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Alabama Homophobe and Politician Outed As Gay In Sex Scandal!

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Always question anti-gay activists.

The politics rumor mill is in high gear today!

Notoriously anti-gay Republican Alabama Attorney General Troy King was supposedly caught in his marital bed, by his wife, sexing it up with a young, gay, male assistant!!!

While in office, Troy's worked on outlawing homosexuality AND sex toys.

Troy has supposedly been banished from his home by his wife.

King was a potential GOP frontrunner for Governor in 2010 and an early endorser of presidential hopeful John McCain.

We're assuming that the GOP will not be supporting their allegedly gay comrade.

It's been speculated that King will be resigning from his AG position soon.

Self-hatred is not pretty, Troy!

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219 comments to “Alabama Homophobe and Politician Outed As Gay In Sex Scandal!”

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  1. Tommy says – reply to this


    Like we need another UGLY among us….he is SO NOT PRETTY!

  2. NO says – reply to this


    Re: Mat – only speak for yourself asshole because not gay men are created equal you are obviously nothing but a loser :)

  3. lynn says – reply to this


    Can't wait till Bush is caught in a dirty homosexual sex scandle, although dumb straight bitches are more likely to suck bush's dirty dog than a queen.
    Some boys like redheaded girls,short girls or super big girls and some boys like boys, GET OVER IT!

  4. vuong says – reply to this


    he probably want to find the other side of him

  5. vuong says – reply to this


    try it Lola, you may like it

  6. vuong says – reply to this


    what did they actual doing? They may just dicuss politic. Are they Naked? Who is the top?

  7. Gooch says – reply to this


    I live in 'Bama and have seen Troy King on several occasions. He always wears cowboy boots with his expensive tacky suits. Does that scream closet gay or good ol' boy?

    I'm still unsure about the whole thing, really. However, I've talked to ppl who have friends that work with Troy King directly. They knew about all this shit eaaaaaaarly last week b/4 I even saw it on Perez!!! Who knew?

  8. warea says – reply to this


    1-Troy King's assistant is married, to a WOMAN. he was never assumed to be gay.
    2-not all republicans are uneducated. there's a difference between education and knowledgeable/well informed. being educated means you have had higher education…
    3-this is by far the craziest thing that has happened in Alabama in quite some time!
    4-I don't think anyone from Alabama has ever made it to Perez Hilton…? (which, I love watching his interviews on e!)

  9. weagl says – reply to this


    Re: itsal – y'all this is alabama, of course it's not in the papers or local news. this is egregious! folks don't know how to handle this down here.

  10. 210

    He's from Alabama… I'm surprised he wasn't caught in bed with his brother…

  11. punki says – reply to this


    Re: David – Wouldn't being around a young, gay guy five days a week make the connection to him easier?

  12. Peace says – reply to this


    Holy cow Batman!
    This boy-wonder is taking it up the pooper screaming like a banshee!!

  13. GayNA says – reply to this


    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Bahahahahahaha!

    Welcome to Alabama… home of homophobic hypocrits! Karma as bit him in the ass… much like his young assistant! Now he doesn't have his republican supporters to fall upon, and I HOPE he doesn't think he can lean on the gay community now. I hope his life is miserable from here on out, much like the lives that he has attempted to ruin thus far. Not only is he against gay rights, he's pro death penalty and an opposer to Gambling, which could help our sorry excuse of a school system. BAM!

  14. GayNA says – reply to this


    Re: Tommy – Could not agree more! We have worked hard to make breeders jealous of our good looks, we don't need anymore swamp donkeys representing us!

  15. Casey says – reply to this


    A few things need to be said/corrected. First off, Troy King does not have an openly gay man in his employ. The male aide he was caught with was "married and straight". Actually, I went to college with this aide and this entire scandal comes really as no surprise to me, in regards to the aide and King himself. King was unfairly promoted to his position and is grossly underqualified, seeing as how he is one of the highest paid Attorney General's in the country (look it up)…can we say corruption??

    Secondly, I find it funny that someone was defending their stance as a Republican because they support LESS government…and went on to say how they don't want Barack Obama telling them what to do. That's really funny because you must have been under a rock when all the Patriot Act was going on. Do your research first, fool.

  16. Gay P says – reply to this


    Maybe they'll put him in this deck of Gay Republican Playing Cards - www.gayrepublicancards.com

  17. Dave says – reply to this


    Perez, as a gay student in Alabama myself, this news arrives to me with many laughs, much confusion, and a bit of pissed offedness. I have heard Troy King speak several times at various conferences and I was never impressed anyway, especially with his scoffing look when redneck students asked the "Whatchya think about them there homosexuals" question. During his stint at the University of Alabama, King wrote several editorials in the school newspaper describing homosexuality as the "downfall of society." Here in the Bible Belt, the gay community finds an oppressive amount of judgement from the people who believe "Judge not, lest ye be judged." But to know that we are being persecuted by our own kind just makes me want to beat someone with a stiletto.

  18. Haha says – reply to this


    Ha! Serves the filthy pig right! I hope he rots in hell. What a disgusting, filthy, worthless, ugly, piece of garbage. Damn him to hell.

  19. funkm says – reply to this


    Deeeeelicious! I'm still savoring the moment.

    The only thing that could make this any better is if the pathetic little hypocrites were caught bumping uglies on tape….

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