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Miley Almost Naked!

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amiley.jpg amiley2.jpg

When will she ever learn????

Wow. Wow. Wow.

These photos look very very real. But, we're working under the assumption that they're fake.

If Miley's lawyers or representatives contact us and confirm that these pictures are indeed authentic, then we will instantly take them down.

Do U think they're real????

This dude claims to have hacked into Miley Cyrus's phone and uncovered some VERY inappropriate photos.

She looks more like one of the sluts on a Girls Gone Wild video than a Disney star.

And Miley's only 15!

Isn't it too young to be posing for photos like that????

Apparently, the hacker found even MORE SCANDALOUS photos, which he's trying to sell.

Yeah, good luck with that!

How quickly until Miley apologizes again or issues a denial claiming the photos are fake???

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2312 comments to “Miley Almost Naked!”

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  1. amyL says – reply to this


    are we suprised?
    this was on cnn earlier

  2. Diane says – reply to this


    Re: Ace – True that! Exactly my point!

  3. Secre says – reply to this


    Umm, yup, there is not doubt that that is that Slutty 15 year old Disney Whore. I will say that is well put Perez. You know she is one of those girls who just wants to feel sexy, hot and wanted to the point where she pimps herself out for free. We gotta remember, it did take a lot of make up and outfits to make her gumby face look ok. She was always really ugly but whatever, lol. At the same time, this has got to be runned behind her or her peps. Publicity stunt bitches. We aren't stupid. I just can't believe Disney and Nik are still behind her. They should totally dump her talentless skinny unvirgin ass. Allowing some little porn star acting slut like her to continue to be a "role model" to our future little following daughters that will become just like her. Umm, great stepping stone for the next Disney slut?

    … oh and by the way… no one really believes she is still a virgin, right? Peps, you're not stupid. No virgin keeps posing in a provacative porn-star way.

  4. Perso says – reply to this


    What a slut!

  5. diane says – reply to this


    Re: lissa – " i'm sorry, but if you have an ENTIRE GENERATION of little girls watching and copying every single move you make, you can't do things like this. "

    —You do bring up a good point, but i don't think it is only these pictures of Miley we should worry about. Any little girl or boy could easily turn on MTV and see "A shot at Love" or some other raunchy program, even during the day. Its insane! Little 8 and 9 year olds are getting more involved with the opposite gender too. My next door neighbour is not even in the 3rd grade and he already has a girlfriend! When i was that age, all the boys thought girls still had cooties! So guys, even though Miley's private pictures, fake or real, do not set a good example (but i do have to admit we are really cracking the whip on her, which is alright, because she is supposed to be a role model, but i don't even think Vanessa Hudgens' scandal even made it on tv ,if i can recall) it is society too and it is really a problem that is growing and growing and its getting sad to be quite honest.

  6. Miley says – reply to this


    they are so fake. you ppl really need to get a life!

  7. Annie says – reply to this


    Who didn't do this when they were young? Most normal teenagers at that age are experimenting with their sexuality, nothing wrong it, it's natural, especially one that is judged by her appearances constantly, she's going to grow up faster than anyone else… I don't see the big deal

  8. Lucky says – reply to this


    they are all real I've seen most. They were sent to nck jonas, lol. Shes probably embarrassed but whatevs, shes young I'd do the same thing if I had her bod.

  9. corin says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY if you look at the date of the first picture, she was fourteen.
    haha. what a whore

  10. letsb says – reply to this



    Im Sorrry for what Im about to say BUT, these are fake, and even if their real who fucking cares! YES SHES 15! thats the point! Shes young,hott,rich, and famous! shes going to do this stuff! and the shower one was takin in October it says so on the pic!

    Men are turned on by this, your just bashing her cause your not!

    She'll be in Hollywood for a verrry verry long time. Get used to it & Get over it.

    Kay thanks(:

  11. conni says – reply to this


    like she says in her song everybody makes mistakes….but i dodon't see the over and over againg part

  12. Sabby says – reply to this


    OKAY listen up ,
    miley chose to take those picuters fine theres nuthing wrong wih them jus because her tops up abit and shes showERing with a top WHO CARES.
    If miley was in lingire and posing rudley then yeah make a big deal about it, but the pics shes taking ARE NOTHING please understand. im furious with the people that make MEAN AND RUDE COMMENTS SAYIN SHES A SLUT AND A WHORE SHES NOT im furious with them THAN MILEY

  13. Some says – reply to this


    Why does everyone care so much like evryone is sayin shes 15 !!!
    Do you all have nothing bettter to do than bahon a 15 yr old girland like the other comments these pictures look SSOOOOO fake !!! Seriously shes not stupppid look at her career choices !!! she's not dumb so why would she make the same mistake twice ?? exactly .. and all of you out if you have nothing better too do than call a 15 yr old girl a slut than all of you need to GET A LIFE !!!!!

  14. conni says – reply to this


    like she says in her song everybody makes mistakes….but i don't see the over and over againg part

  15. some says – reply to this


    Re: letsb – Totally agree ..Perez is just mad that he cant pull off the shower look :P

  16. Danny says – reply to this


    People have made mistakes before.
    I am dam sure that you guys have done stuff behind close doors that you aren't to proud of.
    but in her case some jerk stain had to be a dick and release these photos,
    but for you hiding your shame it is easier because no one is trying to bring you down at all cost.
    so don't be such a hypocrite, we all have our flaws, some we can't hide

  17. defen says – reply to this


    shes a fucking teenager, teenaged girls do this, they get together with friends and take pictures. it isnt just miley taking these kinds of pictures every teenaged girl in the world probably does this, the only reason everyone thinks its bad is cuz its a celeberty, and according to all you fucking asses out there celebrities arnt allowed to have fucking fun, and live a normal life. fucking leave her alone cuz if any of you have teenaged daughters they probably do the same thing.


  18. jojo says – reply to this


    i dont think its anything extreme….think of the vanessa hudgens scandal..she showed EVERYTHING its not like miley is showing any private parts…i mean, have you seen teenagers lately? this is innocent compared to her. PLUS i think she kind of looks like a man in the first picture. and i think the second picture isnt anything bad..i mean people wear bikinis in public…OOH NO A STOMACH??? people need to chillax.

  19. sarah says – reply to this


    NOPE! they are real.
    that stupid no good for nothing buck tooth hillbilly bitch won't ever learn that the public doesn't appeal to her falt tities and ass.

    No wonder Nick Jonas no longer wanted to "tap dat"

  20. Megan says – reply to this


    First of all these pictures are NOT THAT BAD…..get over it, girls all over the workd take pictures like this everyday….. go worry about your own kids

  21. nony says – reply to this


    No creo que sepas Español ya que te la pasas criticando a la gente.
    pobre de ti…
    vas derechito al infierno Perez Hilton

  22. ami says – reply to this


    i cannot get over her
    shes only FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    will she EVER learn?!

  23. tiann says – reply to this


    she's suuch a slut .
    niick's soo pure and sweet and genuine. ii don't know what he was thinking. and shes so totally in love with him. shes nasty. he's waaay to good for her. she needs to diee. nobody likes her !!! they juust pity her.

  24. Dikan says – reply to this


    One, hackers, get a life. And two, go on myspace. There's all kinds of pictures like this of kids as young as 12. Just because she's a Disney star means she should be god like, and have the wisdom of a 1,000 year old? I think not.

    Don't think I'm defending her entirely, here. I hate this girl's fucking guts.

  25. Rache says – reply to this


    Has anyone checked out Myspace recently? There are 12 year olds with sluttier pictures than this. Sure, she should be more responsible because she's in the public eye, but come on. WHO CARES? Really? This crap is blown way out of proportion.

  26. dsfas says – reply to this


    this poor girl. what is she thinking. you are famous b/c of disney….you may as well just shit on walts frozen face…how sad is this…how old is she fucking 15?? who is taking wet tshirt pictures of you in a public shower???

  27. Emily says – reply to this


    will she ever learn from her mistakes? seriously I would think by now that she would get it threw her head that shes a celebrity and that these pics WILL eventually get put on the web. The worst thing is people keep using the excuse 'shes just a teenager.' Yes shes a teenager but shes a FAMOUS teenager. Almost every little girl on this planet looks up to her. Imagine whats shes got them thinking…

  28. kerr says – reply to this


    shes not a slut and a whoree. what she is, is a dumb idiott who doesnt learnn. seriously i dont like miley cyrus cause shes fake and she think shes a role model for little kids? puh-leaseee. but you know these photos arent that big of a deal as everyone is making them out to be. but she isnt a role model and she is not a person i would want my child to be like . one more thing either keep your fuckin clothesss onn or take the camera awayy!!

  29. bittr says – reply to this


    fekk that pudgy face bumpkin, i want to lick the slim slack whore's butthole.

  30. bittr says – reply to this


    Re: dsfas
    who says that's a public shower? mickey mouse and billy ray cypresshill is paying fer her mansion. her bathroom is bigger than your little shanty house. haha.

  31. Sophi says – reply to this


    Re: tiann

    Using two or three vowels instead of one doesn't make you smart, it just makes you annoying.
    How is she a slut? For taking a photo -on her own phone, which she didn't release to the media or anything- with her STOMACH SHOWING?! OH. Oh god. What a slapper. You know, because nobody ever shows their stomach. Nobody wears bikinis on public beaches.
    And if you bothered to follow the link, you'd see that in fact, he says that the pictures were "sent to Nick Jonas from the f*cking Jonas Brothers". Nick's obviously not as "pure" and "sweet" as you say he is - he's the one looking at "slutty" pictures after all. People like you only perpetuate the whole "if a girl does it, she's a slapper, but if a boy does it, he's a stud" mentality.
    "She needs to diee". Oh, really. So taking a couple of photos in a bikini means she should be killed at age 15? What the hell are you on? Get some perspective.
    And "nobody likes her !!! they juust pity her." You are not everybody. Don't be so self-centred. If everybody was "just pitying" Miley, she would not be famous. She would not be followed by paps, simply because nobody would like her enough to be interested in what she does.
    She's just being a normal teenager. I realise every generation thinks that having fun should be limited to them, but Miley having a career doing what she is good at -singing- does not mean she shouldn't be able to live a normal life. It's as simple as that.

  32. mcain says – reply to this


    Re: bitch
    15 -19 yr old boys aint too picky, harlot. shit, im 72 and i'd deep french kiss those crooked ass lips of hers.
    BTW, vote for me, biznitchezzzz!

  33. jenni says – reply to this


    the first one is photoshopped
    the actual pic is a head shot of miley and brandi (her sis) at the beach
    and the last one is real

  34. britt says – reply to this


    the first one looks sorta fake but the second one i'm sure is normal for girls who have a body like hers.

  35. maria says – reply to this


    wat a ho!! i never liked this slut and never will she acts all innocent but shes not shes a complete slut and her show sux!!

  36. shann says – reply to this


    yeah okay she's a teenager who gives a fuck ? all this shit about miley cyrus is actually extremly annoying, none of these pictures are as bad as people are making it out to be. it's not like she is pulling her top off to show her fucking boobs to the world. no. she's just being a teenager, im sure everyone who is commenting about these photos and previous ones that have been written about did something similar when they were young. im 14 year's old and in my opinon alot of my own friends do WAY worse stuff then the stuff they are saying is bad and taking photos of it. it's extremly out of line also, if you think this is bad take a look at all those paris hiltons and brittney spears in the world. she's just being a kid so fuck off, the person who did hack into her phone should be getting in trouble but whatever. im not even that huge of a fan, yeah she's not bad but still i just think this is really wrong. and you all care waaaay tooo much about it.

  37. shann says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – yeah maybe you don't but your probaly the only one. im a teenager and i know about a million people who do do that sort of stuff, it's not even bad

  38. no says – reply to this


    um hello, i'm 17 now and when i was 14 i was not taking pictures like that let alone 12 so i dont know what your talking about, not all girls are like this cabbage patch ugly looking skaank ok get it right

  39. 1839

    most teenagers don't do this sort of thing, i should know, i just turned 17.
    yes, many do have sex, but don't whore themselves out like this girl.

    you can tell she does this on purpose. i who would have thought someone would hack your email? print them out and give them to people for christ's sake.

    whatahoe. selena gomez for the win?

  40. yenif says – reply to this


    Although the first one is probably fake I have no doubt that the second one and the others I've seen AREN'T. Really, I have no problem with sluts. I have absolutely NOTHING against them. I have problems with stupid sluts. If you're fifteen, constantly in the public eye with little girls looking up to you, and ALWAYS being judged you don't take pictures like that. You just don't. Be a whore, that's fine. Just don't let everybody know you are one.

  41. Bob says – reply to this


    Shes Hot

  42. goget says – reply to this



  43. g says – reply to this


    I am so tired of ppl saying that she is just a teenager and thats why shes makin all these mistakes im srry im a teenager too but ive got some common sense they say lots of teenagers do these things and we think there whores too the only difference is that they arent the role model of young children everywhere this behavior just makes me wonder if she is aware that she is a disney channel pop star and not a porn star looking for her big break When really miley needs and ass whipping i know everyones against beating there kids but when your child is turning into a little whore and shes not even old enough to drive somethings gotta give in the special collectors edition of people of course featuring miley

  44. g says – reply to this


    Billy ray says his goal is to be his childrens "best" friends and while hes being that whose gonna be there parent, im sure she already has a best friend what she needs is a parent thats gonna be checkin up on her and guiding her becuase from these pictures it just shows miley cyrus still has alot of growing up to do and i most definetly believe those pictures are miley fake pish posh what does she have a whore twin whats really concerning about the picture in the shower is who took the picture who knows maybe it was her best friend/ daddy after all we did see those pictures in vanity fair which i must say were kinda creepy
    P.S. Im not saying miley doesnt have talent im just saying she needs to grasp her age the show and her music are great so talented but she needs to think what does she want to be famous for the talents thats shes been blessed with or the fact that at 15 she already turning into a little whore and the whole world is watching

  45. Kai says – reply to this


    The shower pictures looks really fake.
    The other one doesn't, bu that's not even a bigd eal because it's not that bad of a photo. I've seen worse from girls just walking around my school than Miley in a single photo. Give the girl a break, even though I don't like her music that much =|

  46. jou says – reply to this


    give it a rest already she's 15 every teenage girl takes pictures of herself and with her friends and boyfriends it's not her fault that they all get published

  47. keals says – reply to this


    when will she learn that if she is apart of disney, apart of hollywood, and 15! only 15…she can't do things like this. and what twice pictures of her like this got leaked did she not think these wouldn't.

    and whos the one taking the picture of her in the shower if she has both hands?

  48. Someo says – reply to this


    when will she learn?

  49. britj says – reply to this


    wow. I dont feel bad for her, and i dont know why she is still on disney, this has happened what 5 times? She should be off.

  50. bittr says – reply to this


    Re: goget
    Can you help me? I need one.

    What's a "real job fucker?" Does it come with attachable fist modeled after Matthew Mcconaughey's hand ?

  51. katy says – reply to this


    k this is so gay like if you look on facebook or any other site with pictures girls this age or younger have pictures like the second one now im not saying tht the first one isnt bad but its prob fake like how did she take tht pic ne way if shes in the shower
    like ppl need to let the celebrities live bec they are just like us and wan to habe a normal life and even if she is a role model ppl dont have to hack into her phone and show the pics….

  52. vicki says – reply to this


    alright well,
    1) the shower one is fakeeee
    2) the other one isn't even bad

    i'm still on team miley
    team demi/selena can't touch her ;D

  53. ally says – reply to this


    Re: Kels – she deserves the hate she's getting

  54. tara says – reply to this


    the shower so isn't fake

  55. whoa says – reply to this


    omg the prob w/ the whole shower pic is that shes not wearing a bra or underwear and now the shirts seethrough. gah i hate her and always will

  56. Lisa says – reply to this


    "Shes just being Miley"
    "Everybody makes mistakes…"

  57. Chris says – reply to this


    I don't think these pictures are so bad. Se shows her stomach, so what? and in that shower picturer, you can se her shoulder and her back. Oh my god!! there innocent, pictures taken by a teenage girl, who thinks ist fun to take pictures of herself. so what?

  58. JinJi says – reply to this


    that is DEFINITELY real.
    from the other pictures, anyone can figure out now
    she's a slutt

  59. Lisa says – reply to this


    There probably photoshop

  60. Eva says – reply to this



  61. me says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – Wow, Classy! Dumbass!!!

  62. Miley says – reply to this


    there are worse pics…but the hacker said he is gonna sell them for money, there are some of her butt naked sent to Nick Jonas….what a whore….

  63. Lexie says – reply to this


    how can they be fake?
    like, how can pictures of someone that look EXACTLY LIKE HER (becuase they are) be fake?!
    fricken whore, just take all her money away and send her to hooters.

  64. um,fi says – reply to this


    ok well, im 15 to and i've done something similar to that, like shes not a slut, shes just trying to please her boyfriend :P
    and its not like shes showing anything really, its only her stomach and a see through thing, but even still you see nothing that's R rates
    she still leaves most of her body to the imagination

  65. Ylime says – reply to this


    omg what an idiot. wasnt once enough can she not learn from her mistakes. I'm fifteen and i would never end pics like this to my boyfriend. she really has to understand thats shes a role model to tweens. i just cant believe she did this. oh and she looks ugly i the fist photo because she not weaing makeup.

  66. DBC says – reply to this


    ok, anyone who pays for these photos are idiots!! you can plainly see the shower one is fake.. they didn't do enough blending of her forhead up by the T and you can see the line where they added her face to the body..plus i do not know may cell phones that print a date on the pic the a digi cam does. i am alsmot willing to bet since that one is fake..the rest are too.

  67. b says – reply to this


    "SLUT" is a harsh word…look up the deffinition of whore and slut.
    i think you should be using those words with someone more as tara reid or "the hogan mom"

  68. Chris says – reply to this


    Perez, I LOVE you. You are amazing.

  69. nyU says – reply to this


    disney bitch…

  70. madi says – reply to this



  71. emily says – reply to this


    why does she think she is so sexy?! shes not why does she continue to do this stupid shit?

  72. gill says – reply to this


    dont let that girl get a phone with a camera on it! its not that hard to just not take damn pictures!!

  73. Wildo says – reply to this


    I don't care how tame or lewd these pictures are, if that was MY 15 year old daughter she would be locked away for a LONG TIME. Sorry 15 year old girls should not be taking cock teasing pictures like this. Star or no star she should keep her clothes ON….

  74. shaun says – reply to this


    i don't think it's right to show these pictures at all,
    alot of girls my age (i'm 14) send naked pictures to guys.
    these pictures aren't even bad.
    you see her stomach, and her wet in a shirt.
    ohhhh wooooww.
    this is lame. let her live her own life.

  75. Chant says – reply to this


    I wrote a song about destiny cyrus…. And it's absolutly true
    (I hate miley)

  76. Annab says – reply to this


    OMG. perez- LEAVE HER ALONE. She's not perfect! celebs are not perfect! You neeed to face the fact, that your not perfect Perez!

  77. shana says – reply to this


    Re: kakaf

    dido,i effing hate her…. shes a freaking slutbag, that needs to stop singing
    cause she sucks ballsssss!
    they rock.

  78. me says – reply to this


    you people do not get it, if you look really closely
    you will see that it is NOT HER. its it just her facking face, holyyy.
    get it right!
    stop trying to make VEREY good celebrity a bad person, cause the truth is, not all of them are actually BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Whit says – reply to this


    how does one get pics from her phone…that look like that, considering shes HOLDING her phone… plus, those are not as bad as anything that is on Myspace… those pics are worse and the girls are 13…

  80. Jess says – reply to this


    OMG what a slut! They look real to me!!! But I have to wonder… who took the shower pic??? She obviously didn't take it herself!!!

  81. yeh says – reply to this


    wow. cant anyone leave her alone. and do you not think no other teenager has pictures like this

  82. 1882

    you see less of her in these pictures than you would see of her if she was in a bathing suit.

  83. jazmy says – reply to this


    PERSONALLY, i dont think the pichuress are a bigg deal. every teenager t8es pictures like this…b/c honestly, if they didn't do u really think myspace would still be functional. b/c unless you are miley's thong, get from up her a55. miley may be sort of annoying bhut leave her alone. i think she is pretty good.

  84. whate says – reply to this


    Sounds like a bunch of jealous people if you ask me…she 15 for christsake. Sad that in today's world morons can't just express their dislike and feel that it's ok to call a kid a whore and a slut…how'd you like it if someone was commenting like that about your kid? And people wonder what is wrong with the world today…..

  85. KIRST says – reply to this


    Okay, honestly, she's 15! It shouldn't matter if 'all girls do it', which isn't true. It's still wrong. And for all of you who are saying that they're fake, that's highly unlikely. Those look pretty real to me. She's a role model for little kids alllll over the world. She has to keep it clean. It's not that hard! She needs to learn that when you're a celebrity, everyone has their eyes on you. So you have to watch what you do. C'mon Miley, THINK!

  86. Juggl says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of stupid ass people saying this sort of behavior is normal for teen girls. I got news for you idiots, it's not. Only people getting a kick out of this shit are the pedophiles. Miley's parents must be real happy knowing that somewhere out there, a bunch of nasty perverts are oogling and jerking off to their daughter's pics.
    People need to stop pimpin' out their fuckin' kids and start protecting them. Why the fuck haven't her parents corrected her slutty ass behavior already? As if making money off of your kid wasn't sick enough.

    And why does this bitch thinks she's so cute? She's got no body and her face looks like someone smacked her with a frying pan. She was cute when she was younger but her looks have not grown in well at all.

  87. Alexi says – reply to this



  88. Katie says – reply to this


    it's HER life.
    She's a teenager.
    Don't say you never did this, and it's not even that bad!
    So what she shows her stomach?
    & shower pic you can't even see anything!

    But if she was to goto beach in a bikini which reveals ALOT more, people wouldn't have nothin to say about it.

    I think people are tryin to find every possible thing against her.

  89. UH? says – reply to this


    Miley has a Sidekick according to what she has said in an interview, actually one that you had just written up. The first one looks fake. The second one looks real. But who knows?

  90. betsy says – reply to this


    this pictures are so obviously fake
    leave the poor girl alone i mean c"mon
    all of you guys are haters

  91. ihear says – reply to this


    stop beefin miley yalls just jealous now (crying with wig on)

  92. REAL says – reply to this


    Why do ppl keep saying there fake? of course there real!
    Have you seen the other pics of her out on the net!!!
    Lol she is just looking for attention, and sadly raking in the millions, and getting more famous, just like Vanessa Hudgens did!!

    When will Disney get rid of her? Shes already set for life!!!

    Oh, but I have to say that I think its terrible that somebody hacked into her private email. phone (whatever it was!)

  93. Pauli says – reply to this


    I dont know if they're real, i'm a miley cyrus fan but this is too much the photo in her pants is a normal photo i've photos like that on my phone is normal in teenagers because we want to see how 'good' is our body thats all, the first one is,.,,damn! is just too sexual she is totally nude but with a white t-shirt…i dont those photos….she can't really learn, i've to say, i still supporting her, thats all :)

  94. Kryst says – reply to this


    wow she has become a new lil hoebag like the rest.

  95. elisa says – reply to this


    my little sister watches her show and yet she is still considered a good girl AND A ROLE MODEL !!!!!!!! im sick and trierd of her getting away with naked pictures and 22 year old bf's
    im about the same age as her and cant believe her parents letting her do w.e she wants wen they say they are a good christian family

  96. Bre says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh. When will she learn? Obviously never. She says she wants to earn a good reputation, but these pictures only make it worse. Gosh. :) )

  97. bomch says – reply to this


    Honestly, she should think about all her 7 year old fans who look up to her, & this is what they're seeing. And not just about the fans, but what about her? Does she have no self respect? That poor, poor Jonas Brother.

  98. Alix says – reply to this


    ok i feel bad for the girl now
    its not like shes putting these photos out for ppl
    im 16 and i have sum pictures like that
    just messing around with friends and stuff
    ppl need to seriously stop ripping her apart
    shes a teen growing up in hollyowood!
    i doubt she intended these for anyones eyes but her and her friends
    but still u think by now shed no to stop taking these

  99. sooz says – reply to this


    if the first ones fake, what is it thats slutty about her? what's wrong with showing you STOMACH? ! it's not like she can't go swimming with a bikini just because she's a disney star what does it matter if she takes pictures of herself when you can see her stomach oh please

  100. court says – reply to this


    O_o ugh gross

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