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The Album You've All Been Waiting For

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This just in!

Lindsay Lohan's hotly anticipated third studio album will be called Spirit In The Dark, it's just been revealed.

The future Grammy-winning album will feature songs produced by Pharrell Williams, Akon, StarGate and Bloodshy & Avant.

The first single is NOT that Bossy piece of junk that's been floating on the internets.

Playground featuring Pharrell, will be released to radio in September.

Bossy was allegedly just a pre-single/buzz-track.

If you really want LezLo's Spirit you'll have to wait ’til November 4th.

Expect first week sales in the 900,000 album range! She could even sell more than Lil' Wayne.

People want this album THAT BADLY!

[Image via WENN.]

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138 comments to “The Album You've All Been Waiting For”

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  1. ROSEB says – reply to this


    She would never I repeat NEVER top Lil Wayne…I mean, she totally is a waste of space. And lil wayne is on fire right now, sorry but you're sooooo wrong about this…it's hysterical that you'd think that.

  2. Cryst says – reply to this


    wow… people really DO want shit for music! LOL!!!

  3. 103

    perez are you joking? Is it really going to sell that well?

  4. JT says – reply to this


    i think it would be pretti good too since there feuturing other great singers too + the 900,000 album range is alot

  5. cassb says – reply to this


    exactly how much blow do you think she is on in this pic? this fucking cunt needs help and her little girlfriend looks like a 12 yr old boy. this bitch is sick and her stripper movie was a joke. i started laughing 10 minutes into it.

  6. Jon says – reply to this


    I can't wait for this album to come out!!!! Love Lindsay she's awesome, Bossy is hella good

  7. susan says – reply to this


    I would have to assume your being sarcastic since I don't know anyone who would care about buying Lohans album. She can't sing. It's laughable to think she would open with even 90.000 yet alone 900.000. LOL

  8. WTF says – reply to this


    she'll only sell albums because talented blacks folks are on her album, she's an idiot.

  9. BB says – reply to this


    That's funny Perez, you have a great sense of humor. You've got too many zero's there, I think first week sales will be 900!!!

  10. dior says – reply to this



  11. 111

    I am excited, I loved her first two albums. Perez should make a record, and call it, Fat ass in the Dark.

  12. Q says – reply to this


    Is this a fu**ing joke? Please tell me she's not expected to win a Grammy. I'll seriously move overseas if it happens. British musicians may be big ol' messes, but at least they have TALENT!

  13. Unbor says – reply to this


    I wish she would go away. I don't even watch the movies she is in. fugly barf ick and that was before saMANtha

  14. laure says – reply to this


    perez,come on now babe, people may want her album, but not as bad as wayne's…i hope u were being sarcastic when u said that!


  15. What says – reply to this


    She is a terrible actress and an even worse "singer". I wouldn't listen to this album if someone gave it to me.

  16. Marir says – reply to this


    i dont think she will beat lil wayne..am sorry.
    she's okay..but nah she cant beat lil wayne!! come one now!!

  17. mav says – reply to this


    If she is still"going out" with SaMAN by November 4th, she won't even outsell KFed, Paris Hilton or Scarlett Johansen, each of them!

  18. David says – reply to this


    Are you being sarcastic?

  19. bad s says – reply to this


    she is not a good singer at all, even with all the tuning they do to her voice it's still horrible!

  20. AJ says – reply to this


    I'm getting that album! I want it so bad! Bossy is the biss!

  21. lol says – reply to this


    PEREZ-more gossip about "LezLo and saMANtha!
    It's a sure thing to make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Susan says – reply to this


    Spirit In The Dark is the name of a classic album from 1970 by the great Aretha Franklin.
    I am guessing that Lindsay Lohan and her people have never heard of Aretha or her album.
    I can only imagine what kind of crap LL is going to release (again).

  23. cass says – reply to this


    didn't buy her first albums…dont plan on buying this one.
    She's okay in movies…but anything else…sucks ass.

  24. Davin says – reply to this


    I am so anxious for this album. Its gonna be her best, fans will come back to her and make her big again. Her two previous albums were good, and she has so much talent no one can handle it.lol

  25. Me, d says – reply to this


    I'm soo gonna buy that.
    I love her work.
    She's amazing.
    And who cares if she's a lesbian?
    Get the fuck over it.

  26. josef says – reply to this



  27. warns says – reply to this


    Perez I think the awful dye job has finally gotten to your brain. Nobody gives a ish about Lohan anymore, and certainly not as many people as are interested in the best rapper alive. She'll be lucky to get that many unpaid downloads.

  28. 128

    Expect first week sales in the 900,000 album range! She could even sell more than Lil' Wayne……that is hard to believe.

  29. Marki says – reply to this


    are you people fucking joking? and you call Lil' Wayne's shit music?? He's just a dirty worthless shit smear face mother fucker with weak ass rhymes. Pretty boy? WTF more like ugliest piece of shit I've ever seen. As for Lindsay, she's the shit. Fuck all yall haters.

  30. mav says – reply to this


    Re: Me, d – She's NOT Lezlo!

  31. Nesto says – reply to this


    Sarcastic??? I hope not!!! I really think that she can win a grammy… If u listen her albums u can see that her voice is really great… Better than other girls that supposely sing…. Anyways… I'm buying this album the day it comes out. Bossy is great and she is really trying to get her life back… U haters stop being so rude… Go and judge ur life… u don't even know why she did or do the things she does…

  32. kay says – reply to this


    Wow, what an asshole you're being Perez…I know she's kinda awful now but the sarcasm wasn't that nessecary.

    Let us not forget the record-breaking greatness that was "Confessions Of A Broken Heart!" xo

  33. nana says – reply to this


    the music sucks like hell i have just heard the song on youtube men i gota
    say suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  34. Rache says – reply to this


    Dear god, give it up already. You are so over, Lindsay. No one cares.

  35. dug says – reply to this


    Are you fucking serious? You have to be joking. Who the fuck would but that shit?

  36. hecto says – reply to this


    I cant tell wether this is sarcasm or not.
    and there isnt anything better than bad sarcasm.
    either way im sure the album will be great.
    shes my idol i love her to death
    shes gotten me through
    hell of a rough times
    with her music and her work
    and talent.
    im 16 and i really admire her
    because shes not perfect and
    her image is so raw
    and emotional, some might even say troubled.
    i love her i hope things are better for her.

  37. Chris says – reply to this


    I cant wait for this album…i got her other ones and they arent that bad!!
    Bring on #3!!

  38. Jesse says – reply to this


    ok honestly, I love Lindsay Lohan, and I can't tell if perez is kidding or not, but I don't think it's going to do too well. But I know I'm going to buy it lol.

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