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Miley Almost Naked!

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amiley.jpg amiley2.jpg

When will she ever learn????

Wow. Wow. Wow.

These photos look very very real. But, we're working under the assumption that they're fake.

If Miley's lawyers or representatives contact us and confirm that these pictures are indeed authentic, then we will instantly take them down.

Do U think they're real????

This dude claims to have hacked into Miley Cyrus's phone and uncovered some VERY inappropriate photos.

She looks more like one of the sluts on a Girls Gone Wild video than a Disney star.

And Miley's only 15!

Isn't it too young to be posing for photos like that????

Apparently, the hacker found even MORE SCANDALOUS photos, which he's trying to sell.

Yeah, good luck with that!

How quickly until Miley apologizes again or issues a denial claiming the photos are fake???

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2312 comments to “Miley Almost Naked!”

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  1. h8err says – reply to this


    Re: PEREZ – eww u JACK ass

  2. Meagh says – reply to this


    k to be honest i love miley. and i really honestly dont care what everyone else thinks.

    there was pics out before the first set but it was her cousin they look alot a like..

    the second set that were all over the internet could have been her , or it couldn't have been. these recent ones are not that big of a fucking deal!

    i mean its not like shes showing her tits even if it is her. its her stomach for god sakes ..

    i know a 15 yr.old girl whos taken WAY worse pictures showing more than just her fucking stomach.

    why can't people just leave miley alone.. even if she did take them.. how are they getting in the hands of other people… its not like shes that dumb to put them on the internet. its just haters that are out to toture her

    if they are hers.. why does everyone give a fuck? ITS HER STOMACH and a bra… thats like someone coming out and taking pics of them in there bathing suit i dont see people making a big deal out of that i have a pic in my bathing suit i dont see anyone making a big deal out of that?!

    shes young.. yes.. but i think people are making this out to be more scandulous then what it really is.

    teenagers make mistakes; i should i know i am one ! :)

    thanks for the time lmao

  3. ester says – reply to this


    qqqqqqqqqqqqq reqete puta eres das assco

  4. melan says – reply to this


    my lord. for one, all of the pictures, real or fake are NOT even bad! are you kidding me or are you all just to prude to even know what a real teenager does. i'm sorry but anyone dissing on these have never lived a normal life. perez, who are you to judge? if you did pictures like this everyone would die. i hope when she finds out about these very much FAKE pictures, because the 1st one is obvioulsy fake, and whoever photoshopped these, did a very bad job; but i hope she sues your dumb ass. GO MILEY! your beautiful =] and very talented. MILEYS#1.

  5. miche says – reply to this


    the second picture does look real

    but the first one looks fake

    the water isnt coming from the shower head

    and that shower looks weird looks like a gym shower or something

  6. Rosi says – reply to this


    Y donde quedo la niña buena

    Al parecer no parecen ser lo que proyectan en imagen jojo



  7. Tatia says – reply to this


    omg get over it! let her be. it soo annoying how ppl try to bring her down

  8. jacq says – reply to this


    who would have taken the shower one for her? the iPhone wouldnt prop us as well as that would it?
    and the bottom one isnt that bad.

  9. yanet says – reply to this


    wow….. for all so those peple saying "how many of us haven't taken pictures like this?" well frist im pretty sure none unless they dreamt of being on girls gone wild or something? but anyone with a right mind wouldn't take pics like this….

  10. Ryan says – reply to this


    TBH i think the first picture was taken in a swimming center or somthing becuase there is a shampoo dispenser or soap or somthing plus ive never seen too many showers like that

  11. ryan says – reply to this


    i wonder who took the shower picture?

  12. ryan says – reply to this


    picture one it clearly fake plus someone else is taking it and it looks like a shower in the gym or swimming pool and the water isnt on her face!!

  13. ameli says – reply to this


    when will this girl learn?

    3rd time miley!
    come on, now.

  14. thump says – reply to this


    It looks like we have a new Brittney and Jamie-lyn Spears. Just what the world needs.

  15. Casey says – reply to this


    why would a 15 year old take those pictures.!!
    shes supposed to be a role model!!
    Even though I do that all the time jk no seriously!:)

  16. Chris says – reply to this


    Looks like she hasn't learned from her last mistake yet….

  17. PinkF says – reply to this


    If these were from her cell (as presumed)…. why can we see her cell in one of them? And really… if all she's doing is this and not making a sex tape or shooting up… why do we care?

  18. Tiffa says – reply to this


    ok the last one isnt that bad, but the fact that she is a rolmodel to little girls just isnt right. I am the same age as her and i dont take pics of myself in public showers in a white t-shirt, so why would she if she knows the chance of them going public. (which they did)

  19. corey says – reply to this


    i don't care what people say about miley being a whore or anything because she isn't

  20. reem says – reply to this


    ok wow you guys are acting like shes naked ..evreyome with a life takes cute pics like this sluts are the bombbb^^^^^^^baby i love you mileyy and who ever this ugly ass stalker who has no life is he will probslly have riots after him i would kill that guy if it was legall:)) and who can name a 15 year old who dosent take pics like that who has a life evreyone better calm the freak down kk have a problem deel with it ok all you can do is cut yourself over it its her freaking life bitchezz

    perez i love you btww

  21. Katli says – reply to this


    First of all this does not surprise me one bit! she has had so many inappropriate pictures of her on the internet so whats new? my question is though, what will she do next?

  22. britt says – reply to this


    omg guys shes just a teenager its not a big deal. a whore? all she's doing is taking pics with her belly showing, big deal.

  23. Lucy says – reply to this


    gross little slut. this is her pic on her ACTUAL myspace

  24. MiMi. says – reply to this


    i think that if she takes pics of her self like this is ok..i mean most people do it…so what if she is 15…the only problem i see is the one that they are being show aroud the world and that she stars on a kids show…but she is growing up and we have to face it…..she just has to be more careful…that is if these pics are real..cuz there are pics very similar to these ones on a suposed to be Miley Cyrus myspace page…is it posible for there to be a person that looks so much like her..???? im not defending her…I just think she is not dumm enough to put these kind of photos of her on myspace….

  25. biaca says – reply to this


    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is still crazy and nick is so over her

  26. John says – reply to this


    She is SEXY!

  27. surfe says – reply to this


    um well i hate miley. she had a lot of fans but lost many bcuz she went down that road. damn! she just luvs herself! CHILL GIRLIE.

  28. Jess says – reply to this


    well i pretty much want to say that i think they are fake
    i mean in what she admits she can't live without she says she has a sidekick
    in those photos she has an iphone, so i'm doubting they are real

  29. leah says – reply to this


    S.L.U.T whats that spell MILEY! lol shes such a slut i used to love her i still watch her show and listen to her music but i dont love her any more shes a slut

  30. danie says – reply to this


    tiene apenas 15 años y es super polemica, ya no es la primera vez que aparecen fotos polemicas de ella, va en un mal camino, ojala encuantre el buen camino porque igual se ve que es una buena niña

  31. o.O says – reply to this


    Um, that first one looks horribly fake, heh the wonders people can do with photoshop nowadays.. anyway if they are real, HER PHONE WAS HACKED, so that isn't fair.

  32. k8t says – reply to this


    …Please. I dunno if that shower picture is really of Miley. Photoshop does exist, you know. And even if it is her, obviously, this was private stuff. I must admit, the shower picture is very crude, but…but there are thousands of other fifteen year old girls taking much worse pictures than that. Some kid just decided to 'hack' her phone and post her pictures online like a little douchebag. I really hate teenagers sometimes, and I'm ashamed to admit that I am one of them.
    I feel kind of bad for her, because she's already gotten a very terrible reputation, and she's only fifteen…and it's going to stick with her forever.

  33. chase says – reply to this


    i heard playboy wanted her when she is 18

  34. Mads says – reply to this


    Re: Jacqu – MAN!! I hear u, jacqu;D Its just that theese teenagers get all the publisity! She just another teen:P I am a teen myself, and may I confess.. I have done some pretty crazy stuff, and its not over until I'm, like fucking 25 or something;D I love beeing a teen, and do stuff that I'm going to reagret later! And I bet that Miley does too

  35. val says – reply to this


    kay well I understand that Mileys only 15 and you know what when your a teenager you dostuff like that. Its just the way it is. And some of those photoswere sent to Nick jonas and you know what when you have a boyfriend and your comfortable to show your body to him you take photos like that and send them to him..like whateverr. Shes not perfect and noone is and so what like most teenagers do that kinda stuff and even worse than that. So just give her a break shes 15 I'm sure I would take photos like that if I was comfortable with my body and such but like honestly give me a break shes 15.Most of those photos were probably personal aswell so whoever spread thos around probably has NO life. By the way I love Perez Hilton and I'm not trying to be a hater but I'm just defending Miley.

  36. Shay says – reply to this


    I've read a few of the other comments and yes i agree to one that i've seen coming up a lot which is, We all take a slutty photo once in a while, who care?
    yeah that's because we're no bodys.
    But when you are in the scene and your a star and have little 12 year olds looking up to you, the last thing you should be thinking about it what shirt should i wear in my slutty shower scene. which i have to admit, looks fale but the other looks pretty real, just by the lighting.
    and as for if her people are going to tell you if there real or not, it's go two ways.
    One: they say that's there real so then you'll take them off your sight then just have miley do ANOTHER public apologize.
    They say that they are not rea, deal with you keeping them up just so then miley can look like a innocent girl just been used in an involentary PhotoShop.
    either wwhy, i don't think that they'll speak the truth just so then parents won't have to ban their child from watching the little slut on tv.
    as much as i want to agree with the other commenters that yes whatever you took a few slutty pics, who dosen't…your famous, you'll have to wait until you grow out of your A cupped bra, hit puberty and possibly until your famous for more than a childerns TV show to be a socially excepted slut.

  37. Mary says – reply to this


    I don't care if she took racy (and kind of slutty) pics of herself, I mean she's not the first one. But I just wish she'd own up to them and quit saying, "I made a mistake" and all that crap. I mean, it's one thing to go a little crazy, take a few pictures that you regret and then claim it was a mistake. But when you keep making the same 'mistake' over and over again, that's just a little stupid. Ok, a lot stupid. Just fess up. I wouldn't hate her as much if she just stood up and said "I'm a skank." (Maybe not in those exact words, I mean, some kids might read it, but whatever……)

    P.S. For someone who's rich enough to have sooooo many clothes she sure spends a lot of time barely wearing any.

  38. Rea says – reply to this


    well i think everyone should just leave her alone i mean cant she have her privacy

  39. ren says – reply to this


    makes me wonder whos holding the cam on the first photo!

  40. 1940

    her dad probably took those!!!

  41. ra says – reply to this


    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?
    Most importantly, is that a baby bump? Is Miley sperminated?

  42. britt says – reply to this



  43. xvghz says – reply to this


    hey miles, here's an idea; KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON.

    ohh, & another option is lose the camera, k?

    I can't wait til she's a fad.

  44. Nat says – reply to this


    I love you so much miley you are the love of my life.

  45. kubra says – reply to this


    OMJ miley is a slut wonder who took the picture???

  46. Megan says – reply to this


    OMG , i used to love her , but now i hate her .

  47. Tina says – reply to this


    Dude miley get a grip! I mean a white shirt of course its gonna go see through! I bet you she was gonna send hem to nick! Well here something for you miley he dont like you!!!!! I mean evveryone knows 7 things is avout nivk

  48. pathe says – reply to this


    this is pathetic. not her, but this site

  49. ATTEN says – reply to this



  50. sophi says – reply to this


    it doesn t matter because it her private life

  51. blaah says – reply to this


    oh please vanessa hudgins was way worse but on the other hand miley seems more hate-able

  52. Ashle says – reply to this


    How are these slutty?!
    Shes a 15 year old girl, its not like shes posing in her bra.
    I dont see how u can class these as 'slutty' photos.

  53. kayla says – reply to this


    you know whats funny?
    almost every other teenage girl out there will take a picture of herself like this if she was pretty or skinny enough.
    and whats really funny is that everyone needs to shut there fucking mouths because im pretty sure sex wasnt on her mind when she took this. im pretty sure she was just having fun.
    if its even real.
    which im pretty sure its not.
    kay thanks bitchesss.

  54. AmyJo says – reply to this


    You know, I think people should leave her alone. I mean, every 15 year old girl wants to feel 'sexy' or whatever. So who are we to judge her?
    Also, people shouldn't hack her dang phone anymore. It's her business. Let it be her business.

  55. patty says – reply to this


    The top picture would be hard to photo shop, but i think the, so called "hacker" just photoshopped the top image so he could sell the duo of pictures at a higher price. But i do think the bottom picture is real because you can see the redness on her body from her camera taking a picture of her, but the other camera that took the whole body picture happened to be taking the picture right after Miley did thus still seeing the red from Mileys camera in the picture the other person took

  56. Anton says – reply to this


    every young teenage girl has taken pictures like this… ive done it, all my friends have done it… and im sure most other girls have done it. there isnt anything racy about these pictures. plus its not like she intended for these pictures to get out to the public. if she was naked or if this was some kind of pornographic content them you guys would be in the right state of mind to say the things youve been saying. everyone is just too hard on her because she is an uber star. let the girl live. i dont think any less of her. i actually think more of her. how she is handling everyone attacking her for some jerkoff hacking her private stuff is beyond me. she is a hell of a lot stronger than any of us know. give her some credit and just back off already.

  57. xxxxx says – reply to this


    "leave her alone..shes 15"
    i love that,lmfao.
    wow..exactly you dumbasses!!!!!
    SHE 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and a christian.

    whatever….its her career she's screwing up.

  58. Kelse says – reply to this


    These pictures can't be fake. Her face and the body don't look airbrushed at all. I mean, the first one could be fake but the second one looks sooo real. Silly Miley. When will she learn.

  59. Natal says – reply to this



  60. kelse says – reply to this


    YOU GUYS ARE ALL FUCKED!! & actually its fuckin easy to photoshop the shower picture & as for the second one; its a fuckin stomach grow the fuck up; you guys are just haterz of her and have way too much to fuckin say; but when ur famous u have to deal with all of you little shit talkin puke faces; sooooo i bet she doesn't waste her time thinkin about omg that person thinks im a whore; i think she looks good; so shut the fuck up and leave her alone you stupid retarded lowlife morons; and as for you PEREZ; you're fuckin lame for even havin this shit on yur site. GROW UP.

  61. Amera says – reply to this


    The shower one is the only one that is really scandalous… but it could be fake.
    The other one however is something you'd see any 15 year old doing… just browse some MySpace profile pictures.
    She's no different than any other girl her age, so give her a break. The only difference is that there are so many people constantly watching her, hacking into her things, and trying to ruin her.
    Just let the poor girl live her life!!

  62. Cali_ says – reply to this


    what a hoe! slut slut slut! when will she ever learn

  63. kelly says – reply to this


    what a ho

  64. Sidne says – reply to this


    Oh my god.
    can you say SLUTTTTTTTTTTTT!
    i hate miley cyrus with a PASSION!

  65. sex says – reply to this


    ha. she may not be a real whore.. but she sure is an attention whore for sure.

    she's disgusting.

  66. Anita says – reply to this


    These are real! They can't be fake, and besides Miley is that type of girl to take slutty photos like that!

  67. ris says – reply to this


    Yeah, I don't think they're real at all… Why can't people get lives?

  68. darla says – reply to this


    sure, shes just a teenager, but if she wants to be this 'role model' that she speaks of, she cant be taking pictures like this…….i wonder who was behind the camera….. :l
    i mean sure take some pictures, but not with a long WHITE shirt in the shower.
    and my sister is like in love with her…… sigh……

  69. miley says – reply to this


    Miley cyrus is an outrage to all little girls who look up to her.She is well known by little girls and many of them will probably turn out to be like her. Sure people did that when they were teens but Miley is well known!

  70. nick says – reply to this


    and her parents dont do anything that girl is going to turn into brittney spears so sad

  71. adeuh says – reply to this


    come on we don't see anything she' young and she must learn from her mistakes so we can let her life like she want

  72. @-tow says – reply to this


    miley is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttt

  73. mm says – reply to this


    Re: Leah – how the fuck is angelina jolie a whore!!!??

    pamela anderson is allowed to be a whore. shes old enough to do it and gets paid, miley is only 15!!

    comparing a 15 year old to a 30 sumthing year old isnt really making your case. Suck balls:)

  74. alexa says – reply to this


    I swear slutty cyrus up there in the shower picture looks like a man.
    ahahahah does she think she looks sexy or something??
    in the other pictures she looks kinda hott, but in that one its just ugghhhhh.

  75. marie says – reply to this


    your idiots get a life and stop commenting on photos of celebritys and get a real job parezz or wtv your name is you dumb fag

  76. em says – reply to this


    Just throwing it out there…these photos are obviously fake if you pay attention. First of all, in the first photo, Miley's actual face is not wet. Secondly, about the second photo, Miley is holding an iPhone. She has a sidekick. She talks about it.

  77. k says – reply to this


    wow miley how far you have fallen! and those comments she makes about herself! "people look up to me!" yeah right!

  78. culle says – reply to this


    i don't either are fake.

    if they're fake, then that's one really awesome piece of photoshop work done there.

  79. t-zay says – reply to this


    uh…the first one is so fake i can't believe anyone with half a brain would think it were real. just look at the head on her body; does it look like it belongs? it's so totally photoshopped!
    anywayz, this girl needs to be left alone. she isn't the first or the last disney girl on her way to whoredom. so i don't see what the big deal is. aren't we used to this already? i'd think we were…what with skankwhores like britney, christina aguilera, and a million others running all over the place…
    people need to get a life already. we don't need to see pics like this all the time. they're old news, la historia.

  80. elly says – reply to this


    Will those people that are harassing her SHUT UP do you relise what your saying! Shes a teenager thats 15 not 16 or 10! Every 15 year old would do something like this look at her success and all you do is search for bad ways to make her feel guilty! You guys should feel guilty not her! She is talent.com! :-) So mind your own buisness!

  81. stu36 says – reply to this


    the thing is shes not naked whats all the hype about i have friends who do that

  82. Maris says – reply to this


    well im pretty sure the 1st one is fake.but i dont know about the 2nd one.but i could be wrong.but i heard this person who hacked her found messages to Nick Jonas about the 1st time they had sex.

  83. leand says – reply to this


    you ´re gay!!!! and nobody have nothing to do with this.. and you keep saying bad things about her…

  84. taylo says – reply to this


    ok 1 she is 15 years old! LEAVE HER ALONE! 2 these r 100% FAKE 3 i take pictures like these all the time! there not that bad! 4 she has a album comming out soon and she dosent need anymore stress!

  85. linds says – reply to this


    at least delete them when your done……..

  86. Leo4l says – reply to this


    Seriosly?! does she care for all the young girls that look up to her She's suppose to be a freaking teen idol not a teen whore

  87. paul says – reply to this


    es una puta como todas las niñas gringas habla que es virgen pero ya debe de haber cogido con varios cabrones desde los diez años las niñas gringas demuetran por que son las mas putas del mundo

  88. paul says – reply to this



  89. elisa says – reply to this



  90. Jesca says – reply to this


    u guys r haters!
    when i was 15 there were wayy worse pictures that my friends took.
    everyone exaggerate and u want her to look bad

  91. Anomo says – reply to this


    I feel that you can talk about Miley Cyrus but why in a bad way? People
    (STARS) probobly hate you. Why have a site were you make people mad for your popularity? I mean it's a good idea to tell us about that that but if it's possible for you too say it in an nicer way that would be awesome becasue you would have more viewers such as stars. Because they would like you more, it would also be nicer if you made a chat system were you can talk to us. If that is possible it would be awesome!
    P.S. You don't have to read this. It was a stupid letter anyways.

  92. AAAAH says – reply to this


    ewwwww look at her wet butt!!!!!!!

  93. care says – reply to this


    holy shit
    i'm 15 and none of my friends are this screwed up
    the blowup of all this isn't just because she's in hollywood
    people in my regular life would think this is fucking slutty anyways
    i can't stand this whore

  94. vanes says – reply to this


    omg people u all need to chill!!!! miley isnt the only girl doing this half the girls her age are doing this also yea those girls arent famous but regardless of that shes just having fun!!!

  95. Mari says – reply to this


    What a slut!!!!!!! She keeps telling us that she'll never do it again..and she was completely embarrased the first time..and yet here we are AGAIN!!!

  96. Tipst says – reply to this


    Someone should ask Joe of the Jonas brothers she sends them to him a lot.

  97. chels says – reply to this


    ewwww!!!! thats nasty i think she is a whore with no talant and im almost 15 and i would never take pics like this

  98. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: Jen

    I agree. I've never taken pics anywhere close to the ones she has taken.

  99. kbw says – reply to this


    If the guy hacked into her phone to get the pictures off of her cell phone, then why is she holding her cell phone in the picture. Second of all, in the bottom picture, I see girls walking around the gym and stuff all the time. The picture she is trying to take is clearly of her face blowing a kiss to someone. She isn't taking a picture of her "body" to send! As for the shower photo, it even looks fake.

  100. jorda says – reply to this


    slutty miley is nasty

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