re: Angie
    Jajaja yea because the US will give them free stuff thats. I can see that you have been fed lies all you life about how wonderful the Capitalist system is and how unfair Comunism and Castro is. But I will tell you this before Castro the mayoriti of the people in Cuba lived in poverty and only a few people held all the riches. It was a playground for gansters and Rich people from the USA. It is my opinion tha Cuba is luchy to not have the influence of the USA because I dont know how all of those poor people will be rigth now. You may say that now everybody lives in poverty but at least now everybody has free health care, food and education and the education is waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better than in the USA

  75. Marus says – reply to this


    I am from Spain, and as a member of the EU I have to say we definetly don't support communist regimes

  76. cuban says – reply to this


    hey ZZZZz…you asked who cares about Cuba right?!?! well i'm pretty sure there's a whole fuckin country of Cubans that care about Cuba so if you hate us so much don't read about it ass hole.

  77. Avile says – reply to this


    Listen, I am a Cuban American born and raised in the U.S.
    My parents fled the Castro regime in the late 1960's. However,I believe they should lift the embargo. Why?
    1) It has not worked in bringing down the Castro regime or fomented any kind of revolt among the people. Castro and his cronies have continued to live well while the people are affected by our embargo.
    2) What the embargo has done is strengthen Castro's power. How? Because every time his people come and ask why things are bad he points to the embargo. He can go to the rest of the world and point to America's embargo and point out that it is imperialistic and the rest of the world feels sorry for poor little Castro.
    4) all the embargo does is hurt Cuban citizens. We deny them medicine, food, and other necessities in the name of political action. We deny OUR citizens from visiting their relatives but once every three years. Would you want to see your kids or grandkids more than once every three years? Tough.
    THINK people. If the embargo is lifted and relations normalize the government there has no boogeyman to blame. Don't believe me? Think of Glasnost and the fall of the Soviet Union, Solidarity movement in Poland, and many others. This is how you defeat Communism. History has shown us.
    The old way hasn't worked in 50 years, let's try something new.

  78. veaux says – reply to this


    Relaxing restrictions against Cuba would now (and 30 years ago) have brought about change and reform far sooner than continuing a maniacal jihad against "Communism." Castro couldn't save face and agree to reform in the face of an irrational U.S. all-or-nothing approach. That's just plain bad policy and junior-high level diplomacy on the part of our government for decades (both parties being equally to blame).

  79. cuban says – reply to this


    Re: ZZZZz
    Shut the hell up ass-hole. If you hate Perez so much why are you HIS site commenting HIS posts?!?!?! The Castro family does not represent the Cuban people…why don't you take the time to educate yourself about the hardships so many Cubans have gone through and then try talking some trash, you ignorant jerk.

  80. thesm says – reply to this


    Who cares about Cuba or Cubans? You know what they were talking about when they said Miami is like a third world country? ?Cubans! They are disgusting. Just gross to live near. Them and the Hatians. I will never go back to Miami - living there was awful because of the depravity of both of those groups. Screw Cuba! Let them deal with their own shit!

  81. Nicho says – reply to this


    It is hypocritical of us to deal with China and not Cuba. If the Cuban population of Miami were in a solidly red or blue state instead of the swing state of Florida this would not even be an issue. The Cuban population of Miami has damaged the city and can't wait to get back into Cuba to do the same.

  82. James says – reply to this


    fuck the us embargo-the cubans don't need you knobhead shitfucks

  83. CUCUB says – reply to this


    Guantánamo is in Cuba and U.S. Americans are there and they pay dirt cheap for this imposed "hospitality".
    Is it not a contradiction ? Why don't the U.S. go to same other place?

  84. @v@ says – reply to this


    Dropping the embargo would most likely bring lightning change to Cuba. The Chinese are all preoccupied scrambling for houses, cars and 'stuff' now. Communist? When people start to feel their own internal locus of control, and can affect change in their own lives through capitalism and their own hard work, it's pretty difficult for them to give that control back for some unbending ideology, unless forced to militarily. Once free, THAT might cause a revolution. To have, and then to lose again does not a happy populace make..

  85. veaux says – reply to this


    Re: @v@
    Amen- someone who gets it without all the nationalistic BS. It's all about economics. Of course Cuban people are oppressed — they've been subjected to the most cruel economic sanctions ever imposed in modern history. What would you have done if you were Fidel and the rest of the world wanted to castrate you?

  86. juice says – reply to this


    Re: cuban – the embargo is there because the US tried and failed to create a dictatorial society that would service the needs of the upper 1 percent for globalization and fiscal world domination, and of course any society that does not conform must be oppressed…. as Bush so succinctly put it, "If you're not with us, you are against us". Gotta love that logic….

  87. Alisa says – reply to this


    "Should the US remove it's embargo????" no. Why should our country be a party to any of that crap that goes on there? We should not makes any moves that would make it appear as if our country would tolerate people being treated unjustly.

  88. hank says – reply to this


    It's a damn good thing Fidel is dead, right Perez?

  89. D says – reply to this


    It's hardly encouraging to see the EU cave in and lift a symbolic embargo. I guess if you offer cellphones and computers for sale to a population that would have to save a year's salary to buy one (not both) that is real and meaningful change.

    I guess the right to a cellphone/computer is more important than being able to question your government or travel outside your country.

    Is the lure of a cheap vacation destination with cheap prostitutes that important?

    Maybe if we lift the US embargo, things will really change for the better because it's cuba's lack of access to American tourists that hurt Cuba? Are the rest of the world's tourists not enough to bring about change?

    Why don't we just normalize relations with the Sudan or Darfur? So what if they routinely piss on human life, they have oil and cheap prostitutes.

  90. peter says – reply to this


    the us should remove the embargo and the sanctions be lifted only if the cuban government is changed. dehumanization is not a form of moral government

  91. desar says – reply to this


    Re: karen – you are so right. all countries should be treated equaly. If China is allowed(major human rights problems) then so should Cuba.

  92. 92

    Let's hope it's an incentive to Cuba to make things a bit better for its people

  93. aby says – reply to this


    Yeah, for sure. Yes to both questions. It's the better way to leave then walk alone to freedom and democracy. Let's not asphyxiate them

  94. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Alisa – That's an ironic statement, considering every single Cuban has free health care, lol. You're drinking the Kool-aid. They'll romanticize and wish for their simple days back when they fill up with MacDonalds and Jack in the Box, 7-11, porn and strip bars, drugs and high crime, and charge$ upon charge$ for every little thing. Cuba will fill up with gaudy signage and seedy people, but they will be free. Cough. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

  95. Muskr says – reply to this


    The US should drop the embargo with Cuba and normalize relations with Cuba. This could only help the people of Cuba in the long run.

  96. k says – reply to this


    I guess it's a nice experiment in appeasement. If EU can lift sanctions and Raul does nothing, I suppose it's a prime example that it's not a good idea to do such things, eh?
    I doubt he will, considering communism works so great for power hungry freaks, but it's the idealism, stupid :)

    As for the people who are caught up on dealing with China too. Like I told my idealistic 14 year old sister the other day - you can only deal with one thing at a time. Leave it to ignorant Americans to think that we are obligated financially and physically to police the whole world simultaneously. Look what reputation it did for President Bush. We cannot get in over our head with this holier-and-more-intelligent-than-thou attitude on an international basis. ALSO, doesn't this whole sanction thing kind of contradict the liberal idea of live and let live?

    Oh, yes. That never existed in the first place. aha.

  97. jwb says – reply to this


    Perhaps Cuba will agree to normalize relations with the U.S. after the U.S. stops its systematic program of human rights violations and torture on their island.

    And the Cuban flag (pictured above) has a red triange and blue stripes. The Puerto Rican flag has a blue triangle and red stripes.

  98. James says – reply to this


    lol it comes as no surprise that this embargo was lifted 3 months after Cuba just found up to 4bn barrols of oil in the north cuba basin :) .. hmm time to lift that embargo says the govt. what a surprise

  99. Avile says – reply to this


    Re: La Re
    ummm…my friend the Puerto Rican flag has a blue triangle and and red stripes, the Cuban flag has a red triangle and blue stripes. You obviously are an idiot.

  100. victo says – reply to this


    Re: nevy
    you are such a fuking retard. When u need fuking surgery I'm gonna kick ur ass to Cuba so you can see yourself what a fuking piece of shit the country is. Get your head out of your ass and stop watching LIBERAl movies and get the true story!
    BUSH WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE BEST PRESIDENT! hopefully you'll be alive in time to see it. Thats of course if you dont go to hospitals in CUBA where there is a 75% chance you will get a the worst treatment! I have a friend from CUBA that had to come to the US because the idiots over there couldnt take out a tumor in her cheek. One of the most simple tumor procedures! They left the right side of her face completely deformed and ruined her vision! She came here and looks like a million bucks. AFter only one procedure they fixed every single problem the CUBANS gave her in their shitty shitty shit hospitals. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU SHIT BRAIN!
    Where the fuk are u from, anyway???? I am CUBAN and proud but i dont consider a hospital with roaches and infected supplies to be healthy or better than the US!

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