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Hello Airbrush!

| Filed under: Jessica BielPhotoshop Awardz


A very VERY Photoshopped Jessica Biel does the cover of the new Harper's Bazaar.

She's definitely way too airbrushed!

They did manage to make her look more feminine, though, and less like a dog.

That's a good thing, we think. Although, we love a good dog!

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236 comments to “Hello Airbrush!”

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  1. dj wa says – reply to this


    Re: I-DONRe: I-DON – i want to know what he knows
    i only lmpw rhis beeth from 7th heaven which bored every1 so they had ro start sucking one anothers balls for ratings… oh the viewers too
    sucked balls so is she doing porn now?? headjobss 4 cASh ahahahha

  2. JEN says – reply to this


    i agree they did too much airbrushing. she's looks better when she's natural and who are you to call her a dog.. she's so much better looking than that ugly aginess chick from britain who you think it's so hot-not! just because she doesn't put her business out there and wants some privacy doesn't make her a bad person.. at least hasn't been to jail, on drugs, on in some sex tape! your just jealous you fat pig!

  3. north says – reply to this


    am i the only one that thinks this girl needs braces?

  4. hola says – reply to this


    I thought it was Christy Turlington for a second. I think she looks great! Her nose is a bit scary. They did WAY too much photoshopping on the nose.

  5. GHOST says – reply to this


    You are a jealous little jell-o butt,prez.She is beautiful and perfect.Maybe if you worked out like she did you wouldn't jiggle when u wiggle thickness!

  6. bling says – reply to this


    wow a bit harsh? calling someone a dog? cold

  7. jm says – reply to this


    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!
    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!
    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!
    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!
    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!
    Perez hates women b/c he's jealous he's not one!!

  8. Via says – reply to this


    Since when is being strong NOT feminine…funny when gays get so "testie" (pun intended) to see an athletic beautiful female.

  9. lala says – reply to this


    She looks less photo shopped than most covers…Ive seen this girl in person and her skin is flawless without make-up. And even though she is built solid her figure is perfect and sexy. I'd kill for her ass.

  10. im bo says – reply to this


    She is normally pretty but they put way too much make up on her she looks better with out it

  11. izzy says – reply to this


    ewww she's fugly

  12. obser says – reply to this


    You're not kidding she's airbrushed! At first glance, I had a flashback & thought it was Elizabeth Hurley from back in the day!

  13. WWWW says – reply to this


    why are u so jealous? Coz u could never get a bf like JT?
    C'mon she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world! She may not be girly but she looks really feminine (her body, her face)
    Like a dog???!!! Instead of worshipping that granny-looking Madonna u should admit what real beauty is!

  14. katy says – reply to this


    She is so fucking ugly! Justin likes that I guess. Way to airbrushed though you are right.

  15. Miran says – reply to this


    I think it looks like she had a nose job……

  16. Hyde says – reply to this


    What in Hell happened to her "career"?

  17. Emma says – reply to this


    o mi gawd she looks totally different!

  18. Jenny says – reply to this


    she does look very airbrushed. i wonder how justin feels about this??

  19. Clare says – reply to this


    Yeah in this picture she actually looks more like Christy Turlington than her own bulbous-nosed alien self.

  20. rocky says – reply to this


    wow. um. i thought that was christy turlington for a minute.
    i don't likee

  21. Lame says – reply to this


    She is fugly. Hate her.

  22. 122

    As she get older her features are getting more exaggerated -not good. i thought this was a picture of Elisabeth Hurley.

  23. anony says – reply to this


    She is Just dating Justin to get a jump start on her status in Hollywood
    no one would give her a second look if it wasn,t for Justin status she is a C rated Actress and she is trying become an A list which I think will never happen
    also I think they'll break-up before or a little after Jessica movie easy virtue comes out on November 7th

  24. emma says – reply to this


    ah yeah, the dog comment is way out there. If she is a dog…okay I see why we don't have a female president — we pick women apart until there is nothing left. She is beautiful, whenever.

  25. jamie says – reply to this


    When I first glanced at the photo, I thought it was Melinda Clarke (Julie from The O.C./Lady Heather from C.S.I.). I do think Melinda is much more beautiful though.

  26. kathy says – reply to this


    O cummon! Stop being a DRAMA QUeen she is awesome and I personally saw her photoshoot yea it has been touched up a LITTLE that is just her natural beauty and your inner baby man is being shown.. Cut tha crap you are awesome but this is ridiculous….

  27. smith says – reply to this


    Wow, Perez, u are one catty b*tch, lol. She didn't look like a dog in 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry'. That a*s and those t*ts are amaaaaazaaazing!

  28. pigbo says – reply to this


    Now, if only someone could work the same magic on Perez, we could all die happy, happy people.

  29. adria says – reply to this


    I dont see why you think she looks like a dog. I think she is gorgeous. You wished you can look as good as her, and I wish I had her ass.

  30. meg says – reply to this


    Yes, she doesn't have a "typical" hollywood body. Met her in a bar in Boston once, was very mean to the clientle and bartenders alike.

  31. Marky says – reply to this


    I guess that you'd know about airbrushed photos. The only way that you don't look totally gross Mario is when your pictures have been doctored.

  32. becky says – reply to this


    How did they air brush those teeth from all over the place to inside her mouth?!!?? If she removed just half of her teeth, a small third-world country could be provided dentures.

  33. Lily says – reply to this


    What is up with her upper lip? Looks like she got it injected…hmmmm.

  34. 134

    There's something about her that just makes me want to smack her…..doesn't matter what movie she's in, what role…..even when she played Mary on Seventh heaven…..just looking at her gave me rage and I have no idea why!

  35. Laure says – reply to this


    " Have you looked in the mirror lately" Your not exactly peaches and cream to look at! My god! Your an ugly individual inside an out!!

  36. jenn says – reply to this



  37. a says – reply to this


    Yes, airbrush!! Because in her natural state, this girl's face looks horrible. Her body is definitely in shape; but her face without all the glam makeup and airbrushing is nothing to brag about.

  38. meme says – reply to this


    PEREZ: that clinches it. YOU ARE JELOUS OF THESE WOMEN.
    Unless the young woman is a TACKY, NEAR-TRANNY HO, you attack her.
    At least most folks know this about you, so they ignore what you say. I - for one - am SICK of it. You have a dick. You are not the most attractive person on the planet - get OVER IT.

  39. Joe' says – reply to this


    She is beautiful! Airbrushed or not. The girl cannot look bad if she tried.

  40. JJ says – reply to this


    Looks like Kelly LeBrock from the Weird Science years.

  41. :( says – reply to this


    her nose looks like a bad plastic surgery job…i can't even tell if it's really like that or if it was photoshopped to look that way.

  42. JJill says – reply to this


    Maybe they airbrushed her to try and make her look bad! And they failed! Normally, she looks great!
    Good skin and doesn't have to try as some of the "celebs" do!

  43. Candy says – reply to this


    Yeah! Then that's your solution, Perez . . . Go ahead and have some of those love handles touched up in your photographs. You are getting to be too much like Elton John, who always has b*tchy comments for women, especially Madonna.

  44. Seth says – reply to this


    I think she's hot, a lot hotter than 90% of America… I dont see why people are making fun of her, when they've probably haven't looked themselves in the mirrow lately. She very attractive and you all know that you'd bang her if ya had the chance. If she's a dog then I'm trading in my beagle for her!

  45. rache says – reply to this


    your dumb she is the hottest bitch to grace planet earth….what are u jelly perez?

  46. 146

    this site is just getting mean now. it's not clever and it's not even funny anymore.

  47. Jen K says – reply to this


    Wow, she looks like a cross between Hilary Swank and Hilary Duff. Weird.

  48. RJII says – reply to this


    she beautiful and a natural tomgirl. Perez is afat greasy ugly slob.

  49. dani says – reply to this


    she's beautifulllll! athletic and beautiful…i wish i had her body!…she's different from all those skinny celebs who wear wayyy too much make up

  50. kay says – reply to this


    funniest write up ever.
    this chick needs to give it up.
    not talented, MARGINALLY attractive.

  51. gnome says – reply to this


    what?! she looks great always!

  52. merci says – reply to this


    To be told you look like a dog should be taken as a compliment, dogs are so beautiful. Speaking of dogs, does Jessica still take care of her dogs since starting to "date" Timber ? I hope not as dogs are more important and faithful than men. Don't abandon your dogs for him Jessica, you will regret it eternally.

  53. 153

    if hilary duff, hilary swank, and anne hathaway morphed….and not in a good way

  54. 154

    Hello, Sausage Lips! Grody!

  55. hm says – reply to this


    She looks like Lisa Kudrow!

  56. kayda says – reply to this


    she looks ugly airbrushed or not. her and jt do not look cute together either.

  57. BB says – reply to this


    She looks the best I've seen her look in a long time, seems like every chick that goes out with Justin T. gets smacked with the ugly stick, maybe he likes his chicks to look homely.

  58. 158

    she is not pretty…nice body but way too muscular

  59. Jgirl says – reply to this


    YUCK. She's sooo ugly.
    I knew her in college (yaya Tufts!). I wasnt friends with her, but some of my friends were and thus I hung out with her a few times). And, in person, she's uglier. Shes so pale and muscular. OMG.
    Worse, her personality sucks. Shes stuff and stuck up.
    She never finished Tufts either, she dropped out, which is ridiculous because its pretty easy. I went to class 25% of the time and graduate summa. So, she coulda kept having her acting career and graduated….

  60. Lo says – reply to this


    Uhg. As always, she is fug.

  61. maddi says – reply to this


    Wow! That looks nothing like Jessica Biel. Not bad, just not her. If you love to keep up with the latest star worthy gossip check out kwanzoo.com for trivia on the latest celebs!

  62. Madel says – reply to this


    Whatever I've heard from everyone in her hometown, Boulder, CO, that she is a bitch…

  63. jf says – reply to this


    christ! the airbrushing is so overdone, it barely looks like her! you can pick out similarities, but seriously!!

  64. lady says – reply to this


    Re: beave
    No but i think its safe to assume you are : )

  65. perez says – reply to this


    dude, you look like a dog… they airbrushed her but still… how do you get off calling anybody a DOG??? are you serious… you belittle others to make yourself feel better… what a dumb thing to say considering the way you look.

  66. Montr says – reply to this


    No fucking wonder Americas self image is so screwed up, we get fatties complaining that Jessical Biel is a dog… a DOG?!? Seriously? What are you fucking retarded?

  67. ADog? says – reply to this


    What the fuck are you talking about….a dog? This coming from an overweight clown with a new hair-do everyday? Blue and pink hair no less, who is holed up in his West Hollywood apartment tied to his Internet connection for a mate? You are fucking off base dude, don't call the kettle black.

  68. I says – reply to this


    i just don't find her to be that pretty..

  69. Sun says – reply to this


    Perez, you're an asshole! She is beautiful airbrushed or not and doesn't nearly look like a dog.

  70. Chris says – reply to this


    I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought that was Christy Turlington at first. If I wasn't being told it was Jessica Biel, I would have never guessed.

  71. Miche says – reply to this


    it looks like the mixed her w/anna hathaway…wtf

  72. smeph says – reply to this


    Jessica is about the farthest thing from a dog that I have ever seen. She is pretty close to perfection…

  73. Krist says – reply to this


    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I never thought she was pretty either. What the hell does everyone see in her, including Justin! Plus, she's rude and stuck-up to the paps…..someone might want to let celebs know that without the "PEREZ's" of the world, they wouldn't even be famous! Thanks again Perez, this made my day :-)

  74. bemus says – reply to this


    LOL! i think my favorite part about coming to this site is reading the comments others leave to perez's posts. i also think it's awesome that perez doesn't screen or delete any derogatory replies about him. i think he's a fabulous gey man! yay perez. hello, the whole point of this site is to maintain a bitchy blog about hollywood (mostly). and face it — though hollywood is rife with stories of debauchery, plastic surgery and slipping in dog poo, sometimes you just gotta reach when real gossip-worthy stories and anecdotes are lacking for the few lackluster minutes in time.

    that being said, yeah obviously this photo of jessica beast-i mean, biel, is photochopped. but i totally disagree with perez that she looks like a dog. not at all. she looks like a HORSE. what is UP with that nasal bridge. it's narrowing more and more each month! and yeah, the upper lip is reaching farmer john breakfast sausage proportions. pretty soon that snout will graze her sausage lip. and no photochopping will be able to fix that!

  75. eirka says – reply to this


    she is beautiful you fat douche

  76. CLO says – reply to this


    I think that she is very pretty! and i saw her once and she doesn't look that muscular. they did photoshop her face, she looks thinner but she is still pretty. I think that Perez is jealous….

  77. Bette says – reply to this


    So mean! She's a beautiful girl.

  78. MissT says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but I have never thought she was atractive! She's one of those people in certain pics she looks like a female, others like a male. She's like that episode of sienfield, "bad lighting girl". Depends on which angle you look at her if she is attractive of not!

  79. super says – reply to this


    Come on Perez this girl is no dog, she is beautiful and has the perfect body.

  80. Sarah says – reply to this


    i think she's really pretty and has a great figure….you're a little mean sometimes…..but other times spot on, lol….and yes im addicted to this site!!

  81. Ari says – reply to this


    ALL magazine covers airbrushed their models. I happen to think this is a really good job. Visually her face still shows depth, the skin still shows textures and no i do not think she's over air-brushed.

  82. Schwa says – reply to this


    After all the airbrushing she looks like Christy Turlington. The same nose and mouth.

  83. drea says – reply to this


    I thought it was Christy Turlington at first glance!! How could anyone say she is not gorgeous??? She always looks beautiful. Since when s this "dog" stuff relevant?
    Men are DOGS. They drool, slobber, sniff your heiny, try to mount you, and all in the first 2 minutes. Sometimes yelling out from a distance.
    She is no "dog". Get real

  84. sash says – reply to this


    couldnt agree w/ you more perez! shes such a man

  85. comfo says – reply to this


    what the fuckk…shes grogeous

  86. Rene says – reply to this



  87. Maria says – reply to this


    She has the worst nose job!

  88. Jeff says – reply to this


    She is so hot I dont even know why they would need to airbrush her in the first place. And what the hell does a gay guy know about women and if they look good or not. Stick with the dick Perez something you know about.

  89. amy says – reply to this


    she looks NASTY!!!!!!!!!

  90. 190

    Nice Wanna-be Angie lips! Not just with this cover but in general, she's just not attractive. Dude, should have stayed with Cameron! Not only her looks, but she's not a very nice person either. Every time you see her out she's pissy to the pap's and looks pissed off! I think if I was a million dollar actress and was living with Justin Timberlake I'd look a bit more happier than that, wouldn't ya say? :-)

  91. ange says – reply to this


    she does usually look like a dog. she looks worse in this pic. i think justin is tooo good for her. buh!!!

  92. EP says – reply to this


    Every cover is photoshopped.

  93. sarah says – reply to this


    umm lisa kudrow??

  94. Jessi says – reply to this


    a DOG? are you kidding me!? Jessica Biel is GORGEOUS! I wish I could look like a dog!

  95. kay says – reply to this


    wut the hell is ur problem with girls named jessica? jealous much?

  96. Maril says – reply to this


    Don't hate perfection.

  97. nicky says – reply to this


    wow, they airbrushed her into another person…I thought she was Cristy Turlington!

  98. kay says – reply to this


    Re: I-DON – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake it opened to over 50 million, she was the star

  99. P says – reply to this


    Jessica Biel, airbrushed or not, will always look better than you. Don't forget you never made your goal to lose weight you jealous prick.

  100. 200

    Fuck Photoshop

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