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Hate Speech

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Pete Wentz is talking about Travis McCoy's arrest for assault.

The Fall Out Boy bassist just posted the following on his blog:

"you know what? you call my friend a “n_gger”, i dont even give a fuck what happens to you. i dont want to see you in this scene. i dont want to see you at shows. you are who we write songs about. you are who we think about when we hate. radiohead, karma police over and over again in my head.

what a joke.

you are fucking pathetic and anyone that disagrees should put their white hood on too. i dont want your ticket money. i dont want your cd sales. id rather be poor and unknown.

i am angrier than i have been in a long time. hate upon hate upon hate.

thank god for my friends."

What do U think about what Pete's saying and the incident????

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447 comments to “Hate Speech”

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  1. canad says – reply to this


    here here

  2. 2

    he's right

  3. rawr says – reply to this



  4. amee says – reply to this


    I agree. I hate haters.

  5. Edawg says – reply to this


    I agree! Hate speech shouldn't be tolerated, and sometimes it deserves a good old fashioned beating !

  6. randi says – reply to this


    What a tool.

  7. angie says – reply to this



  8. CA says – reply to this


    spoken like a true friend.

  9. rm says – reply to this


    Guh "I am deep, I listen to Radio Head circa 1990s."

  10. stacy says – reply to this


    Right on - we're all equal.. he's one of the few that still believes that there is equality. he still knows what is right. rock on wentz…

    peace love and happiness!

  11. *b* says – reply to this



  12. lisa says – reply to this



  13. mss says – reply to this


    I say I don't blame him at all for feeling that way, and good for him for having the guts to say how he really feels!!!

  14. 14

    I think he's obviously upset…. but, he's hating on haters.. Just accept that there are lots of idiots out there and be grateful you don't choose to be one of them.. Two wrongs never make a right.

  15. Man says – reply to this


    Sounds like some pretty immature people

  16. Mikey says – reply to this


    First! Who cares about FOB!

  17. clair says – reply to this



    good for pete.

  18. jesus says – reply to this


    his music fucking sucks, but he's totally right.

  19. Slick says – reply to this


    While I understand he's pissed that someone threw out a racial slur I think he's overreacting a bit.

    No it's not ok, but the dude got what he had coming to him. The world is plenty full of morons and just plain f-cking idiots. Accept it and move on.

    All you can do is be the better person.

  20. fuck says – reply to this



  21. adam says – reply to this


    Pete is awesome!

    agree with him

  22. arabe says – reply to this



  23. Ash says – reply to this


    Amen. Good for him. Absolutely true.

  24. Lezlo says – reply to this


    first bitches

  25. natal says – reply to this



  26. Jacki says – reply to this


    I would stick up for my friend too…also anyone who uses that word with intent to hurt or in general at all sucks ass!

  27. cori says – reply to this


    good 4 him. fuck that asshole.

  28. rache says – reply to this


    Shit needs to stop, good on him

  29. megan says – reply to this



  30. busym says – reply to this


    I agree with Pete, who needs haters. Stay away! I do find it strange that a fan of Gym Class Heroes, who obviously paid to be there, would say shit like that. What is wrong with people? Why can't we all just get along? Racism is so stupid. It is ridiculous to hate somebody because of the color of their skin - I know lots of white trash, can't stereo-type like that, it doesn't fly! Love one another!

  31. Amand says – reply to this


    Pete is absolutly right. Hate is wrong

  32. MOE says – reply to this



  33. your says – reply to this



    I love Travis and Pete, racist haters can suck a dick.

  34. megfu says – reply to this


    BAM SING IT!!!!!

  35. MEGAN says – reply to this


    oops guess not

  36. Dana says – reply to this


    It's awesome!! He is human just like us. We all get pissed! You rock Pete!!

  37. robbi says – reply to this


    there is already too much hate in the world……names suck!

  38. anon says – reply to this


    what a fucking tool.

  39. 39

    I'm glad he spoke about it! travis is an amazing guy, he would never do anything like that unless someone really pissed him off, trust me, i know!

  40. jack says – reply to this



  41. Beeka says – reply to this


    Well i dunno…

    i guess i can say first!?

  42. gb says – reply to this



  43. lil_k says – reply to this


    FIRST! right on emo soldier

  44. Nicol says – reply to this


    number one

  45. Kimbe says – reply to this



  46. Sarah says – reply to this



  47. chels says – reply to this


    he's right.
    shows hes a stand up guy because hes speaking out for his friend

  48. J.Awe says – reply to this


    I agree with him.
    Pete rocks!

  49. PPK says – reply to this


    I'm with you, Pete

  50. Jenne says – reply to this


    100% agree

  51. idk says – reply to this


    uh oh

  52. Angie says – reply to this


    Wow, I don't even know what to say!!! 1ST!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  53. jessi says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Way to stand up for your boy Pete!!!!!!
    Who ever was the person that said that to Travis deserved to get their ass kicked!!!

  54. joe says – reply to this


    cry baby.

  55. e says – reply to this


    I support what he is saying I just think he could have been less explosive about it, I hope he doesnt pass that temper on to his kid.

    Hate breeds hate and people are better listeners when they are being screamed at.

  56. B says – reply to this



  57. kflwr says – reply to this


    what is he talking about?

  58. tamzi says – reply to this


    to sit and do nothing condones bad behavior. good for him.

  59. alexa says – reply to this


    Of course pete is pissed. he is half black himself. his mama is a black woman.

  60. dmd says – reply to this


    Almost sounds like lyrics to one of their crappy ass songs!!

  61. mo says – reply to this


    Pete's right! It's time for this to stop. We see how we came so far in industry and technology. What can we say about tolerance? Not much and it's sad. Let it go people. We're all here for a reason. Stop the hate!

  62. Karla says – reply to this


    I agree 100% we want change not to repeat HISTORY

  63. Lube says – reply to this


    Pete is right.


  64. kurt says – reply to this


    I thought one n_gg_r was allowed to call another ni__er a _igge_, esp. at white music concerts! What are the rules now, bro?? I mean, based on what I hear in the NYC subway, it's a term of endearment. I mean, NI__ER PLEASE!

    And Mr. Wentz gettin' all up ’bout black-on-black verbal/microphonic interactions - dude, the brothers can handle this shit on their own, on the corner, like men, not on girly websites!

  65. Tina says – reply to this


    He is taking up for his friend. Rightfully so………

  66. mande says – reply to this


    Good for him….

    I heart Pete and Ashlee

  67. louie says – reply to this


    he is soo right
    people need to stop being so ignorant and grow up

  68. mmmm says – reply to this


    he did notnotice the man in audience was BLACK that does not make it racial!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is assaulting travis for being ignoant not black.

  69. NAZ says – reply to this



  70. girli says – reply to this


    you go pete. fuck ppl who use racial slurs. no matter what color. travis maybe you should not have hit him, only b/c the person who said it isnt worth it at all, but i don't blame ya.

  71. Shane says – reply to this



  72. Eliza says – reply to this


    i think travis mccoy was right to beat the guys ass. that would is just hate. i would like to think that we are not back in those days when it was ok. its 2008 and that word should never be used again. i used to like fall out boys but not after pete say it.

  73. kflam says – reply to this


    I still find it really funny how people think that they can erase hate. Impossible. There will always be two sides to every race. No matter what you are, you know what I'm talking about. Everyone is racist or biased in one way or another, deny it as they may. When we can learn to stop being PC and learn to laugh, only then will we ever be able to get along. Learn to laugh, Get over yourselves, and quit with the race cards already. And for God's sake do your own research and don't let the media dictate your life to you. Viva Originality!

  74. jilly says – reply to this


    I think he's absolutely right, and it takes some rather large kahonies to write that you don't want "their" money. Hope his bandmates feel the same.

  75. MOI* says – reply to this


    He's a moron. What and amazing mature speech for someone who is almost 30 . . . "My friend, my friend . . ." Blah, blah, blah. Him and Travis are both JOKES!

  76. Shawn says – reply to this


    do you know what
    im a diehard gym class heroes fan and i think travie should have defended himself
    i totally agree with what pete had to say
    end of story
    haters go fuck yourselves

  77. natal says – reply to this


    team travis.

  78. Stupi says – reply to this


    Ok heres the thing….Where do you draw the line in the sand with a word like that? Supposedly its "alright" for african american people to say it to eachother….in songs….movies etc. and thats just fiiiiiine. Spike lee is quoted as saying he uses the word and has no problem with it. !?!?

    ITS EITHER WRONG OR ITS NOT. fuck this "context" shit. that word has NEVER meant anything good and I think people are destructive for trying to make it a frequently used part of urban slang.
    the gray area leaves room for acts of stupidity.

    PS pete wentz = fail

  79. snowb says – reply to this


    there will be NO more hate with Obama.

    He is a lover.

  80. 80

    But wait, wasn't it a black guy in the audience who used the word first? I thought that was okay! It is around here; you can say it if you're black, but not if you're white.

  81. anne says – reply to this


    pete's on poiiiiint. people who drop words like that are ignorant and deserve to be beat up. or rather, just ignored and called "ignorant". i prefer that. hitting isn't cool, but it's a really shitty word to use.

    even celebs/musicians are guilty for dropping this word. it's lame. EVOLVE

  82. kappy says – reply to this


    Wasn't the guy who said it black??? Not condoning the use of the word by anyone, but Wentz is talking like a white guy said it. And wouldn't most people attending a show know the race of members of the band they paid to see? So….ya…. I don't get any of it….

  83. Jw says – reply to this


    Hopefully they adpot a black baby from africa and save them from slave masters

  84. 84

    that's what blogs are for
    good for him!

  85. kevin says – reply to this



  86. pete! says – reply to this


    YAY PETE!! I KNEW HE IS A GOOD GUY. NUFF RESPECT xxxx and u'll be a great father!

  87. aly says – reply to this


    i think he's right. first of all why would that guy go see them live if he hated travis so much? should have kept walking and went to another band. he was just trying to start trouble. that deserves a mic to the head!

  88. Chell says – reply to this


    While I understand he's defending his friend and that he is angry that someone said a racial slur….. I do think he's overreacting. Don't waste so much energy on stupid people. No it's not ok, but the guy did get what he had coming to him. Wasting time getting so upset about ignorant people is just wasting your positive engery. All you need to do is be the better person.

  89. sam says – reply to this


    Hate is hate. Fucking hypocrite. Wentz is a bad as the dude he's talking about!

  90. The t says – reply to this


    go pete!!
    hate should never be tolerated, period!

  91. Jarma says – reply to this


    I don't give a shit about Pete's opinion. Booohooo. Hey, Pete, YOUR FRIEND'S A NIGGGGGGEERRRR. Go cry about it some more.

  92. Susan says – reply to this


    I doubt he'd rather be poor and unknown. What would his father in law say to that?

  93. Yucko says – reply to this



  94. 94

    Totally agree. A hater shouldn't have been upfront to begin with. Punk, even pop-punk, is no scene for racism or hate.

  95. FReal says – reply to this


    Dear stupid bitches,
    It was a BLACK person who called him a n!gger. Get your heads out of your asses.
    your friend,

  96. jenny says – reply to this


    Wow, I can't believe the idiots who say it's okay to say the N word if you're black. It is the most hateful word in the English language and should not be said by anyone. Does it make it okay to call a woman "cunt" if you are a woman too? Does it make the word any less hateful? So many people are ignorant and use their God given gifts to promote hatred, stupidity, and intolerance. And it will never stop.

  97. Love says – reply to this


    i agree. that shouldn't be tolerated, and those people shouldn't be at the shows. gch has loyal fans who don't think with such intolerance.

  98. CB says – reply to this


    He doesn't ever have to worry about getting my money, his band is horrible. I hate his pu55y rock music. What does his speach have to do with some idiot getting arrested for assault? Is that the guy that hit a fan with a mic stand. If so, he SHOULD have been arrested.

  99. missy says – reply to this


    Re: Jarma – fuck you. Perez should post your e-mail address so you can't hide behind an anonymous post, idiot.

  100. HUH says – reply to this


    firstly fall out boy is a dumb name
    and i don't think of what they do as punk or anything worthwhile
    and 2ndly, what another dumb name, gym class heros, i never even heard of them until i had to google them now.
    losers …………..

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