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The Fangs Come Out

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As we mentioned yesterday, vampires are "in."

The new Twilight book and upcoming film are expected to be big business. And, HBO will premiere a vampire drama called True Blood in September.

We can't wait!

Alan Ball, the show runner of HBO's vampire show was asked by TV critics this week for his opinion on CBS' canceled vampire show Moonlight.

"I think it's lame when you have a vampire go out during the day just because you don't want to shoot at night," answered Ball.


A critic asked HBO president of entertainment Sue Naegle about whether she was hesitant to greenlight True Blood given "what happens when networks cancel a vampire show."

"I can appreciate that passion, I hope this show gets that kind of rise out of people as long as they don't send coffins to my office," the HBO prezzie answered.

Dayum. Are people who are really into vampire shows huge wackadoodles? No!

We're not crazy.

Are we??????? Naughty grin.

[Image via WENN.]

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73 comments to “The Fangs Come Out”

  1. skoeg says – reply to this


    I knew this news esrlier on " cas uals eek. c om ". Discreet news.

  2. 2

    umm that looks interesting… i guess

  3. anya says – reply to this


    was almost first this time…ugly pic lmao

  4. andre says – reply to this


    moonlight was a great show so fuck him what a dick head. alex o loghlin = fucking hott

  5. wolfg says – reply to this



  6. Eve C says – reply to this


    The show sounds good. I love vampires and Im not a wack job… I think…

  7. Vic says – reply to this


    Perez, You need to get out more into the real world, not Hollywood crap. Go visit a bookstore, Borders, Waldenbooks, etc, there are thousands of Vampire books and Millions of people who love them. Ann Rice might be the original, but at times(like right now) she has nothing on Laurell Hamilton,(Anita Blake), Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn kenyon,Kim Harrison and my favorite Jim Butcher. I would bet you could find a really nice normal guy there as well… Love Ya : Vic

  8. Hullo says – reply to this


    How surreal! That means Werewolves are the next beeg thang!

  9. tm ed says – reply to this


    post another picture of robert pattinson! this gives you the chance to post a really good one!

  10. 10

    The Twighlight movie is going to ruin the book. As per usual. They need to stop this nonsense of trying to copy literature. It never works.

  11. Twili says – reply to this


    First Twilight the book is not new, it came out in 2005, second the fourth book will be new Aug. 2nd. The movie Twilight is the only "new" thing for the franchise. Vampires are great for TV, remember seven seasons of Buffy.

  12. Shiny says – reply to this


  13. arman says – reply to this


    Vampires have been cool for years. I refuse to jump into the Twilight thing because the books probably suck. Seriously vampires have been around and everything since the like 1600's….its not a new phenonena

  14. Kari says – reply to this


    Ahh, I love the love that Twilight is getting from Perez.


  15. jamie says – reply to this


    iv gone mad on vapires lately there is something about a sexy vampire that really turns me on

    im looking for a good gay vampire book if anybody knows any??

    ive just got interview with a vampire to day cuz everyones always going on about anne rice

  16. Gia J says – reply to this


    RECYCLE!!!! Those Twilight series are boring! And those actors are ugly. They could have at least cast attractive people in those movies! Anne Rice wannabes!!

  17. KB says – reply to this


    Anyone who likes vampires should check out the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. It's like Buffy but X-rated! It's fabulous!

  18. Victo says – reply to this


    Re: jamie – Jim Butcher has some vamps, as for (gay) Laurell Hamilton has so many Gay sexual vibes it practically drools on itself.. Anita Blake series is really good till the 10th book or so, then there is too much sex( and yes there can be too much sex) Vic.. p.s I also accidently found a book called Dracula by Aramnatha Knight that is Bram Stokers Dracula with whips and chains…

  19. 19


  20. **LG* says – reply to this


    Has Sin-DY MCSTAIN GONE Brunette???

  21. ! says – reply to this


    The Twilight series is for teens. If you notice the book series is in the young reader section of the book store.

  22. vamps says – reply to this


    Moonlight is awesome!!! I don't get it how they cancelled the show…:( Moonlight arrived to Europe in June, in Portugal we are in the 6th episode and now I don't want it to finish…:(:(
    And alex o loghlin is so hot :)

  23. Joss says – reply to this


    People aren't huge vampire fans, they are huge Joss Whedon fans…Buffy, Angel, etc. That's why people send things to the hollywood execs when they cancel a show. Nobody gave a shit when other vampire shows were booted…just Whedon shows.

    Buffy was smarter than all this shit today.

  24. tweed says – reply to this


    Re: arman – actually if you research that, its only been the last hundred years that people have mainstreamed vampire legends

  25. tweed says – reply to this


    Re: Twili – you're dumb. there's a new installment to the series coming out aug 2, that's what he was referring to

  26. HELLY says – reply to this


    I love vampire novels. I recommend everyone read the Charlaine Harris books. They are awesome. Love Sookie Stackhouse!!!!

  27. Angi says – reply to this


    TWILIGHT I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12-12-08!!!!!!!!!

  28. Irish says – reply to this


    Alan Ball is a legend. His creation 'Six Feet Under; is the best drama that has hailed our screens since its inception in 2000. I have seen the pilot for 'True Blood' and I was impressed. A very different feel to SFU but the production values, acting, direction and writing are nothing short of sublime.

  29. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: !

    Thats not true, the Twilight series has a huge following of ALL ages.

  30. Jane says – reply to this


    Paranormal or Urban Fantasy is very popular right now. I think one of the reasons is because there are some excellent authors out there who have great imaginations and know how to tell a great story. The best ones are those that do not suspend reality entirely but find a way to work it in. They create a good mystery, with twists and turns, characters that are all the way from the most evil to those that tug at your heart and make you laugh. This genre is only limited by the author's imagination.

    You can't go wrong reading Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), Kim Harrison (Rachel Morgan series), Karen Moning (Fever series), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series), Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse series), Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Other World series) and J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood series). All of these stories have the full spectrum of paranormal characters, not just vampires. I don't recommend Laurell Hamilton. Her books are now very predictable and IMO flooded with poorly written porn with plot and character development being an afterthought. If you want romance try JR Ward and Kelley Armstrong (Clay and Elena). The others listed also have romance but it takes a back seat.

  31. there says – reply to this



  32. Inga says – reply to this


    "I think it's lame when you have a vampire go out during the day just because you don't want to shoot at night"

    Uhm Moonlight did shoot most of it's scenes at night and besides each fictional vampire universe has its own rules about vampires and sunlight.

    Burning up in the sun is actually a relatively new characteristic in fictional vampire lore. It was first seen in the 1922 movie Nosferatu, when Count Orlok disintegrated in the rising sun. In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula (1897), however, the count was seen walking around London on a sunny afternoon wearing a straw hat to shield his face from the direct sun. In Sheridan Le Fanu's short story Carmilla (1872), the vampire was only slightly enervated in the sunlight and used a parasol to shade her delicate skin.

    In traditional vampire legend and mythology, vampires could be out and about at any time of day. In many places, in fact, vampires were thought to be normal people during the day who simply happened to engage in vampiric behaviors at night, sometimes because they were witches or heretics and sometimes because they were individuals who had returned from the dead and reassumed the lifestyle of the living. (from imdb.com)

  33. me says – reply to this


    Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse are the best books I have EVER read. I can't wait for breaking dawn. (I live in England, and it hasnt come out over here yet)

  34. erin says – reply to this


    perez i love you for posting this. you're my hero baby :)

  35. Inga says – reply to this


    Also forgot to mention that Supernatural also has the same sunlight rules as Moonlight.

  36. Desi says – reply to this



    BRING BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    I love SFU but I am irritated that Alan Ball would diss another show about vampires (Moonlight) when, let's face it, his show may or may not get out of the proverbial coffin (ground). HBO has had a strange habit in the last two years of cancelling groundbreaking shows (Rome, Deadwood) and replacing them with, (let's face it) CRAP! (John from Cincinnati and Tell Me You Love Me). I haven't watched the premiere episode but I certainly hope that it is in the group of the former. Until then, Mr. Ball would be wise to tip his hat to other vampire shows and books for paving the way to make his latest artistic incarnation possible!

    As for Moonlight, I really liked the show! It had plenty of corny lines but when it hit its stride it left me laughing and wanting more. Thanks to Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and the rest of the cast. CBS royally screwed the show, the producers, the actors and especially the fans!!!! Here's hoping that since Vampires are so 'popular' now, some network has the good sense to pick the show up and reVAMP it! Moonlight deserves better!

    P.S. Joss Whedon all the way!

  38. mp says – reply to this


    I was never really into vampire shows but Moonlight was awesome…. CBS made a huge mistake.

  39. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: mp – I agree with you 100%

  40. Chris says – reply to this


    Dude, just READ TWILIGHT.

    you'll love it.

  41. Daryl says – reply to this


    When did CBS cancel Moonlight? The last I heard they were gearing up for another season and Mick St. John was the poster boy of the month….

  42. Steph says – reply to this


    Arman, let me tell you. These books are something more. Their great and help you fly away, I mean the story is really great, it's about love, temptation, sacrifice and a lot of danger. It's pretty exciting reading them. I have all of them and I'm getting the new one in Aug. Take Care!

  43. Catre says – reply to this


    Fuck CBS! Moonlight was one of the best shows out there and they just decided that they aren't going to have another season after they left so many cliffhangers with the show!! I'd love me a piece of Alex O' Loghlin!

  44. Butte says – reply to this


    omgsh. i cant beleive there making a movie on True Bloods !!
    i just love love love tat book!

  45. Twili says – reply to this


    Vampires are soooooooo in. Edward Cullen, oh yeah!!! Read them Perez!

  46. Anony says – reply to this


    Basically, I miss Buffy.

  47. 47

    I cannot believe Ball would say that about Moonlight, which was one of the best shows on TV this season. The first episode of Moonlight was much better than the first episode of True Blood. The vampires in Twilight can go out during the day, BIG DEAL! How boring is it to have the same vampire stereotypes in every book, movie or series? I think it Moonlight and Twilight are a breath of fresh air to this sometimes overdone and campy genre. I for one am going to miss my weekly dose of Mick St.John and I am now doubting Mr. Ball's ability to fill that void.

  48. nessa says – reply to this


    he kinda looks like JOHNNY KNOXVILLE!

  49. Alex says – reply to this


    I LOVE the Twilight series! It's awesome! if you haven't read it yet, u gotta! Blue Bloods is awesome too! It's like Gossip Girl Vs Vampires :D Me loves it, I'm waiting for those 2 hell yeah "D

  50. Jessi says – reply to this


    I loved Moonlight! Damn you cbs!

  51. alask says – reply to this



  52. 52

    Vampires are my thing!!!! My last several hundred books have all been vamp books. Check out Laurell K Hamilton and J.R. Ward if you haven't read them already! AMAZING! My 2 faves. Hot, hot, hot!!!

  53. RM says – reply to this


    Vampire series are over produced.

  54. FAGSA says – reply to this



  55. um hi says – reply to this


    i love twilight!

  56. beth says – reply to this


    Moonlight was a awesome show. Alex O'Loughlin was gorgeous, Jason Dohring was witty, and Sophia Myles was beautiful. CBS did screw up, they had a audience of 8 million plus and they cancel the show, go figure….
    Can't wait for the Twilight series

  57. randa says – reply to this


    Fangs, Hell!!! Dude, have you REALLY taken a good look at how you appear in photos with your hair all slicked back??? Dude, you got a serious case of the Vampire's Widow's Peak goin on! LMAO!

  58. Sara says – reply to this


    A a real fan of the sookie stackhouse novels, I really hope the show even halfway lives up to the amazingness of the books.

  59. Brad says – reply to this


    Yeah you're fucking psycho and annoying — You refer to yourself as "we" and "us". WHY?!?

  60. alici says – reply to this


    wow…. im super suprised people on here know about the series.

    im impresssed.

    i loveeeeeeee stephanie meyer. genius.

  61. Arman says – reply to this


    Re: tweed – actually the hole myth about vampires dates back to the plague were citizens who got it would grow very sensative to light do to the ailment and wouldnt eat so they grew thin and then bloated. SOme appeared dead and were buried alive. Then since so many ppl contracted the disease they would all grow to look similar therefore ppl thought the dead were rising and when the dug up graves and stabbed the bodies the gathered air and gas in there lungs and stomach would create a sort of screaching sound as it escaped making them believe that it was a living-dead creature.

  62. vampi says – reply to this


    real vampire fans dont like Twilight…If you like the books your not a vamp fan your a poser….seriously, this bandwagon has been rolling for years and you just want to jump on now that some gay books have come out…..pathetic

  63. argir says – reply to this


    You should read the Twilight books Perez! You will be up on what is going to be a huge cultural phenomenon. And, before you get any big ideas- Robert Pattinson is "my future husband." ;)

  64. n says – reply to this


    Blood Ties was/is the best vampire show on TV. I still hope it gets picked up on another network. It deserves a fair chance to get its second season.

  65. Smill says – reply to this


    Oh twilight. How can you not love vampires who have skin that sparkles in the sun like a thousand diamonds? Doesn't that dazzle you, like, frequently?

  66. sophi says – reply to this


    gahh i cant wait til twilight!
    do you think it will be released in australia aswell?
    nd whatever happened to Moonlight, i was really into that show then all of a sudden it stops showing on tv, WTH?!

  67. dis says – reply to this


    Disappointed that Moonlight was canceled. I didn't know until now.

  68. carme says – reply to this


    lmao, So im a poser for liking twilight? Poser of what? its a book, get over yourself. And for your information ive always loved vampires and the twilight series. Im actually dissapointed a bit that the twilight series only became really popular when the trailer for the movie came out. anyway if you like reading and vampires, deff read twilight, Stephanie meyer is a pure genius when it comes to writting, why do you think people are soo hooked to the series.and i CANT wait for breaking dawn

  69. KGonz says – reply to this


    I don't think it's crazy…I hope one day they actually create a vampire show that's worth watching, aka not silly…I'm waiting for a super sexxed up version of the Anita Blake books to come out on Showtime or something!!! Hott stuff!

  70. KGonz says – reply to this


    Actually, scratch that. They should do a Kelley Armstrong series! That would be wicked…Anita would be cool if they cut off Nathaniel's ridiculously long hair…I mean, to his ankles? Really? I miss the days when Anita was fighting monsters and actually working as a necromancer/ Fed Marshall.

  71. ana says – reply to this


    for talking about twilight i just love ya more!!!!!

  72. 72

    you're not the only one perez! i've always loved vampire movies/books etc. not sure why…i'm not a crazy and i'm not goth either…to each their own i say. peace

  73. Camer says – reply to this


    All Alan Ball's comments show is:

    1. No knowledge whatsoever for the genre he's working in. Vamps have walked in sunlight since Dracula.

    2. No knowledge whatsoever of the show he's belittling - Moonlight filmed several scenes at night. The extended daylight episode was to show the effect of the sun on the character.


    3. that HBO must already be thinking of cancelling True Blood if they're worried about how fans react to such cancellations (and I can't blame them after seeing some of the spots for that show - bad acting; bad writing; and worse make up. It looks like Attack of the Redneck Rat People with those teeth)