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Filing The Paperwork

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Cynthia Rodriguez has retained legal counsel and intends to file for divorce from New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez on Monday.

C-Rod has hired Houston attorney Earle Lilly to head a team of lawyers, including Maurice Kutner of Miami, in a big bucks and sure-to-be bitter divorce case against her husband, A-Rod.

Lilly confirmed his hiring and says he was retained within the last week.

The divorce case will be played out in Dade County (Fla.) Family Court.

The suit cites a "long period of infidelity on the part or Mr. Rodriguez, an all-star baseball player for the New York Yankees." It also claims "emotional abandonment."

Cynthia is back in Miami after her getaway in Paris with "friend" Lenny Kravitz and is not available for comment on the advice of her attorneys.

A-Rod has yet to speak himself on this past week's dramz.

Stay tuned for all the latest!

[Image via WENN.]

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197 comments to “Filing The Paperwork”

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  1. honey says – reply to this


    She is a hot member of an online dating club """"C e l e b C u p i d.c o m ". Seems she is seeking casual lover. Does she feel lonely?

  2. Rum says – reply to this


    I have been to the Dominican Republican and take my word for it, it is filled with poor niggas who can only play baseball.

  3. Jeter says – reply to this


    Re: Ziny – Hey Ziny I totally agree! He is getting paid way too much money to let his personal life get in the way of the game! Screw Boston all the way ,26x championships baby! Besides he is not the only ballplayer out there who has been caught cheating. At least Jeter is smart rather than hurt anyone he lives his life privately and does what he wants without the bad outcomes!

  4. Booze says – reply to this


    Who cares about this philandering colored boy. Do you think any white woman would look at him twice if he didn't have money? Hell NO!

  5. squir says – reply to this


    Lenny Kravitz is the shiz

  6. seemj says – reply to this


    perez is a hack. there are alot of other bloggers that do not lie and steal.. . .

  7. Socie says – reply to this


    Why men agree to get married in this day and age is completely beyond me. All tangible and intangible benefits accrue to the woman once the ring is on the finger. More often than not, women push the marriage issue (who subscribes to Weddings Magazine? Hint: not men) and then - ironically enough - initiate 75% of all divorces. Hmm. So if a man cheats, he loses half of his shit during divorce proceedings. And rightfully so. But if the woman cheats, the man still loses half of his shit. Wait a second. Is that fair? Mmm, not so much. In conclusion: Marriage = the worst deal ever if you're a guy. In an era of nightmare litigation, courts that are overtly hostile to the rights of men during divorce proceedings, and exploding Internet liasons, the finacial risks of marriage are just not worth it. So avoid eating Fancy Feast in retirement - leave your girlfriend at the altar.

  8. money says – reply to this


    I hope she get what she deserves.

  9. 109

    emotional abandonment. what a killer

  10. Rainb says – reply to this


    She stayed because of the money. Claim your slice now! so typical.

  11. Vegat says – reply to this


    and where is Madona's husband standing in all this?

    I mean they drag this poor guy all that way out here from the U.K, gets parade all over New York City like a sad puppet. All you british people should boycott this nasty, skank's music, and never buy her shitty ass singles again.

    She is basically putting it in all your british' asses!

  12. sexyg says – reply to this


    hahahAHAH perez i llove how you fail to show that his wife said the madonna fling was the last straw and thats when she realized she wanted a divorce she DOES know they are having an affair they were together at his game after.. PEOPLE even saw and apparently she did too.. soooooooo once again ur just bias to ur celebs and the ones u dont like UD be BOLDING THAT SHIT..

  13. Slade says – reply to this


    What a digusting pig he is. You too, Madonna. You should know better, you thoughtless asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you? He has two tiny children and a wife. I will not be paying another cent toward your career, bitch.

  14. opi says – reply to this


    I agree about Madonna. What sorry people are in show biz these days, no role models. She has a good chance of losing that little African boy, she dragged the poor kid to the Yankees game to see her boyfriend, when the child is supposed to be bonding with his new adoptive family. Not good mothering skills. Both Madonna and A-Rod are beyond selfish, and the pain to the abandoned wife, husband Guy and children on both sides is incalcuable.

  15. Del says – reply to this


    so that's Alex R. he's f'n hot!

  16. Plank says – reply to this


    Re: shard – Why do angry, bitter, ignorant, non-spiritual, sexist sociopaths think they are so intelligent?

  17. Matt says – reply to this


    She is smoking hot. C-Rod? Dude why the hell would you cheat on her?

  18. Ziny says – reply to this


    Re: Jeter – I'm a huge Jeter fan and I admire that he does not let his private life damage his play…. but although he is single and,let's face it, fucking around anything that has boobies, eventually he is going to get burned for doing so… I mean, come on, you eventually get tired of doing the same shit, right? The woman that marries Jeteris going to be my Goddess forever…..I don;t see that man settling anytime soon….

  19. haha says – reply to this


    lol ppl are saying dominican this dominican that but arod was born in nyc, only lived like 3 years in dr and then his family moved back to the states (florida, i believe). she's definitely not a golddigger or some white trash whore, arod is smarter than that to marry someone that could possibly bankrupt him. i heard in the post a while back that her family is loaded, her dad makes mad money or something like that. you're just mad that by the time he retires he's gonna probably be worth about half a billion dollars, that means that if you get every american person to give you a dollar he would still be richer than you by a long shot. go obama!

  20. Kandi says – reply to this


    Best news I've heard ALL day. . .

  21. KelBe says – reply to this


    If you marry a professional athlete it is some what expected!!! No? At least she got to hit the former hot, Kravitzsshaa, no? Well, we still have Beckshmaa? Hot , YES! YES!!! I LOVE ARMANI!!!!! He would never xxxx…yyyy against POSH SPICE! AKA VICTORIA BECKHAM. BLESSED GIRL!!

  22. Justi says – reply to this


    She looks like she could kill him in the photo

  23. marie says – reply to this


    madge is a old whore, I hope she breaks her neck on tour.

  24. hhaha says – reply to this


    That's what the white whore gets for trying to marry a man for his money. All Black men cheat on these pasty ugly white whores who marry for the money. OH WELL that's what they get!

  25. bluez says – reply to this


    Perez, let me begin by saying: I LOVE YOU! Pero…(but)….come on now, why you focusin' on this dude? I want to know what up with Winehouse….or the hulkster! I wouldnt mind more pictures of hot dudes, but not this dude. All is good in da hood and peace out. Much love to you Perez!!!

  26. hi says – reply to this





  27. luis says – reply to this


    Re: wellp – and we all came from apes idiot,so i guess u should be at the zoo with him!!

  28. Bow says – reply to this


    Gotta say, that Madonna is fucking HOT!
    I mean, damn girl, @ almost 50, and she still got game! Playa!!

  29. J says – reply to this


    A woman hits her prime at 50. Ask me, I'm 51 and have young men after me every day. Too bad I am not like that. Madonna put it on him but she wanted to keep it on the down low. He couldn't handle it. That's why I leave these young boys alone. They are not ready for prime time. :)

  30. J says – reply to this


    A woman hits her prime at 50. Ask me, I'm 51 and have young men after me every day. Too bad I am not like that. Madonna put it on him but she wanted to keep it on the down low. He couldn't handle it. That's why I leave these young boys alone. They are not ready for prime time. :)

  31. J says – reply to this


    A woman hits her prime at 50. Ask me, I'm 51 and have young men after me every day. Too bad I am not like that. Madonna put it on him but she wanted to keep it on the down low. He couldn't handle it. That's why I leave these young boys alone. They are not ready for prime time. :)

  32. chica says – reply to this


    Re: ww – lmao at this its hilarious

  33. agree says – reply to this


    Re: Socie – Agree 100%! MEN, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, get married!

  34. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: J

    Best post ever!
    Totally agree. Madge is a playa.
    But she wanted to do that shiz quietly, and A-Rod become obsessed and blew it!

  35. 135

    this is weirrrrrrrrrd. "long period of infidelity on the part or Mr. Rodriguez" got me. hellooooooo. he likes to fuck muscular toronto strippers but i'd still bang him! LOL

  36. dune says – reply to this


    I wonder if this is what sports owners were thinking giving star players these $100 million plus salaries that some bitch whose job was to fuck their husband, hire the nanny to raise the kids, buy shit for the houses and spend their money on extravagant lifestyles would take half their contracts and at most wear the jersey of their husbands and be shown on the Jumbotron? All the while ticket prices keep getting jacked up.

  37. Don' says – reply to this


    I don't wanna know
    If your playin me, keep it on the low
    Cause my heart can't take it anymore
    And if your creepin, please don't let it show
    Oh baby, I don't wanna know

    I don't wanna know
    If your playin me, keep it on the low
    Cause my heart can't take it anymore
    And if your creepin, please don't let it show
    Oh baby, I don't wanna know

    I don't wanna know
    If your playin me, keep it on the low
    Cause my heart can't take it anymore
    And if your creepin, please don't let it show
    Oh baby, I don't wanna know

  38. quier says – reply to this


    madonna would not touch this fool with her 10 inch pole.

  39. Guy-R says – reply to this


    After Cynthia takes 'The Rod' to the CLEANERS, I'm going to do the SAME THING with my wrinkled old hag. Shit, I should be able to skim about 100 Million off M and Cynthia should be able to get the same. I call it a WIN-WIN for us! Ain't DIVORCE GRAND?

  40. yanna says – reply to this


    Please he's better off she knew what she was getting into….a nd now she blames madonna could that woman get a life get the money leave so we don't have to see her face about this everyday in nyc papers, we know nothing maybe th elast kid isn't his

  41. Sue says – reply to this


    Cynthia looks more like a man than Madonna does. She has a full on Adams Apple people! Ugly!

    He must be attracted to trannies.

  42. sicko says – reply to this


    I like tmz better. People on this website are of the lowest grade. Everyone saying good for ARod cause he is to hot for her??? First of all what about their children you idiots? That's what matters not who rates better on a scale of one to ten!! Now there are two little girls in the world who have to grow up with a scumbag father who cheated on their mom and who will do who knows what else in the future that these kids who DIDNT ask to be here are ganna have to deal with!! SELFISH!! He deserves to loose all his fame and fortune! MARRIAGE AND CHILDREN ARE NOT A JOKE PEOPLE!!

  43. juju says – reply to this


    A major league baseball player committing adultery?????? Shocking!!!!!

  44. Gina says – reply to this


    I also thought Alex and Jeter were so attractive and looked more like brothers than friends. They also have the same taste in women, nothing wrong with that, as long as they handle their private affairs in private. Jeter should have told Alex to remain single until after their careers were over in order to avoid what is happening for A-Rod now.

  45. chimp says – reply to this


    Re: hhaha – No these white women should stick with their own species!! Monkeys and humans are not meant to marry!! I could picture him swingin from vine to vine with a f*ckin coconut hangin off him and a banana in his mouth!!! F*ckin monky ass looking and Acting dominican people.

  46. s says – reply to this



  47. Riasc says – reply to this


    Black people throughout Hispaniola might be poor, but they are decent, hard-working people who take care of their families. ARod is one of the lucky few, along with most of the Black baseball players from Dominica who made it out, so I won't fault him. He made a mistake case closed, and so did Tom Brady.

  48. DoMe says – reply to this


    Know what I think? I think I would LOVE for A-Rod to take his big, fat, rock hard ROD and plow it into me! I would like for A-Rod to throw me down, push my legs back and pump his loads deep inside me. Yeah! And I'm a guy!

  49. jenbu says – reply to this


    two idiots.

  50. jag says – reply to this


    Madonna has always had a thing for "men of color," and Guy Ritchie does seem a bit boring compared to her tastes. Although I would be suspicious of any guy nicknamed "A-Rod" - it just seems painful.
    Check out grrlplanet

  51. Stan says – reply to this


    I didn't know monkeys played baseball.

  52. andre says – reply to this


    Haa he deserves it! He cheated tooooo many times. She should get half of his millions for putting up with his shit.

  53. bling says – reply to this


    madonna is a homewrecking ho… so obvious what is going on here..

  54. haha says – reply to this


    Alex tied MICKEY MANTLE last night! And to call him over-priced is just dumb, Major League Baseball made a record 6 billion dollars last year as opposed to less than 1/3 of that around 2000. The Steinbrenners (owners of the Yankees and 1/3 owners of the YES television network) just want one thing every year: for the Yankees to win a World Series. When A-Rod was on the DL earlier this season, the Yankees were doing a HELL OF A LOT WORSE. He is on pace, once again and as usual for him, to hit over .300 over 100 RBIs and over 30-40 home runs this year. Despite all this current controversy, he's KICKING ASS on the field and all us fans are appreciating it, and I'm sure the Steinbrenners are too. He's the best baseball player, without argument, ever… maybe tied with Babe Ruth. Considering the average salary is something like $4 million right now for any major league player (average, not median), I don't find it ridiculous that he's gettin 25+ mil a year because he helps the Yanks made it past regular season, which attracts more fans which rakes more money. ITS A BUSINESS!

  55. bling says – reply to this


    madonna is so nasty with the amount of guys she has banged… and women… lol.. shes lucky she has talent because her looks def dont go anywhere. whats scary is that she is more buff than even A-Rod LMAO

  56. Tony says – reply to this


    White trash whores always prefer to lower their standards and will f**k anything. Madonna always married White, though White men are too good for her. In future, she should stick to the "men of colour" as well, Cynthia, the traitorous, low class Greek bitch.

  57. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Riasc – I agree with you. Those Hispanic blacks have nothing to do with the angry African-Americans like 50-cent (as an example). They have values and all they care about in general is making it big so they can send money back to their families. I mean shit, they speak Spanish, do "niggas" speak Spanish? Stop being so racist people. And Alex is not even black I might add and went to UMiami and graduated, on a side note.
    Cheating and philandering happens to people of all races and class.

  58. Dr. P says – reply to this


    Please, Perez, don't be guided by Madonna in your back pocket on this one, as you do with most things Paris Hilton. We know you LOVE her, but, she is a total homewrecking skank, who thought nothing of her own children and the little ones of the Rodriguezs. And, poor Guy!! He's such a nice person and being treated like utter crapola. Madonna is a selfish, ruthless, conniving imperialist, who uses Kabbalah to excuse her bad behavior. She is completely despicable and hateful - and a LIAR. Re her quote to People - protesting too much. She's gotten caught and she's think she can just lie her way out of it. Worthless Kunt.

  59. 159

    Oh well

  60. 160

    Re: Olive

    Ummm I think she did choose wisely.

  61. Ortiz says – reply to this


    Arod is Black and so are all the other Dominican baseball players. Not all Black people come from the states asshole. Blacks speak Spanish, french and other languages too. my family are proud Black Dominicans and we are proud of A-rod too.

  62. Bear says – reply to this


    yes "niggas speak Spanish, I hear it all day long here in Brooklyn. Niggas from the Dominican island go to college to play ball, niggas from the states go to college to place ball. They are all descended from the same slave ships that docked in different parts of the world. So what? I got white friends who are tickled pink when I call them niggas.

  63. Domin says – reply to this


    Re: Greek – You inane dimwit, you would say that this is the only thing that we Dominicans are good for. Alex Rodriguez is not indicative of a whole people. For that matter is Madonna indicative of all anglo actions? I sure hope not. It sickens me that behind these posts there is always a loser waiting to bash other races, ethnicities and nationalities to makeup for their own shortcomings. Get a LIFE.

  64. Benny says – reply to this


    haha, you sound like an angry Spanish speaking Nigga yourself, honey, judging by the way you talk. Not all Niggas come from America as was duly noted, they come from Dominican, Cuba, Haiti, and every place else. Nigga isn't exactly an offensive term to me. My parents came from Dominican over twenty years ago, they still speak more Spanish than English and that's the only way you can tell they are Blacks from back home because you wouldn't no different from looking at them.

  65. 165

    Re: haha

    ROTFLMAO @ your incredibly dumb ass comments. "They speak Spanish". Duh!

    They speak the language of their colonizers you moron. If Spain had taken North America guess what we all would be speaking genius. Oh and I guess all the African American celebs that make it big and give their friends jobs,buy their parents houses,cars etc aren't thinking about their families. LMAO WTF kind of fool are you ? ROTLMAO @ your blatantly pompous stupidity.

  66. haha says – reply to this


    Re: NubianGoddess – Pompous? Go look up that word on dictionary.com cause I am not comin off as pompous… No shit all blacks started in Africa, but if you had any brains you would be able to tell that I was insinuating that Dominicans, Haitians, etc. don't have the same mentality as African-Americans. I didn't say anything stupid whatsoever, i just checked my comments and they are not inaccurate. We are talking in generalizations here of course, and as a generalization, those non-American Spanish speaking blacks born and raised outside the U.S. are much more grateful than the impoverished African-American ones, you sound like a fucking moron to me looking to jump on the first comment that isn't neutral and mind-numbing. Have a fun life hating on white guys like me sticking up for the little guys …

  67. Peace says – reply to this


    I think this haha person has serious self-image and identity problems, I have met a few Spanish speaking Black people like her, not too many I'm happy to say, and usually the ones who think like her are of the older generation. Black Spanish people like haha aren't treated very well by their lighter counterparts, but the darker ones still kiss their asses to be accepted by them. It happened to my Black Spanish speaking cousin when she married her lighter Spanish speaking boyfriend. They married anyway and have been happy with each other for many years. I have also heard Dominicans call themselves Niggas. Interestingly enough, I have heard the so-called cool Asian dudes call themselves the same thing. That word has lost its orginal meaning and intent, just like today the word Gay refers to homosexuals when in the past it had a different connotation. I'm half Jewish and Italian and I call my Blacks friends, both Domican, Puerto Rican, and Black Americans, Nigga, when they call me a Wop, a Dago, a crakka, and a skinny white boy trying to be down. Seriously, people take themselves too seriously when they feel insecure and have an inferiority complex. I don't have one so words don't bother me. Peace out.

  68. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Peace – You mis-read me completely… I'm a white straight male. Identity problems? Sounds like you have issues with trying to read between the lines in comments on this site when theres nothing in between those lines… I said "nigga" sarcastically because of the amount of racists in these posts and there is nothing further to read about it … I'm glad for your cousins…? Peace

  69. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Peace – I just looked at your comment again and I think it's hilarious that you took a French-American white male for an old-school thinking Dominican black woman. You just made yourself look like a racist and it seems like you actually even attempt to mask "haha" and my relatively brief comments to find out my race let alone part of the world I live in? You look like an IDIOT!

  70. k says – reply to this


    madonna is a scum bag, one of the lowest forms on earth,

  71. Janie says – reply to this


    Glad she is finally getting rid of this piece of shit! GO RED SOX!!

  72. Kevin says – reply to this


    The person that I feel bad for is Madonna's husband. He seems like a very nice guy. He should never have gotten involved with that white trash whore! Alex Rodriguez is a cheating scum bag!!

  73. Help says – reply to this


    I am sorry for haha, why does she embarrass herself by pretending to be a white male? It's so apparent that haha is female, Black, Spanish speaking, and has a dissociative identity disorder. Just reading her comments make me cringe. Haha please, stop with the generalization. My boyfriend is a content well-adjusted Black man from the Dominican Republican and he is so proud of himself it's sickening sometimes. I have visited the island many times and I feel bad that I can't do more to help the Black people there, but I do what I can.

  74. ltran says – reply to this


    Ah, I remember back in the day when he was in Seattle. He was young, single and you did not hear one bad thing about him.
    Should have stayed single A-Rod$$.

    His wife is not too smart going up against Madonna though. She better have some of Made's yoga panties or somthing to back it up.

  75. miche says – reply to this


    I love A-Rod and the Yankee's!!!!

  76. Manu says – reply to this


    french American white male, straight white male? Sigh. Can anyone be so obviously the opposite of what they claim to be. Ha-ha is tragic, I don't know what else to say. Dissociative Identity Disorder, yes, i see it now, how one can try to completely detached herself from the reality she sees when she looks in the mirror. And the reality all of society sees when they look at her, regardless of any language she speaks. It is heartbreaking really.

  77. LEANN says – reply to this





  78. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Manu – You are blowing everything out of proportion man… I am very sympathetic (obviously) to blacks from below the U.S. and expressed just that, which by most people's standards would make me a non-hating, tolerant person. You just can't imagine why a yes, straight, young French-American male would have an opinion on the subject of comparing poor blacks in America to poor blacks below the U.S.? Tu es un con sans vie qui cherche a enmerder les gens sur ce site par-ce-que t'as rien de mieux a faire? Dissociative my ass.. what am I supposed to be, a white supremecist? It's a lose-lose on this site, if I write anything that is opiniated it's either racist and on the other side of the spectrum, such as in this case, I'm dissociative? I don't recall pretendin to be an old black Dominican lady, you chose to see my sympathetic comment as coming from one because you can't imagine someone not hating everyone who isn't like him/herself.

  79. FuckU says – reply to this


    WTF!! Are you dumping on the Mexicans for? What do they have to do with any of this? A-Rod-Hole is a dumb nigga who got caught with his pants down for rubbing his wife face in his extra-affairs. And don't bother to call me a racist for calling my boy Alex a nigga. I'm Hispanic and I hear Dominicans call me a wetback beaner and I don't give a fuck. Just words, my friend smart people know that. I like A-Rod and hopes he gets to keep most of his money, so stick to the topic.

  80. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Help – I AM SUPPORTING PEOPLE LIKE YOUR BOYFRIEND! READ! You are so stupid, and where is this "dissociative identity disorder" coming from in you and "Peace"'s vocab? From that Courtney Love post yesterday! Otherwise you'd find some other word because it's no coincidence both of you (if you're not one and the same person) are trying to identify me as a mental case, and in specifics, dissociative! Why are you fighting someone supporting people like your boyfriend? What is it about my comments on this post that makes me sound dissociative, because I used the word "nigga"? If you really think I am a black dominican woman, I'm not laughing at this point; YOU are crazy.

  81. Petey says – reply to this


    Please HaHa stay off the translation websites, we all know about them and they make you look even less authentic! Gawd! Do you even realize how ridiculous you are. Should I go on one type in a translation and then come back and type in French that you are even a bigger fool than I previously thought you were.

  82. Tan says – reply to this


    Ha-ha, please take your medication, did you forget to take it this morning. Most of the comments have hit it right on the head about you and you know it that's why it bothers you so much that so many people have figured you out. It's so clearly transparent. I had an old neighbor like you from Puerto Rico, but she was old and of another generation so we cut her some slack. Stop trying to convince people because it only makes thing worst by protesting too much as Shakespeare said.

  83. haha says – reply to this


    Re: Petey – This is my last post, I didn't use a translation website. You are looking for drama where there is none, I live in Paris and don't speak Spanish and do speak French. Everything I've said up to this point is true, I tried showing a little French and you conclude immediately that I went to a translation site? THAT is ridiculous. I'm no longer gonna go back and forth trying to prove that I am what I claim to be because I can't prove it, this is the internet. If I typed out a page worth of French you still would say the same thing. This is ridiculous beyond words how you people have to stay with your opinions and can't backtrack and realize that I am not talking like a black Dominican woman, I don't speak Spanish, etc. I guess I can't be vindicated… I tried, but that's the madness of the internet I suppose. I don't really blame you for thinking I'm someone I'm not with all the weirdos in cyberspace so I am not even mad at you, I'm just mad that you don't believe me and are making a ridiculous claim that I'm the opposite race, gender, nationality, fluent in the opposite latin language… I'll stop posting because after all this is just a celeb gossip site, I thought the comments section was meant for expressing individuals' views. I did just that and now am being accused by multiple people on this site that I'm a black woman Dominican… wow… wow.

  84. rough says – reply to this


    Cynthis looks like Sandra Bernhart

  85. sick says – reply to this


    Re: LEANN – You my dear are too dumb for words. He is AMERICAN of Dominican descent. Enough said.

  86. Krist says – reply to this


    He spoke…he hit a Home Run last night. Business as usual!

  87. ? says – reply to this


    Re: Benny – Who the fuck are you talking to you dumb fuck, you click on –reply to this — to address someone. Duh!!

  88. freeb says – reply to this


    Why do so many black athletes marry white women?

  89. chick says – reply to this


    Re: freeb – Cause we like a great big mandingo louisville slugger and the money's good.

  90. freeb says – reply to this


    Re: Chick - Well you answered why white women like to marry black atheletes, and your answer makes a lot of sense, but my question is why do black atheletes like to marry white women?

  91. Dean says – reply to this


    You would think these beautiful white women would learn , marry a n—er and you're going to be treated like one.

  92. girly says – reply to this


    Re Freeb - Because we smell better.

  93. Reece says – reply to this


    This bitch is going to take all of his money, and would have eventually done it anyway; at least he had some (outside) fun in the meantime. I just don't understand why pro atheletes marry 'regular' girls. They might as well just hand them a blank check on their first date.

  94. 194

    Re: JERRY
    k asshoile he isnt a "nigga"
    2nd dont use that damn word!
    and 3rd that bitch is a gold digger!

  95. Scarl says – reply to this


    Sports stars are the biggest sluts ever, not husband material if you ask me. But what a dick, why cheat??? If you want to sleep around then be single first!!!!!!!

  96. 196


  97. Erica says – reply to this


    She looks like McGrevy's wife!

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