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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

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Someone's been a naughty naughty girl!

Nicole Kidman's made headlines this week with reports that she's going to give away pictures of her newborn daughter, Sunday Roast, for free.

According to the Australian Media, Nic and husband Keith Urban "don't believe in making deals" for baby pics.

Not true, we're told.

A source close to the situation reveals exclusively to PerezHilton.com that, "Kidman's camp has reached out to several of the celeb mags."

But, we're told, "she wanted too much money" and when she didn't get the price she wanted, she "decided to walk away from negotiations instead of taking a lower dollar figure."

Tisk. Tisk.

Update: Nicole's publicist sent us the following statement.

She says, "I promise you that neither Nicole Kidman, nor her reps, negotiated with ANYONE. Baby photos were never for sale and will never be for sale. We had a bunch of publications approach us and OFFER money. We told them we weren’t in the market! All the usual suspects.

We were never even going to discuss this issue, since it’s pretty tasteless, but the press has been generating the story on its own, so I’d like to set the record straight."

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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130 comments to “Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire”

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  1. BooGr says – reply to this


    I think that they should GIVE the baby picture to PEREZ!!! How amazing would THAT be?!

  2. alli says – reply to this


    i cant believe some of you actually think they gave their child the middle name of roast? What is wrong with you people!! The names they gave their child are perfectly fine do u even know the reasoning behind it?
    oh course you dont

    Perez you have gotten really spiteful and just plain mean. No one wants to read you calling people names and whatever. have u ever tried to do some honest 'reporting' in your life? Your not a very nice person!

  3. Spare says – reply to this


    Re: Mama – Obviously you don't have a controlling freak of an ex husband!!! I am quite sure Nicole Kidman would love to have all her children with her full time. Unfortunately their father keeps them extremely busy studying Scientology. One should not be so judgmental when they know nothing of what they speak.

  4. Absol says – reply to this



  5. Absol says – reply to this


    i wanna borrow his wig. ewwwwwwwwwwww

  6. ji says – reply to this


    You completely made this up

  7. becs says – reply to this


    Hate on Nicole for whatever you want - but you don't have a leg to stand on for knocking her for selling or not selling her baby pics. Remember when she got married? She released an official photo to media at the conclusion of the ceremony and simply asked media who used it to donate money to a Sydney children's hospital. No horrible exclusive for her with kids having to hand in their cameras at the door. Such a refreshing attitude, and I'm so pleased it looks like she'll do something similar for her bubba. I hate it when celebs put a price on their babies head. I'm not the biggest Nicole fan (too much botox!) but I have huge respect for her for this

  8. bon says – reply to this


    perez! believe nicole. she's not a sell out like most celebrities and really respects the art of acting. she wouldn't whore out her baby like that.

  9. from/ says – reply to this


    isn't he wearing a bit too much make-up?

  10. jb says – reply to this


    PLEASE don't start having a stupid nickname for a newborn. "Sunday Roast" is mean and unnecessary. Now, in 18 years if the child gets drunk and makes bad technomusic, go for it.

  11. nancy says – reply to this


    That would be a first, I think Tom even pimped out SURI..

  12. James says – reply to this


    Lindsey Lohan Is on top again at Reality Bedroom.

  13. dd^mo says – reply to this


    perez ure an ass!!!!!!!

  14. 114

    So, now that her publicist has addressed you personally, does it make you feel important enough to change your story? As for posters droning on about nobody wanting to see her baby pictures, why did they approach her in the first place?

    Those calling her a has-been, she just headed a $120m movie to be released, she has been cast in another one costing $80m. She makes between $12m and $15m and that is if she takes a cut. And you think she is a has-been? Do they breed the special types of idiots that come on Perez? No wonder people are getting dumber, not enough grey cells to think. Half of you can't even construct a sentence.

    Is this what celebs who refuse to pimp their kids have to go through, have celeb magazines who can't secure a deal run up to Perez because he is too stupid to see someone yanking his chains?

    As for those droning on about her plastic surgery and botox, I ask again, so what? She is still going to be $200m better off than you, she is going to live in the most incredible places and live a jolly life while you suffer through the credit crunch. Her child, at least, the one who is not in a cult won't go hungry, they won't come knocking on your door for help. And for those of you droning on that she is a bad mother because she doesn't drag her kids everywhere, your parents did a good job with you, didn't they? I mean, they must be proud to know that they raised a mean-spirited child who doesn't have a kind thought in his or her body.

  15. diane says – reply to this


    Maybe the kid looks like an alian just like her is the reason they are not showing [t's pictures

  16. Toni says – reply to this


    Sunday roast? they should have just called her meat and potatoes. What a dumb name.

  17. SMH says – reply to this


    LIAR! She knows damn well she was trying to sell those pictures! Not that anyone wants to see her pillow baby anyway! Especially since Angelina had her babies! I'm sure everyone would much rather see their pictures! TO BAD NICKY! LOL!

  18. Paul says – reply to this


    Why does her Husband work so hard to look like a GIRL!!!!!!!

  19. Franc says – reply to this


    Heehee. I'm sure that when Nicole said that selling her baby's pics will be "inappropriate" (and I TOTALLY AGREE with her), I'm sure she annoyed a lot of celeb moms who sold their kids, er, baby photos to the mags. Then one or all of these moms must've asked their publicists to make up stories. I'm pointing my finger to the moms who sold off their kids–Xtina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, and to the BIGGEST PIMP of them all: Angelina Jolie!!!

  20. candy says – reply to this


    Re: Franc – Who honestly wouldnt sell photos, that the paps will end up taking anyway down the track.? The only way it is justified in my opinion is by taking their money and giving it to where it is really needed, a worthy charity.Angelina gives 10% of her ridiculously high pay packet ongoing. She uses them for their money as much as they make money from her.

  21. candy says – reply to this


    Re: JonRe: Jon – Why would you name your child Sunday after Sunday Reed who got vd and killed herself.

  22. UGH!! says – reply to this


    No. 1 says – reply to this 10The biggest liar in Hollywood in Angelina Jolie.
    She has given birth a month ago and sent conflicting


    What are you a FUCKING idiot???? The woman just spit out those brats Saturday. NOT amonth ago! If she had of given birth a month ago. The world would have know!!! Someone would have sold the proof! The reports said 2 girls duuuuhhh!!!!

  23. much says – reply to this


    Re: candy
    She wasn't named AFTER her, they had heard a lot about her and they thought Sunday would be a nice name. The paps will always find you anyway, even if you do the photo so why bother, making a big fuss over the FIRST picture

  24. candy says – reply to this


    Re: much – In the papers here ( Australia) Nicoles dad Anthony said he suggested the name Sunday, and he mentioned Sunday Reed. In my view thats naming the child after her.He said he admired Reed and the way she lived her life.

  25. John says – reply to this


    His fake tan is so bad.

  26. candy says – reply to this


    "when you are young you are given a good view of life because of your closeness to birth" quote by Sunday Reed. This is apparantly what Nicole and Keith liked about Sunday Reed, a patron of the arts in australia.

  27. kate says – reply to this


    Re: muchRe: much – Yes she is. Check out Anthony Kidman in the aussie papers.

  28. much says – reply to this


    "I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John — she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century," he said. "The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it."
    Antony Kidman
    I think that means the name.

  29. tania says – reply to this


    The baby girl is named after Sunday Reed, the parents told the press about her, and used quotes about sunday's life and beliefs, and said that they were impressed by her!

  30. rosco says – reply to this


    Re: much – Get your facts right!!!

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