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The Truth About L.C.

| Filed under: Lauren Conrad


A reporter for Glamour hung out with Lauren Conrad recently, cuz she was forced to.

She wants us to know the following about LC:

- As with all celebs, seemed way shorter/thinner in person. Also, tanner.
- Seemingly really sweet/almost a little shy. I wasn't getting stuck-up vibes. When I needed to find the ladies' room, she walked me there, despite 10 publicists who could have done so instead.
- Shockingly well-spoken considering the inane dialogue we generally see her involved in on The Hills.

If we were Lauren, we'd be pissed that MTV 'reality' was making us look like a clueless bitch.

What do you believe?

[Image via Starzlife.]

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263 comments to “The Truth About L.C.”

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  1. sdfsd says – reply to this



  2. fdgij says – reply to this



  3. Kira says – reply to this


    ah am i first?

  4. jo says – reply to this



  5. shann says – reply to this


    i love LC. i think she seems like a nice person and is always so pretty. and everyone should LEAVE LAUREN ALONE :)

  6. jj says – reply to this


    she's still a stupid whore

  7. v says – reply to this



  8. dio says – reply to this



  9. kira says – reply to this



  10. NcYbY says – reply to this



  11. rob says – reply to this



  12. * says – reply to this


    first bitches

  13. kelli says – reply to this



  14. ashle says – reply to this


    i think she's probably a very smart business woman. look at the brand she has made out of herself. homegirl is rich! of course MTV makes her out to be a certain way, as they do with all those people on their shows. no one would watch if we saw the REAL lauren, or audrina, etc. i do have a feeling the heidi they portray is pretty dead-on, though…. i'm not surprised that she's not as dumb as she seems on "the hills."

  15. jen says – reply to this



  16. Mooll says – reply to this


    hmm good to know that she is nice..but clearly that isn't the case on the hills

  17. oysti says – reply to this


    top 20?

  18. aea72 says – reply to this


    that sounds more like what you would expect her to be

  19. stace says – reply to this


    i think lauren conrad is a childish, immature, controling, bitch. she needs to back off her friends lives and get one of her own. she's boring to watch on the show.

  20. dff says – reply to this


    I think L.C. is a very sweet girl… for some reason i always liked her, all that media and The Hills show is just that - SHOW.

  21. maggi says – reply to this


    welllllll a magazine i work for recently did a cover shoot with her and everyone on set said that she was a total bitch!!!

    she couldn't figure out how to work her iphone, she wouldn't do the shoot without her puppy being present, she wouldn't talk to assistants, but instead she would point to the publicist, she wouldn't follow direction from the photographer and kept doing the same pose over and over…she wouldn't even let the hair stylist put her hair up…basically she was a total DIVA yet famous for nothing…

  22. DCW says – reply to this


    WE all have a nice side and not so nice side. But I like Lauren.

  23. katie says – reply to this



  24. Poet says – reply to this


    i believe that tv can make u look like a clueless bytch if edited correctly….to sell the show so corp can collect big bucks on advertising! team lc!

  25. colie says – reply to this


    she probably is a nice chick. the hills is all fake soo she just might be playing a somewhat bitch but in real life shes probably a sweetheart

  26. yo mo says – reply to this


    team lauren

  27. fd says – reply to this


    hate this bitch

  28. Abbie says – reply to this


    Yeah, but MTV is also paying her alot of money to be a clueless bitch!!!!

  29. briii says – reply to this


    personally i think she'd be nice cause mtv just tries to portray her as a bitch for ratings i mean who wants to watch a show about three girls who get along well they need to fabricate some dramaaa!

  30. g. says – reply to this


    I believe it. That's why most people generally get good vibes from her, that's why she is the star of the show. And it's why Perez needs to stop hanging out with and pandering to dweebs like Heidi and Spencer. You're becoming so entrenched, Perez, that you're no longer doing a service to year readers. Remember the people who made you who you are, it wasn't these faux famous brats!

  31. 31

    I love Lauren! she seems sweet. and this is just more proof.

  32. 32

    hard to believe either one

  33. 0livi says – reply to this


    She thinks she is?

  34. katie says – reply to this


    She was great when i met her, i asked her for a picture when i saw her out shopping, she was super nice and patient when my camera wouldnt turn on and i had to use my phone. Shes a smart girl and shes got a good thing going for herself, go girl!!!!

  35. Dani says – reply to this


    Lauren does seem like a nice person and she is definitely not a skank like most females on MTV. I've seen her dress respectably at all times, including the cover of Rolling Stone. She doesn't throw bullshit rumors out there and just ignores comments made by cunts like Heidi–a chick who wouldn't be famous if it weren't for Lauren.

  36. Aeryn says – reply to this


    i mean if you judged me based on when im at the club and talking about friend drama I'd look like a clueless bitch too

  37. AMO says – reply to this


    I believe Glamour, but I can see some truth to what we see on the Hills too. You know how you tend to dumb it down when you're hanging w/ your girlfriends just having fun. You can tell LC is an intelligent, nice person though.

  38. tosh says – reply to this


    thank u for posting something fair and balanced on her it's been a while…..love you

  39. Heidi says – reply to this


    I believe Glamour. She has always been nice on the show, she just got worked by shady Spencer. He is a douche. Anyway, I can imagine that if you are loyal to her that she would be the same. Most of what makes her look bad on TV is the club scenes and throwing that fake ass bitch Heidi in to mix it up. Besides that, she seems real and sincere most of the time. Team LC all the way!

  40. maria says – reply to this


    I believe it! I don't know why this is such a shocker… you NEED to get over your hate obsession with Lauren and move onto retarded & crazy people like Heidi (aka. the silicone bible thumper with NO singing or designing abilities) I would definitely be SHOCKED if the Glamour reporter said those things about Heidi!! TEAM LC

  41. tt says – reply to this


    BREAKING NEWS. AP just reported that Jolie has her twins in France 45 minutes ago. The twins are conjoined. The parents are happy that they are healthy and expect nothing but the best for them. They did mention that they plan to adopt more conjoined twims in the future to give a sense of normalacy in the household. Hollywood will follow and soon other will be traveling the globe to adopt conjoined twins. Conjoined baby products will be the pushed heavily in the trendy boutiques from Hollywood to Soho. The double turtle neck will be a must in the fall and De Hardy said he expects double digit sales for his hats. Brad said at the end of the press conference that he hopes the kids will see eye to eye on $ost issues. One of the attending physicians that just flew in after proposing to Cameron Diaz was celebrity gynecologist Dr Rand Pink. CELEBRITY VAGINA NEWS, We always get the story first because we make it up.

  42. lawre says – reply to this


    Why are you so obsessed with this girl?

  43. jenna says – reply to this


    Where is LC by the way?

  44. 44

    We all have more than 1 layer and I'm sure reality TV makes Lauren and all of them look more shallow and stuck up than they really are.

  45. nadin says – reply to this


    She is really pretty and a sweetheart in real life.

  46. LC says – reply to this



  47. alice says – reply to this


    I saw her in Florence Italy last week. She is beautiful in person but so tiny. Her mom is so fit and skinny too.

  48. flood says – reply to this


    hey, not a big surprise that she may actually be an actress…can fake being a non-entity, but unfortunately, no matter whatcha do, you can't fake smart…
    never, ever gonna watch the show, but good on her…
    in-person, she's an average, well-behaved american, who has to act stupid on tv, just like you-know-who…

  49. aimee says – reply to this


    this is all very true. i met her at huntington beach once, and she is shorter/thinner/tanner than she appears and she was a very nice girl

  50. zena says – reply to this


    maggi, are you serious with that comment, If you are gonna be so negative, then don't do it the whole post. Your post is hilarious actually. I think LC might be a bitch but she is business savvy and that's what I like about her. She is just playing her role for ratings.

  51. LaLo says – reply to this


    I think Lauren is probably very intelligent and of course MTV makes her look that way. I'm sure that all the girls on the show are very smart and obviously very successful. Remember the "feud" between Kristin and LC?? Both of them stated it was all made by MTV

  52. tAYLo says – reply to this


    i seriously HATE the hills. How the hell is she a celebrity? I just don't get it. Ppl who watch the hills need to get a fing life b/c that show is so fucked up!

  53. janet says – reply to this


    Honestly, I think she is a nice person but if you have cunts like Heidi and Spencer bashing you in every interview then yeah you have no choice but to be ugly. This girl has been used so much by her friends so they can be famous it's not even funny. I will be a total bitch to people I meet because you don't know if they want to be your friend or just want to be famous by pretending to be you friend. I don't blame her for being a bitch.

  54. yeah says – reply to this


    she probably has a lot of common sense. why else would she be so rich and famous from being nothing a few years ago

  55. belin says – reply to this


    Yeah, it's true, My friend met her in Newport beach last year and she said she was very nice, she took a picture with her.

  56. hello says – reply to this


    I applaud this girl for taking the high road and not stooping low like Speidi. I would have filed a defamation suit if I was her, they have defamed her so much in the past few months it's not even funny. And you Perez should be ashamed of yourself for egging Speidi on.

  57. 57

    I think no one should judge LC. None of us know her. I feel bad that everyone talks bad about her. So what if she gets grumpy sometimes. Who doesn't. I luv you LC

  58. kriss says – reply to this


    I love lauren! i do not think she deserves any of the crap she is given! i so agree that everyone should leave her alone

  59. ben says – reply to this


    I love LC, she rocks.

  60. eddie says – reply to this


    Lauren is in Italy Right now.

  61. IluvN says – reply to this


    Not too surree
    But i would be mad also :)

  62. body says – reply to this


    I seriously think you like her Perez, why do you post so much shit about her. I think you like all the girls you bash or else you wont waste your time posting about them. Lindsay, Jessica, Lily, LC, Avril, etc.

  63. hommi says – reply to this


    Ugh Perez, leave the girl alone.

  64. reyen says – reply to this


    TEAM LAUREN ALL THE WAY….. I think you should appreciate the smart, savvy and obviously highly succesful young woman that she is Perez and perhaps liken yourself to her. Your success from publicly bitching about celebrities does not demonstrate talent (in fact I often question your writing ability) but hey, your success is undeniable!! Good for both of you!!

  65. Brook says – reply to this


    Team Lauren!!! She has been the most real throughout all of Laguna and the Hills.

  66. amand says – reply to this


    You should be applauding her for being smart and business savvy. She is only 22 and already has a house, clothing line, makeup line, and a hit TV show. They might be crappy but she is laughing all the way to the bank.

  67. gina says – reply to this


    She annoys me so much because she acts as if she thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. PUH-LEASE!

  68. jmm* says – reply to this


    i bet she's decently intelligent; she has managed to create multiple (well paying) careers out of…well…nothing. also, mtv is KNOWN for latching onto a certain trait or aspect of a person and just showing that. i think all of the people on that show are portrayed that way.

  69. SKB says – reply to this


    I don't watch "The Hills," but she seems a little bit mischaracterized. The media is always blasting the hell out of her.

  70. lana says – reply to this


    LC hates black people. where are all the blacks on "the Hills?"

  71. Marle says – reply to this


    I love LC. Perez leave her alone. She has done nothing but being a very classy lady unlike your stupid besties Speidi. You guys seriously need to get a life and stop talking shit about her. Team LC all the way bitchess

  72. amile says – reply to this


    She is not as dumb as she is portrayed to be. She gets the last laugh every time.

  73. LaLov says – reply to this


    I think Lauren is very smart, she has done very well for herself! Comming all the way from being just one of the group on LB all the way to having her own Reality Show. I am very glad to know that she is truley sweet and smart. MTV portrays her to be a young 20 something who has a lot of fun with lots of drama on the side, but if they didn't do that, would we watch?

    And as for the whole Lauren/Heidi feud. I am totally on Lauren's side. I went back and watched the episodes from when they started fueding and Heidi was so selfcentred. Lauren was there for her all the times that Spencer screwed her over and she choose him over her bestfriend. I would be pissed off too. I don't know about the whole sex tape thing, but what she did there would have been enough for me not to want to be friends with her.
    Anyways… that is long over now. The show isn't even about that anymore.

  74. Jon says – reply to this


    LOVE LAUREN CONRAD!!! She is so HOT, not surprised she is such a nice down to earth person….. Viva Hills starts August 18th

  75. SJP says – reply to this


    I like get so frustrated like when she tries acting like me! I am like really mad!- SJP

  76. kate says – reply to this


    I met L.C. once. She was actually a sweetheart and very polite. Not rude at all. Its too bad they make her look like she is unintelligent.

  77. kf says – reply to this


    i like lauren and think what she does is cool she didnt go just by her families money she is going to school and trying to have a career, but heidi i htink everyone should stop talking about her she has done nothing to be come a "celeb" and should just stop with her "music" her and spencer are ridiculous and shouldnt even be talked about

  78. Richa says – reply to this


    LC is a beautiful, smart, and funny business women. Anyone that knocks someone like that has some serious self esteem/confidence issues of their own…

    PS Heidi and Spencer are the biggest dorks in the Western Hemisphere- who the hell stages media photos!!!

  79. kf says – reply to this


    i love lauren and think she is really chill and doesnt get enough credit for school and her jobs but i think heidi and spencer should not be on any magazine any website and their names shouldnt even be said they are the most ridiculous people ive ever seen on a "reality" show and spencer hasnt done anything to be "famous" besides go out with every hill star and get on tv tht way

  80. wow says – reply to this


    honestly shes such a bitch and so fake.. like people thinks shes so nice but shes 2 faced people can't you see it
    she only cares about herself and LO

  81. Alexi says – reply to this


    Bullshit. Was LC's publicist holding a gun to this person's head while she typed that? LOL!

  82. Mayja says – reply to this


    whats beef got to do with LC? am a bit behind :&

  83. p says – reply to this


    this Glamour editor lady sounds like a real hot cunt. i mean, who writes something like this, let alone gets that job postition, without being one of these stunningly goodlooking women? What a little ho bag though, saying "When I needed to find the ladies' room, she walked me there, despite 10 publicists who could have done so instead."

  84. val71 says – reply to this


    Ummm I think L.C. is a fucking DILDO.!!

  85. Teagz says – reply to this


    i love lauren. i think she is absolutely gorgeous!
    i dont know why people r making her to b a huge bitch!
    she seems so lovely!

  86. poo says – reply to this


    Re: maggi – Shut up, Spencer!

  87. duh says – reply to this


    the hills is


    i think she is way smarter than they portray her on the show

    it's LA…dumb sells.

  88. layla says – reply to this


    I can just picture LC sitting at her computer straining her brain trying to think of how many ways she can write how wonderful she is- you know she's been the one writing all these positive comments.

  89. sara says – reply to this


    Re: amile – what the hell are you smoking?

  90. maddd says – reply to this


    I dont think shes mad at a company that has made her soooooo much money. are you kidding? tell mtv to follow me around and throw money at me, i dont care if they make me look, deaf, dumb and blind, just pay me!

  91. milf says – reply to this


    I think her interpretation is probably accurate. Not to say, however, that she is innocent when it comes to the rifts with her friends.

  92. Steph says – reply to this


    Love Lauren! So glad to hear she's still grounded and not a diva…like some other people on the show who swear they are the shit now, yet no one in the world seems to like or care about..Good for Lauren though on showing her true colors…I believe the article

  93. Laure says – reply to this


    I totally believe she's smarter/kinder than she's portrayed. We know the show is scripted and we know she's laughing her way to the bank. Pretty elementary to me.

  94. ATTY says – reply to this


    Re: lana – You have a point- they need a black speidi on the next season.

  95. Laura says – reply to this


    I don't think she comess off bad on the show. I think she is really well composed, especially when shit goes down & she should be pissed. However, I guess if they are recreating stuff she has time to decide what she wants to say. Also, she comes across as shy in interviews. Just because she is rich & famous doesn't mean she is outgoing. At the end of the day I think she is a nice person. I can't believe her parents house is on the market for like 15 million. I knew her folks have money but I didn't know that much. They are super down to Earth. Her mom isn't decked out in designer stuff when she has made cameos on The Hills & LB. LC's job it to look good & stylish so she obviously has to be wearing the latest & the greatest but if she couldn't afford that herself her parents don't seem the type that would buy her anything she wants. They also probably wouldn't tolerate her being a stuck up bitch.

  96. Jealo says – reply to this


    I actually like her…I mean, she comes from that whole spoiled lifestyle, which I despise, but at least she's making something of herself…it's acutally all the other girls on the Hills that I don't like…LO is stuck in high school, and Audrina only cares about herself and getting hers…like with JB…he was so gross, but she stayed with him for the attention, I think!

    Ugh..I can't believe I watch that show to know so much!!!!!!

  97. Dr. C says – reply to this


    Duh, hi my name is LC, I'm a complete moron and a dumb bitch, and I say oh my god a lot, and I like going on shopping sprees to buy more fugly clothes. I'm such a total worthless idiot but I act like I'm the most important stuck-up slut in the USA (which I can not locate on a map). My other ulgy friend Orangina likes to look at the ceiling all the time. We both like to go to the library to study all the time….ha ha just kidding, we're both mentally deficient twat-stains.

  98. Stevi says – reply to this




  99. Anna says – reply to this


    I tried watching this show last year because i wanted to know who these people were that everyone (media) seemed to be talking about- and why there was such an obsession b/n 2 girls named heidi and lauren. I am a tv junkie- esp. reality, and i couldn't make it through two episodes, it was horrible!!! it makes me sad that people actually care about ANYTHING to do with that show.

  100. Monic says – reply to this


    I believe that she is actually a nice, genuine person.

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