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Kinda Crazy

| Filed under: Lance Armstrong


The New York Times (not Us Weekly) has written an entire article about Lance Armstrong's "playboy" status.



The NYT!

Click here to read the piece.

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77 comments to “Kinda Crazy”

  1. d says – reply to this



  2. Denis says – reply to this



  3. Denis says – reply to this


    Dit is echt doelloos

  4. m says – reply to this


    love the picture
    close to first?

  5. Denis says – reply to this


    Zijn er nog meer Nederlanders?

  6. Perez says – reply to this


    Why the fuck do you care if you're "first" or not? If you are, do you give yourself a celebratory jerk off or something??? Some people really need to get a life, check out the post on internet addiction, I think its starting to show itself even in this blog.

  7. 7


  8. Riley says – reply to this


    hes soooooooooo gay with 1 ball!

  9. Denis says – reply to this


    And you are fuckin pathetic because you are pretending to be Perez

  10. Denis says – reply to this


    and I admit, I'm totally addicted to internet. And everyone is doing the "first" thing, what's so bad about it? I mean.. Be happy that people read your blog. I love your blog. I'm reading it for a decade now

  11. tina says – reply to this


    is it just me or do all the ladies look exactly the same?!? same chin, same shaped face, same hair/eye color, same cheekbones. ewwwww, branch out a bit lance!

  12. rober says – reply to this


    Like I said before, he is desperate to show the world his tiny dick still works after losing a nut. He is a skank just like all the whores he dates. What a sad sad little man.

  13. Z says – reply to this


    My brother-in-law is friends with him in the biking world. His close friends have told him they do not respect the way he has behaved with some of his girlfriends. He was dating someone else before he broke up with Sheryl Crow (who the friends loved, btw)

  14. busyb says – reply to this


    If you know his history, before he won the tour de france he was a SLUT!!!

    He was known as "FedEx" for when you "absolutely need it over night" (fedex's old tag line)

    His "playboy" ways are nothing new. He's just back to who he was before cancer

  15. marga says – reply to this



  16. gsfda says – reply to this


    No surprise. Nice to see you're finally tuning into today's sad excuse for journalism and news.

  17. NOFUK says – reply to this



  18. ;{ says – reply to this


    LiveStrong One Nut!!!

  19. escap says – reply to this


    I read that this morning. It was retarded.

  20. LaLa says – reply to this


    Ummmm. Maybe because he's a complete freakshow? He dumped his loyal wife, and has taken up the hobby of trolling. He's a disgrace to his foundation.

  21. Foo Q says – reply to this


    He makes my SKIN CRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are these pretty, rich, and famous chicks SINKING SO LOW?????? Do they like playing tether ball that much?

  22. 22

    That picture just made my day :-) :-) :-)
    (The New York Times should perhaps stop going too shallow to attract the dumber part of the population?? They could overdo it and become The New York Post - Ewwwwww!!)

  23. WTF! says – reply to this


    WTF!! Hollywood spreads em around like peanut butter. Mmmm yummy. Welcome to HIV.

  24. Stace says – reply to this


    The guy isn't that hot.
    It could just be the money with Mr. Live Strong.
    Who knows?

  25. LH says – reply to this


    This must be a joke.

  26. Kelli says – reply to this


    Why? Why not? The guy is idolized for beating cancer and being a 7-time Tour de France winner but nobody's perfect. Not even Livestrong Lance. Does no one remember that he had an affair with his nanny when he was married to his wife?!

  27. drpin says – reply to this


    Howard Stern contact Dr Rand Pink Gynecologist my email is at the studio regarding the pregnancy and the twins. I won't tell anybody Love ya see you at lunch.

  28. Wordz says – reply to this


    I guess all those women feel sorry for him because he beat cancer and has one ball. It's always sad for men who have daughters–he has 3, to be womanizers. Karma's a bitch and I hope his daughters grow up to sleep with ONLY loser-womanizers.

  29. AngD7 says – reply to this


    I do not like him! What a dick! Just because he does good things for cancer (which nobody is disputing) doesn't mean he's not like every other celebrity. Being in the public eye is the price you pay dude, and yes that means your personal life is fair game…Grow up already jackass date somebody in your age range at least…and I am sorry dumping your wife after she stood by you through a cancer battle so you can whore around Hollywood with celebrities does not make anybody father of the year. If he was a good Dad he'd be at home with his family not out fucking Kate Hudson AKA Crazy Crack Whore

  30. LANCE says – reply to this


    How come he ONLY dates celebrities? Are NON-celebrities just not interesting enough for Lance "I've got one ball" Armstrong?

  31. Lucy says – reply to this


    I have a friend who sleeps with lance regularly in Austin.

  32. TJ says – reply to this


    Why do people care about celeb's lives so much, there just people

    he can date who he wants…

    tons of people act this way, but when a celeb does it everyone critizes them…

    …society is screwed.

  33. NOFUK says – reply to this


    Re: busyb – ITS "FEDSEX"

  34. Robin says – reply to this


    I can't believe he is only 36! He looks mid-to-late forties.

  35. Yep says – reply to this


    Like this is anything new? Those in the bike world know that he is just doing what he has always done. He will date and dash.

  36. penis says – reply to this



  37. aloto says – reply to this


    I don't understand whats wrong with some of you people. Who really cares who he's dating. He's a cancer survivor that gives many cancer patients hope and strength. Not only has he fought to beat cancer, he's devoted his life to raising funds for cancer research. How can you joke about one nut and cancer. This disease is real and devasting. Everyday I struggle to survive with my four young children while I care for my husband who has brain cancer. He's only forty and our life has chaged forever. I'm not sure about you but I'm happy to have Lance Armstrong fighting with so many of us for a cure. All you insensitive people out there should be digging in your pockets books to help instead of slinging a bunch of insults about things that are really none of your business. While you're at it, say a prayer that you and your family are never stricken with this horrible disease.

  38. jj fa says – reply to this


    the new york times gay mafia is awesome!
    and powerful.

  39. Lanel says – reply to this


    He makes my stomach turn. With the cycling his libido must be running on high 24/7. Women are so stupid for spreading their legs for him let alone entertaining this nut-less idiot. Pure PIg. Yuck. How can women be so stupid these days???
    First his balls, next his dick, after he catches a std. Who knows how many hookers this guy goes through in between these women. Thats why guys like pitt are so rare and wonderful. I know Angelina knows she is lucky!!!

  40. moll says – reply to this


    lance armstrong is a terrible person. he left his wife and now what. he plays women.

  41. sui says – reply to this


    Why he gets so much pudding.1. They figure with Tour de France history he'll ride them for days.its just acompetton for him once he's peddled up those hills and valleys its on to the next competition.2.He had his urologist implant a magnetic nut during his testicular surgery and ALL the women he fucks have clit rings.Its like. The train in Japan it will never come off the track 3.The only ones hurt or embarassed were Crow and Burch. The rest just like to fuck.anything so why not let it be him.He probably has a cockring that reads LIVEHARD. Howard Stern 6-11 Sirius Radio. Stern interviews like no other. Dr Rand Pink his biggest fan,author of He's Just Not That Into You Its His Medical Instrument. Gary and Artie Rock

  42. kiki says – reply to this


    I don't see what's so great about him…I think he is a dog.

  43. Kramp says – reply to this


    Beating Nut cancer is not that big a deal as far as all the caners go. It's almost always curable after treatment. He plays this whole one nut sack thing to the hilt. He has made millions of dollars bringing "awareness" to cancer. He's been paid by big pharma, and business, and expect to be paid for his apearances at charity events. He is an ass. I have way more respect for those who make NO MONEY fighting cancer & aides. As far as him dating all these women, who the funk cares? If they are that easy to impress, they must have low self esteem & self worth.

  44. DLR says – reply to this


    anyone notice just how freaky alike the women are? lance sure has a "type" when it comes to the ladies. oh yeah, it's sexy to have sex with a guy that has one testicle. i'm sure he makes up for the lack of tea-bagging with other things. :P

  45. Just says – reply to this


    Wow.. What a legacy to leave his kids. I am sure they will really respect him when they grow up to see what he did to their family.

  46. Vshiz says – reply to this


    I just think he is a major womanizer. He was before cancer…and I think he uses this cancer program to get more chicks…I knew he would not marry Sheryl Crow…Kristen his wife was beautiful, smart etc…and after reading about his love for her in his first book…I just feel his ego is back where it was…..humble for a bit…now just another douchebag.

  47. Juice says – reply to this


    Lance likes the blondes - yellow hair and yellow live strong bracelets

  48. beach says – reply to this


    He is single and dates wow how shocking. Cut the man some slack.

  49. sml says – reply to this


    Wow, y'all really have him allllllll figured out. A terrible person, a womanizer, that pretty much sums up his life eh?
    read his fucking book, put your damn palms up and take a look at your life. Wear a livestrong and maybe help the world a little. He is not a bad person, and just happens to day JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE SPOT LIGHT.
    oh and did you hear the story about his breakup with his wife straight from her. no. you don't know anything.
    also, he has a son and two twin daughters. All conceived through a long painful process that took a lot of courage and strength.

  50. lance says – reply to this


    i love the girls and i don,t want them to feel nuts!!!

  51. where says – reply to this


    is the great bathog gone come back batty come back

  52. Ashle says – reply to this


    He's not even good looking. Come to Texas you'll find a few guys that look just like him.

  53. Lisa says – reply to this


    I read it last night, really dumb article. Now that Lance is off the bike he needs to keep his name in the press some how. Since when is it a crime to date really hot, successful women. More power to you Lance. It helps his charity; when people are no longer interested in you, you lose your platform.

  54. Parke says – reply to this


    He seems like a man-slut and a big-time asshole. I used to like him and even read his book…and then all those rumors came out about him getting cancer from using performance enhancing drugs during his training. He even admitted it in front of friends and doctors in a hospital!! I lost respect for him after that, and even more so after he dumped Sheryl Crow.

  55. katie says – reply to this


    i agree witn number 46.. and now he's knocking his one nut against kate hudson? eww hahaha well they're both sleezes anyway!

  56. maggi says – reply to this


    i don't get it…just because he raises awareness about cancer it means that he can't date anyone…? wtf! that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. btw, i always think of him as a tour de france champ…i didn't even know he dated half those women…pointless article

  57. gatit says – reply to this


    He is a royal asshole, yes, it matters to show how loyal and good example to others he is to make his charities do better - He left his wife when he didn't need her support anymore, he dumped Sheryl for someone younger, he preys on women with money and celebrity status - he is a freaking showoff - ASSHOLE! if you don't stop fucking around your are going to loose your other ball

  58. shell says – reply to this


    where have you been? that rag's been over for a while now.

  59. linda says – reply to this


    WHO REALLY CARES????? I don't see why people, especially beautiful women, are interested in him!

  60. Blunt says – reply to this


    Given what Lance has been through and achieved, he should be able to do whatever the fuck he wants without judgement (short of breaking the law)!!

  61. Blunt says – reply to this


    He's only womanizing because he's getting ready to run for office. Hey, it worked for Clinton!!

  62. carl says – reply to this


    Just a quick reminders to the ladies: calling a man a "slut" is a huuuge compliment. It's recognizing him for what he is on this earth to do - spread his seed. You ladies want to inflict the same pain as when you're called a "slut" but it just doesn't have the same impact. In fact, it has just the opposite.

  63. shawn says – reply to this



  64. birdy says – reply to this


    I have not cared for this guy after he dumped his wife and kids for the celebrity life. It seems like his wife stuck by him through all the cancer drama, and it appeared he left after a clean bill of health.

  65. Naugh says – reply to this


    He likes the blondes!

  66. Warri says – reply to this


    Just a couple FACTS about Lance….He testicular cancer not really a big deal in the cancer world but is was stage 3 and spread to his lungs stomach and brain, makes it a big deal.

    He met his during his recovery from cancer!

  67. 67

    What's the attraction? Sorry Lance!

  68. DMO says – reply to this


    Lance is a serious scumbag. When he was in DC to be on Meet the Press we met him at a bar the night before. He kept hitting on my friend who was engaged. They exchanged numbers (I am not sure why) and he sent her a couple creppy text messages saying, "Hey I am really tired and I think I am going to stay in tonight, but why don't you come over and take a nap with me". Very Aggressive.

  69. Mel says – reply to this


    Lance and Kate are the perfect couple…they are both whores!!!

  70. GG100 says – reply to this


    Sheesh, run to type much or what, Lance? Come on, get crazy, try a brunette now and again!

  71. bunse says – reply to this


    The guy's young, rich, handsome, and generous. He should sit at home 24/7, thinking about cancer?

  72. Sammy says – reply to this


    At least they can be sure he's shooting blanks! It's a pity he didn't date Jaime Lynn Spears or the untelented sister of what's her name

  73. nobod says – reply to this


    Actually, perez, the nyt was criticising how other papers write about Armstrong… "“Kate’s[hudson] date,” The Post called Mr. Armstrong in a headline, reducing the seven-time Tour de France champion to the role of a star’s suitor."
    and about fighting cancer globally and winning the tour de france, "increasingly, it is not what he is becoming known for. Ask Larry Wallach what is the first thing that pops to mind when he hears Mr. Armstrong’s name, and Mr. Wallach, a salesman at Sid’s Bikes on West 19th Street in Manhattan, replies, “How he spent Father’s Day with his new girlfriend.”

    please read the article before posting something like this! (withut even any real text)

  74. markw says – reply to this


    Why you ask? To make it harder for him to run for political office some day.

  75. shhma says – reply to this


    He's as pastey as my four day old unddies and he probably shoots blamks.

  76. tia says – reply to this


    from the article, it sounds to me that the paparazzi and the general public have the wrong interests at heart than Lance Armstrong does. He is a cancer survivor living his life- and part of that life involves dating which is acceptable for a single guy of his age. And furthermore, it is unfortunate that the once prestigious newspaper called The New York Times has taken the road of a gossip magazine to sell more copies, and should be ashamed of it.

  77. tissh says – reply to this


    How cares who lance dates or does not date! Get a life people!