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Back To Black

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Lily Allen is back to her natural hair color, and she wrote a blog about it!

She says:

"I got bored of the pink , I can't believe i'm posting a blog about my hair , sooooooo " the hills" kinda sorta finished the album , hopefully a single out soon , but i'm definitely gonna post a new song or two this week . I'm starting Bikram yoga tomorrow , YAWN . . That pic of me up there is in my new flat , i've been in for a week and it's been an OK move , I've been sofa surfing and living in hotels for two years , so it's really weird being in this place alone , and don't get too excited burglars , i've got metal roller blinds that go down at night and a panic button by my bed , no panic room though . food for thought . it has been a tough week though , you may have heard my nan passed away , last weekend , we were close and even though she had been very ill for the last few years , it was a big shock , and surreal to find out at Glastonbury . But i went up to see my grandad in Kings lynn (where they lived) and drove him down to Wales where we will bury her on friday. All very sad , but he is doing well and being very brave . I love my family . Anyway the point is my nan would have killed me if I went to her funeral with pink hair , so there is another reason . Anyways in other news , I'm getting a dog from Battersea dogs home , i found her on the weekend , and after a visit from a rehoming officer hopefully, i'll have her by next week . She's called Honey and she's quite fat (insert dogs like their owners joke here) , but very sweet , she's a mongrel . There were so many Stafforshire Bullies there it was so sad . People should really think about getting puppies from breeders or breeding them for that matter , if you saw all those poor dogs without a home with their sad little faces , you wouldn't even think about buying dogs from people who profit . I'm starting Bikram yoga tomorrow , YAWN . . please can everyone stop stabbing each other in the UK , it's really sad , my thoughts are with all the families affected by these heinious crimes . we need to have a knife amnesty , we should put on a big concert to raise awareness and stop the violence , Boris , if your listening , call me man speak soon peeps x xx"

Looks much better!

P.S. Who's Boris?

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201 comments to “Back To Black”

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  1. paris says – reply to this



  2. First says – reply to this


    Not First

  3. maze says – reply to this


    first…boris the mayor of london

  4. r says – reply to this



  5. paris says – reply to this



  6. evaa says – reply to this


    wheeee i didnt make first :(
    lily allen is psycho.

  7. Aliso says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London.

  8. k says – reply to this


    Love LILY!!!!! Leave her alone mario!

  9. Naz says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London

  10. fran says – reply to this


    boris johnson, the mayor of london. of course, if americans bothered about anything but themselves, they would know that.

  11. bobee says – reply to this



  12. WB says – reply to this



  13. Katie says – reply to this


    who cares? shes a has-been!

  14. k says – reply to this


    BORIS is the Mayor of London you stupid arsehole. Suprised you didnt know this as your heads soooooo big these days!

  15. Brian says – reply to this


    Boris is Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London - did you even attempt to find out?

  16. Annie says – reply to this



  17. yo says – reply to this


    FIRST! how ironic that even though she does all the things she does (ahem ahem) she has a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in her living room. [picture of Mother Mary on her left side]

  18. Twigz says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson? London Mayor?

  19. Mr. I says – reply to this


    Boris is the Lord Mayor of London

  20. K says – reply to this


    Lily is amazing and her new songs no her Myspace are fucking brilliant!!!!!

  21. Steph says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson - Mayor of London - prick!

  22. Natal says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London

  23. Anon says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. Shes right there needs to ba a knife amnesty in London because so many young people even 12 and 13 year olds are carrying knives and being killed.

  24. Sarah says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, mayor of London

  25. Kimmy says – reply to this


    The mayor of London…

  26. holz says – reply to this


    No sarky comments Perez?

    No insults?

    Thank God you've left her alone for once

  27. clomc says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

  28. slcra says – reply to this


    boris johnson: mayor of london?

  29. mello says – reply to this


    boris johnson… london's mayor!

  30. stefa says – reply to this


    i love lily allen. i dont care what anyone says. shes a star!

  31. K says – reply to this


    LOVE LILY! Hope she doesnt go back to America cause its full of fucked up arseholes. The only culture Americans know is their own cause their so thick. Its a well known fact ill have you know.

  32. Aimee says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

  33. rosie says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London!
    I like her with dark hair..

  34. katie says – reply to this


    boris johnson is the mayor of london. and yes - there are too many stabbings going on here!!!!!

  35. Laura says – reply to this


    Boris = Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

  36. k says – reply to this


    Perez your so fucking nosy man, none of your business who Boris is? Bet you thought it was a secret boyfriend or something when its the Mayor of London! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  37. rinz says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the mayor of London. A bona fide creep notorious for being both racist and homophobic and most recently a self-serving coward. He recently advised Londoners to 'just keep walking' by if they saw anyone being attacked or such. A lovely man, I'm sure you'll agree.

  38. zsuzs says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the new mayor of London

  39. Barne says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson - The London Mayor!

  40. clair says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson the mayor of London

  41. Jade says – reply to this


    Boris, as in Boris Johnson, as in Mayor Of London! Jeeez, perez get a grip

  42. memem says – reply to this


    Boris is the mayor of london.

  43. Leoni says – reply to this


    For the love of god perez, enough of this stupid ugly useless hag. We get enough of her in London.

  44. Ritzy says – reply to this


    Boris is Boris Johnston, the new mayor of London

  45. ZZZZZ says – reply to this


    boris johnson, mayor of LDN… google him for his fab hair.

  46. K says – reply to this


    Your an american Perez so ofcourse you didnt know who Boris was! Americans are all dumb arseholes.

  47. akbee says – reply to this


    boris is the mayor of london

  48. B23 says – reply to this


    Boris is the mayor of london

  49. Wee says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, I'm surprised at your ignorance. Boris Johnson is the brand new Mayor of London. How do we (In the UK) know who the Mayor of NY is but you don't know who the Mayor of London is? Amazing.

  50. K says – reply to this


    Boris the mayor of London, a racist idiot.

  51. shana says – reply to this


    yeah that racist wanker who is now the mayor of london.. the man needs to go fuck himself. piece of shite

  52. PainI says – reply to this


    Hey, I'm not sure but I think Boris is a reference to Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. I think I read that somewhere before. Hmmmm. Mayor of London? Yeah, that's it. Mayor. Of. London.

  53. K says – reply to this


    Its pretty pathetic Britians know who the Mayor of NY is but no american could name a British MP or even the Prime minister! Americans are dumb arseholes.

  54. dan says – reply to this


    Typical yank who knows fuck all about any other country…boris is the new homophobic mayor of london. He got boo'd to shit at the pride march this weekend.

  55. bling says – reply to this


    wow. she looks fuckable now

  56. tommy says – reply to this


    can she get a nose job and i've never heard one song from her we wouldnt know who she is if perez didnt have a fetish about her move on BTW PLZZZ dont ever take your shirt off again peace

  57. chloe says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is mayor of londonnnnnnn

  58. tommy says – reply to this


    Re: K – we dont care thats the difference

  59. zane says – reply to this


    boris is the racist homphobic cunt mayor of london, nelwy elected a complete conservative shitbag.

  60. klik says – reply to this


    Well, I'm neither British nor American, but simply curious as to how many of you Brits out there happen to know who the current mayor of LA is? (Without googling???)

  61. La Mi says – reply to this


    Boris is not only the major of london but also her best pretend friend who likes her

  62. Stef says – reply to this


    Re: tommy – EXACTLY. you don't care, speaks for itself.Re: tommy

  63. Saman says – reply to this


    Boris is the Major of London… look him up, he is hilarious!!!

  64. sam-n says – reply to this


    she's so unlike pigface porkez hilton

  65. em says – reply to this


    Re: klik

    Well i do and im 16..

  66. LH says – reply to this


    She looks better.

  67. JB says – reply to this


    Fran - how many Brits know the name of the mayor of Los Angeles? And don't cheat and do a net search before answering, lol.

  68. Poppy says – reply to this


    i love how she thinks her putting on a concert would raise awareness. considering it's the most discussed and debated issue in london at the minute, i'm pretty sure there's already a huge level of awareness without the additional pain of inflicting lily allen's songs on people. i'm sure the families of the 19 people killed so far this year, are totally comforted by the idea the lily dearest has asked her myspace friends not to stab anyone. idiot.

  69. Frank says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson is the new London Mayor

  70. tipto says – reply to this


    boris johnson is the mayor of london..
    love how you think you know england perez - stick to what you know plz :]

  71. Rocky says – reply to this


    BORIS JOHNSON I think she is referring to. He is the mayor of London.
    Kisses Perez xx

  72. Moo says – reply to this


    Re: K – So racist his wife is Indian?….Stop being so knee jerk! Just becasue he is a Tory doesn't automatically make him homophobic and racist!

  73. Angel says – reply to this


    She's lovely and I hope she has success with her album.

  74. emma says – reply to this


    boris is a fantastic man (and hot if you ask me) who is neither homophobic or racist - half his team are gay and his wife is half indian. if people bothered to research before they made these statements then their comments would be a little more valid! look him up perez he's awesome!!! xx

  75. Sian says – reply to this


    over in the UK we have 'real' polititions, none of this arnie rubbish u have!

  76. Aussi says – reply to this



    sorry about the caps but just trying to get attention… wondering…

    im in australia and the website has (and has had for quite some time) australian pictures, on the side and pics of perez with aussie people eg kylie and danni minogue, delta goodrem etc and i was jw if people in the states or in england or ireland or italy or wherever you are has the same background theme thing?

    its really got me thinking… im going to check this back cos im a wondering!
    thanks guys xoxoxoxoxo

  77. wank says – reply to this


    I thought the gun ban was supposed to stop "all the violence"? Soon you'll be banning forks because your goverment feels you cant take care of yourselves. Also just saw the brit goverment report that says kids who dont like ethnic food are most likely rascist. Your country is so fucked.

  78. CAter says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, mayor of london

  79. Sizzl says – reply to this


    Pee- why you so harsh to Lil's- she seems like a cool, down to earth chick to me, although i don't know her music that well…

  80. :) says – reply to this


    Perez, I think she means Boris Johnston, the mayor of London. I like Lily, she's cool. Nice to see her hair back to her natural colour, although i did think the blonde suited her. Looking forward to the new album.

  81. Rose says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, very blonde mayor of London. X

  82. steph says – reply to this


    cant believe perez, such a worldly educated man, doesnt know who boris johnson is….especially after his posts about looving londoon

  83. Miss says – reply to this


    if you think perez is a "prick" or a bigheaded "stupid arsehole" then why the fuck are you reading his goss page? NOBS!

  84. :) says – reply to this


    Ps i know who the mayor of LA is (and i didn't google) but i don't remember his name. I know he's hispanic and he's pretty hot, not like our Boris lmao! I was reading something a few weeks back about papparazzi or something. I also remember seeing him on tv when the Beckhams came to town. Don't have a clue about the New York mayor though.

  85. Miss says – reply to this


    PS. thinking of you lily, my heart goes out to you & your family on friday xxxxx

  86. Isla says – reply to this


    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. How IGNORANT.

  87. princ says – reply to this


    Re: Aussi – ya im in canada and we def got some special background of perez with canadians with writing all over them that says "canada loves perez". i also wonder about the other countries. anybody??

  88. emily says – reply to this


    you must feel like a right fucking idiot. boris who? u ignorant obese prick!!!!! love ya lilly

  89. grice says – reply to this


    Perez, you would love Boris! He's totally over the top.

    BTW- to all you name-callers — give Perez (and America) a break! Boris has only just become mayor. You think that because you know the mayor of NY that makes you the authority, and by proxy, makes all American's dumb?! I could drive to the furthest reaches of the UK and back in the time it takes you to get across Texas. Maybe you need a geography lesson. Or just some manners… xx

  90. Jen says – reply to this


    Ok people, we got it. He's the freaking mayor of London. Stop rewriting it a million times! How annoying!
    Anyway, I like what she said about not buying a dog so someone else can profit. It is so true!!! She's a cutie. Love the hair back to normal too!

  91. Ruth says – reply to this


    Boris is the mayor of London. There's been a big uproar in the news recently due to the increasing levels of knife crime there x

  92. Lacey says – reply to this


    Maybe once upon a time people were interested (cuz at the start of your career you were unique) but since you sold out and became a victim of "celebrity" no one believes a word you say. (And what I mean by that is -losing weight to conform, changing your image / style to conform, repeating what your managers tell you to *but adding a bit of a Lily 'twang' and professing they're your views* and writing about how you were even contemplating surgery cuz some hoe bag from a shiteous band called you names… *Even tho I'm pretty pissed at you for selling out, You're obviously not fat or ugly so no one should have the right to say that about you, least of all some skank from "girls allowed" - I heard that Cheryl's husband is gay anyway HAHA*)
    I'm so mad cos I was a real fan and really supported you at the start Lily but I think you should treat your fans ALOT better. You can't just pick us up and put us down as and when you want, Sure you've had a hard year and I genuinely am sorry to hear about your troubles but atleast show us the respect we show you. I look forward to seeing the old (and real) Lily back soon. Peace out fellow Perez-ers!! xxx

  93. Alex says – reply to this


    One has to wonder.. If Lily Allen is that bored about going to Yoga that she mentions it twice " I'm starting Bikram yoga tomorrow , YAWN . . " why is she bothering…???

    Also don't worry about not knowing who Boris is Perez, we Brits still love you anyway! (and for the record Boris is hilarious! I love his hair)

  94. clair says – reply to this


    Antonio Villaraigosa……I'm British and I know this because I got to know this without googling it. I read newspapers and current affairs. People should get to know what is going on with their own country and others around them. But saying that should you not want to know about other countries then that's your choice. Brits shouldn't jump down American people throats because they don't know all about Britain. I'm British and proud to be and don't feel the need for any other countries approval. Personally I think it's sad that you shouldn't want to read about whats going on with the world whether you're American, British or any other nationality. I've travelled America and loved many parts and I love my own country I would rather embrace more than a hater who hates anything other than my own kind.

  95. Robin says – reply to this


    I'm impressed, Perez. You are actually being nice to Lily. Is it because she kicked your ass last time? (will forever love her photo of you)

  96. FReal says – reply to this


    I really like that Perez is being nice to Lily now. That whole thing before pissed me off. She's a sweet girl.

  97. FReal says – reply to this


    Re: fran

    Yes, because I'm certain you know who the mayor of Chicago is. Troll.

  98. PEREZ says – reply to this


    I know Lily reads EVERYTHING about herself, not to fed her own ego, but so she can pretend to be a "fan" and stick up for herself! Yes people - You heard right… Lily Allen openly admitted to doing such things on her TV show aired in the UK.

  99. Bean says – reply to this


    Are you serious? Boris is Mayor of London.

  100. Sarah says – reply to this


    Perez, darling, if you're so Anglophile, you'd realize that Boris is Boris Johnson, the new mayor of London. He's a Tory. He took over from Ken, and has the 2nd worst haircut in the world, next to Mr. Trump. And yes, I'm an American and I know this stuff!

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