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Family Ties Screw Up!

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Former child star Brian Bonsall is in trouble again.

Bonsall, who's currently 26, played Michael J. Fox's little brother, Andy Keaton, on the '80s show Family Ties. He also stared in Star Trek: The Next Generation in the '90s.

The out of work actor was charged last year for assaulting his girlfriend.

And, now, he's being accused of violating his probation.


It seems Bonsall hasn't paid for his domestic-violence classes. He's also missed daily breathalyzer exams as well as tested positive on a breathalyzer test.

The probation violation complaint also states that he has not been able to secure any full-time employment.

His probation officer has recommended that Bonsall receive a 60-day term sentence of work release. This will allow Bonsall to only leave jail for work every day and then return at night.

The officer also suggests that Bonsall attend four Alcoholic Anonymous classes a week and adhere to a "strict sobriety schedule."

Bonsall is set to appear in court on Wednesday morning.

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66 comments to “Family Ties Screw Up!”

  1. Mmmmm says – reply to this


    Love the mouth rings. Nice touch.

  2. Frank says – reply to this


    Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!! Baba Booey!!!

  3. FIRST says – reply to this



  4. IAN L says – reply to this



  5. Katie says – reply to this


    He should do that celebrity rehab thing.

  6. Franc says – reply to this



  7. ale says – reply to this



  8. josh says – reply to this


    good luck getting acting work with that neck tat, buddy.

  9. gared says – reply to this


    He looks like a fucking vampire.

  10. April says – reply to this


    Love the unibrow he's sportin'.

  11. Qcan says – reply to this


    Who was he on Star Trek?

  12. mer says – reply to this


    Celebrity Rehabber in the making! Cheers Brian!!!

  13. Suzie says – reply to this


    he's also from Blank Check!! poor kid needs some help

  14. 14

    those are some wild eyebrows!

  15. NoUni says – reply to this


    Re: April – are you an idiot?? He does NOT have a unibrow! Caterpillar eyebrows yes, but they are clearly not connected :)

  16. Frag says – reply to this


    Yeah I'm sure you're gonna get a lot of work with that stupid tattoo on your neck. Why are kids so stupid. All I can think of is when you are like 60 and on the golf course with your buddies and you have this huge stupid tat on your neck. Wise up, unless you're going to be a engineer, or an artist, or a rock star, don't get tats where people can see them. Have fun waiting tables the rest of your life……oh yeah, even they don't want you. And by the way I have 3 tats, and none of them are on my neck. Friggin retards

  17. Rosie says – reply to this


    I knew this kid would turn into the biggest prick fuck up while I watched him on Family Ties. Even as a four year old, he put out the most negative, bitter, and hostile energy. His face was riddled with tension, and he was just a nasty nasty little boy.

  18. klyt says – reply to this


    Re: Red Riding Hood – NICE Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  19. jessi says – reply to this


    anyone else think he looks like a drugged out pierced zac efron?

  20. DLT says – reply to this


    WTF are those things on his lip piercings, fangs?

  21. 21

    no wonder he can't get a job with that horrendous neck tattoo. good lord!

  22. whosu says – reply to this


    Yeah! do a porn flick!! i'd watch that, he's kinda sexy…in a dirty way ;)

  23. natty says – reply to this


    That's really SAD, Perez. He was so cute on Family Ties. I hope he gets help, there's still plenty of time to turn his life around.

  24. Artur says – reply to this


    He's hot! Bad boys = Hotness!

  25. Mmmmm says – reply to this


    Re: ale – No ale, I was first, and I wasn't an asshole about it. You, on the other hand made an ass out of your #7 self.

  26. Anti says – reply to this


    this guy is a picture of suffering, i hope he gets better. may all beings be liberated!!!

  27. Meeel says – reply to this


    That's sooo sad! He was such a cutie too!

  28. jani says – reply to this


    DOES THE MOVIE BLANK CHECK RING A BELL IN ANYONE'S MIND? This kid was hilarious in that movie…if I check him out on the street I'm going to stomp on his foot!

  29. LkAtU says – reply to this


    who slapped him across the face?

  30. paren says – reply to this


    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

    # 15 Poster,Change you Avitar ,Red Riding Hood,
    This Is Not A PORN SITE,

  31. 2cent says – reply to this


    It's ashamed when child actors can't make the transition to adult working actors. His parents should have gotten an investment advisor to make sure his earnings were protected or were they too busy with their hands in the cookie jar. Maybe this little exposure can help him to get a job.

  32. anony says – reply to this


    WHere is a BLANK check when you need one???!

  33. sttng says – reply to this


    Re: mer – He was Worf's son Alexander on Star Trek The Next Generation, you most likely couldn't recognize him because he had klingon makeup on. He was a recurring character through seasons 4-7.

  34. 34

    So many child stars have emotional problems when they grow up don't they?

  35. Nick says – reply to this


    This makes me sad more than anything else. Nobody knows what goes on in other people's lives…he was such a cute little kid on Family Ties. I hope he can pull it together. He reminds me of my little brother (looks-wise, not behavior-wise!).

  36. veron says – reply to this


    Oh my god, he looks like Eddie Munster…. HAHAHAHAHAH

  37. Rose says – reply to this


    Hes scary looking

  38. mrs.p says – reply to this


    Kinda feel sorry for him,, he looks really sad.

  39. trace says – reply to this


    he does look really sad. I feel sorry for him and I hope he gets the help he needs

  40. SeaWA says – reply to this


    Angry Eyebrows. TWEEZERS are our friends, please use them.

  41. Trick says – reply to this


    So sad the fate of child actors……

  42. LateN says – reply to this


    He looks like a total idiot. What's up with his teeth or lips? Looks like he trying to look like a vampire. Prison will fix that. Some big bubba type will. wanna knock that off his face before his first week-end. He's not going to last long looking like that….

  43. 43

    Poor kid, he used to be so cute.

  44. salmo says – reply to this


    at least he's keeping the unibrow at bay…

  45. WOW! says – reply to this


    Re: Red Riding Hood – lol…and I thought "bootylicious" was
    bad!! :)

  46. blank says – reply to this


    blank check!!!!!! haha that movie was awesome. too bad he's not doing too well.

  47. mama says – reply to this


    What the hell?!?? these poor h-wood kids. Somebody please give this kid a job and some counseling

  48. effin says – reply to this


    Now THAT is a fucking idiot.

  49. chomp says – reply to this


    Re: effin – you got that right! hahaha!

  50. Anon says – reply to this


    Uhh, I don't know who you guys are seeing, but I think he's hot as hell. Granted, that is a horrible picture and he looks really sad, but beyond that he is definitely one hot looking dude who, unlike a lot of child actors, went from cute to hot. I take it that picture was probably right after he got arrested domestic violence which really explains a lot. You morons have no fucking clue what happened that night, but from the looks of it, she scratched the fuck out of his face, which is enough reason to knock the shit out of anyone, male or female.

  51. Angry says – reply to this


    Oh Gawd! He looks like he has been rode hard and put away wet!

  52. Angry says – reply to this


    Re: Red Riding Hood – Ok, EWWWW! What's up with your avatar??

  53. Sergi says – reply to this


    That cute boy turn out like this?!!!

    What the fuck?

  54. anoth says – reply to this


    That is really sad his eyes look so sad and hopeless yes celeb rehab wuld b good

  55. mog says – reply to this


    aw, he looks so sad :(

  56. aeryn says – reply to this


    eww what are those metal fangs coming out of his mouth! this kid looks like an ugly version of chris richardson from american idol.

  57. LisaJ says – reply to this


    He played Alexander in ST:TNG? I would never had guessed. I always persumed that little boy was black. They must have painted every visable part of him. His hands, his face, neck. There was one episode where he's in a mud bath with L'waxanna Troy, they must have painted the whole of his torso brown for that scene. That seems like a LOT of effort when they could've just hired a black boy. Are you certain it was him?

  58. Kuntz says – reply to this


    He lookes like a southern/midwestern crystal meth user.

  59. Kelly says – reply to this


    I wouldn't say he "stared" in Star Trek: TNG. Do some research.

  60. Hotti says – reply to this


    Lets talk about sex with Reality Bedroom.

  61. LisaJ says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – WTF? I'm confused. He was in the show on and off for 3 seasons and they brought the character back in ST:DS9 (possibly a new actor). How do you define "stared" then?

  62. wil says – reply to this


    he should really start thinkin bout smoking crystsal meth. it will clear his mind and give him stability

  63. Sissy says – reply to this


    So strange he can't get full time work…….. it should be so easy to something with a neck tat, face scratches and not one but two jacked up lip rings. What a douche.

  64. Sheen says – reply to this


    My god….he turned into a bone thug….

  65. AMO says – reply to this


    Wow, does every child star grow up to be a fuck up?

  66. Isuk says – reply to this


    u suck change ur name. ur an embarrasment to people with Perez as their last name.