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To The Dogs

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One must be such a sad person to die and leave all your fortunes to the dogs. Literally.

Especially when you have children and grandkids!

As you recall, obnoxious late hotelier Leona Helmsley originally left $12 million to her dog, Trouble.

The bitch couldn't leave that money to charities????

But it gets even better!

She requested to leave the rest of her money to other dogs.  They are set to receive BILLIONS!!!!!

Her wishes and instructions were left on a two-page "mission statement" where she stated that her entire trust be left for the welfare and care of dogs.

The estimated value of the entire trust?

It's $5 to $8 BILLION!

Since no clear directions are stated, ideally the trustees could use the money on groups like the Humane Society or groups that help rescue abandoned dogs and such.

Another part of the mission statement declared that the trustees may use their discretion in distributing the money.

Though some lawyers are saying the statement may not mean much seeing as its directions were never incorporated into her trust documents or will.

A former attorney from the Charities Bureau in NY says, "The statement is an expression of her wishes that is not necessarily legally binding."

However, there are several laws that favor a donor's intent and that mission statement seems to be the only detailed explanation of her intent.

Those are some lucky dogs.

We should introduce her millionaire, Trouble, to Teddy Hilton and take them out on playdates!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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97 comments to “To The Dogs”

  1. Jessi says – reply to this



  2. cait says – reply to this


    what a stupid woman.

  3. Vin G says – reply to this


    First !

  4. Lala says – reply to this


    She got the last Laugh! Good for Her!

  5. aleja says – reply to this



  6. **LG* says – reply to this


    LEONa'$ GHO$t, yep, back and BETTER THAN EVER, biyatches!!! sez…
    This was my favorite photo!

  7. cunt says – reply to this


    The trust stated that she wanted the billions to be spent on dog shelters not HER other dogs.

  8. rober says – reply to this


    Mario you are a disgrace who picks on the mentally disabled. People are seeing you for who you are, a disgusting fat angry gaylord who picks on people when they are weak. Bad karma Mario ..you will get yours and no one will feel sorry for you. Anyone who picks on mentally disabled people are sick. You are sick and disturbed.

  9. LeeLe says – reply to this


    What a bitch…….

  10. sonja says – reply to this


    not 'her' dogs–but to charities like RSPCA & PETA

  11. Steph says – reply to this


    honestly I think this was a great thing for her to do. her kids and grandkids got some money too, if you read into the whole story, but how pathetic is it when people complain that they weren't left enough money in their parent's will? how fucking selfish, you should be grieving over your loss, not complaining that you got "cheated" out of her money. Some of her fortune was left to her dog(s) but the vast majority is supposed to be used for dogs everywhere, again if you read into the whole story. Animals are our equals, they were here before us for christ's sake, and we treat them like shit and think were so superior because we have a larger brain capacity. I volunteer at an animal shelter and the animals we take in come from unbelievable situations. They've been found in dumpsters, thrown from cars, beaten, and left to die. If this lady loved dogs that much, then good for her for leaving her money to a cause she believes in. The dogs deserve it, and shelters and humane societies need the money desperately. If I had that amount of money, I'd leave a good amount to the animals too.

  12. sonja says – reply to this


    just checked out that picture again–you'd think with all her billions she maybe could've afforded some teeth whiting treatments–yeaks!

  13. hmm says – reply to this


    I don't know. I think dogs are as deserving as people. Life if life.

  14. Lucy says – reply to this


    Good for Leona.
    No one is entitled to their rich relatives money.
    It is theirs to do with what they want.
    Maybe the kids were assholes. Who knows?
    Hope it holds up when her family contests the will. Oh yea, it will be contested.

  15. lt says – reply to this


    You are a fat idiot Perez I think all the lard is finally going to your brain she left the money to the "welfare of dogs" not HER dogs you idiot, her only dog was Trouble and the rest is to help any institutions that help dogs like the Humane society.

    I can't believe you cannot read and understand something so simple, yet you skim through articles and post them here as if they were facts, were you in a hurry to go eat or something? If you are posting news at least read them before you post them here you fucking moron.

  16. frank says – reply to this


    Eyebrow city!

  17. perez says – reply to this


    Perez your kinda stupid
    while she left 12 million to her dog
    she also gave a larger portion of her BILLIONS to charity

  18. Perez says – reply to this


    Nice to see you still haven't learnt to read Perez; putting up to 8 billion $ in a trust dedicated to sponsoring animal charities and your comment is "The bitch couldn't leave that money to charities????". Your stupidity is astounding.

  19. kIEV says – reply to this


    HEY!! it is so easy to criticize a person by your own standards and when you do not understand what it is like to be that person. did you experience her relationship to her children, grandchildren? did you experience her relationship with the world? it is VERY ridiculous to leave so much money to dogs - but i can't criticize her for it. in fact, it makes me want to cry. i am very glad i did not have to live her life.

  20. poop says – reply to this


    Re: djtue – you dumb shit! she's dead! is this a site for hooking up with dead people?!!?! sick!

  21. Jw says – reply to this


    bitch looks like the joker

  22. duh says – reply to this


    if you actually read the article, she didn't leave the money to HER dogs… she left it to ANIMAL CHARITIES.

  23. Layla says – reply to this


    You know what, if she wanted to leave the money to her dogs, then leave the money to her dogs. There shouldn't be much discussion about it. It's her money, not everyone elses. Even though it could have been used for a better cause, her wishes were to leave them to the dogs.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    She must have lost her marbles towards the end, and if she was trying to make a statement to her remaining blood family by doing this, the statement is STILL that the woman would have to be not quite right to leave this kind of coin to a few canines. To place dogs over people shows an inability to functionally connect.

  25. Mandy says – reply to this


    What a crazy beeyotch. I love love love dogs but my god, why not leave that money to help PEOPLE. There are so many homeless, poor, and hungry people. How many people could that money feed and clothe?

  26. PDub says – reply to this


    I think it's GRReat she left this money to animal welfare charities. What goo dwould it have done her children & grandchildren? I am sure they are well off. What good does family money do anyhow IE Paris Hilton. These animals TRULY needed! These organizations pick up the messes people like Paris Hilton cause… treating animals as accessories , breeding etc…
    So I say Good For Leona.

  27. Pffft says – reply to this


    She's the one who said 'only the little people pay taxes'. Self-absorbed, disliked, non-evolved, greedy and alone twat with a house full of dogs but no people.

  28. dee says – reply to this


    hot diggity dog ziggity!

  29. i< says – reply to this


    I bet her fav movie was Bailey's Billion$…what a jack ass!

  30. Novel says – reply to this


    You laugh about this, Mario — IT'S NOT FUNNY.

    There are millions of animals who could benefit from that money, lanquishing and dying daily in shelters across America. It's not funny — It's VILE and repugnant. How anyone with that kind of money can rest easy without making those dollars productive to those in need is sickening. I hope she rots in hell for being so selfish.

  31. Ohvey says – reply to this


    This is actually the nicest thing she has ever done.

    There is a 60 Minutes interview with her from the 1980's where she berates her workers unmercilessly on camera. It is horrifying to watch. She really was a terror.

  32. jdog says – reply to this


    I understand the animal rights activists posts, however aside from dumping animals in a dumpster putting them to sleep etc…. Yes we should care for our fellow souls in whatever form they take but we are doing worse to ourselves!!!! They haven't even allowed a law to give humans a put to sleep death!! Look at poor teri shaivo!! They doped her and let her starve to death!! Go strap your Kid with bombs and ask them to run into a building before exploding!! Vietnam need I say more!!!! Face it this is one fucked up world either way you look at it!!!! I think that these people that have billions of dollars are doing so much less to help then binge and self absorbment!!!! Then I die!!!! Ups well fuck it it was a good ride!!!!!! Use your money to help then hinder!!!! And advocates of charity beware, do you truely know where your money goes????

  33. Prisc says – reply to this


    Perez, as usual, has it wrong. Leona didn't leave the billions to HER dogs, she left the money to set up a charity to provide for (in ways unspecified) for dogs in gernal. This money, possibly, could be given to shelters, to veterinary schools or hospitals, and to emergency funds for mistreated or damaged dogs. Perez is such an a***ole that he can't even read a newspaper article straight. What a fat, silly loser.

  34. Jess says – reply to this


    I don't see what the problem is, it's her money. If she wanted to take it all and build a patinum and diamond likeness of herself that would be her right. However, choosing to donate to dogs in need is hardly frivilous or selfish. I really applaud that, it makes me think she did have a good heart after all. The only charity I donate to regularily is a dog rescue group and I give generously to them, could I take my money and send it to kids in Africa, yeah, but I'd rather donate to helpless animals, becuase my dogs have given so much to me. If that makes me heartless, then whatever. Also, I really dont feel bad for her grandkids, just cause your grandparents are rich doesnt mean you are entitled to their money, work for it yourself!

  35. Woof says – reply to this


    Leaving money to care for dogs is charity goof ball

  36. Anni says – reply to this


    There are people dying of hunger, because they can't find work. Imagine not being able to feed your own children. Orphans who live on the street. Sick children who suffer because their parents can't afford proper medical care. I can't believe the ignorance I am reading here. Dog charities. Sick.

  37. Charm says – reply to this


    Hey Butt Wipe: Where she leaves HER $$$$ is none of your Friggin Business. So shut your big yap now. At least she didn't leave it to some African Rip off

  38. LAURI says – reply to this


    I hope she's having a good time in HELL.

  39. HerMo says – reply to this


    What is the problem? It was her money….she earned it…she can do whatever she damn well pleases with it. Probably some lazy ass granchildren and children waiting around to collect an inheritence. Get a job and earn your own money. She loved animals and I think it is great that she wants to support even after her death.

  40. JJ says – reply to this


    Re: Anni

    When you amass a fortune you will be able to decide what to do with it. Not your money so shut up.

  41. carri says – reply to this


    The lawyers will be the ones who get most of the money before it's all over.

  42. lucky says – reply to this


    it's obvious, her dog is the only "person" from which she recieved unconditional love. It's HER money..she made it…she as every right to decide how to spend it. I don't necissarily think leaving billions to help dogs was the best choice….but it was her choice. Im willing to bet these family members contesting the will,etc….didn't give her the time of day. Yep she was a miserable person…her dog made her happy. But noone has any right to her money….its hers…and now..its gone to the dogs.Bet that family is wish ing they were just a little nicer to her no matter how miserable she was.

  43. leyla says – reply to this


    SO!!!! It's her will, her decision!! It may not be fair but it was the decison of the person who made the will AND WHO THE MONEY BELONGED TO. YOU CANNOT go changing wills just because you don't like who the person left the money to. Once this precedent is set, then NO ONE is safe.

  44. Redhe says – reply to this


    People should be allowed to leave their money to whomever they wish…and I think leaving billions of dollars to dogs is the coolest things ever!

    There are homeless dogs all over the country who need care. Moreover, leaving money for dogs' care means creating paying jobs for their human caregivers. Maybe Leona's children and grandchildren can apply for one of those jobs and earn their living just like everyone else.

    You can judge a society by how they treat their animals.

    Hooray for Leona! You might have been a crazy bitch in life, but there is nothing crazy or bitchy about your last wishes.

  45. e says – reply to this


    old news, this was in the new york times a few days ago

  46. Hyde says – reply to this


    I say good for her. The only problem I have with it is that she didn't leave any for cats, LOL.

  47. mitch says – reply to this


    are you joking ???????????????

    ppl are always doing charity to other ppl !!
    no one ever remember the animals!!!

    I'd do exactly as she did!!!!

    God BLESS HER!

  48. Rocco says – reply to this


    Good to take care of dogs instead of those starving African children. This woman is the best. Our motto should be If you can't feed them,don't breed them

  49. 49

    Omg, leave her alone perez. It's her money, her relatives got some too…even though she didn't intend to leave them any, & besides, whenever celebrity's donate money to charities it always goes to some African/cancer/hungry children crap, but never to the animals.

  50. Lulu says – reply to this


    Another whacko Jew!

  51. kIEV says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – because, as leona proved so well in her living days, people are mean much worse than dogs. people are sick and fucked up. i would rather help the dogs too.

  52. poop says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – um, not really. i think that the people who place the importance of you over animals are the ones who cannot "functionally connect."

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: poop – Well, to each his own. I've known a couple of crazy cat ladies who personify their animals and yet never meet with their own grown children because of their own issues. I'll have to agree to disagree with you. FYI, I do love my animals, btw.

  54. sheil says – reply to this


    Why does that mean she is "sad"? It was her money and this business about children and grandchildren being entitled to money earned by someone else is BS. Maybe she felt her offspring had enough of their own. Maybe she loved her dog more than anything. It's none of your business and certainly nothing you are qualified to judge.

  55. sam-n says – reply to this


    what a great picture or porkeZ! You look great in this picture.

  56. Chris says – reply to this


    I can't stand this bitch. I hope she gets everything she deserves in the here after. That being said… it was her money to do with as she pleases. If she wanted to leave it to a weed growing on the median of a highway, it's her right. Is this country THAT fucked up and spiraling down the toilet, that our last will and testament shall be overturned because somebody doesn't like what we did with OUR assets???? As nice as it is when people leave money to charity, THEY DON'T HAVE TO!!!!! That's why it's called charity. Money that we MUST pay is called TAXES.

  57. purpl says – reply to this


    www.baltimoreanimalshelter.org. The $ should go here!

  58. D says – reply to this


    OH FUCKIN WELL!! all the money in the world could keep her stupid ass alive and it goes to show ho worthless it really is and she proves it LEAVE IT TO THE DOGS!!! Because when it comes down to it you cant take it with you.

  59. mande says – reply to this


    she may have been a mean person, but for whatever reason she chose to leave her relations out of her will. i'm assuming they know why. those were her wishes and they should NOT have been changed.

    second, if i had as much money as her, you bet i'd leave my dog 12 million. you can also bet that a large portion of my money would be going to animal welfare organizations- how do those not qualify as charities?

    good for her and the dogs that will benefit!

  60. 60

    Chub P, you fucking piece of shit. Do you realize that this would be the largest amount of money donated to homeless, abused and sheltered in history? What the fuck is wrong with that? I guess that's wrong. Helping defenseless animals. Go back to your misogynist ways, ageism, hatred of anyone that's accomplished anything and the rest you pathetic fat fuck.

  61. Sprin says – reply to this


    You have to be one miserable, spiteful, ugly human being to leave that amount of money to a dog, so you don't want to leave it to your own kids or grandkids, but at least leave it to charity- spread the wealth you ugly old crow, I'm sure she is burning in hell that old spiteful coot.

  62. katie says – reply to this


    well at least that would be good if animal groups like the humane society would get the money! i understand she was a real terror of a woman, and this way the money can go to animals who really need it. there are so many abused and homeless pets these days, it's so, so sad.

  63. Britt says – reply to this


    I can't understand why people feel they have any right to say anything on how this woman distributed her money. People around the world give BILLIONS to charities for humans every year - honorable and very kind - but when someone does something different and leaves the money to animals, she's a bitch. Most of you selfish idiots who are complaining probably don't even donate a part of your income to ANY charity. Her kids and grandkids need to earn their own damn money and stop waiting around to be another silver spooned brat. Leona may have been an evil, prententious twat but at least she did something good at the end. When you all make millions of your own then maybe you can decide what to do with YOUR money.

  64. ricky says – reply to this


    hey fatty perez. you fat bastard. dogs are not more important that people. billions why not give it to the homeless or cancer research something anything!

  65. disgu says – reply to this


    vieja puta

  66. satya says – reply to this


    Why add to the hostility…if one of the parties ie family are upset, simply visit Trouble with their own pet/heir one thing leads to another Trouble gets in "trouble" ..child support x what, possibly 6

  67. Missu says – reply to this


    I live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where seeing dead dogs at the side of the road is a daily occurance. They die on the roads and then stay there decomposing- it's awful and no one does anything about it. There are millions of stray dogs in Brazil, most are diseased and starving and organizations like the SPCA are few and far between. Leona Helmsley's money could go a long way here. I mean, if she had to leave all her money to the dogs at least some good should come from it, these animals need help and the Brazilians look at them like they're garbage. They are living creatures too, why should they suffer so much? It's the humans' fault for not introducing more animal control and spay and neuter programs.

  68. tim says – reply to this


    she looked like a man with lipstick on! ewww!

  69. Nef says – reply to this


    As long as the money stays in the USA, I don't see any room to complain. Animal rescues struggle daily to save the lives of unwanted or abused animals, and they deserve a massive donation as much as the next charity. Certainly more so than relatives that were probably greedily awaiting the day she would croak anyhow.

  70. virtu says – reply to this


    who are you to say where she has to put her money in her estate? it's HERS. she can do with it as she pleases. at least until the Obamunist is president. Then he wants to steal your estate to waste it on federal spending. and she left it to animal protectionist organizations- where it is usually FAR better spent by much NICER people than most crooked charities that overpay at the top and use volunteers at the bottom. why do you say so many stupid things?

  71. Estie says – reply to this


    GOOD FOR HER ! !


  72. bunse says – reply to this


    How long had Leona been dead when that photo was taken?

  73. Ash says – reply to this


    So what? It's HER money and she can leave it to whoever she wants to! I would rather see her money go to help animals than her miserable relatives.

  74. Shell says – reply to this


    Re: Britt – I can't understand why people feel they have any right to say anything on how this woman distributed her money. People around the world give BILLIONS to charities for humans every year - honorable and very kind - but when someone does something different and leaves the money to animals, she's a bitch. Most of you selfish idiots who are complaining probably don't even donate a part of your income to ANY charity. Her kids and grandkids need to earn their own damn money and stop waiting around to be another silver spooned brat. Leona may have been an evil, prententious twat but at least she did something good at the end. When you all make millions of your own then maybe you can decide what to do with YOUR money.

    AMEN to that!

  75. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: @v@

    You are a complete fucking idiot! Who are you to say animals are less deserving than people? It's idiots like you who have made unwanted animals such a problem. Do the world a favor and commit suicide!

  76. ME says – reply to this


    Re: Sprin

    How about reading the entire story. She left her money to her dogs AND to animal welfare agencies.

  77. Nos says – reply to this


    Re: Anni

    You are a miserable fucking cunt! I'm happy she left her money to animal charities. Good for her! I would do the exact same thing if I had that amount of money.

  78. Kelly says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! She is leaving her money to animal charities! Do you even know how to read? You are a douchebag, Perez!

  79. Ari R says – reply to this



  80. daytr says – reply to this


    What an absolutely evil bitch she was.
    Her grave should be turned into a public urinal.

  81. Vicky says – reply to this


    She probably fucked those dogs every night that ugly dog rapist. EW, btw has she never heard of a god damn tooth brush?!! Those are some NASTY ASS teeth, as if the dog molesting wasn`t enough!

  82. R33 says – reply to this


    I totally agree with Steph #11. I think it was a great idea for her to help the animals! What's wrong with that? At least dogs are grateful when you do nice things for them as opposed to people who just bitch and complain that they didn't get more! Plus, any human she could have potentially left money to has the ability to take care of themselves which is not the case for many animals today. If you're so upset that she gave her billions to help dogs, make your own $$$ and do as you wish with it. Don't criticise her for how she wishes her money spent especially since it is to help a good cause!

  83. Janes says – reply to this


    oh my GOD i can not believe this person give all her money to dogs. i am not being a bitch i do love animals not all of them.Anyways people are dying all over the world people care about there animals before kids which is sick. Someone can go to jail for 8 years for hurting an animal which is wrong but when there rape a child there get under one year are society is sick theres not going to be anyone left in our society if animals are above humans also look at the problems we face with children who are abuse in our society there become rapist and there have problems i am not saying all of them majority there is studies that show this.

  84. who g says – reply to this


    I dont even know who this is!

  85. 85

    It is her money and she can leave it to whomever she wishes. Good for homeless dogs!

  86. roxan says – reply to this


    bitch. people are dying of hunger, illnesses and such. fucking bitch, help people who need it.

  87. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – #76 : Nowhere did I ever say dogs were less deserving than people. Do you read false shit into everything everyone says? Do you tell a lot of people to commit suicide? Get thee to a shrink. You so over react. She should have provided for her kin AND dogs, IMHO. She didn't, and so obviously had no connection. It's bizarre, anti-family, self-centred and sad.

  88. Pffft says – reply to this


    Re: virtu – @ 71 - You don't sound particularly bright. Obamunist? Repub = $535 BILLION of your war tax dollars for how many of your future generations to pay. Owe to China. Moron.

  89. gator says – reply to this


    Uhm, Mike, @v@ can say anything he/she wants. This is a comment blog, fool.

  90. @v@ says – reply to this


    Mike - It's idiots that don't spay or neuter their freaking pets and then let them run around the neighbourhood impregnating every bitch, or dump pets they no longer want, or breed gazillions of pets to sell out of greed that are the problem, you freaking moron, not someone who thinks family should be taken care of as well as the SPCA.

  91. 91

    First, I don't believe in speaking ill of the dead, I try never to do it. But as for Leona Helmsly all I can say is that I can't believe how unfair it is that a dog could be given all of that money instead of a charity, when there are so many worthy causes.

  92. Brad says – reply to this


    Ask Mr Vicks dogs if THEY feel that they could not use crazy Leona's $$$$$$$ to make sure Mr Vick is punnished….ALOT

  93. Sera says – reply to this


    Fuck you, Perez. The millions of homeless, hungry, abused, neglected, and injured dogs of this world need the money more than her kids do.

  94. Babyg says – reply to this


    Why the hell does a dog need money? I mean it's not like they can spend it…Crazy fugly lady

  95. Deb says – reply to this


    I don't care who or what she leaves her money to. IT'S HER MONEY and she can do what she wants with it. You want someone trying to tell YOU what to do with your money? I just can't figure out why she didn't get her teeth done.

  96. p* says – reply to this


    im sure the dogs are all really really gratefull…….

  97. R says – reply to this


    I think that it would be nothing short of sinful to allow all of that money to go entirely to dogs. How absurd!! OK, she was an animal lover……great. Set aside some of the cash for animal shelters, etc. But we are living in a country where there are children and senior citizens who go to bed hungry and are unable to receive the medical care the so desperately need. For the love of god, help them. I love my pup (cutest boxer in the world) but animals are animals and people come first!!