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Family Ties Star… On The Run From The Law!!!

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As we mentioned on Tuesday, former Family Ties star actor Brian Bonsall was due to appear in court today, Wednesday, after violating his probation.

Unfortunately for Bonsall, he decided not to show up for the court case.


Now, the woman-beater has a bench warrant issued for him.

Looks like someone might be spending a lot of time in a jail cell soon….if the police find him!

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30 comments to “Family Ties Star… On The Run From The Law!!!”

  1. dakot says – reply to this



  2. Jazzy says – reply to this



  3. Erica says – reply to this


    tsk tsk loser

  4. Lanie says – reply to this


    I love Christofer Drew Ingel. Perez you would cum immedialty at the sight of this boy.

  5. 5

    damn i got seriously scared right now! aaaa he looks so scary!

  6. 6


  7. richb says – reply to this


    he's gonna have Dog the Bounty Hunter on his ass!

  8. sharo says – reply to this


    loser!!!! can't wait for him to get his in the pokey!

  9. HYDE says – reply to this




  10. Piri says – reply to this


    He looks like scum that would be on the run..yuck.

  11. 11

    Yes!!! More child actors gone bad!!! :D :P :P

  12. CM says – reply to this


    its cuz he's 3/4 klingon

  13. maxro says – reply to this


    wow, I can't believe that's Brian Bonsall! He was so cute in Blank Check (1994). I saw him a few years ago on E! child stars grown up, and he was actually a cutie then too. I think he's still kind of cute, just messed up with issues.

  14. LkAtU says – reply to this


    he's not a woman beater. He just shoved his girlfriend around a littlee and she called the cops crying like a little bitch. I guess I would be fustrated too going from a #1 sitcom to growing up and moving bricks around a construction site.

  15. virgi says – reply to this


    Eddie Munster - is that you?????

  16. Eperk says – reply to this


    Even though he's a alleged lady beater and has a bit of a unibrow i would total fuck that guy. tatts and snakebites holy crap it's getting hot.

  17. 2cent says – reply to this


    He may see this as his opportunity to get his name back in the lime light and get his own reality show so he's playing his little criminal episode to the max. He deserves one more than Paris or Nicole who became famous for DUIs, partying and being whores. He actually acted on hit sitcoms in his life.

  18. 18

    I feel sorry for him…Thrust kids in the spotlight and then yank it away from them when they least expect it, and this is what you get..Parents, and show people make these kids feel good then reject them, and again, this is what you get..angry abusing former stars

  19. Yes says – reply to this


    I wanna sleep with him

  20. Cat says – reply to this


    Where is his family! He needs someone to reach out to him; can't you see the hurt in his eyes. Poor kid. :-( It breaks my heart to see this kind of stuff - where is the compassion people?

    "Heal this Nation; Yes We Can"

  21. sarah says – reply to this


    perez, you shouldn't link stories off fox news it will give us all cancer.

  22. Esthe says – reply to this


    He's resemblin' Eddie Munster with those brows & fangs!

  23. ess says – reply to this


    And the Pitts think their kids are gonna turn out any different to this! buahahahahahahaha!

  24. arkap says – reply to this


    Spend the rest of your life in jail Brian.

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  25. BryGu says – reply to this


    looks like Eddie Munster

  26. too f says – reply to this


    Another f+++ed up former child actor? Say it ain't so!! But I would not use the term "star." The stars of that show were the main five characters,, duh!

  27. ash says – reply to this


    id let him shoot a load anywhereee hed likeeee

  28. Evil says – reply to this


    theres always more to the story, you people shouldn't judge someone unless you know all the facts.

  29. Mike says – reply to this


    i used to be a fan but now i think he's a f'ing scumbag 4 being a beating women (or ne1 4 that matter). from a former fan, brian bonsall u suck donkey balls u loser!!!!!

  30. bbsgf says – reply to this


    i fucked brian last nite and yes girls hes great in the sack and no perez you will never get your gay love juice anywhere close to his mouth. why dont you fucking losers do something productive with your pitiful lives instead of reading this washed up overweight morons thoughts? perez keep dreaming about my boyfriend because hes way hotter than any man you can get.