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Lauren Conrad Heads For The Hills

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Lauren Conrad's unprofessional behavior left many people stunned and saddened when The Hills star had a diva fit and walked out on a charity event she was hosting in New York City on Tuesday, sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com.

The blonde was picked as the featured dog walker at the Animal Fair magazine's 9th annual 'Paws for Style' benefit.

Lauren walked the press line outside the event and then promptly left.

L.C. was supposed to be the finale of the charity fashion show and model with one of the Society's rescue dogs. She backed out suddenly for some unknown reason and she hurried off to the exit that minimized the "humiliating" (as she put it) experience.

The magazine tells PerezHilton.com exclusively that "Animal Fair funded her trip to New York City to come support the Humane Society at Paws For Style. Instead, she partied all week in NY and the Hamptons and failed to walk the runway for the big event."

Wendy Diamond, the editor in chief of Animal Fair and one of the judges on CBS's new series Greatest American Dog claims that Lauren Conrad is GUILTY of ripping off the Humane Society.

"100 percent of the proceeds from Paws For Style go to the Humane Society of New York, we do not take a penny," Diamond tells us. "If anyone would like to help make up for this costly mishap, please call the Humane Society of New York at (212) 752-4842 or visit their website: http://www.humanesocietyny.org/."

Someone paid for her trip to NY and she didn't live up to her end of the bargain????

People will be very wary of booking Lauren Conrad from now on!

And this was a charity event! EVEN WORSE!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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207 comments to “Lauren Conrad Heads For The Hills

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  1. tiffa says – reply to this


    i used to like her but now shes such a divabitch.

  2. chris says – reply to this



  3. 3


  4. saywh says – reply to this


    dude who cares about her anymore, like shitttt

  5. lnr says – reply to this


    that's terrible

  6. tash says – reply to this


    wowsers, if this is true, she really sucks as a person. what kind of greedy selfish bitch would do something like this?

  7. plum says – reply to this



  8. cdawg says – reply to this


    boooo to her

  9. lcsux says – reply to this


    That stupid whore bag doesn't deserve fame. At first I thought she was ok as compared to Heidi and Audrina, but she's actually worse. She has no talent what-so-ever either.

  10. chris says – reply to this


    i hate that bitch

  11. erin says – reply to this



  12. jon says – reply to this


    Apparently she was the ugliest dog there.

  13. Ciaci says – reply to this


    What a coke-whoring snatch!
    Why do idiots look up to this poor excuse?
    Aren't her 5 minutes up anyway?
    She needs to contract a deadly case like last week.

  14. HEIDI says – reply to this


    Am i first! Idiots! Maybe 4th

  15. she says – reply to this


    isn't here for long

  16. MrOCk says – reply to this


    GO TEAM HeDi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LC U dont mess with a charity event!!!!!!!!! bitch

  17. 17

    Geez, I really hope these girls get what they deserve someday, preferrably all of it at once in a life-shattering way. Man, if I was treated as nicely as them, and I had all that crap..? ARGH! Someone kill all these girls!

  18. 18

    Do you know the reason why she left so abruptly? No you don't fatty. Why is it that you always seem to target Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Brooke Hogan, Lily Allen and various others? Perez, stop stating opinions and give us the facts!!!

  19. jstud says – reply to this


    I have an idea. Why don't you use those "sources" that you pull out of your ass to find out why she left. I have a feeling that the "unknown reason" she backed out is unknown to you because you suck at this reporting thing.

  20. torih says – reply to this


    What a bitch. I hope karma slaps her in her flat orange no talent ass.

  21. deezy says – reply to this



  22. :D says – reply to this


    omg.. i love her but she's being really stupid now!

  23. 23

    Re: GirlsAloud
    Ok,you amde a good point. I never thought of it like that…maybe soemthing did happen? In that case, I partly take abck what i said.

  24. Kayle says – reply to this


    "The blonde was picked as the featured dog walked at the Animal Fair…"

    Haha your typo made this so much more hilarious. :)

  25. 25

    Haha, I love when retards say first and they end up being second. Like this douch above me who thinks he's cool. Go back to your video games homeboyyyeeee.
    Haha, and to think these neophytes actually believe this is a celebrity NEWS site. Go to In Touch or People for that. Perez and TMZ are here for amusement purposes only. Lovin' it!

  26. BMO says – reply to this



  27. cman says – reply to this


    effed up! what horrible person would rip off the humane society?

  28. Andre says – reply to this


    Eww — what a despicable cunt! Seriously, LC, shit on people all you want but not homeless pooches!

  29. ANG says – reply to this



    BOYCOTT THAT "L. CUNT" IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE!! (it's ok if you use my new name for her…unless it's already in use….spread it like the plague anyway)

    to take advantage of something like the humane society is LAME.

    she should be asked to reimburse them…with $ from her hot selling Wal-Mart clothing line. (yeah, right…you know that shit isn't selling!)

  30. mo says – reply to this


    what a disgusting human being.

  31. cake says – reply to this


    If this is true, she is disgusting.

  32. hahh says – reply to this


    Lameass typical prep.

  33. Kimbe says – reply to this


    So, very not cool Lauren, just remember you will meet the same people on your way up climbing your success ladder, as you will on your way back down. Which sounds like it may be sooner than later!!!Never blow off The Humane Society or any other charity for that matter. Bad PR, not to mention the Bad Kharma!!!!

  34. shiel says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton hates Lauren Conrad. He envies that she has class. If she left, she left without making a scene or screaming. So there has to be a logical explanation what happened. What if she had a family emergency you retard. Did you even bother to find out why???? Jealousy and envy plus being malicious will get you no where Perez. Be more classy and not trashy.

  35. jenbu says – reply to this


    whoa, lauren's a vile slut to do that. heidi's starting to look good by comparison.

  36. nnn says – reply to this


    its time for LC to hit the road

  37. erika says – reply to this


    wow thats scandalous. what a bitch.

  38. lilly says – reply to this


    eh w/e everyone already hates this fake idiot.
    but seriously; the humane society?!?!? what was she thinking? if it was a real emergency she couldve told someone.

  39. Judy says – reply to this


    If it was SO FUCKING HUMILIATING for her, why did she accept in the first place? I can't stand this bitch. GET HER OFF THE TV!

  40. erinn says – reply to this


    umm..before you post a story maybe you should get all of the details. im sure lauren wouldnt walk out without a reason. she said it was a 'humiliating exoerience' so why dont u find out why before you post the damnn storyy?! maybee she had a reason…she deff had a reason..no one would just leave a charity function..

  41. erinn says – reply to this



  42. lc says – reply to this


    Re: Half.of.it

    Do you just sit on the computer all day and constantly refresh and comment perez's every post? Don't you work?

  43. shugg says – reply to this


    What a jerk, shes not a star, she should consider herself lucky to be asked to do anything. Her clothes suck, and she is a dud. Sooooooooo boring. But the least she could do is try and help the humane society. What kind of asshole walks out on a charity event.

  44. duc d says – reply to this


    What a stupid fucking cunt!!!

  45. no na says – reply to this


    TALENTLESS TWAT!!! How could she do that to those poor animals? They should rescue those dogs and throw her skank ass in the pound!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Laura says – reply to this


    I'm so over the hills! I think it's time to stop reporting on Lauren and DEFINITELY time to stop reporting on Heidi and Spencer. None of them deserve the attention they're getting. They're famous for nothing.

  47. ziiin says – reply to this


    dude seriously…. f**k that bitch!!! she needs to stop being such an idiot and get a new bff… Everything is going down hill since dumb ass LO came along.
    I Know LO went to ucla but she picked a dumb ass major.
    what a waste of a BRUIN

  48. annie says – reply to this


    Aw the puppies :(

    This bitch does not deserve celebrity status, none of these skanks of the hills or laguana beach or newport harbor do. What happened to the glamourous days of hollywood with real talanted actors, like audrey hepruns day.

  49. Dylan says – reply to this


    Fuck that worthless piece of shit bitch. Who even cares about all of those mindless cumrags from that crap show. I hope that scuzball makes restitution to the Humane Society.

  50. sssss says – reply to this


    Re: shiel – Oh yeah, very classy to rip off the Humane Society. You are an idiot!

  51. dexxi says – reply to this


    Who cares about her? That little dog she's holding is ADORABLE!!!!
    is it hers, or a "loaner?"

  52. doug says – reply to this


    Kathy Griffin did this event on her show once and it looked pretty bad then, it seemed the organizers over promissed and under delivered.

  53. itsme says – reply to this


    Shes a low rent twat

  54. fuzib says – reply to this


    that shaggie doggie is SOOOO CUTE! Lauren should have been happy to be there.
    she should make a BIG donation to the humane society to apologize for her behavior.

  55. Phil says – reply to this


    Bitch is disrespecting the dogs!

  56. silli says – reply to this


    I heard she has bad IBS and crapped her pants, that's why she left early.

  57. Hyde says – reply to this


    Despicable. I volunteer at my county shelter and this makes me furious. Lauren could make such a difference in the lives of homeless animals and she goes and acts like this. I didn't really have an opinion of her one way or another, but now I hope she drops dead or some gang-banger shoots her. Fucking self-absorbed SKANK.

  58. TARA says – reply to this



  59. Hyde says – reply to this


    All you fucking apologists can go to Hell right with Lauren. So what if something did happen? Short of death threats, ADULTS suck it up and honor their responsibilitites. Something a lot of you little twit airheads wouldn't know about.

  60. Lil says – reply to this


    She's over…I'm sure Audrina would have been a much better pick for their event.

  61. melio says – reply to this


    She really pisses me off she thinks she is so good and what not, girls like her piss me off…. They think they just rule the world and she agrees to do a thing for cheraty and she just walks out …. what a selfless bitch like honestly she needs to get over herself and accualy do something good for once; good for heidie for not being friends with her as much as she can be stupid to i think instead of everyone turning on heidie clearly everyone should turn against lauren….. i use to like her but now…..buff i cant stand her…

  62. shiel says – reply to this


    Re: sssss – - Before you start making your own opinion you retard, get your story straight. You believe Perez's side of the story. There is always 2 sides to everything. You hear one size and make your opinion??? You obviously have no class or any intelligence if you form your opinion without knowing all the details. Join the trashy Heidi and Spencer team you moron

  63. mandy says – reply to this


    she already looks like she's 35 with that nasty tan of hers. gross.

  64. Sweet says – reply to this


    I USED to really like her. I CAN'T FUCKING STAND HER NOW. UGH. She just keeps getting worse and worse. Bring back Kristin Cavaleri. At least SHE wouldn't bail on an important charity like this. FUCKING LAME.

  65. ANIMA says – reply to this


    SHE IS A BITCH AND A WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. JustS says – reply to this



  67. aeryn says – reply to this


    the girl's a bitch. what can i say?

  68. mc says – reply to this


    what an evil cunt. ditching out on the animals. she at least owes them her damned plane ticket. i mean, why couldn't she have bought it herself in the first place? it was for CHARITY.

  69. hanna says – reply to this


    She used to be alright, but now she's a complete bitch. She should be ashamed of herself, especially because she has pets of her own.

  70. Gohbe says – reply to this


    reedam beh sareh hatetoon baeen cheezhayeh ashgal keh meeneveeseen!!! koonee!!

  71. katie says – reply to this


    excuse my language but what a CUNT! she doesn't care enough to help animals, can you get any more rude? she could have helped a good cause. thanks for telling us this perez, what BS. i hope she's embarassed!

  72. katie says – reply to this


    oh and PS - why is she helping out the humane society when she "designed" a handbag line made of lamb skin? hmmm!

  73. Latin says – reply to this


    that stupid biotch!!! i have two dogs who i love so much, and i support any charity that has to do with animals and for her to do something like that is just selfish and LOW!! she will rot in hell!

  74. Becca says – reply to this


    I can't believe she screwed over the humane society, thats terrible.

  75. mkhwe says – reply to this


    trashy whore, who would book her anyway? She isn't even talented…. ALL SHE DID WAS GRADUATE HIGHSCHOOL ON TV… THAT'S NOT TALENT!

  76. buhby says – reply to this


    I want to fuck the optimum online guy up there…he's hot!

  77. TEAM says – reply to this



  78. Jess says – reply to this


    oi dudes, this is bullshit
    gt some truth into your stories!!

  79. gravy says – reply to this


    What a rag.

  80. Fred says – reply to this



  81. aim12 says – reply to this


    Dear All,
    As clarification from the press: Not only did my company work at this event, but we also helped to promote it. Our company, which will remain unnamed in the interest of preserving our integrity, was so insulted by this incident that we had to take drastic measures. Despite the fact that all charity events are supposed to be unselfish and personal, there is also the point that via business Lauren Conrad did NOT live up to her of the bargain.

    The event took months of planning; it took hard work out of people who did this for the appropriate reasons. This is a matter of propriety, and I truly hope that Lauren and her selfish acts make her realize that as fortunate as we are, there are repercussions for what you do and how you treat people.

    What she did tonight was reprehensible; and I truly hope that all those involved (TV. PR, or otherwise) related realize how detrimental her blatant NOT WALKING was.

    It was a disappointment and an insult…if not a slap in the face that she has NO STATURE TO GIVE.

    those hurt.

  82. Jenni says – reply to this


    lauren conrad is a spoiled, selfish and controlling bitch (as apparent from watching 5 minutes from her show). why anyone would CHOOSE to be in the same room as her is beyond me. the humane society should demand their money back as any court would side with them legally if one did not fulfill its contract. this girl needs a dose of ahem.. REALITY and needs to know that her fifteen minutes are soon to be expired. oh a personal level … i think she is heinous inside and out, especially after this event and i feel disgusted i just wasted 3 minutes of my life typing about her.

  83. VANIT says – reply to this



  84. MacK says – reply to this


    What a BEE-YOTCH!!! She apparantly doesn't give a shit about anyone other than herself. I volunteer to walk, brush cats and dogs and clean cages at our local Humane Society, and even while picking up dogshit, I have never thought "this is humiliating". She should apologize and make a Hefty donation at the very least….Get a real life Lauren! Why would they even ask her…am I missing something…I have never seen her pet an animal on any of her shows.

  85. Isabe says – reply to this


    Ripping off the humane society is probably the worst thing you could do. The humane society is a non-profit — meaning they function entirely on donations and the proceeds from charity events like these. The money wasted on the vain, self-absorbed waste of a human known as LC could have gone to providing animals with the surgeries they need to survive, or the food needed to prevent from having to euthanize them. She just added to the huge euthanization problem in this country (3-4 million dogs are euthanized each year.) Thanks Lauren!!!! Thanks so much for seeing beyond yourself to help out!!!!

  86. Pogo says – reply to this


    This person is a disgusting pig. I have never watched the hills or laguna beach or what theshit ever and I am sick of hearing about these people. Why the fuck is she famous?

  87. lfsoe says – reply to this


    I heared that she wrote a discreet blog on " C a su al S e ek . Co m " to look for some guys for romance. It is said that she wants to look for short time relationship.

  88. star_ says – reply to this


    she better be making a large charitable donation soon. It's the least she could do.

  89. Snick says – reply to this


    What a spoiled little brat. Is this surprising behavior from a "star" of an MTV "reality" show? Useless little cunts, all of them. I hope karma comes back to bite Lauren literally - a giant Rottweiler or pit bull attacks her and chews her face off then the same dog moves onto Spencer and de-nuts him. LOL!

  90. king says – reply to this


    If this is true, she owes the NYC Humane Society a HUGE apology. I hope she didn't leave for some silly personal drama situation. Only a real family emergency would excuse this. If she's easily humiliated, she should stay out of the limelight.

  91. Britn says – reply to this


    What a total BITCH FACE! I really don't like her now! Walking away from the doggies?! Wtf? I hope one day she will realize that her life is a total fucking fabrication. Its like you didn't REALLLY work for TEEN VOGUE! YOU DON'T REALLY work for PR! She needs to go back to Laguna beach and hide her head in the sand!

  92. Tlo says – reply to this


    Ungreatful whore! What is the point of her existence? She's a self-absorbed, cottage cheesed cunt. She should rot. The only thing that's humilating is herself, believing she's a z-list celebrity for some sort of reason other than slapping her beef curtains around Jason Whaler's face and going all bunny-bolier on any of her female friends that find a male companion. In a word? Dyke.

  93. Jenn says – reply to this


    Britty spears does it again on Reality Bedroom.

  94. Jade says – reply to this


    Someone needs to explain to this skank that the fact that she's well-known among a younger demographic doesn't mean that everyone knows who she is, nor does everyone care. She also needs to learn that being well-known is not the same thing as being important.

  95. allys says – reply to this


    she is pathetic!

  96. Kwier says – reply to this


    What a bitch!! WHO STEALS FROM HOMELESS ANIMALS!!!!!!!! ugh what a disgusting person, I honestly LOVED LC! but now… she has turned into a very ugly person on the inside!

  97. Spami says – reply to this


    Wow. What a fucking bitch. Here's to all you losers that think this talentless girl is "cool". LMFAO

  98. C says – reply to this


    Re: GirlsAloud

    SHE LEFT A CHARITY EVENT AFTER THEY PAID FOR HER TRIP IDIOT! I doubt the Humane Society "humiliated her" by the way if you don't like the stories get the FUCK OFF THE PAGE!

  99. jen says – reply to this


    Wow! I really hope this isn't true. If it is, that's NOT cool!

  100. ceec says – reply to this


    Was she humiliated? What happened that she left so suddenly? Maybe there was a reason. She should have never walked out, but she is young and does not have the grace of like Anne Hathway, Nicole and others that would have ignored the person doing it and if it was someone at the humane society,addressed it later. If she did JUST leave, the humane society is entirely justified asking for their money back and suing her if she does not return the money and did not live up to her contract. My question -was LC their best choice to bring people in that would donate.

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