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A-Rod Is Cuckolded!

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It sucks to be Alex Rodriguez this week!

The New York Yankees star player first had to endure a firestorm of false media accusations that he has been having an inappropriate relationship with Madonna.

Not true says Madonna's rep and our sources confirm.

In fact, it is A-Rod who is the one that is being cheated on!

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, has left him.

And, what more, she already has another man!

"Cynthia has been seeing Lenny Kravitz," an insider reveals exclusively to us.

Damn! Lenny Kravitz!

In fact, a source tells us that Cynthia has left her kids in Miami to go on a romantic getaway with Lenny in Paris, where the two are currently holed up.

"Alex is in New York with the Yankees and Cynthia has left their kids to go be with Lenny - not cool," says a family friend.

A-Rod, who shares a manager in Guy Oseary with Madonna, was probably turning to the Material Mom for advice on his crumbling marriage.

And now this has all blown up in his face.

Poor Alex!

[Images via WENN.]

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199 comments to “A-Rod Is Cuckolded!”

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  1. jayce says – reply to this


    perez u know nothing about sports, ARod is an Ahole. he opted out in the middle of the world series and now hes not gonna participate in the home run derby at yankee friggin stadium! Arod deserves what he gets, perez stick to tired hollywood and keep far far away from sports queero.

  2. Inter says – reply to this


    Cynthia needs to be thanking her lucky stars Alex ever looked her way…she ain't exactly a looker

  3. 103

    This behavior is the exact opposite of staying celibate until you're married. A-Rod's wife is most definitely a POA, but there are millions of hot women that aren't married with children. Lenny obviously doesn't believe the his own hippie bullshit.

  4. mk says – reply to this


    well, good for her!!! It's about time she makes a fool out of him instead of the other way around.

  5. B says – reply to this


    what's wrong with these people? sounds like they are all cheaters! Plus she is not hot enough for Lenny (he is soooo yummy)

  6. Krock says – reply to this


    You fucking dumb ass…….your source sucks balls. My source, in the Yankee's organization, said all of this to me a long long long long time ago…..A Rod and his wife are not into each other anymore, she's just in it for the $$$$$$$$. A Rod has been fucking Madge for a while now….I have written this many times before but you think you know all…….I don't know if either couple is getting divorced but A Rod and Madonna ARE fucking. A Rod fucks many many many many many women….and his wife lives here in Miami, not in NYC. She calls before she goes there and clean up guys have to go and clean up A Rods house. Dude, get with it, how do you not know this…..it's fucking common knowledge. I thought you were the (wo)man, but you don't even know what's real and what's not. Now you're gonna tell me Tom Cruise is not gay, right?

  7. Hot! says – reply to this


    I have loved Lenny Kravitz for a long time and it's the one singer my husband really hates. Oh well, I guess the ladies just get Lenny. And Alex can fuck anyone he wants. No one cares, trust me.

  8. Roadg says – reply to this


    Lenny isn't even in Paris you bunch of morons! Now take the story down as your butt is going to be in hot water!

  9. Jeter says – reply to this


    Re: 26X – I have to agree the resox win a couple of series in this century and all of a sudden they think they are the best. Uh rewind THE YANKEES are the best! Not even in this lifetime will the Redsox fans ever see them reach 26! By the way as a huge Yankee fan A-Rod is an A-hole he desrves it if he was cheating. His wife is beautiful and I would take JETER instead any day over A-ROD at least he is not stuck on himself and he is very down to earth. A genuine nice guy.

  10. Barba says – reply to this


    hey i give both of these guys credit they go in circles where there bunghole is loaded arounf the finer things in life lenny is hot she is lucky not to bad alex either maybe madonna is teaching him tricks in the bed room to get his wife back on how to please your woman but hey Alex did the dirty with a canadian sleezy pole dancer a year ago revenge is sweet but his wife has much better class when she goes buck wild you go girl go get your thing all tuned up with lenny and his music.

  11. wtf says – reply to this


    Re: Krock

    Are you for real dude???? is Alex really fucking Madonna!? it seems like more people knew about this even before the press got their hands on it!

  12. lo says – reply to this


    his wife isnt THAT smart. i doubt cheating on the 30 million dollar year man will sound great to the judges and lawyers of divorce court.

    isn't there a understanding that marrying a pro sport athlete = getting treated like shit when a diferent puss comes around the corner.

    i think she stays with him for the $.

    hideki matsui got it right.. just show the media a nice little sketch of your wife and don't give out her name.. no one will know who it is!

  13. Canda says – reply to this


    Hasn't he been cheating on his wife? That's karma for you.

  14. WANKE says – reply to this


    A-WAD is a sex addict, pure and simple. Get some help, dude-before you go destroying any more lives.

  15. syste says – reply to this


    perez u stupid she just had a baby in april …check ur facts before u scream

  16. a cou says – reply to this


    He's a chronic cheater. Arod hooked up with Gabby Reece when he was in Seattle. Her husband took her back though and Arod went back to his then fiancee.

    His wife's not that innocent, either. remember the "f*ck you" tee shirt she wore to a game last year? Bet she's not about to jeopardize the money train, though.

  17. yg says – reply to this


    don't feel sorry for alex rodriguez….he has cheated on his wife a million times!! payback is a bitch….bitch!!!

  18. Whate says – reply to this


    All four of these players are bottomfeeders who in the end are nothing more then cum stains on the fabric of humanity. Asshole Rod and the jew are manwhores and don't even get me started on the two cunts who suck cock for money and power.

  19. Sarah says – reply to this


    Good thing I'm a Red Sox fan. :P

  20. J says – reply to this


    Her eyes are way too far apart. and wonky looking and she has a mouth like a fish She is SO FUG. All she has is big tits, probably fake. Lenny just got tired of being celibate. I doubt if he'll marry her considering she left her husband and babies to romp with him. I thought he said he had found God. What does the Bible say about adultery?

  21. eww says – reply to this


    I hope she doesn't give Lenny herpes and genital warts. You know she probably has caught STDs from her nasty husband. What is Lenny thinking?

  22. 122

    huh??? This bitch gave birth a few months ago…she left her kids (including her newborn)?..lenny kravitz??? I smell bullshit

  23. nICHO says – reply to this


    A-Rod is sooo HOT! He can come be my Papi! I'll take care of him!!!!

  24. b@b33 says – reply to this


    hi =}

  25. Susan says – reply to this


    Go Cynthia, get yo freak on, and with Lenny Kravitz at that??? I'm not worthy. A-Rod better man up and find someone better than that dried up bitch Madonna to make you jealous.

    Call me Aretha girl, cuz I have much


    for you!

  26. Creep says – reply to this


    Convince me that having a cheating athlete for a husband is somehow better than marrying someone normal and unaffiliated with the sports world.

    No amount of money is worth the misery these wives go through.

  27. Ziny says – reply to this


    Poor guy??? WTF??? Hey at least she's cheating on him with some HOT AND SUCCESFULL not like that eewww stripper he cheated with last year…. CYNTHIA YOU ARE THE SHIT! (ok, maybe I wouldn;t have cheated on him,like sinking to hislevel.. but honey.. good choice.. Lenny Kravitz.. DAMN!!!)

  28. Carla says – reply to this


    Listen and learn kiddies: This is the difference between men and women. When a man cheats, he fucks anything that acts like they're interested, but when a woman cheats–they make it worth it! :) )

  29. anon says – reply to this


    I don't know if this is true. If it is then props to Perez for actual having original gossip. I have always heard that A-Rod and his wife were swingers. Since she pretty much didn't have a reaction to his cheating, I think it's possible that they at least have an open marriage.

  30. David says – reply to this


    Wow! That is some fantastic shiz fo shizzle!
    Can't wait to read the Post, y'all! What goes around, but she left him with the kids for a rock star….Dayyyum!

  31. Miami says – reply to this


    poor Alex? he's a womanizing son of a bitch that's been cheating on cynthia since like 1982- go cynthia… A-hole deserves this!!!

  32. ????? says – reply to this


    What do Jeter & a mannequin have in common?? They both have A-Rod in the ass.

  33. SLatt says – reply to this


    Do your homework. GUY OSEARY reps AROD, Madonna, AND Lenny… i'm sure it's all business…. wink.

  34. jill says – reply to this


    poor alex? he cheated on her first! i cant stand this guy.

  35. David says – reply to this


    Let's go Mets, y'all~ YANKEES AND MADONNA ALL SUCK!

  36. bosox says – reply to this


    Whatever. Fuck the yankees!

  37. Donut says – reply to this


    Poor Alex???? Boo fucking hoo. I'm glad his wife is fucking someone else. He has whored around all over town. Turn about is fair play. I also hope she takes him to the cleaners. Asshole.

  38. plast says – reply to this


    that s weird, not kidding. i saw lenny kravitz on the freeway in miami yesterday morning. his black escalade or w ever was next to my car and he hd no one w him

  39. ollie says – reply to this


    poor alex?? ITS CALLED KARMA..

    he cheated on his wife first a few months ago.. i guess what comes around goes around…

    as for the kids.. i'm sure she takes great care of them 24-7.. if she wants to go off with her new sancho.. who gives a shit.. let the bitch have some good sex with a rocker.. after her player husband gets what he deserves..

  40. 140

    who cares..i just read jose conseco's new book…Ass Rod was hitting on his wife back in the day and jose reveals how much of a "ladies" man A Rod is. He's a cheater! Paybacks a B*tch

  41. 141

    I call bullshit Perez. She just had a baby on April 28, 2008. Two months later she is hooking up with Lenny Kravitz. What did they meet in the delivery room? I don't believe it. If it is true, that chick is strange leaving her two month old to go on vaca with Lenny.

  42. passe says – reply to this


    Don't worry, he'll get his wife knocked up again and that'll fix everything

  43. cry m says – reply to this


    I use to have the biggest crush on Alex the first few years of his career it's sad to see what a disrespectful dishonorable man he turned out to be.  He's getting what he deserves.

  44. Aglai says – reply to this


    Poor Alex my bum. He has been cheating on Cynthia for so long with so many different women it is ridiculous. It is about time that a woman as educated as Cynthia realized she can do better.

  45. jealo says – reply to this


    If this is true I am SO over Lenny. She's a butterface. :)

  46. sTAR says – reply to this


    DAAAAMMMMNNNNN !???!!!!! Lenny Kravitz?!??!? I'd leave my husband too….friggen A-rod WHO?????? YA RIGHT A-Rod was going to Madonna for advice…my AAASSSS. Why and the hell would he care about anyones advice except a Lawyer. The only reason he would be going to Madonna's is to fuck her …period. Wake up everyone….. DAMN LENNY !!!!! HOT HOT HOTTTTTT. Play me like ya play that guitar, that's what I'm talkin bout !!!

  47. nonam says – reply to this


    Yeah, leaving ARod for Kravitz is the smart thing to do, a rockstar would never cheat on a woman, right?

  48. anon says – reply to this


    I'm from Arlington, TX and know at LEAST two blondes that he had affairs with while playing for the Rangers…so, I have absolutely no sympathy for him. NONE

  49. Jen says – reply to this


    Didn't A-Rod cheat last year on his wife in a Toronto hotel?? It was all over the local papers…karma!

  50. MyRod says – reply to this


    No lookie here mo fo bro's. A Rod LUVS that strange POON. An Madonna Loves A Rod's Rod! Move over Guy and let a Switch Hitter knock one outta the box.

  51. Tori says – reply to this


    How much do you think a wife has to take before she says FU and dish's out some of your own medicine?
    I couldn't stand that lil pretty boy asshole when he played here in Seattle and was glad when he left and wasn't surprised at all when he got all close to the other pretty boy freak (Jeter) and ended up in the yankees

    Go find that blonde you were with last summer and cry on her shoulder, asshole

  52. shy says – reply to this


    Didn't the 2 (A Rod and his wife) meet in a swingers bar anyway? I thought it was common knowledge that they have an open relationship.

  53. Chery says – reply to this


    You MUST have been joking when you said "poor Alex" right Perez? Alex has been cheating on Cynthia since before they were married when he was in Seattle as a Mariner! I have a girlfriend who went out with Alex several times in Seattle, before she figured out he is a jerk! She had no idea he had a girlfriend until after they went out and she heard about it through the press. Poor Alex nothing! Good for Cynthia!

  54. Jenny says – reply to this


    Cynthia is dumb. No doubt about that.
    Obviously I do not know A-Rod as a person, but he's gorgeous and a damn good ball player. So its her loss. Hopefully he's taking care of his 2 daughters.
    Continue hitting those homers and makin your money A-Rod.

    Go Yanks!!!

  55. 155

    Date a whore, marry a whore. And what do you know,…she's still a whore.
    And obviously a slave to the dick—celebrity dick. Dick with money and privileges. Yep. Definitely a whore.
    Oh yeah, and did I say she was a whore…???
    She looks like Judge Judy, how old is this slave-to-the-dick whore, anyway?

  56. shard says – reply to this


    A-Rod's wife is the stupid one…

    ANY woman who actually marries a pro-athlete is only fooling
    herself if she thinks her husband is not going to cheat

    in if fact, the rumors of her and lenny kravtiz are in true..

    then she has really AWFUL taste in sex partners

    she went from prime grade A domincan beef…

    to a half breed jew with really bad body order

    i think the rumors about A-Rod and Madonna are false

    but i do think A-Rods wife needs to wake up

    A-Rod can (and will) do far better than his current spouse

  57. Bubba says – reply to this


    White slut likes that black meat. Stretched out snatch witch.

  58. shoed says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but I have seen Cynthia in person and I highly doubt that Lenny would be tappin her.. She is not attractive at all.. Come on! Lenny is used to hot models.. What does SINTHIA have to offer him? A-Rod has a darkside that many people here in Dallas are aware of… I would distance myself from him

  59. goaty says – reply to this


    so easy to pull the wool over your sad little eyes perezita

  60. Marie says – reply to this


    Mama's here Alex. I'll make it better.

  61. Cara says – reply to this


    There is no way Lenny Kravitz is with this ugly woman. She looks older than the 34 she claims to be, Lenny likes 'em young and hot.

  62. Jenn says – reply to this


    Doesn't seem to be affecting his swing, does it? He hit a 3 run homer tonight. I guess he's finally learned to channel the tension into the bat. And who gives a shit if he's screwing Madonna? The only person I'd be interested in hearing about him screwing would be Jeter. Now there's a lovely visual.

  63. lauri says – reply to this


    i love lenny kravitz.!!

  64. 164

    i love

  65. Nicky says – reply to this


    Didn't his wife just have a baby last week??? Shouldn't she be with her new baby and not galllovanting the globe with Lenny Kravitz. Can't be much of a hot romantic holiday if she just popped a kid out!!!! I'm surprised that LK would be interested in someone like her. There is only one hot A-Rod and that is Andy Roddick!!!!!

  66. Camro says – reply to this


    Yankees Suck! Go Dodgers!

  67. marie says – reply to this


    I don't feel bad for him at all. What goes around comes around, that is what he gets for hooking up with Jose Conseco's wife. Now maybe he knows how Jose felt. I think it's funny.

  68. can says – reply to this


    Re: Sprin – if he cheated on her before, he deserves it. Sweet revenge,

  69. Boris says – reply to this


    All I know is that Lenny is sticking his BIG BLACK ROD, where the a rod used to go -

  70. Boris says – reply to this


    All I know is that Lenny is sticking his BIG BLACK ROD, where the little 'a rod' used to go -

  71. Erica says – reply to this


    I think the two people who are getting the raw deal out of this has to be the two little girls caught in the middle..its obvious cyn got knocked up with ella just to keep a tighter grip on him…alex is very money hungry so I know he has an ironclad pre-nup since he got married AFTER the big 252 contract. She will clean up on child-support though…I love alex and personally i think this is the best thing for his personal life…sans the madge dry humping lol

  72. Lulu says – reply to this


    LOL! RIGHT! Like anyone in their right minds would go to Madonna for marriage advice !! HAHAHAHAH! He went there to screw an old whore, a sure bet, trying to get back at his wife. But the jokes on him cause Lenny Kravitz is talented and attractive, unlike wrinkled mummy armed Madonna. It's sooooo obvious Mario that you are slammed up Madonna's ass just because she mentioned you in a little video. Idiot- that's what Madonna does- uses people for any kind of publicity she can hang on to with her mummy arms. PR is her only forte. She's talentless, can't sing, can't dance- she just has great PR. She laugh's her ass off at you when you're not looking. Probably calls you a fat, gay idiot.

  73. littl says – reply to this


    Madonna has a thang for ballplayers. Remember Jose Canseco? I had a thang for them too…when I was single (but they weren't). So, despite Liz Rosenberg's protests, I'm skeptical. Ballplayers? Continually horny.

  74. Rios says – reply to this


    Shard, you dumbass motherfucker and what are Dominicans but half-breeds! You don't know shit, I'm Dominican and the majority of us are half-breed so A-Rod's wife goes from one half-breed dick to another one. Big leap! She loves the half-breed dick period.

  75. Maybe says – reply to this


    A Rod's wife said that her husband was in the delivery room when their second daughter was born and that big strong A rod fainted. Perhaps he no longer saw his wife as sexy and desirable after that. Maybe men shouldn't be allowed to see the hole when the baby is pushing out of it.

  76. What? says – reply to this


    Sorry, but what kind of momma leaves their 2-month-old? These ppl. are C-R-A-Z-Y! If this is what having $$$$ does to one's psyche… Boy. am I glad I don't have any!

    She's no better than him… they are both pond scum!

  77. 177

    She probably got tired of his performance enhanced drugged dick not getting herd enough. Lenny is HOT.

  78. m says – reply to this


    i love a-rod! he's f-in' hot!!!!

  79. Bella says – reply to this


    Yankees Sux!!! A-Hole deserves what he gets. He is was always cheating on her!

  80. gator says – reply to this


    Ummm..It really sucks to be Perez this and every week…Your still Fat,Ugly,Gay,Broke Dick…You would Suck a million cocks for just one day of pay that A Rod makes…Loser!!

  81. Jen-n says – reply to this


    about time she did something. A-rod has been sticking his Rod in women 4 years. Nuff is nuff - the girl is getting revenge . . .Lenny is HOT & why not do him if given the opportunity? Much better match than A-Rod kicking it with Madonna.

  82. Snick says – reply to this


    Can you blame her?? Lenny is hot, talented and a Grammy winner. Meanwhile, A Rod, supposedly the best baseball player out there, has yet to win a pennant or World Series. LOSER! Just hope someone is watching those babies!

  83. Roadg says – reply to this


    Lenny hasn't been in Paris for almost a month! The press has been duped by these peeps as they all have the same agent. Nice publicity stunt and Perez Hilton now looks like a fool! Yeah, I know, nothing new!

  84. Stace says – reply to this


    It sucks to be A-Rod this week? He is making $275 million and is notorious for cheating on his wife. He arrived after his 2nd daughter was born and barely stayed long enough to hold her before running to Madonna's apartment. I met him several years ago at Yankee Stadium and he was a jerk then and a jerk now. Good for C-Rod for getting out.

  85. TRUE! says – reply to this


    Re: COCK – white men do NOT smell, and I have been with both and i have to say white men are way better in bed!! Black men think cause they have this elephant cock that its all good, white men have all different sizes and they WANT to please the girl not just themselves!!

  86. John says – reply to this


    what does lenny kravitz have about 10 million dollars and that one song he did a while ago? he dont have shit on arod

  87. Jaye says – reply to this


    These people obviously have no shame.

  88. Srta. says – reply to this


    Poor a-rod my a**! He is dirty, and a cheater, and shameless about it…if this really is true, I'm jealous of Cynthia ’cause Lenny is a fine mutha f'r! XO

  89. RedSo says – reply to this


    ha ha, A-Rod sucks! Cheats on his wife, cheats in baseball… F'ing loser deserves everything he gets. I hope his wife gets all his $$$$$$$$$$$$!

  90. momma says – reply to this


    fuck everyone.

    poor kids.

  91. maris says – reply to this


    they're holed up in paris? what happened to lenny's vow to be celibate? lol

  92. Black says – reply to this


    Perez racist? On this page alone 5 mean things about Blacks!

  93. Neles says – reply to this


    I think it isn't fair that she left her kids to go be with that ugly son of a b**** Kravitz. Yeah, A-rod did cheat on her, allegedly, but at least he tried to fix things. She just up and left him!!! We all make mistakes and i believe we all want a second chance, and i believe A-rod deserves one. She would b nuthin without him!!! DONT WORRY A-ROD, I STILL LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Anita says – reply to this


    you would have to be dead or blind not to be with Kravitz - he is wicked hot!

  95. sam says – reply to this


    screw him,he cheated first,shame shame shame.. its his fault,fuck the ugly motherfucker… she deserves better,and Lenny Kravitz is way freaken hotter then that Gay looking asshole… and Perez luv ya,but its his fault not hers!! hes the cheating bastard! what a freaken ass hole he is !! what goes around comes around you male bitch!! the only balls hes gonna be playing his own!

  96. Neles says – reply to this


    Re: Anita
    r u insane!!!!!???????????? A-rod is a million times better lookin than Kravitz

  97. MiSz says – reply to this


    Cynthia is discusting! I don't even know how A Rod fell for her to begin with!

    Ethier way, I don't think anyone remembers last year when she wore a shirt that said "f*ck you" to Yankees Stadium! She's a low class dirty white bitch!

    P.S happy early bday to ME & A Rod on July 27th! :D

  98. dexs says – reply to this


    He got as good as he gives, didn't he??? Hahahahah… yankees suck.

  99. M says – reply to this


    Madonna and Alex are in the wrong here. They are destroying two families in the process. They will both get theirs in time.Lenny Kravitz was in Germany when A-Rod's wife was using his apartment.

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