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Why Bother Reading The Book? Get All The Tidbits Here!

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More details are now being released from Christopher Ciccone's tell-all book, Life With My Sister Madonna.

Amongst other shiz…

Ciccone talks about Madonna deciding to have a baby and how she considered actor John Enos from Melrose Place to be the daddy before she picked Carlos Leon.

Though, according to Christopher, when it came to Leon, Madge was "not sure he fulfills the intelligence requirement."


Oh, and Madonna supposedly even considered having cross-dresser Dennis Rodman be the daddy.


We're glad THAT didn't happen!

As for her past relationships, Ciccone reveals that when Madonna was dating the much older and womanizing Warren Beatty, it was as if they had found their similar match. So much so that Warren had gotten so suspicious of Maddona, he would go through her trash looking for evidence that she was cheating on him.


In regards to her hooking up with John F. Kennedy, Jr., Madonna had said, "I feel like I am repeating Marilyn and the president."

Oh, and remember when Madonna dated Sean Penn and then married him?

Well, according to Ciccone, Penn once came up to him and pulled out a jackknife. He then said to Christopher, "Let's be blood brothers."

Penn then sliced open both of their thumbs in order to properly seal the deal.

It was only years later than Penn approached Ciccone, brought up the ritual and asked, "You don't have AIDS, do you?"

As for Madonna's best friend, Ingrid Casares, Ciccone describes her as a sycophant and a perpetual "yes-woman". He adds that Casares was content to sit at Madonna's feet. Adding, "It wouldn't have surprised me at all if [they] were having intimate relations."

Hey, at least Madonna has friends!

Oh, and as for Guy Ritchie, according to Ciccone, Ritchie is a total homophobe!

Must be hard when you're married to someone that gays just love.

Must be even harder when your own brother stabs you in the back!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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103 comments to “Why Bother Reading The Book? Get All The Tidbits Here!”

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  1. Rosen says – reply to this


    Guy Ritchie is a homophobe.

    Cognoscenti know that Homophobe = Gay.

    It's also known among cognoscenti that Guy likes Arab boys!!!!!

  2. ron says – reply to this


    why is this guy considered a back stabber? I would be dammed if I would ever let my bf/husband come in between me and my brother. I bet she is very cheap with her family, because if he was getting a paycheck from her you can bet he never would have wrote this book.Good for him. She is such a hypocrite anymore. All those years rebelling against religion, but now her son has to wear a fucking kabballah braclet to ward of the evil eye. get real. I loved Madonna for years, but now she is a joke and a mess.

  3. YoShi says – reply to this


    1- If you have read the book then you would know that Christopher did not "stab her in the back." He has lead a pretty interesting life and this book shares his perspective on HIS time spent with her. It's HIS story more than it is hers. 2- Even if you are still convinced that he is selling out a his sis, then you must also know that Madonna has made a career out of exploiting her family. Many of her songs are about her family.Have you seen Truth or Dare. She's laying all over her dead mother's grave. 3- What the else is he supposed to to…he is an artist in his own right and has a beutiful way with words. I suppose that writing comes naturally to him amongst other creative outlets that he has dabbled with in the past. Writing his story is just a natrural extension of his artistry.4- If you have seen any of the interviews that he has done while promoting the book, you have seen that he has taken every opportunity to set the record straight re such matters as her marriage, the A-Rod bullshit, and even their own relationship…he's been defending her more than slamming her .
    5- Don't be surprised if years from now, it is revealed that SHE was behind this book from the beginning…sly fox that she is. He could be STILL the ever supportive brother and that she's taken us for a ride once again.

More comments: « 1 [2]