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Peaches Has Drug Overdose!

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She is heading down the same path as her mother, the late Paula Yates, who died of a drug overdose!

The Sun is reporting that the British equivalent of Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, Sir Bob's daughter, suffered a drug overdose on Sunday.

The teenager, who a few months ago was caught buying drugs on video, was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions by a friend to keep oxygen pumping to her brain.

Emergency crews raced to her flat to find her unconscious. Peached was successfully revived but she refused to go to hospital for fear her rock legend dad would find out.

London Ambulance confirmed its crews attended the scene. A spokeswoman said: “We were called shortly before 4:45pm yesterday (Sunday) to an address in London N1, to reports of a female patient taken ill. We sent an ambulance, a bicycle responder and a fast response car to the scene. Following assessment, the patient did not need hospital treatment.”

Despite her near-death experience, the celebutard was back on the pAArty scene on Monday night.
Peaches attended the London premiere of the Dark Knight.

Nothing gets between her and a red carpet!

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93 comments to “Peaches Has Drug Overdose!”

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  2. Erica says – reply to this



  3. Erica says – reply to this



  4. Fthep says – reply to this



  5. lisa says – reply to this



  6. mini says – reply to this


    big deal.

  7. 7

    why is ann coulter tagged??

  8. bi 4 says – reply to this


    peaches come in a can they were put there by a man

  9. David says – reply to this


    I work for Yo Majesty~! They did a song together recently. Yo Majesty for life! Hope she's okay. Shunda k AKA Dat Gurl thinks the world of her.

  10. stars says – reply to this



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  12. z says – reply to this



  13. hoo says – reply to this


    who is peaches?

  14. suh says – reply to this


    fruit gone bad, my apoligies to her paerents, i couldn't resist

  15. Tiffa says – reply to this



  16. mo says – reply to this



  17. megan says – reply to this


    who is this?

  18. sarah says – reply to this


    FIRST! :) who the hell is peaches?

  19. soulb says – reply to this


    Seriously who didn't see this one comming…dumb broad will hopefully learn from her stupid (hopefully not fatal) mistake

  20. 20


  21. Ted says – reply to this


    Piss On These Spoiled Pieces of S*it. Let them croak. There are people with REAL problems in this world who push through day by day. What did this spoiled Bit*h break a nail so she over dosed? Let her die. Lets help those who really want and need help.

  22. mimi says – reply to this


    2nd BITCHES!! that's fucked up,hope she aint dead…but oh well when ur a coke head what do u expect….

  23. 23

    lol shes like Paris Hilton. I love you Perez!

  24. britt says – reply to this


    it will take a few more od's to get the message to her

  25. shery says – reply to this


    who the eff is this? i don't even know who her MOM is. wtf.

  26. Cream says – reply to this


    Peaches is a tacky stripper name.Get help Peaches n cream

  27. perez says – reply to this



  28. p says – reply to this


    Homegirl needs to drop that tacky shit

  29. xixax says – reply to this


    "Peached was successfully revived but she refused to go to hospital for fear her rock legend dad would find out."

    Well I sure hope he doesn't READ THIS! Heavens forfend he find out! Sheez.

  30. Lala says – reply to this


    That's socialized medicine for you. OD and you receive no immediate hospital treatment. Imagine the savings in taxpayer costs here in the states, isn't that right Perez , your guy Obama is all for it.

  31. benji says – reply to this


    who is peaches?

  32. 32

    She's so stupid for refusing to go to the hospital for that reason. Of course her daddy is going to find out.
    Let's hope daddy doesnt stumble across an issue of the sun.

  33. Khali says – reply to this


    I thought you were talking about the singer peaches, i almost had a heart attack, other then that, who the fuck cares.

  34. MaNdZ says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but
    I hear about her on this site ( AND NO WHERE ELSE)
    Why is she important? What is so great about her? What has she done to diserve anyones attention? Like seriously why is she even in the public eye?
    she didn't do anything to diserve to be recognized so why would you waste your time talking about her? shes a waste of internet space.
    At least Paris could model and some what sing and act.
    What has she done? she will over dose and die and have achieved nothing

  35. 123 says – reply to this


    who cares..
    one less slitty nasty cunt on this earth–if all of them would drop dead—- what a better place the earth would be not to mention it would smell a whole lot better!!!
    now on to more important and pressing news
    any new pics on Zac's buff chest????

  36. SASA says – reply to this


    omg….what did she OD on??? I hate to say, its not suprising. But VERY sad…
    BOB, better fucking DO something. Get her in a lockdown rehab. HE'S gonna have a dead daughter. GET HELP PEACHES!

  37. haha says – reply to this


    [re=2617318]Re: MaNdZ[/ re] USA isn't the only country in the world you ignorant insular fuck. I'm not even from the UK but at least It's not the same boring goss like tara reid farts but no one gives a shit…. .. or lindsay is a big lezbo, never mind she hasnt acted in anything good, ever actually for anyone to give a shit about either.

  38. betty says – reply to this


    who the fuck is she???? I would love to have the money she is blowing on dope to support my college habit… stupid skank, should have let her die

  39. fugg says – reply to this


    She is ugly as sin, and a rich attention seeker with nothing going for her.
    Seriously who would even care. Oh and she couldn't have been that bad, say REVIVED at the scene otherwise she would have HAD TO GO TO HOSPITAL.
    I live in the UK and no one gives a fuck about this mushy faced cow, and nobody even knew who she was until like 3 months ago when the shitty newspapers randomly started talking about her and acting like people cared or even knew who she was. I know there are 2 of them.
    Can't tell them apart, don't give a fucking shit about either of them, and their father should send the bitches off to Africa. He has a fucking cheek to ask us to give money while they're shelling out loads on drugs and fucking PARTYING.
    Hypocrite bastards the lot of them

  40. cyn says – reply to this


    sooooo sad!
    fuck the pain away….

  41. Lala says – reply to this


    Don't believe it!
    Can't be brought back to life and then decide to stay home-no way!

  42. 19onT says – reply to this


    Re: Lala – You are wrong you douchebag.
    You don't know the way the NHS works. It said she REFUSED the treatment THEY WERE OFFERING HER.
    If you are a celebrity (or their offspring) you can do what you want and probably override doctor/authorities orders.
    At least we get help when we need it. We may have waiting lists but that's how it works when everyone in the whole fucking country needs help.
    In your country you just die or end up in debt paying for treatment.
    Would you rather WAIT for treatment or NEVER get it at all?
    With the NHS if you want treatment quicker you can choose to go private if it's that important to you.
    At least we can go to the doctor ANY time, or get them called out, without having to pay ANYTHING.
    I know an American who paid $200 just to have a consultation. I can phone up right now and get a half hour (double) appointment for tomorow or the next day, costing me absolutely nothing. Rather than risking my health like you guys because I don't want to pay for a visit that might be a waste of time. That's more important to me than bullshit whining about taxes. If I need an operation I need to wait a few months, what exactly is the big deal? The more urgent it is the quicker you are helped. For example someone with cancer could get the operation next week. We get help, we don't get asked to fill in fucking forms first and treated like shit unless we have money

  43. Alex says – reply to this


    SEPERATED AT BIRTH: Her and Miley Cyrus. She looks sooo much like her!!!

  44. mallo says – reply to this



  45. mike says – reply to this


    amazing how many people (dumb kids) here in the comments are saying "who?" it says right there who her parents are. look it up, dummies. google much?

  46. 46

    i hate her, only in britain she is famous, so we give a damn if she dies or not I WANT REAL CELEBRITY NEWS PEREZ!!!

  47. plum says – reply to this


    So where's a picture of her on the red carpet?? too many old photos chez perez

  48. iluv says – reply to this


    Fucking shit I thought perez was talking about "fuck the pain away" peaches. I don't want anything to happen to her. She is amazing.

  49. Ti says – reply to this


    She lost her mom. Her sister lost both parents. You'd think her dick of a dad, Geldof, would have shielded the girls from the spotlight. Instead, he's using them. I don't think this particular situation merits media coverage. Its just sad and stupid. Most of these media train wrecks will probably eventually be okay. But Paula Yates' kids really have the potential to deconstruct.

  50. lezlo says – reply to this



  51. db says – reply to this


    like mother like daughter, unfortunately the kids were exposed to their mothers drug abuse, and being around when she tried to suicide by hanging and and succeeded in drug overdosing is it any wonder the kid is following suit????

  52. xusze says – reply to this


    Very sad that Peaches is going down the same road as her mother. Apparently there is a big big problem with drugs of all kinds in the UK. My friend recently came back from there and said it seems like a lot of the young people are doing drugs because they don't have anything else better to do.

  53. J0 says – reply to this


    HA! She is NOT the british version of Paris Hilton!!!! Other than the fact they both do absolutely fuck all. I love it how everytime you talk about a british celeb it has to be "the british version of…"

  54. k says – reply to this


    Ugly talentless waste of space - who gives a shit?

  55. Marki says – reply to this


    Dam, so close! We nearly lost a talentless, fucking rich girl waster but the bitch pulled through. Shame. Our dear London ambulance brigade aren't supposed to be any good, but they kept the bitch alive!! Oh well maybe next time

  56. Mary says – reply to this


    No he doesn't whore out his daughters to the spotlight. His oldest daughter Fifi is about 25 and you NEVER see her out and about because she CHOOSES to stay out of the spotlight and has a real job. There's only so much Bob can do. Any parent knows that they can do very little to stop teenagers from pAArtying once they have their minds set on it and once they move out of home it's virtually impossible to control them all the time. The only difference between Peaches and a regular teenager is that a regular teenager doesn't have their business plastered all over the papers. Why the papers suddenly decided to share Peaches life with us is beyond me, she's not that interesting but I bet they don't stop until she is dead like her mother and then they will make a fortune selling issues. Filthy scum press are the ones using her. I know loads of people who were twats at nineteen but turned out okay in the end.

  57. crong says – reply to this


    I hope the fucking spoilt waste of space bitch does a better job next time…

  58. jenbu says – reply to this


    i have this feeling of deja vu: that odd sensation you've done something before.

  59. charm says – reply to this


    please please PLEASE. stop thinking you know everything about britain! you know NOTHING. she is no way the british equivilent of paris. she is nothing.

  60. shosh says – reply to this


    The BritishParis hilton?!! haha, I think not, she is not and nowhere near being a celeb. A wannabe, yes, but thats about it! Hilarious, shes not even considered a celeb in Britain, just daughter of one who it seems would do anything for a bit of fame! loser.

  61. tui says – reply to this


    I wish she had died… peaches "potatohead" geldof is a f…king cunt!

  62. =D says – reply to this


    Hardly the british equivalent to Paris Hilton since no one really knows who she is/cares

  63. stick says – reply to this


    Perhaps while "Sir" Bob was busy saving the goddamn planet he might have found a few moments to save his own child.
    But there's no ego boost in that, is there?

  64. Harry says – reply to this


    The London celebrity scene and entertainment industry seems to be sinking into drug-hell even faster than than the Los Angeles inferno. Too much money, too little common sense, and the drug mafias ramming the drugs down their throats–what a scene from hell.

  65. Ros says – reply to this


    Re: lezloRe: lezlo – Ok firstly Lezlo is she is not "like 35" she was born in 1989 which makes her 19.

    She is the daughter of Paula Yates (U.K television presenter) and Bob Geldof (singer with the Boom Town rats and organiser and man behind Live Aid, Live 8 etc) Her Mum Paula Yates famously had an affair with Michael Hutchence of INXS and they had a child together. Hutchence was found dead shortly after their daughter was born, just a few months later Yates was also found dead of an overdose.

  66. jenn says – reply to this


    So sad :( peaches - stay away from drugs :\

  67. laren says – reply to this


    Re: Lala – she lives in a built up area with lots of traffic! you're telling me your evil private system - that lets countless people die like they were shit and meant nothing ot no one - have magical abulances that can pass through solid matter like cars in traffic jams? lolz
    The average response time of ambulances where i live is 5mins - and i'm in the uk - just not a busy part like peaches with lots of traffic congestion!


  68. salty says – reply to this


    Poor Bob G, 1st his no count worthless cheating ho druggie/groupie gold digger dead ex-wife and now the baby girl he tried to raise the best he could going down the same path as her pathetic excuse of a mother

  69. laren says – reply to this


    Re: Lala – i should also say i live in the stix and i think 5mins is pretty fantastic considering i live in the arsehole of nowhere! And you should know facts before you malign other countries better systems to bolster your own failing evil excuse for a health "care" system.

  70. So Ti says – reply to this


    who the fuck cares. Loser, next time you OD, get it right. I can't takee another ugly stupid anorexic rich kid clogging my blogs.

    So many bad things happen to good people, and these shitbags survive everything like cockroaches. Why couldn't a 9/11 plane been full of Paris, this fuck, Shitney, etc.


  71. LG says – reply to this


    peaches is nothing like paris hilton!!! ha thats stupid…

  72. ??? says – reply to this


    Drugs are bad. MMMMM K?

  73. hann says – reply to this


    peaches was almost peached. who the fuck is she anyway?

  74. LOLA says – reply to this



  75. trins says – reply to this


    Perhaps instead of trying to save the children of africa, Bob Geldof best turn his attention homeward and try to save his own child. How old exactly is this girl? Does she have a job??? If she does not have a job then I suggest Daddy dearest cut off her trust fund and force her to work.
    I would like to note that although Sir Paul McCartney is very, very rich he made his children all work and did not hand them a trust fund. In turn, they are all very well adjusted and make money the old fashioned way - THEY EARN IT!
    That's the problem with the rich & Famous these days, they can't be bothered to parent their off spring and then sing the blues when they OD…

  76. looby says – reply to this


    i can tell you now, there is no way she suffered cardiac arrest - you dont get a couple of compressions and then get left at home. overreaction, what a crock

  77. sian- says – reply to this


    she is not the british version of paris hilton she is more like brooke hogan…anoying with no talent!

  78. lolol says – reply to this


    Re: laren
    I don't know where you get your facts but I don't pay anything to go to the doctor - most people who work don't as they have health insurance - keep your socialized medicine - we have better doctors here…and dentists

  79. Lily says – reply to this


    I think this is just sad.

  80. Bobby says – reply to this


    I got all excited thinking Peaches the rockstar had an overdose…but no it was just the other one.

  81. jem says – reply to this


    Re: lolol – Um , she's speaking the truth. our health care system is unjust and failing. You have your head buried in the sand obviously. have a nice day & I hope you never get cancer and your insurance company deny you treatment and let you leave you destitute and homeless in treatment costs living in a motel 6 or worse to die because you had a miscarriage or a flu or something you failed to declare when you filled out your coverage forms . I think the only "great" thing about our health care system are the billions in profits companies make deny treatment.
    Thank you for shearing that info laran - it's lost on morons like that though because they haven't and foolishly believe they'll or their kids will never experience the other side of the health care INDUSTRY (yuk) coin

  82. 82

    i used to know her older sister fifi, i used to stay at her house… when she was 3 peaches was a horrible child, a real little terror, she used to go around biting people lol

  83. jem says – reply to this


    Re: lolol – Um , she's speaking the truth. our health care system is unjust and failing. You have your head buried in the sand obviously. have a nice day & I hope you never get cancer and your insurance company deny you treatment and leave you destitute and homeless in treatment costs living in a motel 6 or worse to die because you had a miscarriage or a flu or something you failed to declare when you filled out your coverage forms . I think the only "great" thing about our health care system are the billions in profits companies make denying treatment.
    Thank you for shearing that info laran - it's lost on morons like that though because they haven't and foolishly believe they'll or their kids will never experience the other side of the health care INDUSTRY (yuk) coin
    If it could happen to someone else it could happen to you, retard

  84. Blunt says – reply to this


    Proof positive that giving celebrity children retarded names does serious psychological damage. Gwyneth and Ingo are going to have their hands full now keeping this from happening to Apple and Peanut.

  85. fif.. says – reply to this


    stfu perez

    peaches hates paris so dont even think of calling her the british version of paris

    peaches is more rock, better style, cooler friends

    and just shut the f*** up about her if u dont know anything at all as it seems.

    shes a friend of mine, so better leave her alone.

    she gets a lot of shit in our country aswell from the papers.

    she had a tough life from when she was small and her father wasnt always round. so yeah so may does take drugs but who doesnt know a days

    its nothing special for us. go to camden at night and be sure someone asks u if u want to buy drugs.

    the us b***** take drugs aswell.

    and to you americans. just shut up its not all about your aneroxic b**** like tara reid.

    we have more to offer.. like alexa chung.

  86. novel says – reply to this


    For a guy that doesn't know his "S" from a "D" - you sure think you know more than the unfortunates you stab in the back. Mario, you're more messed up than these idiots you write about - so why keep pretending you're a journalist?

  87. lol says – reply to this


    Re: lolol – Are you a stoopid cunt? Your experience and your perfect teeth ain't everyone's experience. I can learn to live with some crooked teeth if it means better care for all that ain't controlled by cooperate sounding cuntz like you..

  88. LOU_L says – reply to this


    Bitch better not die on me!!!!
    I love Peaches
    fuck the pain away bb's

  89. Lala says – reply to this


    Re: 19onT – Not sure If I was the Lala (2 of us) You are referring to. If so, fuck You for calling Me a douc****!!

  90. Hanna says – reply to this


    She needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions to keep oxygen pumping to her brain but did not require hospital treatment? Sounds slightly inaccurate….

  91. 91

    get some new photos perez. an shes just bein a normal teen. only she has more money than ht average so she can afford to go out every night…i would if i could….worse stuff happens, only most people dont get their lives in th press.

    and americans are puritans anyway, freakout over nothing……

  92. MaNdZ says – reply to this


    Re: haha – You might not be from the UK BUT I AM so bit and kiss my ass! Have a good day :)

  93. ashle says – reply to this


    Re: mallo
    are they still together?
    he could do A LOT better…