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Can Someone Please Translate???

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Courtney Love has posted another rambling rant on her official blog.

She's calling Ryan Adams not so nice names and making claims that he owes her a lot of money.

We tried to read her entire post, but it gave us a headache.

If anyone can translate what she wrote for us, it would be greatly appreciated!

Leave your translations…after the jump.

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172 comments to “Can Someone Please Translate???”

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  1. grus says – reply to this


    Re: Howdy – That is so true. I am laughing at your comment. CrackSpeak that is so great, but so sad! ;)

  2. HAM says – reply to this


    Basiclly, Perez, it says Ryan Adams had stolen alot of money outta Frances Bean's trust fund to make his "Rock N Roll" album. And she says Ryan Adams slams Heroin. I had read it earlyer so thats all I remmber. ♥

  3. HAM says – reply to this


    Re: pot – Shut UR face U swine! Courtney♥Love iz an AMAZING WOMAN!

  4. 104

    She's pissed because he dumped her and won't be her friend with benefits.

  5. Hello says – reply to this


    HA! after the jump…HA….Perez you are a gossip God, I ain`t frontin`

  6. Santa says – reply to this


    When I first saw this picture i thought she was Aubrey O'Day…

  7. 107

    i'm pretty sure she's bipolar.

  8. grus says – reply to this


    Re: Astrochicks.com – Those benefits being crack, smack, and coke, she is so messed up.

  9. 109

    She used to date this Jim Barber guy and apparently he had access to her money and used it to finance Ryan Adams' record (which came out quite a few years ago!). Sounds to me like she needs to go after Jim Barber and not Ryan Adams. If she was letting that boyfriend manage her money, she really has no one but herself to blame.

  10. gdmo says – reply to this


    her last hit was 1990 what?

  11. sarah says – reply to this


    within this past year, courtney love has accused everyone from hotel maids to god knows who else of "stealing" from her, only to find the stolen item days or so later. she is nothing but a junkie piece of shit and I seriously doubt ryan adams would need, or want to borrow or steal money from her. she probably wasted it on crack.

  12. Steph says – reply to this



  13. Lay o says – reply to this


    All great creative people throughout history have been a little eccentric… So get over it. The world would be a lot worse off if it wasn't for people like Courtney Love.

    This Website is based on famous people's unusual behaviour, and YOU are logging on to it.

  14. aaide says – reply to this


    good thing some people are well versed in cortlovese or else we won't know what the fuck this woman is trying to communicate to us. Maybe she has the cure for herpes and cancer..quick, more translating!

  15. sophm says – reply to this


    I have no clue what she is saying- it's like Gulliver's Travels! I have no clue what the heck it is saying!

  16. epi says – reply to this


    She just a woman who really needs some help. I don't hate her or blame her for Kurt's death, and I wish everyone else would just stop! Lord leave her alone and quit being so friggin jealous. Hole used to be a great band, and who knows, she could be like a phoenix and rise above it.

  17. maria says – reply to this


    who's that stevie nicks's impersonator?? o_O

  18. Lou R says – reply to this


    Now I know why Kurt killed himself…every fkn day with this shit. I'd think I was nuts also. Why can't sje gracefully just go off and leave things alone? Her need for attention is soo gross. She's a name dropper, liar, and complete sociopath. Sad…Someone make some more shirts that say, "Free Frances Bean"

  19. Kent says – reply to this



  20. 1776 says – reply to this


    K…. it must suck being you. Sorry you are one of the many jealous ones…

  21. 1776 says – reply to this


    K, what are you, in high school? It's you're not your, you idiot.

  22. WYOAC says – reply to this


    This is my translation… Once you get past her wierd blue moon crap, which is more talking about her new album, it moves into her being mad about a man upstaging her. I might be confused, but that's what it sounded like anyways. I didin't see where your translation fit. Anyways, then she begins talking about her new album. I believe she worded it perfectly- which makes me feel like I'm on coke- and I've attempted at dissecting her words below-

    As I was going to sleep the night before last, I was (inspired?) by the Sarah McLaughlin(she spelled it right! Impressive!) commercial with all the cute kittens and dogs who were abused. I (began to cry) as I heard the song "Angel." A wave of nausea came before the tears and then I was crying like a little bitch(her words not mine) like everyone else who has heard that song in times of trouble(why the capital letters in the odd places? Maybe a crypted message to satan?)PHWOAR!(which I'm supposing is like ARGH! haha… sorry couldn't resist). Last night, Me and Micko(which should be Micko and I- Courtney, I'm disappointed in you!) were working on a song titled, "Honey"…

    Now I understand your pain. I feel as though I have dropped ten I.Q. Points. Courtney give them back!

  23. 123

    Oh, god make it stop! Make it stop! If that is what drugs do to you, then they need use this blog in an anti-drug campaign. I appreciate everyone who translated it, because it was a HUGE rambling mess. I really didn't get anything she wrote. Its like they put some test monkey in front of a keyboard and let it type. I'm pretty sure my 5-year old could've done a better job. Wow.

    I feel sorry for her daughter b/c with a mother like that, you just have to hope for the best. Hopefully she has someone in her life who is stable and she doesn't follow down her mother's (or father's) path. Some people should not be allowed to procreate.

  24. OZ says – reply to this


    Do I have to read the whole thing???? geeze

  25. cashm says – reply to this


    tht blog scared me

  26. GG says – reply to this


    i want what she is on!

  27. kdawg says – reply to this


    Re: k – you'RE and they'RE …PLEASE

  28. Silvi says – reply to this


    She looks fuckin awsome!!! Courtney if that is really you……Girl you look great!!! fuck what everyone said….U lost the love of your life……U tryin to make it without him and that's not an easy thing… be good and u r goin to be ok…

  29. 129

    good gawd that woman's effin insane

    "pot" [[lol]] is rite!!

    that idiot doesnt need to be alive

    but kurt DOES!

  30. koby- says – reply to this


    ummmm yeah! i only got to like the second paragraph and was confused!

    BUT!! –im sure shes a lovely ladie! a word that rhymes with ummmm foe!

  31. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    Here it is: Blah, blah, blah, snot dripping, mumbo jumbo, blah, blah, blah, blah, Perez, blah, blah, blah, fucking, blah, blah, blah, Billy Corgan, mumbo jumbo, blah, blah, blah, daughter, blah, blah, blah, angels.
    WTF? I thought she got sober?

  32. G. says – reply to this


    Re: Hmmmm


  33. Beth says – reply to this


    when is that bitch gonna die?!?

  34. Jane says – reply to this


    Re: Krist
    Bahaha! Brilliant!

  35. Mish says – reply to this


    Christ that woman needs therapy!

  36. kkkk says – reply to this


    when are they taking frances bean for fucks sake

  37. TIM says – reply to this


    courtney (needs)love looks like a Olson twin , what is she doing to herself ! LOL !!!!!!!!!

  38. kRAZI says – reply to this


    Re: kkkk
    LUV IT…
    courtney…bitch…u better hope I don't ever looooooze
    my effen mind….coz bitch…u will b mine….
    I will literally bite your fuking head off..
    u murdering whore bitch
    can't wait till y'r
    carma getz ya

  39. AMb says – reply to this


    She is awesome, sings awesome and is fucking hot.
    u are just too jealous Perez.

  40. Lala says – reply to this


    OMG She looks Great!
    See what Makeup and the right clothes can do!

  41. Miche says – reply to this


    She is saying that someone used her American Express card and she never checked the statements because it would not be unusual for a musician to have charges at a guitar store. Also, someone used her identity to get a whole lot of cards (along with buying a house in her apparently) and she is the victim of identity theft.
    Not that she knows what any of the words I used are, but that is the jist of it.

  42. Your says – reply to this


    Re: k – MARIO, YOU CAN'T READ IT BECAUSE… Your (You're) an American and everyone knows their (they're) dumb as shite!

    *Ha! You da dum dum!!

  43. Gia says – reply to this


    read her blog and all I have to say is HUH? lol

  44. zombi says – reply to this


    Poor Courtney, I love her but she's so senile

  45. zombi says – reply to this


    Re: pot

    You fail at life

  46. k says – reply to this


    Re: Your – Americans are all arseholes you fandans! You're all dipshits!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jessi says – reply to this


    TRANSLATION: I am a skanky crack whore. I am disgracing my dead husband by turning our daughter into one to.

  48. LOL says – reply to this


    Ryan [brain cells fail] fucker. [Gibberish] son of a bitch. I [brain cells fail again]. Asshole, I hope you [passes out face down on keyboard, awakes next day.] You suck [finishes second bottle of vodka] burble, babble, bleep!!!! [Brain attempts to use area of cerebellum destroyed by qualudes in the eighties. Fail yet again.] And that's what I have to say about that!!! Fucker!!!! [Throws empty vodka bottles out window at passing strangers. Goes to mirror to make herself "pretty." Fails.]
    The End

  49. Krist says – reply to this


    So it took 5 years, yes, to get all 29 American Express's sorted through and an absolute time line. So what?
    Have you ever willingly had 29 American Express cards? No! Me neither and when you see a passing Guitar Center charge on an American Express card if you're a musician do you double check it? No! So I had to go to my production manager, as that year was especially horrific, and we made a timeline. You have NO idea what that few years was like for us and you'll all get it soon. Its just a terrible descent into Dante's Inferno and I simply do not suspect evil in people, so if some loser is making two albums it is unlikely they were made at once and there are charges for entire outboard gear, fabulous dinners (while I scrounged to feed my child). Well sorry, but I'm fucking PISSED, that's that. I've tried to communicate, but am I really supposed to call, write, or have a lawyer call or write the former Business Manager who applied for the 74 Visa cards and 29 American Expresses and enabled all of this insanity and say "oh out of all the money you stole, would you mind paying for some suck ass indie album". How does one do that?

    I have no idea what she is saying after that. I tried

  50. MaryL says – reply to this


    That chick is nuts and SHOULD be giving all her money to a songwriter that can actually write a song. Courtney is, and always has been, a rock star hanger-on. The only decent song I've ever heard by Courtney's band was written by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins for f's sake. Ryan Adams could play a washboard recorded into a telephone and it'd be 100x as meaningful as anything this star F'er could ever put together.

  51. Fvck says – reply to this


    Re: k

    Eres pendejo o nomas te ases? Puta :D

  52. ajjel says – reply to this


    Re: k – nice spelling dumb fuck

  53. katec says – reply to this


    Leave her alone. She didn't kill anyone.
    Her communication style has always been cryptic at best.
    She's finally finishing the album and getting out her aggression.

    Kind of like you little pussies whining in your LiveJournal about how you hate your math teacher.

  54. Aquan says – reply to this


    I's sorry, I don't speak crack whore….

  55. Amand says – reply to this


    Wasn't she accusing Billy Corgan of stealing Frances Bean's money last week?

  56. 156

    Whatever Ryan Adams did to her….I just decided that I love Ryan Adams a lot more now than I did a few minutes ago. Ha ha, dumb bitch lost all her money, and all of Franks N' Beans money too.

  57. Lace says – reply to this


    Um…I think you mean GRAMMAR lessons…

  58. Roger says – reply to this


    No one cares about Courtney Love. Not when she was bitching about Mary Lou Lord back in the day. Not when she had beef with Kathleen Hanna. Not when Kurt killed himself because of her. Not now. Not ever.

    She's a fuckin' Mess!

  59. Andre says – reply to this


    this is the second time I did a double-take on that picture thinking it was Brooke Hogan! She looks like a combo of Brooke and Mommy Hogan.

  60. HunyL says – reply to this


    There is nothing more annoying than a woman who blames some dude for screwing her plans up. Listen Beeotch, step up to the plate and take some
    responsibility for overlooking something like that. Figure out what YOU did
    wrong and dont let it happen again-if that's your baby girl's money. Don't leave your child's future to some douch-bag, YOU take care of it!! All this
    shit is your fault. Life has a funny way of teaching lessons. Maybe Courtney
    Skank will never learn it, but her daughter sure has the best example of what
    not to do.
    ps I DO believe she drove Kurt to his demise

  61. prime says – reply to this


    Beautiful Eyes ! Super Makeup Job. Some times even she looks good…..

  62. Liz says – reply to this


    According to my memory Adams' Rock N Roll album was released circa 2003. Why only now is she privy to the fact that this money is supposedly missing? Call me crazy, but if I was missing that much, I think I'd realize it much sooner than 5 years later….

  63. Quinn says – reply to this


    She's absolutely batshit, that's a given, but I always liked her music. A prime example of what drugs can do to a person. I don't think she killed Kurt, I think Kurt had a lucid moment where he realized he married someone as nuts as Courtney(not to mention had a child with her) and that's what pushed him over the edge.

  64. Lou says – reply to this


    Leave her, she says this:

    I would like to start by apologizing to Billy Corgan for the post, that was on Perez Hilton's website. I had a shared computer that had been compromised. Both my AOL account and my daughter's account were compromised. I had to get rid of all my computers in the house and the AOL accounts.

    Someone broke into my AOL account and sent that letter to Perez. Although some of it was my writing, I never posted it. However, as the KR weasel people know, there is a :live site: that has its own ring tone. It lets people know when I am online and when I am writing an email, even before I hit the send button. EVEN IF I DON'T SEND IT, these people can steal it and then it twist my words around. I never write in all CAPS. You can read most my blogs on Myspace. Yes, I have typos, but it's because I type very fast. It does not make me a "TARD." Anyway, I did not write half of that post found on Perez and I apologize to Billy Corgan and to my daughter. This is a personal matter between Billy and my family. My Daughter's privacy is very important. So, I wanted to clear that up. Billy please give me a call. We love you and I am sorry. Marie can give you the number.

  65. Nikky says – reply to this


    I thought it was Cameron Diaz on the picture…

  66. roux says – reply to this


    no one owes her anything! she took kurt away from all of us, so SHE owes everyone.

  67. Bossi says – reply to this


    I want to be the girl with the most cake!

  68. Maria says – reply to this


    From what I found out…I dont even think those are her ramblings…it seems she has someone who works the site for her and I wouldnt be surprised if she didnt even write the stuff.

    The person who was hosting was rude and quite assholioish to me when I put in a response. My guess is that she writes none of it…just like most of the music prior to the death of Cobain.

  69. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Quinn
    CL introduced KC to heroin…also, when he was in treatment and she had bean on tour with her promoting Live Through This in Europe she called Cobain and told him that she was leaving him and taking the bean with her.

    Hence his suicide as bean was his life.Re: Silvi

  70. c says – reply to this


    TOo much collegen in the lips. . . unable to translate.

  71. camrn says – reply to this


    i thought that it was ashlee simpson.ha

  72. Shan says – reply to this


    Wow, she has alzheimer's from doing so many drugs. She sounds like a crazy old grandma who thinks everyone is stealing from her and plotting against her. She was such a GREAT artist and now she's posting inSANE messages because she has no filter in her brain.

    I hope she gets her damn CD out. Before they lock her away forever. Shes fucked.

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