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The American Idol curse has struck again!

We're hearing that 2004 champ Fantasia Barrino has just been dopped by her management team.

Fantasia still has her contract with her record label, though probably not for much longer.

The singer was repped by 19 Entertainment, the company owned by AI's Simon Fuller.

Do people still care about Fantasia?

She obviously didn't care about her fans. Bitch missed so many performances while on Broadway's The Color Purple.

We're surprised Tasia hadn't beem dumped by her label or management sooner!

Fantasia was also set to perform tonight at Milwaukee's Summerfest concert, but instead has been replaced by Musiq Soulchild.

Thank goodness!

[Image via WENN.]

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144 comments to “Fired!”

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  1. hay;e says – reply to this


    first bbay

  2. 2

    Haterz!!!!! I still got love for Fantasia.

  3. gman says – reply to this



  4. xyz says – reply to this


    No shocker there!!!!!!

  5. Lulz says – reply to this


    I lol'd.

  6. Rosie says – reply to this


    That first s**t is SOOOOOOOO lame!!!!! Fantasia sucks, most american idols do, are we surprised?!?!?? Did YOU buy her album????

  7. asdf says – reply to this




  8. jr says – reply to this



  9. Jstar says – reply to this


    I love Fantasia! She needs a new managment team anyways, one that will do a better job of promoting her natural born talent.

    Oh…and….TOP 50 BITCHES!

  10. Justi says – reply to this


    its kinda sad

  11. Corre says – reply to this


    Fantasia sacked 19 as her management long ago and she went to Violator Management, a management firm that deals with urban singers.

  12. betch says – reply to this


    I don't think she'll be dropped, she is already recording her third album and she has already been cast in the Color Purple Musical Movie, produced by Oprah, so she's doing OKAY. Plus her lat album sold in excess of 550,000 copies, that's better than Ashlee Simpson's and Hilary Duff's last albums, so it's not bad

  13. it's says – reply to this


    fantasia?? who is that?

  14. Eve 7 says – reply to this


    She's a great singer, but that hair is ghettofabulous.

  15. 15

    this is so sad because she is soooo talented. probably the best singer to ever come through American Idol, as far as REAL singing goes.

  16. cac says – reply to this


    After that come back performance she gave on Idol this year its no wonder she got dropped. My mouth was hanging open just like Simon's. What the hell was that?

  17. 17

    Re: Rosie – Honestly I don't know what the hell you're talking about… why do you think she sucks?? she's better than a lot of singers that are out now, she just had a crappy management team

  18. Reali says – reply to this


    It's her look that makes her non popular. Other black women in music that get all tatted up and have a funky look that wasn't good at it's base never have a long duration in the lime light.

  19. FReal says – reply to this


    She's a first class asshole! She should have been fired from The Color Purple right away for missing so many shows. She's unprofessional and only a fool would ever hire her. I have hated her since all her disgusting lies about how hard her childhood was. No more free ride, fatty. Maybe the post office will hire you.

  20. kat says – reply to this


    from mjs big blog.. a devoted AI source- she HAS been successful… just not to you.

    The past couple of years have been filled with success for Fantasia. Her last album, Fantasia did well on the R&B charts, garnering a hit single, “When I See You”. She starred in the highly rated (but critically panned) movie of her life story on the Lifetime channel, and earned great reviews playing Celie in the Color Purple on Broadway. She’s set to play Celie in the upcoming movie version of the musical. Oprah loves her!

  21. jamie says – reply to this



  22. GAME says – reply to this



  23. EAT A says – reply to this



  24. 24

    Fantasia is a hot mess….

  25. rer says – reply to this


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  26. gina says – reply to this


    she is everything disgusting

  27. Steff says – reply to this


    Just for clarification - it is not Milwaukee's summerfest concert - Summerfest is a 10 day music festival along the lakeshore, and even further it is the WORLDS largest music festival. Not JUST a concert if I must add. And even better, it is in one of the drunkest cities (practically owned by Miller) so quite a good time. Maybe you should check it out sometime =]

  28. L says – reply to this


    I'm not suprised after all that screaming (you CAN'T call it singing) she did on Idol this past season. I had to mute the TV!

  29. r says – reply to this



  30. pumpk says – reply to this


    GHETTO! Playing at a crack den near U!

  31. Rowbe says – reply to this


    What does being "dopped" mean?

  32. milwa says – reply to this


    thats cool. we didn't want her in Milwaukee anyways!

  33. Donit says – reply to this


    Is this the moron who cannot read and write? Thank god she still has her looks….HA.

  34. eb says – reply to this


    Fantasia who? Looks like all of the winners, with the exception of Kelly Clarkson, have dissapeared from the face of the earth. Kelly is the only one because she was getting into the business way before she got into American Idol. The second runners have a better chance of having better success in the entertainment business. Looks like being first American Idol is the touch of death.

  35. Bob B says – reply to this


    If you were as fucking ugly as this woman is, why on earth would you sport a wild hairdo that just draws more attention to your scarecrow of a face?

  36. Earl says – reply to this


    Re: eb – Don't forget about Underwood. Better than Clarkson any day.

  37. 37

    she has an ugly face, shes fat, she illiterate, she cant sing, and she looks like a big black jungle ape with those big King Kong looking lips of hers. she sucks anyway, glad the monkey is gone. she will wind back up on welfare and back in "da hood" in no time. Ruben S. on the other hand I really liked, whatever happened to him? He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Hope he is doing ok.

  38. 38

    and her nose is big too, no wonder she looks like a gosh damned monkey/ape.

  39. tacie says – reply to this


    SHE IS NOT GOING TO GET DROPPED from her label. She NEEDS a new management team. Fantasia is an awesome talent and person. I know there are alot of politics that go along with that industry and maybe she was replaced because they were reports that she is about to get married. U definately don't know much when it comes to urban music. I love her and I have purchased her albums. Quit starting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. snoop says – reply to this


    Do you thnk they emailed her about it? Oh that's right she's functionally illiterate and can't read! hahahahaha

  41. MAJ says – reply to this


    Why must you go calling her a bitch and being so mean? You are so nasty. Fantasia is a little freaky, I'll give you that, but she has more talent than you'll ever have.

    Let's hope she'll find big success ahead. Same for all of these people you like tearing down so much.

  42. carri says – reply to this


    1st, most people know that contestants are not picked fairly on that show-not the most talented are picked, they look for ones that will pick up audiences, (Sanjaya) they are never sent thru to simon, etc.
    2nd-a singer, a forget who, said these 'singers' don't pay their dues, by working their way up the ladder. They haven't worked hard to get where they are. I am wondering if half of them have the fortitude to handle the ups and downs of the entertainment business. Or in Fantasia's case, showing up for performances. (It seems alot of idol contestants end up on broadway as background performances. )

  43. Ugh says – reply to this


    I guess mediocre talent and looking like Chris Tucker will only take one so far…..

  44. AzHat says – reply to this


    Her 15 minutes of fame are well over. Such a shame too, because she had so much promise, but she blew it, and has no one but herself to blame. Back to the GHETTOS for her. LOL

  45. wrong says – reply to this


    why didn't she show up for the shows? was she busy getting raped?

  46. Nobod says – reply to this


    It just goes to show you that being a star (especially on Broadway) is actually WORK! She probably thought that, once she won idol, here life would be a non-stop party with seldeom/occasional stints on stage & in the studio.

    Nope - sorry you illiterate slacker. Being a star is WORK!

  47. Echo says – reply to this


    Besides having no clue how she could win AI with that annoying voice of hers, she is ugly, she has no talent, and she has expectations that a recent AI winner shouldn't have. She thinks she is special, her personality stinks, and she could start by pulling her head out of her butt.
    She is one person I won't miss seeing. Ew.

  48. jane says – reply to this


    and they say it don,t easy! she might try working on her career you can,t live off the fringe benefits if there are none.

  49. Balon says – reply to this


    Idols aren't "cursed", it they put out GOOD music people buy it. Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and Elliott Yamin are doing just fine. Fantasia's music is boring and uninspired and her performances are just plain weird. She's also gotten quite the tude lately, must be from spending too much time with Kayne asshat West.

  50. HAM says – reply to this


    2004 Champ? More like 2004 Chump! Sux she got fired, how's she gonna pay that last payment for her "Hooked On Phonics"?

  51. bdubs says – reply to this


    THANK GOD! I couldnt really stand her in the beggining and when I saw her perfomance on AI this year it really made me dislike her. So many peoples have had bad childhoods or have been single parents. there not out there cryin about it or lookin for sympathy they do what any normal human does black or white they DEAL with it. Fantasia its time to wake up and smell the coffee you will be pourin at dennys you had your 15 mins of fame now its time to for a reality check!

  52. truth says – reply to this


    Blake got dropped because beatboxing isn't making a comeback any time soon and his songs weren't hummable or danceable, they were just boring and annoying. Furthermore Blake is an asshole who flipped off his fans and was arrogant as all hell so people got sick of dealing with him. Fantasia's performance at the AI finale had everyone scratching their heads and going WTF? I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy that crap. Kat and Taylor got dropped because they didn't fit into any kind of radio format. This year's crop will all fail too except for David Cook and Kristy Lee Cook. Both of them are marketable and nice looking.

  53. Sid says – reply to this


    I wouldn't so much call it the American Idol curse as I would call it the MORON curse. Fantasia is about as rough n'tumble as they come - she doesn't have the brains to manage a real career.

  54. Karma says – reply to this


    If you aren't grateful, humble and nice to your fans you are asking to be made a fool of and Karma will see to it that you are. Blake, Fantasia, and Constantine all bought into their own hype, got all arrogant and flipped off their fans. So what are they doing now? HAHA. Good things happen to NICE people.

  55. XFVOC says – reply to this


    Too much too soon while trying to raise a child. She can regroup and approach performing in a way that works with her life's responsibilities. She can mount her own tour like Tina did post-Ike, and build into a respected and substantial performer. People in smaller venues and towns that don't get many performers would pay to see her; she gives her all and is different, but soulful. :)

  56. max says – reply to this


    Well, she's ugly and she sings like shit. It's really no surprise.

  57. Sassy says – reply to this


    I hate her singing voice! Just don't care for her. It will be a great day to never have to hear that nasty voice again. She has made her money for her baby! Now go away!!!

  58. sasha says – reply to this


    19 E management sucks!! They do MOST of their artists WRONG. They suck badly and good riddance!! Tasia bowed out of the Milwaukee Summerfest. I'm glad they replaced her with a good artist. You need to get your facts straight, Perez, instead of posting rumors from other blogs. Tasia did NOT miss 50 performances of TCP. Also, her stint on Broadway gave her tumors on her throat that had to be surgically removed. Thank God they weren't cancerous. That is why she missed TCP shows.

  59. Red says – reply to this


    It's painful to watch her sing, but even worse when she speaks. She really needs an education. It's true that Broadway weeds out the chaff — it's easy to seem talented when there are retakes, reshoots, overdubbing, remixes etc., but performing night after night live, that's where the true stars shine. Remember — Julia Roberts got an Oscar (what a joke!) and her true lack of talent was revealed when she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag on Broadway!

  60. Sasha says – reply to this


    Also, Fantasia is one of the most HUMBLE talents fo hit the stage! She is very talented, and the will have a long, celebrated career. You haterz watch and see.

  61. Anon says – reply to this


    I think Fantasia has the POTENTIAL to be a great talent. She has an amazing vocal style. But she needs a lot of coaching and help. And she needs discipline. I think she is very ghetto and kind of crazy and she has no discipline. I don't care about her being ghetto. That is who she is! But she needs some one to try to help her with how she looks, how she "presents" herself in public. No one had more people pulling for her then Fantasia. Jamie Foxx, Aretha, Oprah, Elton John! They really really wanted to help her. I think she got too full of herself and she just crashed and burned. She is young enough that maybe something, like her KID, will jolt her into being more open to letting people help her be her best self…and be more considerate of other people. She is just too damned trashy. She embarrasses herself!

  62. dee says – reply to this


    Good………..she is one nasty looking "girl" Never liked her…………………………………….

  63. PEREZ says – reply to this


    Your a peice of shit!

  64. Sam says – reply to this


    I AM SO GLAD FANTASIA IS A GONER. Diana DeGarmo, in season 3, should have won over her trailer trash ass. There is nothing talented or classy about her. And when you look at the sales, she has not done a DAMN thing.

    Many people are saying that "none of the Idols" have had success. Let's just recap the few who have done AMAZING;

    Jordin Sparks - "No Air" has just hit #1 in terms of MOST SALES by ANY IDOL. Her new single is already in the Top 40. Not to mention Tattoo was a top 10 hit. And her CD has sold almost a millon.

    Carrie Underwood
    Kelly Clarkson
    Elliot Yamin
    Katharine McPhee - (in modeling, advertisments, and being a celeb in general. maybe not so much her music).
    Kellie Pickler

  65. BB says – reply to this


    Poor thing - she just doesn't have a clue. Those earrings, that hair, the outfit - nasty.

  66. 66

    Bet she'd do swell at the Wisconsin State Fair, where she could get on all fours/on knees and personal with a lot of cute critters.

  67. XFVOC says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Diana DeGarmo was white bread; she was very good, but didn't have as much of that something special and just didn't stand out like Fantasia did. The voters spoke. The good news is that there is a market for white bread performers. Carrie Underwood is the cream of white bread performers, and DeGarmo is not as good as Carrie. Fantasia is a household name, regardless, and can build her career into whatever she wants to in the future as she gets a grip on this business. Good or bad, people want to look at her when she performs. They might miss something.

  68. eva says – reply to this


    her voice is stone cold original; perfect pitch, beautiful energy. Her career didn't really do what I expected it to, but she's got a lot of baggage and she's not a cute girl. She does tend to fight on, though, and she's not a druggie. hard to find a niche for that one.

  69. good says – reply to this


    Good.. we didn't want her here in Milwaukee anyway!
    She probably got canned after Simon Cowell witnessed her god-awful performance on American Idol this season. He confirmed on a talk show what a mess he thought it was!
    The woman has a great voice but no other talent. She looks ridiculous, dances like a moron and can't perform at all.

  70. Mat says – reply to this


    Hope she learned to read - cause she's gonna need to find her ass a job soon.
    I say - she's gonna pump gas, or serve fries.

    and atlhotboi29 - you're an idiot.

  71. GHETT says – reply to this


    I have never seen an uglier woman in my entire life! Evolution apparently missed a few stages with her fugly mug.

  72. STICK says – reply to this


    This happened cause she' black. Why should she even have to be there at all of those shows? When Obama is president all this crap will end

  73. Bobo says – reply to this


    Just another lazy NIG!!!!!!!!!

  74. jk says – reply to this



  75. C says – reply to this


    great talent going to waste!wut happened?!?!

  76. 76

    Never could believe she won Idol anyway, so no surprise they kicked her curb side. she reminded me of a bad Macy Gray imitation.sorry, just my opinion.

  77. TheTr says – reply to this


    An illiterate black woman doesn't show up for work, and is fired by her employer. Stop the presses..

  78. Lila says – reply to this


    There is absolutely no need to refer to Ms. Barrino or any other female by anything other than her name. To comment or attack her image or music….your business, but how disrespectful of you to call her out of he rname. As for the missed appearances… check your sources carefully, Ms. Barrino was ALLOWED per her contract to not appear so her vocals coul rest. that's why she had an understudy.

  79. moe says – reply to this


    shes fugly, even when she got braces and shit, she still looks the same.

  80. jo says – reply to this


    Summerfest is the world's largest music festival. If Perez had any respect for anywhere else but the west coast he would BE at summerfest right now! give the midwest the respect it deserves!

  81. GOODB says – reply to this



  82. kathy says – reply to this


    she's so disgusting to look at!

  83. lol@h says – reply to this


    holy shit!!!!… is that a woman?? that looks a hell of a lot like a tranny (that bitchmale is fugly)

  84. UGH says – reply to this


    She is UGLY mang….

  85. jmc says – reply to this


    from day one i couldnt stand fantasia.
    she cant sing, she has the most annoying voice, you could park a school bus in her cave of a mouth.
    i really dont understand why anyone would listen to her music.

  86. Rich says – reply to this


    Um, Fantasia is performing a free concert tonight in Baltimore. Um, she will be awesome as always

  87. Marc says – reply to this


    Female Ronald McDonald!!

  88. Barac says – reply to this


    Dayum!!!!!!!! The ape needs to get her upper lip waxed!!!

  89. Rae R says – reply to this


    This ugly and I DO MEAN UGLY freak should never have won AI in the first place. I do not know what drugs the people were on that actually voted for this thing that calls herself a woman but they must be sorry now considering the thing's career is in the s**t house which is where this FREAK deserves to be all the time.

  90. T-ric says – reply to this


    She cant even fuckin sing! AND DAMN she is ghetto! Is she wants to make it in hollywood she better get some plastic surgery on those lips and honker and drop the lil kim theme. What a HAWT mess.

  91. Denny says – reply to this


    Fantasia is a wonderful artists!! Her albums are great and everyone should expect her to be back on top again. And to you MR. PEREZ, she missed a few shows on Broadway because she became really sick. This is something that I would think you'd know being the QUEEN of gossip.

  92. Denny says – reply to this


    Fantasia is a great artist and TO ALL OF THE HATERS… she will be back on top in no time. Her albums are some of the best I've heard recently. And to Perez, she missed several of her Broadway shows because she was really sick.

  93. My Ni says – reply to this


    Bitch has huge fucking lips…

  94. scull says – reply to this


    I totally thought that was Ms. Jay from ANTM….

  95. super says – reply to this



  96. Kewi says – reply to this


    Fantasia is Fantastic! I hope she does get dropped, if you know about the industry you know that this is probably the best thing that could happen to her!!

  97. MKE says – reply to this


    She was on a FREE STAGE!!! No one even would have wanted to pay to see her anyways!!!!!

  98. 98

    She is so ugly. She has the biggest lips and thighs and lips and lips and lips…

  99. cast says – reply to this


    good…i hate this bitch

  100. DiNo says – reply to this


    Re: XFVOC – Diana DeGarmo is a lost cause! The druggie! Fantasia does still have a chance!

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