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| Filed under: DrugsLegal MattersTatum O'Neal


Crackhead Tatum O'Neal has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for her arrest last month for cocaine possession.

O'Neal has been ordered by a Manhattan Criminal Court Judge to spend two half-day sessions in a drug treatment program.

What, just two days??

She'll also have to pay a $95 surcharge.

Sounds to us like she got off easy!

And if she finishes the two day sessions and pays the fee, her case will be dismissed when she returns to court on September 4th!

Money must buy some great lawyers.

[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “Guilty!”

  1. fgdfg says – reply to this


    crack whore

  2. eirhe says – reply to this


    i was first! woooh bitches!

  3. Kelse says – reply to this


    1, 2, and 3rd skank whores

  4. Nilou says – reply to this



  5. 5

    not first

  6. dada says – reply to this


    yaya one of the first !:D

  7. Gener says – reply to this


    it is not funny though

  8. yourm says – reply to this


    sniff sniff


  9. 9

    Sounds like her uvula got stiffed alot.

  10. jaime says – reply to this


    lucky bitch

  11. Jenne says – reply to this


    omg ur 1st congrats!! go get a life - fuckin losers

  12. actri says – reply to this


    Some people really abuse freedom of speech. She had a set back. One must remember she is someone's mother so be classy and respectful.

  13. HAM says – reply to this


    Her Oscar probally weaps everytime she takes a hit…..

  14. 14

    jeeez, only two half days in a rehab program… that's getting off ridiculously easy, and probably won't be too much help to her

  15. 15

    $95 to hear is like $3 to the common man. Being a celebutard pays…

  16. 16

    P. Money buys all sorts of great things!!!!

  17. Alber says – reply to this


    its unbelieveable how hateful you can be.

  18. 18

    What bullshit. Commit her to a long-term program!

    xoxo Isa

  19. m says – reply to this


    Tatum says, "I'm a good mom, I just made a mistake." Yeah right, she woke up that day and said, hey, I want to try crack today for the first time!! She is stupid.

  20. DB says – reply to this


    Crack is THE WORST THING EVER. I really hope she gets it together…

  21. 21

    thats unfair..i was caught with just a pipe (the cop didnt find my marijuana) and i got 20 hours of classes and 3 random UAs… and i can only take 2hrs a week, so really its 10wks of classes AND 2 of the weeks have been canceled due to memorial day and fourth of july…so in reality i got 3 months of having to stay clean…and weed isnt ruining my life. we had a class that was titled 'addiction & loss' and all the teacher was like 'who here has lost their job due to their addiction' and i was the only one who DIDNT raise my hand, 'who here has lost their friends due to their addiction' and i was the only one who DIDNT raise their hand, and 'who here has lost their car/house due to their addiction?" and AGAIN i was the only one who DIDNT raise my hand, because i havent lost my friends my job, my car or my apt due to my "addiction"….FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!! crack ruins lives….but she gets 2 half day sessions….oh and im paying a total of almost $400 to get thru the program also….

  22. kenz says – reply to this


    like im surprised =)))))

  23. Rubit says – reply to this


    If my Scottish terrier died, I'd be running to try to get crack, too!

  24. sam-n says – reply to this


    have anutha donut, peepee. it will make u feel better about urself.

  25. Almis says – reply to this


    Cocaine is not crack,
    This Perez thinks he is so full of culture with this cheap hair that looks like a cow licked his head.
    I have to tell you Perez, tell me where you got your hair done so I can stay very far away from this cheap hair job.
    You are a disgusting fat bastard and you look like you smell bad!

  26. downt says – reply to this


    Well considering that the entire world knows what happened with this Z-lister and you have been her Judge and Jury…I say she didn't get off that easily. 3 years ago no one would have known about her arrest.

  27. jill says – reply to this


    the cops who arrested her are so fucking stupid, she's just going to do it all over again, this time she might go to jail for 48 hours or less, I hate celebrities, those fake fucks get off easy just because they make more money than a lot of other people and they're in damn stupid tabloids all the time, thats wrong, something needs to be done to cops and judges that does bullshit like that.

  28. HoHoH says – reply to this


    Crack is Whack!

  29. Maryy says – reply to this


    Re: Almis
    Perez is so full of himself that I beleive he must be extremetly dirty inside.
    He likes to jugde everyone but he does not look at himself to correct his own issues

  30. Chach says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez, that sounds about right for a first-time offender. No judge in their right mind would sentence anyone to anything more. It has nothing to do with money. Ask any lawyer. Remember, the keyword here is "first-time offender". I hope she learns from this.

  31. snot says – reply to this


    Being genuinally sorry and being harshly judged by the stupid public at large is punishment enough for this girl who constantly struggles. like many of us, with an insidious disease known as addiction. OK you lucky people who know nothing of this tortuous addiction.

  32. Roach says – reply to this


    Now a reasonability written quote from a great movie!!!! ( we had 2 bags of grass!! 75 Pounds of Mescaline 5 sheets of high powered glotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, a whole galaxy of uppers downers scremers laughers!!!!, also a quarter of tiquala, Rum, and a case of beer and a pint of Raw Ether!! Their is nothing in the world more helpless irresponsibe and depraved than anyone on the depths of an Ether Binge!! And I'd knew we'd be hitten that stuff pretty soon!)

  33. sirch says – reply to this


    "She'll also have to pay a $95 surcharge"

    John Gotti was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole, he stood there and smiled as the judged read the sentence, then the judge said there will also be a $75 surcharge, then Gotti said $75 surcharge? the surcharge angered him more then the life in prison.

  34. john says – reply to this


    news like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. A black guy getting arrested with drugs will probably get 5 years in jail, a white man will only get 1 year, but a celebrity gets 1 day and a $95 fine ? Class justice at its finest.

  35. Lala says – reply to this


    What a waste of Talent!

  36. Agree says – reply to this


    Re: john – I Agree!

  37. Zavie says – reply to this


    I think people should leave Tatum O'Neal alone. She won her first oscar at 11, at 12 her bestfriend was an 18 year old Melanie Griffith (she caught her dad having sex with Melanie). Her dad fed her drugs and let one of his older male friends molest her ALL BEFORE the age of 18, shit I'd be a serious drug addict too.

  38. Justi says – reply to this


    Not really, Perez. That's pretty typical, especially for someone without any standing priors. Disorderly conduct is usually the plea given by the prosecutors for first time offenders.