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Miley Almost Naked!

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amiley.jpg amiley2.jpg

When will she ever learn????

Wow. Wow. Wow.

These photos look very very real. But, we're working under the assumption that they're fake.

If Miley's lawyers or representatives contact us and confirm that these pictures are indeed authentic, then we will instantly take them down.

Do U think they're real????

This dude claims to have hacked into Miley Cyrus's phone and uncovered some VERY inappropriate photos.

She looks more like one of the sluts on a Girls Gone Wild video than a Disney star.

And Miley's only 15!

Isn't it too young to be posing for photos like that????

Apparently, the hacker found even MORE SCANDALOUS photos, which he's trying to sell.

Yeah, good luck with that!

How quickly until Miley apologizes again or issues a denial claiming the photos are fake???

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2312 comments to “Miley Almost Naked!”

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  1. saman says – reply to this


    im 15 years old, and me and my friends take pictures like these.
    its not like we are posing for playboy, its just for fun.
    if you go to myspace or facebook, half of the 15 year olds on there have p[ictures MUCH worse than these.

  2. peanu says – reply to this


    Shower picture is definitely not her - it looks so fake. The second one is her and there's nothing wrong that picture. She just looks like she's goofing around. People need to lighten up!!

  3. teena says – reply to this


    …leave her alone…it's absolutley normal to take some nasty pictures when you're young…who doesn't?? ah I see, some puritanical assholes

  4. WHORE says – reply to this



  5. Beth says – reply to this


    She would only be average if she didn't have people to do her hair and makeup. I don't know why people older than 12 care about her though.

  6. NOHEL says – reply to this


    Re: lex

  7. 907

    Poor thing, posing like she does just makes her look even more FUGLY…….

  8. mado says – reply to this


    leave the girl alone! u can't even see anything! people are too paranoid thats all!

  9. Kris says – reply to this


    He hacked into her PRIVATE phone. Doesn't anyone else see the problem with that? Yes, she's a bit young to be taking pictures like that, but SHE'S not the one showing the pictures online. I mean, come on! If someone had posted pages from her diary online, would we really be tearing apart what she said in her diary and leaving the hacker completely unaccounted for the fact that he broke into her personal stuff? That's disgusting.

  10. Cynth says – reply to this


    SHE IS A TEENAGER!! Everyone took sexy photos and did silly things with friends…..Its not her fault that she has people who hack into her personal life…which is ILLEGAL… PLUS…..Lidsay Lohans lil sister dresses with belly shirts and short shorts all the time and she is a year YOUNGER and you dont see people callin her a WHORE and shit like that…and lil lohan dresses like a tramp DAILY when she is out and a bout….These are silly pics taken on a phone…and I do think the shower one definatly is not her….the eyes are totally off…and even so…she is wearing a one piece under the shirt…..o0o0o0o soo racey with that one piece that she has on lol

  11. KariB says – reply to this


    Look closely people, that's a college shower and stairwell …..has the girl been to college??? I think not. FAKE!!!

  12. Mary says – reply to this


    I would just like to reply to all you people saying that everyone has taken pics like this when they were 15. Ummmm…..NOT EVERYONE HAS! I didn't and I never would even now. I am sorry but I had a better head on my shoulders at 15 than she does. Pics like these ones and all the others she has taken just lead to trouble. Yeah these could be fake and so on but she did take alot of other ones that were not so fake. She needs to realize that she has really young children looking at her and this is just not something she should be doing. If she wants to grow up and not be seen as a child anymore she needs to leave Hanna Montana behind. As long as she sticks with her Disney roots she needs to be a little more cautious of what she is doing.

  13. sharo says – reply to this


    NOOOO I don"t think the pic is real.

  14. whore says – reply to this


    it's not only "when will she learn" but when will her parents learn??? They have got to do something here? Beat her ass if that is what it takes. she is only 15!!!!! just cuz your kid is making the money don't mean shit. ha…if she were my kid…Well, you wouldnt be seeing her for a while!

  15. real! says – reply to this


    that shit is real…she's a whore..haven't we learned this by now?!

  16. jane says – reply to this


    the 2nd one isnt that bad, i mean girls take myspace pictures in bikinis. But that first one is pretty bad if it really is her. What is even more gross is that someone had to take that picture for her. I think i'll just stay with purity ring wearin' selena and demi.

  17. Andre says – reply to this


    Good Lord…I really don't think these pictures are a big deal. I'm sure a lot of teenagers take pictures like that but unlike Miley, they have the luxury of keeping them private and don't have people constantly on their back waiting for something like this to happen.
    Let her be a teenage girl. Girls are always going to take "sexy" pictures like that. It would be different if she was naked in the shower picture, or had some of her boob showing in the second…but she doesn't. She even looks like she could be wearing a bathing suit under that shirt in the first picture.
    Everyone needs to calm down, lay off, and let her be a teenage girl.

    I'm not trying to stick up for some rich, teenage brat…but I really think this is getting ridiculous and no one should be hacking into someone's personal things. That isn't fair to anyone.

  18. Devin says – reply to this


    those pics look pretty convincing and real
    ..ive said this for a long time but….MILEY IS A WHORE

  19. yuck says – reply to this


    maybe her dad needs to have a talk with her before she gets charged for distributing child pornography.

  20. Getov says – reply to this


    Okay, first of all; if you take pictures of yourself that you don't really want anyone to see, don't take them. It's as simple as that. If she wanted someone to see them, she should have showed them to that person and deleted them right away. When you're 15 and a celebrity you don't do something like this. MYGOD, learn from Vanslutty Hudges mistake. How stupid can you be? Of course everything will come out in the open, I bet she knows that, and she wants people to see her body, which is NOT a perfect 10 btw. Worst rolemodel ever. I agree on your comments on the pictures, Perez.

  21. Mike says – reply to this


    Damn! Here a message from holland..
    Let the girl do what she want's…you can be americans so old fashioned!
    Greetz of ,
    the Irish Dutch Guy

  22. grace says – reply to this


    omg dont make a big deal about this
    1) look at those dates there from like a year ago shes changed
    2) millions of other teenage girls take much slutty pictures then that!

  23. mm says – reply to this


    i still think miley rocks!!!!!!! but she needs to stop.

  24. Natal says – reply to this


    They are so real, they can't be fake because one of the pictures is fuzzy, which a phone camera can make, and fuzzy pics are extremely hard to edit. I wonder what Miley will do next… probably become washed up and a stripper.

  25. devan says – reply to this


    Um, what I don't get is all the people saying that everyone takes slutty pictures. No not everyone takes slutty pictures, slutty girls take slutty pictures. I would never have even thought of taking pictures like that when I was 15, nor would I now. This girl has to give it up, it obviously doesn't go over well when you're famous.

  26. angel says – reply to this


    Re: saman – t. maybe you will realize that yeah 15 year olds do that "all the time" but its those classless attention seeking 15 year olds who clearly need to fish for any sort of compliments and attention they can get. haha i find it pretty lame, as do most women who carry any sort of class or self respect. when you grow up and get into the real world, most people will laugh at you for being so childish

  27. Jay says – reply to this


    She's a kid…with parents who use her as the gravy train and exploit her. Remind you of anyone else? I feel sorry for her……

  28. joe says – reply to this




  29. SAM says – reply to this


    she is a bad role model.

    & people are blaming Nick Jonas?wtf
    Nick would never do something like that
    perez is my hero.. besides nicholas j (:

  30. Saman says – reply to this


    Re: FLgir
    lay off him
    some people fucking sleep
    if it happens over night do u expect his fucking sences to like..pick up that she had them and get his ass online ? no..hes a fucking person who SLEEPS

  31. samsa says – reply to this


    oh god.

    that stupid slutty miley kissy face
    ugh, i eeeeeeeeefffing hate her.


  32. Kayla says – reply to this


    Big deal. 13 year old girls on myspace have worst pics then this. Untill I see nipples or the big "no no" I don't see a point in calling her a slut.

  33. Gina says – reply to this


    Oh come on, Lots of teenage girls do this stuff. It's only a big deal because she's a celeb. JUst give the girl a break for once.

  34. BARBI says – reply to this


    Oh come on this is not so bad…Like the first one isn't her , I don't think, but the second one isnt so bad, it's JUST an open stomach people get over it. Britney Spears was dancing with her stomach open in a tinsy bra when she was 17 and people still loved her, so Miley's just being a teen…

  35. asdf says – reply to this


    seriously leave her alone
    they arent that bad
    and really perez you shouldnt show this kind of stuff on your website
    its stupid and insulting to real journalists…
    stop being mean to her

  36. Mel says – reply to this


    Will she ever learn? She got so much shit for doing the vanity fair pic, why the hell would she do more provocative photos? Does she want to lose some of her fan base and piss off disney some more? She is so lucky to be where she is at in her career, why risk it?

  37. ni says – reply to this


    If they are real, you're going down for righting for defamation of character big boy

  38. Guy says – reply to this


    Nice ! Time to start the countdown for Miley's 18th birthday. Looking forward to the first crotch shot !

  39. skgjj says – reply to this



  40. Mel S says – reply to this



  41. Hazel says – reply to this


    Re: Kels – RIGHT .
    Hell leave that poor girl alone.
    EVERYONE goes through this phase.
    ..but she is famous..so the whole world gets what she is doing..and so it´s getting scandalous.
    I so feel for Miley.
    When you hate her..just ignore her..Why hating that girl?
    ..Just because she IS living the dream of everyone of you?
    ….just because she has the life you guys never had

    What about all these Miley wannabe´s like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez?
    …totally fake with their dump purity ring shit. hell.
    …they´re all the time like " I want to become a better Miley"
    What the fuck?

  42. zane says – reply to this


    SLUT! She's even trashier than Paris Hilton! At least SHE waited until she was of age to do anything like this.

  43. me3 says – reply to this


    Obviously Perez has never been a teenage girl becoming acquainted with her newfound curves.It's very difficult to resist feeling good about yourself and wanting to let the boys see, but yes,she is a celebrity and should think more than 2wice before giving into these urges-poor teenagers and their hormones:(

  44. Cesca says – reply to this


    Miley is so gross. I don't know what people think is so cute about her. She's just a inbred redneck. She needs to take some of her Hannah Montana money and get her teeth fixed.

  45. cindy says – reply to this


    wonder who took the first picture for her. probably that youtube bestfriend of hers - whatever her name is.

  46. linda says – reply to this


    hey guys, Perez, today i ewnt shopping at hot topic and bought some of your line! i love it very cute so cool.

    annyways, Miley is doing child porn, its all bad, and disney for years has been full of perverts, so i expect children to be unclothed- and now i dont like disnay at all! Miley is not slutty, she a porn girl-

  47. JOANN says – reply to this


    who knows if these are real
    perez photoshopped lauren conrads thighs so he probably did this because he is a perv with no life but to start his own gossip website

    big freak show perez.. no one likes you!!!

  48. loann says – reply to this


    In case you forgot to look at that date, October 20th was about 2 days into the "Best of Both Worlds Tour," which explains the public shower.

  49. 949

    Wait a minute! Who took these pictures?

  50. Tina says – reply to this



  51. ali says – reply to this


    ok the shower one is totally fake. if he had her iphone pictures then it wouldn't say the date at the bottom of the picture. and that girl probably has a way cooler looking shower then that.
    dont get me wrong i hate miley cyrus. i think she just gets attention because shes billy ray cyrus's daughter and she has a fanbase of 15 year old girls and under, but still….even ive done worse then this. and there's no denying that the top one is fake

  52. m says – reply to this


    No wonder little girls are running around acting like whores when they have 'role models' like Miley Cyrus.. hey 8 year olds, be just like Miley and take pix of yourself looking like a hooker and you'll be cool! YAY

  53. fabio says – reply to this


    Ok, teens are supposed to make mistakes more than once, but when you're a star, you have to behave better in order to have a career, specially when kids are your public. She´s harming her own image… pretty sad!!

  54. Sheen says – reply to this


    Why are young girls so nonchalant about posing for these ridiculous cell phone pictures? ~uber-trashy~ ……So is she in a YMCA stall here? She ought to pose in the bathroom of a Cracker Barrel -that would suit her achy-breaky image much better…..Barf Bag.

  55. mmm says – reply to this


    REAL AND WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Cmork says – reply to this


    Pff. I laugh at Miley fans. She's effing annoying and a horrible rolemodel! She might not have taken pictures of her vajayjay or her breasts, but are we gonna let her go that far, because this girl doesn't seem to know when to stop. Just a matter of time before we'll get the "Oh no she didn't!" pictures. When you're a celebrity you have to be careful on what you take pictures of. She should know that after all the scandals! Geez. Maybe it's "not that bad", still, it will now seem OK for 11+/- year olds to do the same. Maybe 15 years do this all the time, but when you're a celeb, you should really tone down on the I-love-taking-pictures-of-my-body. This girl annoys the crap out of me too, Perez!

  57. seria says – reply to this


    Perez, you're acting like a prude. She's only fifteen, give her a break. She's not the only teenager to take pictures like that. And by the way, the only thing slutty on those pictures are your unecessary comments.

  58. Bella says – reply to this


    You really hate the girl don't you Perez? Here is the thing she is doing what every other girl has done when there is not enough parental supervision. She is rebelling in every way that she can think of. Sad for her, pathetic for you considering for some reason you have this obsession with such obvious hatred towards her, by calling her names; a 15 year old girl. Since Lilly Allen whipped your ass on the internet you have laid VERY low about mouthing off on her..so what do you do? Go after a 15 year old girl. ha..and yes we all know this is a gossip site but there are limits even to that. Now Miley's parents stop being idiots and help your daughter before she ends up like Britney or those other nameless twits I can not name.

    The jerk who stole her pictures you are one pathetic loser; I hope someone goes after you..

  59. dkfbd says – reply to this


    first off,i'm going to assume that miley has aids
    this is her way of trying to break away from the disney channel image
    but she's going at it oh-so wrong.
    i loathe seeing her on magazines and her telling them " i love the indie look" its not a look, its a way of life XD
    and shes just another one of those disney creations who thinks after her acting careers sky rockets, that automaticly makes her a fabulous singer. wrong.

  60. lalal says – reply to this


    Re: Lesli

    her best friend Leslie said "oh she's just bein Miley"…

  61. Ashle says – reply to this


    Okay if these pics of miley are actually real then who cares? Go on myspace and look @ some 15 year old girls who pose even worse than miley! It must be tough for Miley to still be young but yet be thrown with a lot of adult responsabilities. She will grow out of it and so will the teenage girls on myspace. These girls are just curious with what they have and they love the attention.

  62. nana says – reply to this


    you guyz shd jux let her be aiight? she is just a teen havent you guyz dun sumfn even worse dan dis? well i have?

  63. OxxxJ says – reply to this


    umm i think every girl has tooken a pic like this its not that bad get ova it….shes a teenager she should b able to have sum fun omg

  64. Misz. says – reply to this


    okeey miley !
    too much its too much man !
    i used to like her so baad !
    im disappointed of her
    && ouemjeeh !! eeeew i dont like her ears :O
    theyre so big ! wtv i hope shell learn very quickly because hmm.. poor kids who adoore her .. & how the picture could be fake ?! i just dont get it .. !
    FiRST BETCH !!!

  65. 965

    she'll probably say the same thing that she did when the sleepover pics came out"thats wat girls do!" neway i dnt really like miley cyrus but i think ppl need to leave her alone for awhile. i mean i kno she doesnt learn but ppl could back off

  66. jalis says – reply to this


    Girl slut gone wild!!!

  67. harry says – reply to this


    i have a problem with people posting underage pics of anyone that were stolen. hacked is a nicer way of saying stolen. Anyone who publishes the photos should be charged with the use of stolen goods for prophet with the knowledge that they were obtained illegally along with a child abuse/exploitation charge. That is why the looser Joe Frances went to jail. It is getting old when people post it and claim it is for news reasons. It is clearly not. You can write about it but that doesn't get the attention that the fat tacky bloggers love. She is underage.

  68. blueb says – reply to this


    hmm… how the pictures could be fake .. !?
    disappointed of her but shes just a teenager and
    we used to do that too !! its nothing shes just showing her belly .. & the shower one.. probably she had fun w/her friends .. seriously its the same thing as us its just dat poor her… all of the gossips watching .. & dats all !!

  69. Anna says – reply to this


    ok both of them could be real. idk. but i have one question how is Angelia Jolie a whore. im just wondering. realy and people stop saying that Miley is a whore. You guys are saying stuff as if you haven't ever taken pictures like this or naked pics. ok so id suggest everyone leave Miley alone she is barly 15. I know a girl who took like 10 pics like these and she was 12 at that time so any age people could do this stuff and also you cant see any body parts so therefore stop bugging her. ok

  70. Sirie says – reply to this


    all of you losers bashin miley need to seriously get a life. she's not flashin her boobs at anyone and even if she was thats her business, not yours.
    and btw, we obviously all have a stomach.. why does it matter if she pulls her shirt up a little.? geeeze. stop sketchin.

  71. K jon says – reply to this


    Re: J
    i loved miley before but after all of the pictures i totally lost respect even though she apologizes/whatever, ahah, still, she made a lot of people lose respect and she should stop! real or not i hope she realizes she is/was a rolemodel for so many people and everyones watching her!

  72. luluu says – reply to this


    im 15 and ive neva personally taken a picture like thiss
    but loads of girls i know take pics worrse than thesee
    we r talkin like vanessa hudgens stylin lol
    shess just a normal teenage girll and people i know doo such worse things
    than sum silly pics like thiss
    people shouldd leave her alone and let her be a teenagerr

  73. alaii says – reply to this


    Wow, again? Miley Cyrus really needs to learn. This is what, the THIRD time?! Personally, I LOVE Miley and everything she does. But when she does things like this, it disappoints me and a lot of other fans, I'm sure. She should know by now that she can't have much of a private life. Hackers, Paparazzi, and whoever else is out to get Miley, WILL publicize every single one of her mistakes. How does she expect to be the idol of millions of girls ranging from ALL ages?? I'm surprised Disney hasn't canceled her show. Oh well, Miley is still my idol (: MC PWNS4LYFE

  74. Molly says – reply to this


    Even if these are real pictures, it's sick that you've posted them, Perez. She's 15. They should not be up for all the sick pervs to get off on.

  75. nicey says – reply to this


    I love that Miley is getting so much press on this website! No one over 14 cared about Miley Cyrus until these photos came along. Everyone over 18 knows her name now because of the Vanity Fair photos and the MySpace photos. Those photos are the best thing she's ever done to increase her celebrity status! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  76. Cathl says – reply to this


    They look quite real to me and if you look in the backround of the second one it looks like a public shower backround sorta area with all the tile and a towel, and stainless steal ect.
    The Facts come down to she's 15 and a disney channel star this is her career she should be prepared to show some responsibilty and care for it.

  77. miley says – reply to this


    shes 15 ! all teens do that sh*t ! but thats true dats disappointed but .. wut do u want ! us teens 2oo8 adooore pictures & thats kind of private becuz she didnt want evrybody to see dat ! that was on HER phone dat someone stabbed ( fckn fag ! ) and i think dat u guys wouldnt like dat evryones is seeing your pic ! & shes not naked !!!! so wut ! so now if she take a picture wit a bikini .. evryones gonna be like oooohh did u see da whoree :O !!! thats stupid ! leave her aloooone for a while ! like all of you guys shes probably NOT perfect ! RETAAAARDS! btw FiiiiiRRRSSST BETCH !

  78. Katie says – reply to this


    poor girl

  79. erica says – reply to this


    seriously. she must be putting these out on purpose to get the publicity, this is like the 4th fucking time this has happened. if not shes just stupid as shit. i have no words for how much i hate fuckin miley cyrus

  80. ughh says – reply to this


    c'mon shes 15 shes not even 18 at least. idc if 15 yr olds are taking pics like these it doens;t make it right. famous or not you have to realize most of the ppl that are looking at pics like these are pervs. seriously you would think after all the other pics leaked of her on the internet and the whole vf controversary she would have learned her lesson. shes rediculous she truly isn;t sorry for this she knows what shes doing shes trying to become even more famous and trying to be older than who she really is. idc anymore shes gonna lose a lot more fans bc this is getting rediculous.

  81. SAD says – reply to this



  82. sjcat says – reply to this


    Miley got pwned by that hacker XD (if this is real)

  83. emily says – reply to this


    um…clearly you were never a 15 year old girl, understandable, not that i'm really a fan of her, but as far as i know almost all 15 year old girls do this. pose for silly pictures wearing risque-ish things. it's…a part of growing up as a girl. i can think of several i knew who had similar/worse pictures on their facebook pages at that age. you make far too big a deal out of this just because she's a celebrity. stop contributing to the prudeness of america.

  84. Nelli says – reply to this


    Why are you so hard on her? If someone followed you around when you were a teen and documented everything you did and THEN showed the public, you'd HATE it! I have two teenagers and can tell you that these photos are playful and innocent. At least there's no coke up her nose or beer in her hand. Leave the kid alone.

  85. dirt says – reply to this


    She's already dirt trash.
    Meet the next…””' mommiedearezt””….
    Can't wait 2/c thiz slut pregnant..like the Jamie slut….

  86. SoWha says – reply to this


    Um, the key word here is "hacked". That's like breaking in to somebody's house and saying "a-ha! I caught you redhanded!" The hacker is the loser whether they are real or not.

  87. kareb says – reply to this


    C'mon now, she IS a teenager, they mature sooner these days & I think a lot of girls try to send a "hot" pic to their boyfriend…if these are personal pics that she wanted to send to a boyfriend (who,because of her work schedule doesn't see her much) then NO~I do not think it makes her a slut. I can think of many more sluts that deserve this title…let this little chic live and learn a little!

  88. hello says – reply to this


    famous or not no 15 yrs olds should be saying taking pics like these are okay. yea bunch of girls do it but IT DOESN;T MEAN ITS RIGHT. shes a slut and shes doing this on purpose. if you were smart you would get it by now she really doesn;t care that pics like these are leaked. her apologizes are crapp.

  89. opini says – reply to this


    OMG what is wrong with this pictures. Could it be maybe she is just fifteen years old. Where the fuck are her parents and people who are looking out for her best interests. Surely she isn't trying to turn herself into a fake slut just to get more publicity and money. MILEY CYRUS YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME ARE UP GO AND BE A YOUNG TEENAGER AND FOR GOD SAKES QUICK TRYING TO BE A GROWN-UP. YOUR ONLY YOUNG ONCE.

  90. annie says – reply to this


    isnt it illegal to even post these pics on here?
    she was 14 at the time right?
    wow i see a lawsuit waiting to happen..

  91. 991

    Re: Aimee – Number 803, iffin das is true about her sendin' 'em to Nick Jonas,…..wassup wid all dis bullshit about virginity and the fucking purity rang-wearing penetration. I mean, perpetration.
    Virgins dassun keeps they hymens intack by sendin' growin' young mens pittures likes these, not with those boys' hormones all runnin' wild and all.
    Looks purty much like like a clear invitiation to me.
    Oooohhhh, Lawwzzyy,….I would tear her ass up jests like I does Prissy's when she goes on the rutt.

  92. becca says – reply to this


    here we go again… they do however look real.

  93. jae says – reply to this


    i like miley cyrus but with all of these pics of her that r coming out and the drama that comes with it is making me like her less and less. she needs to get her act together and cut the shit or she is gonna end up like lohan and britney. i thought her parents were better than to let her act like this.

  94. 994

    ugh i do not like her at all.
    what a slut!

  95. Jessi says – reply to this


    First of all, she is not pretty at all & seeing her face EVERYWHERE is waring on my last nerve. They look very real to me. She is just annoying!

  96. Gigi says – reply to this


    She's gonna be the biggest whore…I guarantee she will be the next Lindsay Lohan.

  97. 997

    Those look real… and shes a teenage girl… a lot do that… and if they were on her phone, then clearly she did not intend for them to be made public. Either way, she needs to smarten up… cuz this kind of stuff can happen.

  98. norwe says – reply to this


    i have seen a new picture of her now, and there shes naked… but i think they are all fake

  99. Jade says – reply to this


    She is sooooooooo fucking gross plz just die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. micha says – reply to this


    Re: tara
    it's a "myspace" picture, dumbass.

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