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Not Pregnant, Just Fat - For Real!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberEva Longoria


Rumors keep swirling that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is sperminated.

The tiny Latina has put on a few extra pounds recently.

Will they say it's for a potential movie role?

Close enough.

According to
her rep, Eva has gained weight for her show.

Says the publicist, “For the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives Gabrielle [Eva's character] has "gained" weight and cut her hair. She is now a worn-out mother with two kids. Eva has enjoyed a more relaxed environment and will even be wearing butt pads and stomach pads.”

We guess she likes the role so much that she's decided to wear the butt and stomach pads everywhere she goes!

[Image via WENN.]

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205 comments to “Not Pregnant, Just Fat - For Real!”

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  1. melan says – reply to this


    haha once again you made a dumb ass post as you are the greatest dumb ass.
    and fat!!!
    men, you got tits bigger than mine! never never never you have been or will be in the position to make fun of "fat" people especially when you look like you have eaten just 3 eva ls for breakfast!

  2. Itoya says – reply to this


    Seriously, Perez is a frickin MORON when it comes to issues dealing with weight. He's huge and going to make comments about a female who is tiny about her weight????? WTF??? Seriously, he has let all of the clicks he gets daily go to his FAT head. This is ludicrous.

  3. mia says – reply to this


    a gain of 4lbs shows on a bodytype like hers.
    i hope you know when you post stuff like this you're making so many women feel like crap. you are actually more focused on womens weight than most women are themselves. women are SUPPOSED to have a little 'padding', when we don't, we lose our periods. sorry to be blunt. but i've been there and done that so these posts are really beginning to bother me.
    i know you won't read this, but if you do then please stop this madness. it's bad enough seeing it all over the tabloids and on tv every night. you know how much influence you have, and when you're commenting a woman who doesn't weigh more than 100lbs, don't you see how f'ed up that is?

    /rant. byeeee

  4. 104

    Are people insane?!?!?!?! FAT?!?!?!?!? Let me be fat like her…I am praying for it…I diet, ride my bike, walk and take yoga classes just so I can be FAT like her…LOLOLOLOLOL….What a bunch of morons, whom ever thinks she is FAT….Perez…You are number 1 for that…perpetuation of that crazy notion that size 0 and below is normal is wrong…It is not normal…Look how hard you worked to lose that little bit of weight you have lost…Can you imagine what it must be to maintain a size 0 when maybe the are meant to be a size 6… I cant think of what actress was just complaining of a life of lettuce and yogurt…It has to suck…No wonder they get paid so much…Maybe they do deserve it for what they do to their bodies and heads just so some of us can see them at their sickly size minus 0's…
    xox, ilona rose

  5. rayra says – reply to this


    ha doesn't she weigh like 110? wow that is really fat ya'll! and u commented on Bridget from the girls next door being "chubby". doubt if she was "chubby she would appear in playboy. get real perez! i guess we can't be as skinny as you! HA HA HA HA

  6. Criss says – reply to this


    I think it's disgusting that you are calling her fat! She's NOT FAT! If that's FAT then I wish I could be "FAT" too. Get real!

  7. cmax says – reply to this


    jealous much perez….??

    i'm not an eva fan… but gimmie a break! FAT!? hardly!

  8. nunya says – reply to this


    I'm sorry Perez, but she's not even close to being fat. At. All. Comments about normal sized women like her are what make teens in today's society unhealthily self critical. Not cool….

  9. uuggg says – reply to this


    She is beautiful and you're ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As women we always feel fat!!!!!!!! And, she is sooooooooooo NOT FAT!!!!!!!!! OMG… SHE'S PERFECT! I feel fat all the time and I weigh 110 lbs!!!! This insanity w/ skinnyness has to stop!!! Perez, how dare you call her fat!!!!!! How dare you say she's "put on a few lbs" omg!!!!!!!!! She looks more beautiful than ever to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she doesn't listen to your BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. andre says – reply to this


    shes fine!!! jerk!

  11. A. says – reply to this


    Yeah She's a cow, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funniest thing I've heard today. If I were anorexic I still would not be as thin as she is fat

  12. Mezz says – reply to this


    Come on Perez……you are way better than this! So many of your recent posts have taken the low road and it appears that you have resorted to name calling (Eva is fat, Miley is a slut and the list goes on.)
    I have been a faithful reader of your blog for a number of years now and I find the quality of your posts has been declining. Stick to confirming rumours or starting them, and leave the name calling to the 16 year old girls. It is just so unnecessary.

  13. 113

    She looks beautiful, stop being such a f***in hater!

  14. true says – reply to this


    I'm sure it's true that she is pregnant. Time will tell.

  15. HHN says – reply to this


    Fucking Christ. She isn't even in the area code of fat…

  16. Van says – reply to this


    I am so tired of celebrities screaming for privacy (her shirt). If you want privacy then you shouldn't become an actor/actress, model,play professional sports of any kind, sing and or play in a band, be a comedian, fashion designer and finally do not marry anyone who is famous………If you chose to do any of the above then don't ask for freaking PRIVACY….She is an idiot………

  17. a says – reply to this


    fat? i don't think so
    get over yourself perez

  18. kate says – reply to this


    Why are you so nasty? shes not fat shes tiny. wtf has gotten into you? not everyone needs to look like a SKELATOR!!! she's already smaller than most women in hollywood so fuck off

  19. j says – reply to this


    hey perez whats the deal w your website lately. its not showing the 'next' tab at the bottom of the page. this has been going for days now, reloading the page doesnt fix the prob!! boooo!!

  20. 120

    Yea, uhm.. NOT FAT?!

  21. sweet says – reply to this


    That is just wrong to call her fat, she's tiny. Who cares if she has gained some weight I think anyone would with the $ she gets paid to do that show. Leave people alone about their weight, gaining 10lbs. isn't the end of the world, but I suppose it is in L.A. very sad. Perez thanx for confirming what a sick world we live in.

  22. jolly says – reply to this


    guess you're not getting enough hits/posts so you have to say something so insane so you'll get people annoyed and they will post! You really are retarded if you think she's fat. i think you are retarded, but I really don't believe you think she's fat. hey, there I go, giving you your post….. jokes on me!

  23. 123

    alright, this one's cold… I generally agree with you on most things, but she's still smaller than most people out there, cut her some slack for not looking like she pukes after every meal

  24. MIERA says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous! Calling her fat! This woman probably weighs 105 pounds or less and you call her fat? That is not funny at all, who in they're right mind would call her fat.

  25. Bela says – reply to this


    You are one to talk! FATASS!

  26. fofof says – reply to this


    Re: Van – Don't you think maybe we should try to change society to not be so ridiculous? Why can't people do what they love and/or what they are good at — sing, act, play sports — as well as expect some kind of private life. It just doesn't make sense. Why are people so obsessed with singers, actors, sports players lives? If you spend more time on your own life, maybe you won't have to be obsessed with their's.

  27. jenn says – reply to this


    your a disgusting pig, your videos make me want to vomit…progress? Your greed shouldnt have let you get like that in the first place. Hating on thin people make you feel better?…..sure dosent make you look better.

  28. Perez says – reply to this


    Perez… you are the one who is fat… she has gained a little bit of weight, you are the one who has boobs that shouldn't have them…

  29. Ra says – reply to this


    Your callin her fat? Umm she's skinner than you b*tch!

  30. Rhond says – reply to this


    Are you fucking kidding me!!! She looks great!!! This just shows what our world has come too.

  31. rp says – reply to this


    i usually am a huge fan of this site, but sometimes perez you go way to far. you should be ashamed of yourself. you are just perpetuating all that is wrong with america at the moment.

  32. beats says – reply to this


    Re: Eh?

    Actually Perez is so fat that he counts for 2 or more people.

  33. leavi says – reply to this


    Re: rp – i usually am a huge fan of this site….
    by supporting this site you are perpetuating what is wrong with America because this site is for the most part, negative towards people! I am not a "fan" of Perez, but I guess since I come here, I am part of the problem. I just like seeing what's going on with people — more interested in the user comments than what Perez has to say (which is usually nothing of interest).

  34. leavi says – reply to this


    Re: kris – she's not considered fat. Just because Perez implies that she is fat does not mean that she is considered fat. That's ridiculous! She is not the least bit fat. She actually is rather thin.

  35. Xrist says – reply to this


    I Liked sexy Eva on the show…I'm not prepared to watch a bum

  36. AndI says – reply to this


    Seriously?! Seriously?! FAT?! Hollywood is fucking ridiculous and Perez is fucking jealous. Grow the hell up, Perez, and thanks for contributing to America's skewed view on body image.

  37. heath says – reply to this


    If you call that fat, then you're sick!

  38. stace says – reply to this


    I'm shocked that anyone would call her fat. She's quite far from it.

  39. AndI says – reply to this



  40. WTF says – reply to this


    HOW INSULTING!!! "she's gained weight and cut her hair…to play a worn out mother." ARE YOU FUCKIN' KIDDING ME? What, she's a size 2 now? I think it's pathetic a statement had to be made, period. Just shows how shallow and insecure stars can be. UGH.

  41. AndI says – reply to this



  42. boo says – reply to this


    i would love to be that fat.

  43. AndI says – reply to this


    It's so weird because anytime you try to post a comment with anything having to do with a certain other much funnier and entertaining gossip website that has Be Very Afraid as part of its heading they mysteriously don't post. How interesting. FUCK PEREZ!!!

  44. fatti says – reply to this


    Are you freaking kidding me? The woman was, and still is, TINY. She was TOO skinny before- she looks better now that she's what, a size 2 instead of a 0? You're a moron, Perez.

  45. Lisa says – reply to this


    It's comments like this that have cause millions of teenagers around this country to stick their fingers down their throat. I was a big fan until now!!

  46. b says – reply to this


    She still looks pretty bony to me

  47. Lisa says – reply to this


    It is comments like this that have cause millions of teenagers across the country to stick their fingers down their throat. I was a bif fan until now!!

  48. Lisa says – reply to this


    It is comments like this that have caused millions of teenagers across the country to stick their fingers down their throat. I was a bif fan until now!!

  49. Maria says – reply to this


    That YOU would call this FAT???!!! You are part of the problem in this society PEREZ…get over yourself!!!!!

  50. joejo says – reply to this


    Re: AndI – what's the site. I'm done with this site…

  51. I HAT says – reply to this


    I usually love this site, but calling eva longoria fat is ridiculous. Comments like this is what drives young women into eating disorders. If Eva Longoria is the new definition of "FAT" then we are definitely in trouble. Be responsible with what you write and remember that young, impressionable girls are reading this site. I thought you were smarter than this, Perez. Now, I think you're simply disgusting.

  52. kate says – reply to this


    What's up Perez??? You can't afford a mirror??? You are the only fat bitch here!!!
    You wish you where as fat as Eva lol… btw what an unflattering pic… papparazi are sooo mean… they got that bad angle just to make her seem fat still she is gorgeous and gracefull… she is on tv and not hidden in her room writing a lame ass blog for a living!

  53. mdf says – reply to this


    She weighs what….90 lbs. when WET..and you of all fucking people call her fat in your headline????? What drugs are YOU hopped up on you self-loathing prick?

  54. 154

    where's the fat??? ’cause I don't see it…

  55. Jon says – reply to this


    Eva Longoria is Gorgous!!! She is the sexiest woman alive… I love DH but I am not happy with the 5 year jump Gabrielle Solis is suppost to be the Glamazon of the show, not some worn out mother like Lynette.. She gained like what 10 pounds for the show but she was originally a double zero, they mentioned that in season 2, so she really is like a size 2 now… Wink m Blink m Bat m Love them….

  56. k. gr says – reply to this


    i think the whole thing is a lie shes deff pregnant that would be retarted of sum1 to wear that shit all the time

  57. sk says – reply to this


    are you serious? this woman is gorgeous and because she may have put on .5 pounds you're calling her fat? anyone would love to have a body like hers, just as it is. no need to be jealous.

  58. Hayle says – reply to this


    Eva is sooooooooo beautiful, cut her some slack! It's human to like dessert! If I looked half as good as her when I was pregnant I would be chuffed, congrats Eva if u are, and if you're not then as Perez says "tiny latina" and that is exactly what you are hun xxx

  59. jamie says – reply to this


    Now Perez, I like you. BUT

    How can you call someone like that fat, all you're doing is fueling that image that vulnerable people believe they need to achieve. And like you can talk fat ass.

  60. S says – reply to this


    Stop saying she's fat…THIS is why our girls have eating disorders in this country!

  61. melis says – reply to this


    Boo you whore!
    Don't be a jerk! She's no where close to fat.

  62. S says – reply to this


    I think she looks better with a little more weight she isn't fat she looks more like a woman now.And her haircut is a nice change.

  63. qf says – reply to this


    Re: AndI

    Yeah at least MK is funny when he talk shit about people Perez is just mean.

  64. lovel says – reply to this


    Are you kidding!?! She is not fat at all! She was totally skin and bones before and now she looks lean and mean but hotter because not boney anymore. Back off P!

  65. ... says – reply to this


    OK SERIOUSLY… clearly perez has some insecurity issues…
    You may be popular now, but NO ONE stays like that forever…
    you should know that more than anyone.. When you crash and burn perez,
    everyone is going to hate you worse than people hate polly shore or carrot top.. cause your such an asshole and u have NOOOO place..

  66. Julie says – reply to this


    What the FUCK Perez? No wonder all these stars are totally anorexic. She starts looking halfway healthy, and you call her fat? A bitch, maybe, but hardly fat.

  67. PEREZ says – reply to this


    You are a pathetic little man. Go away. Calling women this small fat? Please just fade away.

  68. asjd says – reply to this


    excuse me?

    THATS fat?
    i dont think so.
    she is a BEAUTIFUL woman, who is not the least bit fat..

    you know what you are?
    a fat, stupid, gay loser.

    get a LIFE.

  69. ada says – reply to this


    Re: The1andOnlySHANNY

    4/5? you're kidding me, right?
    more like thinner than 95% of all americans.

    stupid shanny…

  70. nadin says – reply to this


    hahaha i wish i was that FAT

  71. Kaile says – reply to this


    Kay really, we should be praising her for having curves and not being one of those stupid skinny bitches.
    She has a killer body and is no where NEAR fat.

  72. ami says – reply to this


    is it any wonder people turn to buliemia and anorexia when shits like u call this fat????? kettle, pot, black perez u lump of lard

  73. Kathi says – reply to this


    Kinda hard to see the fat in this pic.

  74. 174


  75. 175


  76. ndm says – reply to this


    I think that you need to hit the gym. Eva looks amazing!!!!!! I think the day you learn how to run on a treadmill and not look like a fat slob is the day when you can start commenting on peoples weight.

    Example: I can say you are fat because I am not and I actually know what a "healthy" weight is.

  77. JRabb says – reply to this


    Never have I felt the need to post a comment before.
    HOWEVER… you have just committed a serious sin against the fairer sex by criticizing this beautiful woman for gaining 7 lbs. Looks like the woman finally ate a cheeseburger. I hope she enjoyed it!
    Heaven forbid she tips the scales at 100 lbs.
    Lardass probably can't fit into her designer 0 wardrobe now.
    Please. How bout giving the girl some props for gaining some weight in Hollywood.
    Perez, you of all people should be applauding her weight gain.
    Stop huffing your hair dye.

  78. JRabb says – reply to this


    p.s. - I hope you pull an Oprah and gain all your weight back plus an +10 as punishment for this inane stupidity. rage.

  79. Tophr says – reply to this


    That isn't fat at all. That is a normal weight. I think it's a bit rich for you to be saying anything on the issue of weight Perez, because even though you lost weight, you still don't look as good as her, and you were quite fat for quite some time.

  80. ned says – reply to this


    Perez - you are totally irresponsible. It is stupid people like you who make women, esp. young girls feel the need to starve themselves and do all sorts of crazy shit on the quest to be perfect (i.e. thin). You are a complete dumbass if you think Eva is fat. And if she were fat, why is it your business to post it on your site? You sit and judge and discuss and mock other people at the worst points of their life. You are a total ass!

    Someday, this will all come back to bite you on your large, stupid ass!

  81. ned says – reply to this


    Perez - you are totally irresponsible. It is stupid people like you who make women, esp. young girls feel the need to starve themselves and do all sorts of crazy shit on the quest to be perfect (i.e. thin). You are a complete dumbass if you think Eva is fat. And if she were fat, why is it your business to post it on your site? You sit and judge and discuss and mock other people at the worst points of their life. Can't you just report the facts and leave your fucking opinions to yourself. You are a total ass!

    Someday, this will all come back to bite you on your large, stupid ass!

  82. catie says – reply to this


    Uhh…yeah, because she's not a rail.

  83. LuLu says – reply to this


    Dude, she's not even fat.
    At all.

  84. nicol says – reply to this


    Catherine Zeta-Jones is a twat for not liking LA, so what does that make you for calling Eva Longoria fat?!? It is self-loathing people like you that give our children eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Be ashamed.

  85. laura says – reply to this


    that is so rude. she's so totally not fat. you should look in the mirror perez, you're not so tiny either. no wonder so many young girls are struggling with their body image when influential people, like yourself, say and write things like this about, infact, a very thin person.

    t. laura from finland

  86. Nada says – reply to this


    Yeah, Perez, she's a real porker.

  87. Becky says – reply to this


    oh yeah sorry perez i forgot you had a buff bod!
    you must have an upcoming role as the pregnant man seeing as you seem to wear your pads all the time.

  88. Kayll says – reply to this


    You really should concider writting a retraction to this. Its sad and demeaning.

  89. Kayll says – reply to this


    Also, if you chose to ignore the fact that you have totally offended about 90% of your readers, not only are you a prick, but you are a cowardly prick. I hope you do the right thing perez.

  90. JJ says – reply to this



    and u wonder why most of the world are starving themselves to death?!
    how can she even be considered fat?!


  91. fucky says – reply to this


    FUCK U PEREZ! you are the reason y tons of girls in hollywood have eating disorders! she finally is starting to look somewhat healthy- and ur FATASS has to call her fat??? tell me when ur a size 0 and well chat. asshole…

  92. sarah says – reply to this


    i can't believe you said she was fat.. what the hell. and you wonder why young children aspire to be stick thin when you're calling people who are obviously not, FAT?!!!!! get real.

  93. chris says – reply to this


    god coming from you that is a blind and meager insult.

  94. PEREZ says – reply to this


    She is not EVEN CLOSE to even being remotely fat! Leave her alone you asshole!

  95. ng says – reply to this


    okay..so i dont really like eva longoria that much..
    ..but she's fat? i think thats pretty hypocritical coming from you…
    i think you just made half the world anorexic..

  96. sam says – reply to this


    i could have answered that for you
    the last episode she's fat
    you can barely even tell

  97. Jenna says – reply to this


    Perez you of all people should know how it feels to be called fat. Not only that, I think it's awful you consider her "fat". You are fueling the media fire that tells girls they have to be sickly thin to be pretty. You should know better!

  98. youra says – reply to this


    WOW. callign her fat . just goes to proove what hollywood is about .
    not showing that she's a REAL FUCKING WOMAN.
    give her a break . you don't have any idea if she is preggers or not .
    and even if she isn't. she's gorgeous and shouldn't have to worry about weight.
    fuck you.

  99. britt says – reply to this


    Eva Longoria is by no means fat give her a break my gosh

  100. Kazel says – reply to this


    Hi webmaster!

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