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Drama In The Courtroom

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The trial began on Wednesday!!!

Like we said before, Peter Cook should have settled his divorce case as quickly as possible.

But, luckily for us, more news of the famous split is being made public.

Christie Brinkley's soon to be ex-hubby had an affair with his teenage lover, 18 year old Diana Bianchi, in his office. And in order to keep her quiet, he paid her $300,000 and showered her with money.

Yea, most likely Brinkley's money!!!

And, even better, that slutty girl who slept with a married man is going to testify that Cook seduced her shortly after hiring her!

It's also been revealed that Cook spent about $3,000 a month on pornographic websites.

And to that, Brinkley's attorney argued, "That is the man who's come before this court and asked for custody of his 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter."

Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case!

Cook's lawyer said Brinkley is partly to blame for the publicity that's being given to the case.

His lawyer says about Brinkley, "For goodness sake: She's on her fourth husband. Your honor, we're here because of the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned."

The main focus of the case is said to be the custody of the children, not the money, especially since it was Brinkley that paid for everything through the marriage.


What do the kids want?????

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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163 comments to “Drama In The Courtroom”

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  1. ryan says – reply to this



  2. 2

    well Peter Cook shouldnt get his song OR his daughter if hes THAT interested in porn.

    they might dig some EW stuff up on his computer.





  3. Winky says – reply to this


    Jesus H. - look at that girl's crazy eyebrows!!!

  4. 4

    poo, i meant son.

    not song. :D



  5. Rocke says – reply to this


    And, even better, that slutty girl who slept with a married man

    Damn Perez, I didn't think this was an Angelina Whoree thread.

  6. Misty says – reply to this


    Some lawyer talking shit like that. Also Perez, don't put this shit on Christie's inability to satisfy her husband. No one can satisfy a sex addict. I'd dump his ass too if he were spending my hard earned money on porn and "hookers."

  7. dick says – reply to this


    Christie is still very hot, the daughter however did not get the "hot looks gene", and she cant sing either

  8. jane says – reply to this


    What an ass. How can men cheat on such attractive women?!

  9. IL Ch says – reply to this


    TEAM CHRISTIE!!!!!! Don't give that scumbag a penny. All time spent with his kids should be supervised. What a waste of oxygen.

  10. F You says – reply to this


    Re: Rocke – Fuck off, cretin!

  11. Wow says – reply to this


    Who pays for porn? Dumb.

  12. jess says – reply to this



  13. 13


  14. Jo says – reply to this


    Christie not satisfying him? You idiot!!! He clearly has a sexual addiction, this has nothing to do with her!

  15. howie says – reply to this


    first off the " bithch has been married 4 times….nuff said

  16. ding says – reply to this


    Obviously, this guy is sick and has some sort of sexual compulsion. There's not a woman in the world who could "satisfy" him. When your married to Christie Fucking Brinkley you don't cheat unless there's something wrong with you. Just like the Halle Berry/What's His Name thing. Who the FUCK cheats on HALLY BERRY????

  17. sophi says – reply to this


    "Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case!"

    What the fuck do you know about relationships? A man cheating and indulging in that amount of porn is NOT the wife's fault.

  18. ala says – reply to this


    She cheated on Joel with the guy she had the son by remember the helicopter crash she was in. isnt she a bit of a hippo!

  19. Laure says – reply to this


    Her poor daughter! She looks nothing like her mother.

  20. fat p says – reply to this


    I wonder if any of your dick shots showed up on any of those porn sites?

  21. Lucy says – reply to this


    Men like porn and strange. No big story there.
    Doesn't make him a bad father.
    Causing this case to be heard in open court to satisfy her need for revenge, thus hurting the kids, does make her a bad mother.

  22. Sam says – reply to this


    Wasn't satisfying her husband?? Are you kidding me, Perez?!? You're effing disgusting. I can't believe you would stoop as low as to blame her for her husbands addiction to porn and choosing to have sex with a teenager and then bribe her with 300k to keep her mouth shut. Yeah. It's all Christie's fault.

  23. jary says – reply to this


    OK so she is on her 4th husband, with whom she has been with for over a decade and the marriage only ended because he was having an affair, how is that her fault.

  24. M- says – reply to this


    if Christie paid for everything during the marriage she would have had to have known about the $300K and the $3K a month porn bill…

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    To state that "Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him???" is ridiculous, only because a man who is purported to spend three grand a month on porn sites has some kind of sex addiction (in my humble opinion) and would STILL fool around even if he had ten beautiful wives. It's about lack of character, self control and obsession coupled with the mid-life crises of a man with a somewhat frat boy mentality who likes to score, and if anyone is guilty of self- indulgence here, it's Cook, not Brinkley. She's obviously had ENOUGH, and the dough that she allegedly used to pay for Cook is now being put to better use by Brinkley to get rid of him.

  26. k=H=k says – reply to this



    Chriztie Brinkley iz a

    …….. whore………..

    and nothing makez me


    when people get their


    daughter lookz exactly

    like her dad..but both

    parentz r uglydogz..zo

    who carezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Lover says – reply to this


    Her little brother looks dorky.

    I want to play with her jub-jubs and mongaffe.

  28. WANT! says – reply to this



  29. Twink says – reply to this


    Re: Sadi Hilton. – Hey Sadi, Sadi Married Lady pull up yer shorts Fool!

  30. Sassy says – reply to this


    He is a fucking pig with no conscious!!! As for the teen who had an affair with?!? What was she brought up not to know right from wrong? Come on here!!! She is as guilty as the old pig she had an affair with! Team Christie all the way even if she was married 10 times damn it!!!!!

  31. Pffft says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy – comment 22 - Yeah, they should give child custody to a guy who spends three thousand a month on layers of porn, and Brinkley should pay him to do it. Cook probably forced the open court issue, and now Brinkley is going in with both barrels. I can't say I blame her.

  32. 32


  33. bitch says – reply to this


    I love how the woman is always to blame no matter what. this man is a cheater, liar and obviously a gross sex addict. hes having sex with a teenager. He openly admitted to all this. Don't blame Brinkley for not "satisfying" him…blame him for being a pig. Thats it. Nothing more.

    oh…how the double standards between men and women continue. this post disappointed me perez. If she had done the same thing to him she would have been called a pedo and a slut. But since he did it, and its a mans world, its him not getting his sexual desires met.

    *disgusted by it all*

  34. Meh says – reply to this


    My guess, and it KILLS me to agree with Perezzie, is that Christie doesn't put out. She probably thinks it's "icky." So Cook had to rub it out on line and made the dumb mistake of tapping an 18 yr old. Meh, he's probably no prize either…but a guy's gotta have it. Period.
    Oh, and before the hefers on here get all defensive, get over it.

  35. steph says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez? She wasn't "satisfying" him.
    Men cheat because it's a sense of feeling powerful. He clearly has issues! I'm surprised that you would make such a comment.
    Sidenote: 3000 on porn, Can't he just look at free porn like the rest of us??

  36. what? says – reply to this


    internet porn addiction has nothing to do with whether or not a woman is pleasing her partner. c'mon, perez.

  37. a. wi says – reply to this


    Yes, say it again…what do the kids want? Everything else is second to that. If she says it's all about the kids and custody then shouldn't they be heard? They are old enough to speak for themselves.

  38. Teres says – reply to this


    "Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case!" WTF - Perez like YOU would know. Trashing her because he's a sex addict into Porn makes you a certified B I T C H. But what else is new.

  39. Pervo says – reply to this


    He should've found some hot little illegal alien to bang on if Christie wasn't all that to him. Then, if she threatened his sorry ass, he could yell, "Migre, bitch!"

  40. Muskr says – reply to this


    I always liked Christie, but she must be a real diva to live with, being divorced 4 times. She is punishing Peter for his sins, which are very embarrassing for all to hear.

  41. Charl says – reply to this


    Uh, do you always wait til a day after all the other sites have posted info and then cut and paste onto your site, like this is some sort of breaking story? Most of us heard all the juicy details YESTERDAY.

  42. f'he says – reply to this


    ok. the bitch was 18 at the time. I doubt he was her first. I 'm sure she enjoyed the cash, which by the way, seems strange to me. why would he pay her?? unless IT WAS HER IDEA??!! sounds like this little bitch had a good thing going, and if he had been smart, he would have played the victim in it instead of letting her have that card. she came on to him, then blackmailed him. he did pay her, no question. perfect. as to the porn……$3000.00 is a lot, but it begs the question: WHERE WAS SHE ALL THAT TIME?? sounds like a lonely husband to me. but, as always, it is the poor woman in these things. by the way, has she NOT been married FOUR times?? looks like she has trouble with husbands………

  43. jamey says – reply to this


    Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case!

    How could you ever satisfy someone with a $3000/month porn addiction?

  44. Blake says – reply to this


    You are a misogynist pig. "She wasn't satisfying him"???? Obviously, his tastes ran to the more extreme and he's a complete pervy douche. Of course, she wasn't satisfying him. How can a 50 year old woman satisfy an asshole with a taste for teenagers? You sound just like that dickhead lawyer for Cook. People who do this kind of sh*t SHOULD have it announced to the world, kind of like posting the pictures of the men who troll for prostitutes. Part of the deal when you get married is that you don't mess around with other people. If you can't hold up that end of the bargain, then don't freaking get married!

  45. Lisb says – reply to this


    I think its sad to put the blame on Christie for not "satisfying him." He's obviously someone who has his own sexual problems and cheated as a result. It's so typical that we blame the woman in a case involving infidelity. Can we focus on the real issue here?

  46. 46

    She is a gorgeous woman, and the man is clearly a freak. I like porn as much as the next girl, but good heavens man! Three grand is way too much money to spend on it.

    She should have stayed with Billy Joel, even if he was hideous.

  47. Susan says – reply to this


    LOL… this is good!

  48. STOP says – reply to this


    I hope she breaks him! I hope he walks out that courtroom embarrassed and have to finally carry his own sorry ass. He shouldn't get custody. Make his ass go to work and start paying back the $ 300k bribe money and 3k porn $ he stole from the children ASSHOLE! GOLD DIGGING ASSHOLE

    AS for his sick personality, don't put that shit off on CHristie Perez you dumbass. Blame the man for his own fucked up habits not the wife!

  49. Presh says – reply to this


    Is that her daughter with her? If it is, it proves what we were saying about good looking people in Hollywood having ugly kids.

  50. eb says – reply to this


    boy, billy joe's daughter is FUGLY! She sure inherited his genes.

  51. Hem says – reply to this


    You prudish dumbasses. Yeah, he's obviously "sick" and "pervy" because he likes internet porn. Idiots. The fact that he dropped $3000/mo is only because he HAD $3000/mo to do it.
    The 18yr old thing was just stupid. Pay attention "ladies," if you want to keep a man, keep him happy in the sack. To you dumbfucks, if a guy likes a lot of sex he has an OBSESSION with it. No. He's a GUY.
    Most of you "ladies" are simply tied up with guilt, embarassment or whatever your problems from childhood are, so you immediatleyjump to the conclusion that men are oversexed.

  52. whoos says – reply to this


    "Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case!"

    She's suppose to earn all the money and worry about his weiner? men really need to grow the f up.

  53. Nope says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy – 22, all you can say is 'men like strange'. Uhm, he was married and took vows, not to mention what fatal disease he could have taken home to his trusting wife. No, it doesn't make him a bad father, but it makes him a man with questionable judgement who probably shouldn't be given custody. He can be a good father every second weekend. Kids don't need to witness infidelity, possible serial sexual addiction or porn sites. They've already witnessed the breakdown of their parents marriage and already know the reasons why it broke down, which is bad enough. She would only have been divorced 3 times if he had kept his vows and kept his p*cker in his pants.
    To say that she's had four husbands when his actions are supposedly the reason why number four went south is revictimizing Brinkley.

  54. j-b says – reply to this


    He also told Christie "that she had lost her looks." The guy is a real ass.

  55. Itali says – reply to this


    I LOVE how this turkey is getting his dirty laundry aired publicly! He is truly a balless wonder. Affair with underage girl…. spending his beautiful wife's hard earned money on porn and teenage sex slave gifts. I hope Christie rakes him over the coals and bleeds him for what little to no dignity the man has left. Brava to her for embarrassing this shitbag in public. I hope she's been tested for STD's, cause you know that little ho and her slimy, soon to be ex, probably have all kinds of who knows what crawling in their deceitful panties.

  56. miche says – reply to this


    Perez- you are so late with this update and you didn't even include any of the juicy details like other websites are. Step it up with this case- it is so interesting.

  57. Arshe says – reply to this


    This guy is obviously a serious scumbag. I am sure the 13 and 10 year old would love to live with their dad and his teenage girlfriends and online girlfriends. Why is it always the womens fault, I am seriously sick of seeing these women villified like denise richardson when all they did was get out of a bad marriage.

  58. Tiffa says – reply to this


    perez, you moron, i dont think it was so much her not satisfying him, but him having and addiction to sex! your really stupid, seriously

  59. borin says – reply to this


    Re: jane – they are boring in bed.

  60. Vute says – reply to this


    Alexa Ray Joel is gorgeous! Just like her mommie.

  61. Lawla says – reply to this


    That quote has been driving me crazy. "the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned," well, lets see… what is the appropriate emotion for a beautiful woman who has made herself rich and famous through her own merit and then marries a "nobody" who she proceeds to give a beautiful child, be faithful to, care about, lavish money on, and allow to bask in the glow of her fame and fortune, who then cheats on her with at least one (prostitute?) practically as young as her own daughter in her own homes (and beds) and pays this girl with HER money, treats her daughter from her first marriage like shit and humiliates her in front of the world . . . wrath? Yes, in this case I think wrath is probably the appropriate emotion, what would his attorney suggest she be feeling? He is getting exactly what he deserves to have to squirm in a courtroom with cameras recording the entire thing so the whole world (and any woman who ever considers dating or marrying him in the future) will know exactly the type of slime he is. And as any woman who has ever forgiven a busted cheater who cries about how sorry he is and how he'll never do it again (ala Peter Cook) knows, these types never change. GO CHRISTIE!

  62. uptow says – reply to this


    it's the kids I feel bad for, they've all got 3 different fathers, imagine what kind of confusing life they have
    brinkley is the bomb but there's just something about her that she keeps well hidden
    And Alexa Ray has an old face and and old body

  63. Tiffa says – reply to this


    Re: Hem
    i would say to you that being a nymphomaniac is real, and he obviously has a sex addiction, no matter how much sex he has, he wants more and he'll do anything (like all the $ hes spent on porn and mistresses) to get that satisfation. The problem is these types of people never are.

  64. chery says – reply to this


    Uh, yeah, I think I'd still be furious at my husband if he seduced a child while married to me. Call me bitter? Maybe. But I'd still be pissed and I'd drag his ass through the mud for revenge, too. Fuck you Cook!

  65. MMM says – reply to this


    hey perez, when a man is addicted to porn ($3000/month seems like an addictive state, no?), it has nothing to do with "satisfying" him. he'll never be satisfied with sexual reality. don't buy into that type of misogynist rhetoric. it's just ugly.

  66. OMG says – reply to this


    hello women!!!

    WAKE UP!!

    Which man doesn't go to a porn site. DoYOU ALL SEE A TREND?

    Men like pron, men like hot young women.

    As for Christe Brinkly and Halle Berrie - they are both nuts and to much into themselfeves.

    See how bad a mother C, Brinkley is. She could have done this in private to save the kids, but she got selfish and didn't care about her kids.

    Not that Peter Cook is innocent, but he was right, keep it private to save the kids.

    I know, I know, that he didn't keep it in his pants and should be punished, come on Women, he is wrong, but a real mother would have spared her kids.

    He is still their father, nothing can change that, destroy him and you destory your kids.

    They will need theraphy, all you vengeful harpies, take a reality check, would you do the same?


    Sailor and my brother.

  67. Teres says – reply to this


    Re: uptow
    To everyone who's trashing the daughter's looks - too bad your picture isn't posted and we could all let you know what we think about you. Got a feeling it wouldn't be pretty. More like gag.

  68. Gina says – reply to this


    Obviously Christie did not know her husband. It's obvious to know that there is no satisfying a pervert and and you don't ever let him in your bank account.
    Hope she is able to get her money back, and hope the children are never alone with him. VISITS SHOULD BE MONITORED.

  69. es says – reply to this


    Whatever, what he did was wrong regardless of how horrible her relationship issues are. What a way to embarass your family- sick!

  70. Anne says – reply to this


    I hope that Christy not only wins full custody of her kids but also takes him to the cleaners financially. This man was in his mid-40's when he was sneaking around with an 18 year old and even when her Dad confronted him (who was a police officer) and told him to back off or else he STILL didn't get it. He is old enough to be that girls father. Ugh! And, spending $3,000 on porno? I think the problem is with Peter Cook and not with Christy. He obviously has some sick sex addiction problem. He always did look like a sleaze bag and he never deserved someone like Christy or her lovely kids. I applaude her strength and hope for the best for her and her kids!

  71. jules says – reply to this


    Sad, sad, sad…poor little Christy Brinkley! You'd think after 3 otherr marriages and now this one…can you get it right??? She's just making herself look dumb!

  72. whywh says – reply to this



  73. ellen says – reply to this


    This is old news, Perez. This was all over news sites and websites all day yesterday.

  74. Dawn says – reply to this


    christie's older daughter also testified that Cook shoved her head in a bucket and told her to 'clean this up' when she caused a water leak in a bathroom… its in the public interest to know what he's been doing when custody of children are involved…if this ass didn't have an affair with an 18 year old and use his wife's money to pay the girl off and spend the rest of his free time surfing the net for porn, then there would be nothing for the 'public to find out'….ass, ass, ass….he also had the option to settle, but didn't because he's an arrogant, selfish, money-seeking, suspected pedofile ASS…

  75. get h says – reply to this


    These people are all F*cked up! FIrst of all her husband is a sex addicted pig.. who only cares about his sick sexual needs to be fufilled rather than his wife and how it will hurt his own children! Also, all the money he was spending, he has kids that he should be saving money to help them and their kids for the future! He only cares about himself!! And christy needs to learn that she is not any good at the whole marriage thing!! Maybe its who she picks and not her but if you have very poor judgement than STOP making the same damn mistakes over and over again! Leave her daughter alone, she looks just like her dad. The other two look alot like christy. They all need HELP!!

  76. whywh says – reply to this



  77. Kelly says – reply to this


    Her daughter has a very exotic look. I think she is beautiful.

  78. Sema says – reply to this


    Christie's problem is picking the wrong men. Addictions = Joel booze, Cook=sex. If you've followed the story, Christie wanted to settle this beforehand but Cook would not agree to the terms. He would rather drag his family/kids through the embarassment of a court case, have his loser reputation put out there just so he can get a better settlement. Not sure how he can face himself in the mirror. White trash.

  79. a says – reply to this


    That has nothing to do with not satisfying her husband Perez……her husband is a douchbag….and pretty close to being a pedifiler.

  80. midi says – reply to this


    she's only on her 4th hubby because she likes to marry egotistical men who like to cheat.

  81. ss says – reply to this


    Christie sure can pick winners…

  82. mr says – reply to this


    Maybe Christie wasn't satisfying him??? Seems like that was DEFINITELY the case! not needed

  83. pfft says – reply to this


    Ummm, he likes porn, paid a cost that would be a lot to YOU and Me..but not him, and had sex with ONE young girl. Explain again how he is sick and perverted and has an addiction problem? Jesus, stop acting like trained sex therapists.

  84. mdoll says – reply to this


    Perez, I guess it gets you more publicity to say terrible things about women, but come on! Almost every post says has a stereotype about women being money hungry, sluts, or something else. Are you just lazy and unoriginal? You're the pop culture Rush Limbaugh

  85. Ray says – reply to this


    Re: pfft
    The fact that you can't understand that $3,000/month for anyone (no matter how rich) is pathetic says a lot about you. You have my condolences.

  86. 86

    OMG that daughter is even uglier than potato head.

  87. Sarah says – reply to this


    Don't you dare insinuate that Christie wasn't satifying his needs properly!! If a man is spending that much money and time on porn and affairs, then he has a sexual addiction problem, and his wife has nothing to do with it. She could bang him all day long, and he would still go look at porn. He needs professional help if he wants to break this hold on his mind and life.

  88. Dani says – reply to this


    it doesnt sound like she wasnt satisfying him as much as he sounds like a underdeveloped sex addict who steals and cheats to keep his addiction at bay….please she is liek 54 and looks 30 who is he!

  89. larry says – reply to this


    She soulds like Jennifer Aniston !
    Can't keep a man much less satisfy one.

  90. atia says – reply to this


    Christie's a whore herself. I have no respect for her airing her business in public. She's making herself look very bad.

  91. Sydne says – reply to this


    This is somehow the wife's fault for "failing" to "satisfy" this lying scumbag of a sex addict?? C'mon, Perez… is rape the victim's fault?? You're being flip about something serious, here. Can you not show a thimble-full of respect for the victims?

  92. duh says – reply to this


    Perez, as a man who isn't and won't be in a mainstream relationship, you don't know what you're talking about by stating that C.B. wasn't satisfying her creepy husband. Addiction to pornography and affairs have NOTHINg to do with being sexually satisfied at home. it has everything to do with being a sex addict and predator.

  93. PETA says – reply to this


    "especially since it was Brinkley that paid for everything through the marriage."

    She is kind of shallow, isn't she? Married to a man who can't afford to provide his family and walked around posing as an architect. An architect who doesn't have projects/clients and doesn't make money.

  94. sonia says – reply to this


    What a bad situation for the kids. Peter keeps telling all the media that he never wanted a divorce. It takes two to make a marriage succeed/fail, but Peter really does sound like a dog. He comes off as a guy who is completely oblivious to any wrong-doing on his part. Remember when he was first interviewed after the news broke about his affair(s)? His first response was, "Christi can have anything she wants." Apparently, that changed, and now he wants custody of the kids? What?!! I don't blame Christi for dragging his dirty behind through court over this. He has no business raising kids while he's filming himself masturbating and bonking teenagers in his bedroom just down the hallway. Sure, guys like porn, but there is a difference here — he went beyond just looking and fantasizing — he brought the other girls into the family home, and into the same bed that he shared with Christi. That's a deep cut, and a complete insult to all that is representative of a marriage.

  95. Zee says – reply to this


    Re: OMG – knuckle dragginng slurps like you are into your ego-saturated pseudo-sex that you don't even know what you're missing.
    Cook is a addicted to cheap "sex" and can't keep the commitments he has made. The only reason that seems normal to you is because your poor brain is addled with too much skank.

  96. Ginge says – reply to this


    I am sick of hearing negative remarks regarding women being the cause of a man's cheating. If a woman cheats she is a slut, if a man cheats it's the woman's fault B**LSh*T. So what if Christie has been divorced 4 times. Good for her for getting on with her life and not sitting back and whining about her husband like so many women do. It seems people can recall female celebrities that have been married more than once: Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Halle Berry, Angelina etc. But how many people can recall the divorces of male celebrities: Jerry Lee Lewis - 6 times, Billy Bob Thorton - 5, William Shatner - 4, Tom Cruise - 2, Charlie Sheen - 3, James Camerson - 5 times……….to name a few…and I am sure that in all these cases the woman is at fault…..How stupid can one be. Christie Brinkley holds herself with dignity at a time where many would fall apart. Good Luck

  97. HJ says – reply to this


    I read at yahoo that the girl was 16 when he started banging her in his office. Peter Cook is smarm. He shouldn't get custody of their children, and should be lucky to receive even visitation. Pervy.

  98. Holly says – reply to this


    Sooooo sad that Alexas mother is freakin' Christie Brinkley and the poor child ends up looking just like freakin' Billy Joel!!!!!! And if you ask me, he looks like Fozzy Bear!!!!

  99. malep says – reply to this


    Men are pigs who should stick to whacking off like Kangaroos.

  100. lily says – reply to this


    Shame on him for being such a scum and shame on her for making this trial public just to humiliate him. The ones who will be hurt the most are the children.

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