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Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

| Filed under: Cubismo

Cuban authorities arrested seven opposition activists on Friday.

They were detained by police during a demonstration outside an interior ministry office.

Tisk. Tisk.

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41 comments to “Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back”

  1. Janet says – reply to this


    Cuba sucks.

  2. Janet says – reply to this



  3. tasha says – reply to this


    BIG EFFEN DEAL!!! we have our own problems

  4. Urban says – reply to this


    Free Cuba!

  5. BLaws says – reply to this


    Seriously MARIO. Why do you care? You only care about yourself, not those people. Everything you say is a lie anyway. It is all heresay and nothing more. You should be ashamed of yourself

  6. lala says – reply to this


    Not going to read- not Celeb,juicy, fun gossip!

  7. and says – reply to this


    i think you might wanna change this site name - evidently it's become all about current affairs & gay rights. oh and lets not forget its mostly about YOU trying to be a celebrity

  8. mayra says – reply to this


    wow i so don't care.

  9. Kooba says – reply to this


    Perez - whenever there are changes taking place in a country, some people will always push to make the changes move faster than the process will allow. The government has signaled that it will chang things, but they will do it at their pace, not the pace desired by the most extreme elements of change. It's part of the ebb and flow of the process. Perezito, be a good little (well, maybe not so little) Cuban-American young man and take the long-term view. Good things don't happen overnight.

  10. Jake says – reply to this


    Like any of you really give a shit. . .lol. . .please!

  11. jstud says – reply to this


    It'd be nice to know what those fuckers were doing. The anti-Castro people tend to be a bit violent.

  12. Fuck says – reply to this



  13. rufus says – reply to this


    Cubans are like ants..kill a few and more will just pop up. Who cares about this 3rd world country and it's inbred natives?

  14. Jofi says – reply to this


    Those few people are going to mess up a good thing for everyone. Change is coming they just need to be patient. I'm not saying that what they believe is wrong, they just need to wait for the appropriate time

  15. Marky says – reply to this


    Who cares? Where's the fresh celebrity gossip? Way too many of your posts are self-promotion, your ignorant political views, or your personal vendettas.

  16. cat says – reply to this


    Re: rufus
    I have never heard a comment as ignorant or as disgusting as yours. You're a disgrace as a human being.

    And Perez, if you're going to report news of the Cuban government's maltreatmeant towards its citizens, maybe you should stop and realize this is the same government you've been happily supporting in various posts?

  17. john says – reply to this


    The two steps you talk about does NOTHING for the Cuban people. Not unless they're some richie kissing the ass of the Cuban government for compensation. It is one of the poorest countries on this side of the world. Anyways, for every step you claim Cuba is going forward there are a billion steps it has to achieve in order to get out of negative territory. For one, eliminating its Communist anti-individual-rights government. Who cares about damn sex changes or gay marriage when that only help Cuba's rich WHEN what they need is rights to free speech and stable incomes.

    And to everyone else…i doubt Perez even writes most of these posts; if any at all.

  18. culo says – reply to this


    Stick to Hollywood shit MARIO, fucking join BBC or CNN if you want to blog about world news. BTW Cuban's in the USA don't support fags.

  19. c says – reply to this


    We come together cause opposites attract!
    Sorry i had to get that out of my system.

  20. Belen says – reply to this


    Hey Perez…why don't you and some of your fellow cubans grab some guns and paddle over to Cuba and 'liberate' the people from Castro's tyranny.

    Do something…anything.

    Or are y'all gonna sit around and bitch for another 50 years.

  21. Mir says – reply to this


    Re: jstud – Wow, that's a really idiotic statement. Like the EU - lifting sanctions cuz they're fooled into thinking everything's better in Cuba, when really everything's the same. Raul is an asshole just like Fidel. Thanks Perez for spotlighting the plight of the Cuban people - it's a refreshing break from the celebrity stuff.

  22. J2Tha says – reply to this


    First of, to the people that are asking Perez to write about celebrity stuff you should realize this is his blog, and he can write whatever he wants. Second, this goes to show that these changes Castro is making is nothing but to please other governments. All these material changes that are happening (lifting bans of cell phones, buying rice cookers, etc) aren't doing nothing to help Cuban freedom. People still have no right to express their opinions out there. Thanks Perez for bringing this to light!

  23. J2Tha says – reply to this


    Re: Kooba – What are you talking about doing changes at their pace?? They've been doing changes at their pace for 50 years now, and nothing has changed! Don't believe all the farce of lifting cell phone bans, ability to buy DVD's, TV's, rice cookers, stay at tourist hotels, etc. Most people are saying "WOW, now these Cubans are able to do stuff. This government is great.". Instead, why don't you ask, "How come Cubans weren't able to do all this in the first place??"

  24. jerem says – reply to this


    hey perez, noone cares about cuba! have you apologized for ur cyndy lauper remarks yet?

  25. Georg says – reply to this


    No kiddin', we never arrest protesters. Just goes to show you how evil a regime it is in Cuba. Unlike here! We love Protesters! And Cubans! Thanks for the astute social commentary Perez!

  26. drpin says – reply to this


    Ben Silverman NBC contact Dr Rand Pink gyno comic at drrand@vzw.blackberry.net.

  27. Cade says – reply to this


    This is not celebrity gossip. You are starting to pad your blog with a lot of crap that has nothing to do with celeb gossip, which is what your readers come here for. We don't care at all about your personal political views or your Cuban issues. Keep all of that to yourself.

  28. 28

    it is actually tsk. tsk.

  29. Cuban says – reply to this


    Perez is an embarrassment to the Cuban people. Cubans are people of peace, tolerance and love. Perez is just the opposite. Please "Perez", do not take up the Cuban cause because people like you do not help.

  30. David says – reply to this


    Its "tsk, tsk", not "tisk, tisk". Moron.

  31. EP says – reply to this


    There will never be a step forward if there aren´t fair elections.

  32. rgfgf says – reply to this


    fuck cuba and all cuban scum fucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. sam says – reply to this


    wow that is not cool

  34. c says – reply to this


    Why are you so obsessed with Cuba?

  35. steve says – reply to this


    who gives a shit who gives a fuck.

  36. C-Daw says – reply to this


    What is with all this hate?

    Why are you spending time and effort posting comments such as, ´Cuba sucks.´ and ´Cubans are like ants..kill a few and more will just pop up. Who cares about this 3rd world country and it's inbred natives?´…

    I can´t understand how completely screwed in the head you must all be for posting such racist, derogatory and stupid filth! I am not Cuban, by the way, just an Australian guy disgusted at some members of the Human Race… the world would be a better place without you.

  37. ben says – reply to this


    didja know transgender operations are covered by health insurance in cuba?

  38. LH says – reply to this


    You are so dumb when you try to make an opinion about politics…

  39. Tito says – reply to this


    Are you so ignorant that you don't know this country you/we live in does the same stuff, sometimes worse, every time there's a protest here? Wake up and use your platform to talk about those things, rather than Cuba!! You've been given an opportunity, quit talking smack about the way CHILDREN look and insert articles about US news/issues.

  40. jayli says – reply to this


    So what, a few cuban were arrested? The US might not be better - let's not be the world's most hypocritical preacher. You have to apply for a permit to protest in DC and even then only allowed to protest in the "free speech zone" (read: caged off area away from parade routes and public parks with many many many cops with firearms in their hands)

  41. frank says – reply to this


    i guess what you really mean is communism sucks. i agree. just work on your english grammar.